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WHO are They Trying To Fool? Ebola, Bill Gates, Common Core Vaccines, Coca Cola & You

The Horseman of War Loves Coca Cola!

Please watch this bit of Coca Cola marketing/cartoonish war history. No wonder the average adult acts like a child.

Culture itself is dumbing us down.

The Dwight D. Eisenhower & Coca Cola Theater Present: Popcorn Fear Porn

The Coca Cola History Documentary  source: Docu Share

What Lies Beneath History's Myths? The Logical Fallacy of Coca Cola Bottles On The Front Lines


Do you think they had popcorn stands as well, I mean these are theaters, right?

Coca Cola, theaters, foxholes, pop corn and Bob Hope USO concert tours. So patriotically cool!

Every Soldier Needed A Coke And A Foxhole In Order To Save The World

I know having glass bottles in foxholes and in combat makes sense. It's not like the soldiers had canteens and that water is healthier or anything like that. This is absurd advertising. The war was a cover for engineering Coca Cola bottling plants, passenger jet airports, hotels, and all the rest of what would become the global civilization of today. Not only were they busy building a Coca Cola bottling empire, the soldiers were also they themselves, engineered into becoming the ubiquitous all consuming over commercialized audience of today, conditioned to attending suburban theater chains and ubiquitous concert tours. Despite all the carnage and war, Hollywood was happy to send their idols across the world and even to Europe during the war to "play their parts' performing for "the boys" on never ending USO tour. Not only did the soldiers need to have their Coke, they needed their pop icons as well. Never mind finishing the war up faster and going home sooner. What man wouldn't rather hang out with a bunch of other men in a foxhole?  

United Service Organizations - Wikipedia

An Urgent War Time Request

"A key part of Coca-Cola’s history is that during World War II, the Company’s long-time leader, Robert W. Woodruff, said that every U.S. serviceperson should get a Coke for 5 cents, wherever he was.

And they did pay only a nickel – wherever they were – even though that meant sending portable Coca-Cola bottling plants around the world. Over 5 billion servings of Coca-Cola were distributed to U.S. troops during the War.

Did you know that General Dwight D. Eisenhower actually requisitioned 10 Coca-Cola bottling plants for U.S. troops overseas?

The telegram with that requisition was sent on June 29, 1943. It asked for the following:

  • 3 million (filled) bottles of Coca-Cola
  • Complete equipment for bottling, washing and capping 3 million bottles twice a month
  • Sufficient syrup and caps for 6 million refills"

"Just one note: We were to ship the Coke and equipment without displacing other military cargo!"


The World Is Theirs.

Cocal Cola became a world wide cultural artifact as a result of it's involvement with the United States Government during World War Two.

The war provided cover for the engineering of bottling plants in North Africa. I've done a few article about this already. General Eisenhower famously made the illogical cry for Coca Cola on the front lines, and a bottling Empire was born. It just so happens that Coca Cola bottling plants, Bill Gates and fake Ebola outbreaks have some interesting things in common.

Media Fear Porn is Designed To Keep Us Believing We Need All The Needless Layers of Government We Are Burdened With And To Think That  Perhaps We Need Even More Governmental Intervention to "Save The World!"

We have to believe we need to keep paying taxes for it all. Fear of phantom media menace is the tool of governance.

"A recent survey from Public Religion Research Institute reported that one-third of Americans are "very concerned" (11 percent) or "somewhat concerned" (22 percent) that they or someone in their family will be a victim of terrorism. Additionally, more than one in five respondents said they were somewhat (15 percent) or very (7 percent) concerned about their family's potential exposure to Ebola."

Ebola, ISIS and how to find balance in a culture of fear | Deseret News

A Coked Out Post World War Two United Nations World That Knows No Peace

Coca Cola Commercial - I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony) - 1971

Experimental Ebola vaccines protect monkeys from epidemic for 10 ...

Parrot Hear Parrot Sing: Monkey See Monkey Do

Fake stories of wars and diseases fill the minds of the masses with nightmare images meant to keep the public truly believing in the need for  governmental guidance and authority. More layers of international governance will likely be in the offering, not less.


Continuous Streams of Steaming News Media Propaganda Feeds Poison to The Human Mind

Every year the news cycle seems to come around to the same news stories with the regularity of a holiday calendar. The ebola outbreak stories come across as obvious scripted affairs and nothing more. The World Health Organization, The Center For Disease Control and Doctors Without Borders need to get paid, after all. These news fed stories are the real fake news that all too often drives real human behavior and results in more intrusive laws, taxes, fees, fines and jail time, more often than not. All problems have the same solution: more government not less. We are supposed to ignore obviously staged events in favor of a religious faith in the News and government. We are supposed to let these institutions do our thinking for us as we passively go along for the nonsensical merry go round, Pied Piper ride.


The world was going to end in 2014 if "we" didn't do something about it.


This is from a Huffington Post article:

"Bill Gates Won’t Save You From The Next Ebola"

"The Gates Foundation says responding to deadly outbreaks isn’t its forte. But the Ebola crisis showed just how much global public health depends on the foundation."

By Robert Fortner, Alex Park

"In late August 2014, Tom Frieden, then director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traveled to West Africa to assess the raging Ebola crisis. 

In the five months before Frieden’s visit, Ebola had spread from a village in Guinea, across borders and into cities in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Médecins Sans Frontières, the first international responder on the scene, had run out of staff to treat the rising numbers of sick people and had deemed the outbreak “out of control” back in June."



Coca Cola just so happens to have bottling plants in these African countries. Imagine the odds of that!

I wonder if this effects Coke at all? Could what seems to be a fake outbreak really effect soda sales?

Endless diseases that "we" just can't gets handle on seems like the stuff of modern media propaganda myth more than any kind of logical reality.


It's One Coked Out World!

""Coca-Cola Equatorial, which serves 12 countries in West and North Africa – namely Algeria, Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea-Conakry, Liberia, Morocco, Mauritania, Sao Tome & Principe, Sierra Leone; and Coca-Cola HBC, which serves Nigeria and 27 other European countries."


Coca-Globalization: Following Soft Drinks from New York to New Guinea


Coca Cola has a bottling plant in Liberia. Coca Cola has another bottling plant in Sierra Leone and one in Guinea-Conakry. Maybe Coca Cola can help Bill Gates save the world.





"An epidemic of Ebola virus disease in Guinea represents the first ever outbreak of Ebola in a ... with a total of 49 cases as of that date. By late May, the outbreak had spread to Conakry, Guinea's capital, a city of about two million inhabitants."

Ebola virus epidemic in Guinea - Wikipedia

Bolstering Africa's Resilience to Ebola: The Coca-Cola Company

Fighting the Ebola Epidemic in West Africa - The Coca-Cola Company


Bill & Wife: Propagandist Liars For Life

These people keep at it until they achieve their goals. They never stop moving goal posts and the crisis never end, but continue on in new forms "forever". This is the modus operandi for how the more elite have always managed the rest of us, the vast human resource. Common core itself is an unedited and unfocused mess. It is not logically put together, which is no surprise. Common core mixes some interesting ideas with a whole bunch of needless and mindless busy work nonsense. All of this is also predicated on the idea that we need to send our tax money to the state and federal governments so they can attach strings on it when they send it back to fund our schools. It should be obvious to everyone that we need local control over the educational system, It would be wise to get rid of all this needless governmental intervention. We live in the information age. There is no reason why we can't have local control over our schools and share information. We do not need standards imposed on us. 

Teaching common core is difficult because a lot of it is illogical nonsense.

Bill and Melinda Gates on the political debate over Common Core standards  source: PBS NewsHour

Bill Gates Is Not A Genius. He is Not A Education Expert.

The kind of standardized tests these talking head parrots are singing about are designed to teach children what to think and not how to think and this is the real and obvious problem with the education system. As much as we have been conditioned to believe the opposites by press release marketed media, Bill Gates is not a genius nor is he a expert on education or disease. He is simply reciting a catechism and repeating a mantra. He has no real idea at all about what he is talking about, and if he does, then he is lying. In either case we would be wise to ignore people who make baseless claims like Bill Gates does. The educational system will always be broken as long as we have state and federal involvement. We could have a perfectly fine education system of we just used to common sense. But none of this is about getting things to work as advertised. The education departments of government exist to use education to keep us fining government. As long as that system is involved, we will always hear about how the education system is failing. There's obvious financial incentive by way of governmental contact that motivates a lot of the deceptions we can clearly see.

This relentless stream of fear based propaganda exists so we demand more governmental control over our individual lives.

Cultural Indoctrination Is Not True Education

This entire interview is worth watching a few times.

History of American Education - John Taylor Gatto - BEST INTERVIEW!!  source:  Education Options TV

Bill Gates Saves The World For Coke:

The World is always ending!

“We do not have a specific strategy or budget for emerging infections, but these are extraordinary times and I’d be willing to make the case internally if it makes sense,” Elias wrote back hours later.

Situation is incredibly dire,” Frieden replied very late that night. “I should brief you, Bill, and others next week. All of Africa is at risk. Support now is worth many times what support in a few weeks would be worth. Literally every day counts.”

Frieden emailed again on Sept. 1. “I think Bill should hear directly and soon,” he wrote. “The situation is catastrophic.”

"In the first half of the 20th century, it was the Rockefeller Foundation that pioneered and directed efforts to control diseases worldwide, coordinating the work of doctors, researchers and public health specialists from multiple countries to focus on international health issues for the first time."

"Elias wrote back on Sept. 3 to say he had spoken with Bill Gates and foundation CEO Sue Desmond-Hellmann, who asked him to talk to Frieden, WHO and UNICEF about “what, if any, role the Foundation could/should play in supporting” the Ebola response. Frieden and Elias would later speak over the phone, although the CDC director did not talk to Gates himself about Ebola. Gates was “not in the office this week,” Elias wrote. (These and other emails sent during the Ebola crisis were obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests.)

Frieden’s frantic emails point to the current reality in global health: No single non-governmental institution or individual wields more influence, and no one’s support is more powerful, than the Gates Foundation and its namesake founders, Bill and Melinda Gates. The foundation has $39.6 billion in assets. It spent $2.9 billion on developmental assistance for global health in 2015 alone ― more than every country in the world except the U.S. and the U.K."

"I should brief you, Bill, and others next week. All of Africa is at risk. Support now is worth many times what support in a few weeks would be worth. Literally every day counts. CDC Director Tom Frieden, writing in August 2014"

"It wasn’t until the United Nations formed WHO in 1948 that a publicly funded global health body, accountable to the nations of the world, took the lead. “Governments have a responsibility,” the preamble to WHO’s constitution says, “for the health of their peoples which can be fulfilled only by the provision of adequate health and social measures.” The goal, it continues, is to “promote and protect the health of all peoples.”

WHO has frequently fallen short of that goal. It absorbed much of the blame for the Ebola outbreak that began in 2014 and eventually killed more than 11,300 people. Its disease surveillance failed early on to detect the spike in cases of the hemorrhagic fever, and in a tweet that didn’t age particularly well, a WHO official initially downplayed the threat.

Those failures, and others, have led some to question the decision to trust international bodies like WHO with global health — and even propose returning to a more philanthropy-focused model. Stephen Moore, an economist who advised President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, recently called for ending all non-emergency U.S. foreign aid, much of which goes to international organizations such as WHO. Trump’s budget blueprint proposes cuts in payments to the entire U.N. system.

That means private charities such as the Gates Foundation might play an even larger role in protecting public health, which calls for scrutiny of the role that philanthropy has played in recent years. Nobody would be better off if Bill Gates pulled his money. But governments and private foundations are not interchangeable — in how they set their goals, in how they work with others, in how they are held accountable."


Coca Cola Rings The World

"Coca-Cola Equatorial, which serves 12 countries in West and North Africa – namely Algeria, Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea-Conakry, Liberia, Morocco, Mauritania, Sao Tome & Principe, Sierra Leone; and Coca-Cola HBC, which serves Nigeria and 27 other European countries.

This begs the question, why is the Coca-Cola Company pushing for new bottlers in Nigeria and Ghana? Are there unexplored opportunities in both countries? Nigerian Bottling Company, the Nigerian subsidiary of Coca-Cola HBC has been serving the Nigerian market for over 65 years with 13 bottling plants, 57 distribution depots and over 600,000 distribution and retail partners covering the entire country. What will CCBA bring to Nigeria that isn’t being offered by Coca-Cola HBC? Well the answer lies in CCBA’s depth of product offerings. The newly formed Coke bottler has about 40 products in its arsenal, comprising the usual Coca-Cola products of Coke, Fanta, Schweppes, but more localised offerings owned by SABMiller and Coca-Cola Sabco such as Appletiser, Grapetiser brands, Sparletta, Stoney Tangawizi sodas, among others. With Nigeria’s large population of 160m to 170m, it begins to make sense."