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Ending War: Using New Technology To Turn The Wheel of Industry

The Trump Psy Op Explained:

Layers of lies protect the truth. This video is posted as food for thought. Consider how history shows that the international banking manager caste have always used war to expand their commercial enterprise and how this practice originates with King and Queens and Feudal Mafia Banking Rings.

Keep In mind I think Trump is a media puppet too and that high level politics is scripted. This recent round of President Trump, Russian hacking, and all the rest, seems to be scripted to discredit the right wing. Look at the Fox News stories and the Alex Jones demolition. Fox News seems to be falling apart and according to the press, Alex Jones is a divorced and stoned, looney tune. President Trump is a live action cartoon, and Clinton ally. This seems to be political theater designed to change the mainstream idea of left and right, Trump acted like a pied piper and electoral hail Mary pass, He seemed like an obvious game show host conman to me, but many really wanted to believe what they thought they heard this man promise. The media always claims the economy is in danger, it's like climate change, Is it really? We can only look around us and see how our local economies are doing. The funny thing is Washington D.C., London and New York City build new skyscrapers on a continuous basis. The White House in D.C. used to be surrounded by fields of sheep. Now it is encircled with streets and towers filled with sheep. Look at the world and tell me that the economy is not growing. Look at Dubai and all that sky scraping rich man fun,

Instead of using War to promote behavior change and commerce, perhaps we can use technology. Is that really so crazy? If we see past all the self identifying political divide & conquer nonsense and work together with government, we might the able to make things a little better. Or we can sit idly by and watch it all continue to go in the direction it seems to be heading. We need to rethink the way we run civilizations. It really is "we". This isn't the marketing slogan "we". We demonstrably police each other and ourselves and we sometimes let our beliefs cloud our reason. Human beings are all too willing to be led down a road of best intent. The leaders might have truth on their side and might believe in what they are doing. The thing is most of us let unquestioned assumptions guide our reasoning. There is no great conspiracy at work. The system is run from the top down on a ned to know basis and this is clearly admitted by all parties. We know there are security clearances and nondisclosure agreements. We know there are laws that carry the penalty of death for revealing classified information; or is all of that sweet media myth?

I think we would all be better off to avoid party labels, not care who is in office or not; and learn how to get what we want from the system by more effectively lobbying government. Blogs like this one are not the place for politics, This is a research based blog, My ideas and notions would sound absolutely insane to most mainstream minded folk. What I am suggesting is to point out the low hanging fruit of governmental corruption, like how we are all getting ripped off by way of the tax system and how the two parties work for the same Wall Street. It would be pretty easy to find common ground for a push for a two day work week, no? Maybe I'm wrong.

I think the media and Washington D.C. push the two party soap opera in order to keep us all really buying into a true nonsensical display instead of focusing on the true problem. We live in an era of miraculous communication and travel and yet most still sit in traffic five days a week, fifty weeks out of the year. Is that progress? Is that freedom? Thinking of freedom, how about the absurd and criminal "justice" system? How about all the people in jail over personal behavior choices? How about that mass form of legal slavery? if you are reading this and you feel the need to be part  of a social movement of some kind, you might want to consider what I am stating. We have been conditioned to think social movements need leaders and we need to march off someplace, pied piper style. That has never worked and probably never will.

We do all need to rethink how civilizations are run. The traditional use of war to turn the wheel of industry no longer seems to apply in the digitally connected world of faster than light information and insight.

If you want real change you have to look past your own prejudices.

My Video Commentary

Consider all the internet myths and memes discussed. Consider how most assumptions go unquestioned. These two do not seem to even think that the media noise machine could possibly be the real weapon of WMD. To my ears these two sound naive. I need to get over my own prejudices and find common ground if I want to really change things; and if I did, I would then pick out what I believe to be important concepts and begin to come up with language that promoted the same ideas in a way most people could understand. It is a question of the art of communication. I'd leave out all my more "occult" musings. I think I see why there are secret societies and so-called occult knowledge now. Most people "can't handle  the truth". I think that is ok. It's not my place to tell others what to think or believe. Besides, what most forget is cosmology as a subject is actually metaphysics, which is a really fancy way of saying spiritualism. Seems silly to get upset over cosmology.   Most people don't want to hear about NASA being fake, George Washington being a Royal Minion, fake military weaponry and all the rest. They think questioning such assumed history insane or at least an exercise in imaginative speculation with little foundation in peer reviewed reality. By the way, we do not really know what these talking heads really do or do not think. We know only what they have presented to us on a screen.

Catherine Austin Fitts-They're Trying to Centralize Control   source: Greg Hunter

Trump is an actor who might get impeached or assassinated.

Looks like the script likes to tease ghost stories of presidential past. High level political leaders act as social role models for those lower down the social pyramid. Trump is a face and front. The laws and agenda are separate from which party is in power. They seem to pick the kind of shepherd they need at the moment. That's all a President is. Yet if you want change you have to reach out to people who believe the narratives are all real and tend to not be willing to even consider that the Trump soap opera might be completely scripted.

Trump worked for NBC, is an actor and has an IMDB page, sold pizza in commercials and once wrestled in the WWE wrestling ring.