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Case Study: The Lack Of Conscious Reasoning On YouTube

Illogic is "The New Black". What was the motive for the video? Why post it?

Is this person interested in the truth or not? Will they entertain other ideas or not?

NASA Space Magic Part 1 The Ups And Downs Of Gravity  source: The Last Relevant Sage

Fun with comments:

This is an exchange I had with "The Last Relevant Sage". This is the level of intelligence to be found online, despite the fact that the internet is the allegorical Library of Alexandria. This shows how people claim things and do not want to actually research what they claim. Please notice my comment did not personally attack "The Last Relevant Sage " at all and yet this person attacks me. I simply state "look it up". And "look" how this person responds. Who resorts to name calling? I call the "sage" "smartypants" in return. Is that really name calling? Does it matter? What I am asking is, do you think name calling a proper response to my comment? Do you think this person actually responded to my comment or did they attempt to divert attention away with fallacy? Why would any "truth seeker" do that? Please notice too the use of "LOL". This has become a magical holy symbol meant to mock. I personally avoid that abbreviation as much as possible. It is a cliche that reinforces laziness. What's so horrible about actually typing full words? Do people really want to end up communicating in emoticons as Jay Dyer has suggested? Do people really want to have their own ideas echoed back without anything added? Are people really willing to challenge their beliefs and assumptions or not?

"AA ProperGander Morris:

"Parabolic flights are not the same as free fall. Look it up. Parabolic flights are part of the NASA con job. Hollywood magic has long been able to craft such illusions. Tax money goes for R&D for things like that. "

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 The Last Relevant Sage
The Last Relevant Sage24 minutes agoHighlighted reply

"LOL, why don't you make a video about it then how it's done if you know it better, smartass? And while you're at it tell me how you managed to subscribe to your own channel. "

 AA ProperGander Morris: 

"You really can't figure out how to subscribe to your own channel and you call me a "dumb ass".  Are you serious? And you expect me to try to explain anything to you? Thanks for the laugh. I had to clean my keyboard. There was coffee all over it. If you can't figure out how to use YouTube, how can I expect you to even understand how to do a Google search, let alone digest anything I have to "say" to you? It's really a good thing you are the last relevant sage or the human race would be in real trouble, with any luck you can figure out how to correctly wipe your behind and maybe some day you can find the rest of your mind.

Why on Earth would I bother to do something I would want to get paid for? I'm not making videos for free ""smartypants". "

How is that the proper response to me telling someone to look something up for themselves?

I guess I should have used the word "please".

Is this person interested in the truth or not? Will they entertain other ideas or not?


How intellectually dishonest of this last "sage".

I have a few AA Morris accounts on Youtube and was playing around with the software, and I don't trust YouTube. YouTube has a habit of closing accounts over nonsense.  All of the accounts clearly use the same "branding". Not that any of that matters. I don't want to be mean, and I usually do not respond to comments like this, as it is a waste of time, but I couldn't resist and considered it a good experiment to show logical fallacy that seems to me to be an eternal human trait we all share. This person pulled the usual Washington DC inspired media promoted political spin, a behavior too many of us emulate. Human beings can't help but to engage in the fine art of propaganda of one kind or another. I could go on, but I think it a good idea not to. This speaks for itself, doesn't? 

Human see human do. Was this video just someone doing what they saw others do? Is this a form of social echoing? Sure seems like it. We all engage in this behavior. I do it too. I hope I bring some different perspectives and ideas to the allegorical table. I like when someone leaves a link on something I've written. I like when other people throw out their ideas and what they know. I've learned an immense amount from intelligent comments. And please no mistake I am not claiming everything I type is intelligent.

The secret is NASA = Hollywood Film Effects Studio

What's the point of another video that claims NASA faked space with the Vomit Comet. Ron Howard and Tom Hanks showed us that in the 1990s. I seriously doubt that Hollywood would risk the lives of Rom Howard and Tom Hanks in order to make Apollo 13 when Hollywood and stage magicians have been faking flight for years. High level Hollywood stars like Ron Howard and Tom Hanks have projects lined up. We know Tom Hanks and Ron Howard were scheduled to make more films. Do you really think they would risk the lives of such high level celebrities just to film scenes in what would be a very uncontrollable environment? That is not how films are made. Time means money and union workers are involved. They do a lot of their work in very controlled environments. Hollywood has been fooling you with highly edited product for years. Hollywood has also been working with the military and government since World War One. Hollywood loves selling war and divisive politics as much as government, maybe even more so, since Hollywood never grows tired of Nazis and images of buildings collapsing into dust and all the rest of the "trauma based" human resource management techniques some of us have become aware of. These Hollywood historical myths promote belief in the religion of government. I am starting to think this is simply human instinct and that most human beings might be incapable of true independent thought. Human beings might be naturally inclined to shepherding and royal orders of governance.

The Divine Right of Kings might be a natural thing. I think religion is the best term to use to describe belief in traditional faiths, government, celebrities, and all the rest of the forms of identity politics that civilization sells to humankind. We are naturally inclined to social conditioning that gets us to self identify as our thoughts and belief systems and this is a lie and huge mistake. This ego crafting blocks out the voice of God or the Natural rhythms of life (whatever you want to call it). Of course perhaps most might not understand what I mean and would think me crazy.

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