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Flat Earth Means Ignorance To Most People: This Video Shows You Why They Might Be Right

My comment to this bit of nonsense:

Where's the model of the Sun? Drawing lines on an orange and then asking a question about what time it would be at the North Pole and then simply claiming the globe model flawed is proof of nothing at all. This YouTuber didn't even do a real stage illusion style bait and switch. He really phoned this one in. By the way, without a model of the Sun it is impossible to tell what time it would be. One cannot answer the question he put forth. To most people Flat Earth means ignorance.

There's no way anyone could tell any time on his orange without there being a Sun.

How many of this YouTube guy's followers even noticed that he sold them nothing?

YouTube Community Building is a Waste of Time. The internet is the greatest library humanity has ever had at its collective fingertips. You can use it to self educate or you can use it to watch cartoons. The choice is up to your Flat Earth guru. Or is the choice really up to you?

The Time Zone Argument  Supports The Globe Model. Don't Tell This Guy, He Doesn't Want To Hear It

Round Ball Earth Theory Destroyed and Disproven in under 3 minutes source: aplanetruth.info

Where's the model of the Sun? How can you tell time with no Sun?

A Flat Earth Convention Invention

The YouTube Flat Earth "movement" really brings out the best in people. Really bright minds are at work on the map right now. One day they will figure out a Flat Earth model and then watch out! Once the Flat Earth leaders figure out how to read maps they can finally have a convention in Australia. Their version of Australia might be wider than the real one, but so what? That's "apples and oranges" as they say. Obviously the Flat Earth model makes sense. I mean you know the world looks flat and NASA fakes everything so the Earth is Flat. Everyone knows Nature is flat. After all apples and oranges and blueberries are flat. Bubble and water drops are flat and so are magnetic fields. Up and down is a Universal principle. "The Moon is made of green cheese and the farmer don't need no rain". The singing at the end of the video gives the subject the proper authority it needs in order to save the world. Most people take this subject seriously so it's ok to make it more of a joke. What a serious scientifically inclined mind! Flat Earth seems like a YouTube community building con job. Ever notice how confident these people are in something they obviously cannot prove and have no reason to believe? Can you see how the Flat Earth is an easy subject, a low hanging fruit, for people like Neil deGrasse Tyson to easily swat aside? The mainstream Cosmological model is obviously contradictory and flawed. This noise does nothing to examine that real subject, This seems like it is part of a propaganda and social manipulation agenda, Whether this YouTube guru knows it or not, his work only adds to the propaganda noise.

One day the Flat Earth movement will topple NASA and SAVE THE WORLD!

(Assuming the Flat Earth leaders don't lose their map and get lost in soap opera drama.)