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NASA's Fake Space Plane: SSHHH! It's Not Real, Don't Tell...


Government Laws Allowing Censorship are Real.

Security clearances and non disclosure agreements are "on the books" so watch what you say, write and maybe even where you look!


The Cartoon Power of Government: Dumbing Down The Human Mind a Long Long Time

These artifacts of modern religion will keep most of humanity waiting on mental lines,

eternally for their ticket to ride to the promised land beyond blue skies.

"How can they all keep such a secret?" Some will cry.

Do I really have to explain why this can't really fly?

X-37B U.S. Secret Military Space Plane Returns to Earth after Two Years Mission  source: All In One A-1

NASA Motto:

Show them a picture and tell them some lies. Sell them a future that will never arrive.

(This is what religions do.)


X - 37B: A "Hermetic" Program: Do Not Speak About The Super Secret Space Ship


A PC Postscripture: The Holy Road To Holy Roman Censure-Ship


'Tis The Season For Crucifying Human Reason

"The impulse in the 1960s and ‘70s to achieve fairness and a balanced perspective in our nation’s textbooks and standardized exams was undeniably necessary and commendable. Then how could it have gone so terribly wrong?"

"Acclaimed education historian Diane Ravitch answers this question in her informative and alarming book, The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students Learn. Author of 7 books, Ravitch served as the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education from 1991 to 1993. Her expertise and her 30-year commitment to education lend authority and urgency to this important book, which describes in copious detail how pressure groups from the political right and left have wrested control of the language and content of textbooks and standardized exams, often at the expense of the truth (in the case of history), of literary quality (in the case of literature), and of education in general." 

"Like most people involved in education, Ravitch did not realize "that educational materials are now governed by an intricate set of rules to screen out language and topics that might be considered controversial or offensive." In this clear-eyed critique, she is an unapologetic challenger of the ridiculous and damaging extremes to which bias guidelines and sensitivity training have been taken by the federal government, the states, and textbook publishers. "

The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students ...


Most People Really Do Not Want To Know How Sausage Is Made

This is how civilizations are run. The college educated and university systematized minds get programmed with language boundaries which define the limits of reason and judgment for them. Most are and will likely, always be, unaware of the depths of this very real social programming, even as they concoct new systems to enslave future minds. The people who come up with all the thought police laws have the best intent at heart as all the lawgivers have always had, as history clearly tells us and shows.

Language is a tool and weapon.

The governmentally backed artist is the real weapon of mass destruction.

Milking The Raw Neo Nazi Story Forever: World War Two Will Never Really End Will It?

Welcome to the 21st Century Propaganda Matrix New NEO The Future is NOW!

"The online trolls who congregate on 4chan, Reddit and the extreme fringes of social media have been ironically co-opting innocuous symbols in a broader attempt to bring right-wing views into the mainstream.

Like a lot of their efforts, that might not make sense to outsiders — or, “normies” — but Wired’s Emma Grey Ellis explains why online racists have been making “OK” signs and conspicuously drinking milk in photos.

“This goes beyond sowing irritation and confusion among ‘normies’ and ‘snowflakes,'” Ellis wrote. “The alt-right is attempting to normalize itself and its ideas. If anybody who drinks milk might be a Nazi, the idea of someone being a Nazi starts looking more pedestrian.”

Here’s how it works.

Some 4chan users took an image from a 2013 Nature article about lactose intolerance and used it to spread the idea that Northern Europeans are better able to digest milk products, which then spurred racist poetry and jokes about milk as a symbol of white supremacy.

Shortly after those posts were made in February, some neo-Nazis drank milk as they pestered actor Shia LaBeouf during his anti-Trump performance art piece.

The media then spread the idea that milk was a racist symbol, which “alt-right” trolls then cited as evidence of mainstream media’s cluelessness.

A similar process played out when 4chan users claimed the “OK” sign symbolized white power, and right-wing blogger Mike Cernovich and Sanders-to-Trump Sputnik reporter Cassandra Fairbanks were photographed making the gesture in the White House Press Room.

InfoWars blogger Paul Joseph Watson, a conduit of alt-right messages to more mainstream conservatives, pulled off a “trolling quadruple-lutz” with a recent Twitter post, Ellis wrote.

The OK sign and milk came out of 4chan message boards, but online racists have mocked an Oxford University directive claiming eye contact could be a racist microaggression and the idea that social media posts about non-Western food could be considered cultural appropriation."


This seems all very scripted and contrived. This is where our tax dollars go. The CIA's "Great Work" is a cartoon joke.

Low hanging bananas indeed! This is insane.

Maybe we need more laws to fix this? What do you think? Or is this an attempt to discredit real online criticism of government and media?

Is it a bit of both?

Imagination unleashed is more powerful than you might be inclined to believe.

Very few human beings seem interested in really thinking for themselves and they do not even seem to notice the depths of their own socially reinforced programming. Social conditioning is a natural occurrence and much of it would seem to be unconscious; our nature is to emulate each other's behavior whether we want to or not. The more an individual becomes aware of this fact of life, the more one can free oneself from the concern of what others may or may not think, say and do. Maturity and experience helps. 

It only takes a few moderately manipulative minds to play Pied Piper to human thought, The joke is "everyone" is "in on it". There is no conspiracy. It is called civilization. We do it to ourselves, like I have been typing about for a while now. We end up policing our own thoughts and language and we police each other's and in this manner humanity stays enslaved to an inhuman wage slave system of empty commercial enterprise. It seems to be our eternal collective fate. Is this really what humanity is? Maybe we are meant to be mental slaves.

This is how it's done. Humanity shares too many traits with herd animals.

I think it is our basic nature and I wish God would send down an evolutionary wave to save us all.

As much as I would like to believe in the bearded old man upstairs, who loves us all.

I see no evidence we can expect a save from this eternal hellish free fall.