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Joe Rogan Flat Earth Propagandist: Triggering Idea Associations or Marketing 101

Mature Language Warning

Association Fallacy: The Art of Crafting Public Opinion

Joe Rogan worked for the same people Prez Donal Duck and Cover Trump did (does Trump still work for NBC?). The Infinite Plane people are free to think the Earth an infinite plane. Those are not my ideas to tend. Joe Rogan is what a 21st century Hollywood produced new media propagandist looks like. The problem is he is using old media techniques. Marshall McLuhan would be so disappointed. This is just the old radio call in style show we all are so used to. This is a 20th century Hollywood staple. Just listen to how Rogan associates the low hanging banana with all YouTube and by extension internet research into NASA and cosmological fakery. Consider too that he has had people like Neil deGrasse Tyson on his show multiple times. They all know how to play the game and they all need not be "in on it". Money motivates behavior and most audiences really do not seem interested in having that cognitive dissonant experience of realization that the Easter Bunny retired a long time ago.

Joe Rogan Says: "They All Go Down That Road"

Wham! Bam! Thank You SHAZAM!

There is no reason to use magical "trigger words",  just basic celebrity endorsement of idea as product. There's no need for secret magic tricks and technology. Human beings naturally tend to be easily shepherded by those they have some kind of "faith" in. Shared interests, enjoying a person's sense of humor and intellect, and other forms of interpersonal connections, can lead one to lower one's "defenses" and not critically address the claims being made, incorrectly assuming such claims have more merit than they do. Human beings tend to echo and parrot each other. By this I do not mean just using the same words over and over. We all use the word "the", for example. What I mean is that we tend to parrot and repeat what we have been socially conditioned to think is correct, without actually having any understanding about what we are claiming. Since we have been rewarded for our "intellect" and since it is peer reviewed, we think anyone else with another opinion, insane or at least very imaginative.

Joe Rogan is a comedian, actor and entertainer. I would suggest enjoying his work as art and not science.

Blow Down This House of Cards: Hollywood Loves Hitler, The Holocaust and World War "Too"!

Rogan wears his real loyalty on his shirt. He is an self admitted $$ officer, Get the yoke? He is a comedian after all.

JOE ROGAN, ERIC DUBAY, AND HITLER (flat earth)  source: Infinite Plane Society

$$ Officer Joe Rogan is sticking his green money tongue at you.


But we now have the same tools at our disposal and while we cannot reach the number of minds someone like Joe Rogan can, anyone can have some small microscopic effect on the course of things. Each of us can use this wonderful tool as both university library and means of creating and communicating our own propaganda products designed to counter some of the long standing Hollywood control over human minds. I am not claiming the world will change, what I am stating is that if we work within the social construct instead of against, and we focused on the obvious low hanging fruit of the tax burden and government corruption, we might be able to alter things a bit more to our collective benefit. Most of us all understand the government works for Wall Street. People seem to get that. They get confused when it comes to the false political divide. Washington DC = Divide and Conquer and Hollywood celebrity have long promoted and continue to push false and nonsensical, unnatural, political divides. Are you your beliefs? Do you self identify as your thoughts? Do you want a two day, two hour a day, work week? I believe we have the technology and I believe we can do it. We can Save The World and stop Climate Change by Implementing a Two Day Work Week. We can't have people sitting in traffic five days a week, after all.

Let's Propose a New Cheer To Save Us From Climate Fear.

It Seems To Be What People Have Been Conditioned To Believe They Think Want To Hear

Repeat. Climate Change. Save The Word. Two Day. Two Hour. Work Week. Repeat. Climate Change. Save The Word. Two Day. Two Hour. Work Week. Repeat. Climate Change. Save The Word. Two Day. Two Hour. Work Week. Repeat. Climate Change. Save The Word. Two Day. Two Hour. Work Week. Repeat.

(please note: I have little faith in mainstream claims of peer reviewed climate change. When I was a child I think they told us there was a hole in the ozone. All government does is reimagine the same tired memes over and over on endless spin and repeat cycle. A timeless brainwashing.)

Joe Rogan A Self Admitted $$ Officer: An Internet Shepherd To Misguide The Youth - He wears his real loyalty on his shirt.

Swinging for the low hanging Flat Earth fruit, Joe Rogan can make very basic appeals to mainstream "common sense and reason". In doing so he can then sell his audience on other false ideas and narratives. He can then bring the youth back into the media fold. We're not supposed to color outside the lines after all. Hollywood idols have long defined the boundaries of the public imagination. Nothing changes. This is an old snake oil, religious game.

The Flat Earth Psychological Operation: Discredit The Skeptics & Discredit The "Alt Right"

I posted to this to show you how the media is using the Flat Earth leaders to discredit and associate the entire area of research and skepticism with old school racism that everyone has been long conditioned with all the continued World War Two propaganda regurgitation, to respond adversely to. This seems to me contrived to associate all cosmology skepticism, all governmental skepticism and all military capability skepticism with racism.

Do you believe you are your beliefs? Do you self identify as a collection of ideas?

I posted this for the Joe Rogan portion of the video. Whatever views expressed by the infinite plane people are theirs not mine. And they are free to believe what they like. This obviously effects everyone who really believes in the concepts of honesty and freedom. If you don't care about honesty or freedom, I guess that's your prerogative. Not a wise way to go, but who I am to tell you to obey the Golden Rule? 

Fuck You Joe Rogan: Cannabis Use Not Not Mean NASA's Work is Real

Joe Rogan makes a dismissive comment about stoned teenagers being confused about obvious NASA fakery.

What a joke!

Oh yea, he is a comedian.

By the way, doesn't Joe Rogan push heavy psychedelic drug use? Cannabis is barely psychedelic compare to DMT. What a hypercritical joke. Cannabis might make you have panic attack and if so you will be fine. Drink a Coke. Seriously, sugar helps. No one has ever overdosed on a weed that has side effects that seem to include killing cancer cells. Please excuse my language but "Fuck Joe Rogan!". Stay away from the heavy mind altering shit this man sells, unless you are a mature adult and by this I mean perhaps middle aged and in the right environment. I have done my share of stupid things as a teenager. It is not wise. Fuck this guy and his bullshit hippie half assed Hollywood promoted culture crap that has saved no souls. This just the 20th century LSD religion "reimagined", how original. This guy is happy to see a bunch of young people put a bunch of chemicals in their bodies and act like college chimpanzees gone wild. I think this and I like the Grateful Dead and hippie art too, It's art, not a religion; but people make it into one. 

Joe Rogan ~ DMT Changes Everything - YouTube


Drug Pusher

The effects of cannabis are milder than those of the heavy psychedelic drugs. The peak of the "high" for cannabis is short, in terms of minutes compared to hours for high doses of psychedelics. Cannabis can alter perceptions somewhat but that pales in comparison to the hallucinations this  fucking hypocrite sells! Joe Rogan wants us to believe on one hand that weed can make you incorrectly think NASA is nothing but a Hollywood special effects studio and on that the other the drugs he pushes can apparently make you believe you can talk to space aliens, yea that makes sense. Walt Disney and an ex Nazi SS war criminal sold America a cartoon Atomic Age Space Race and we're dumb stoners for noticing. This man works for Hollywood and wants to continue to do so. Get it? He's not in on it as much as he probably knows most people won't believe it anyway and that there is only a small audience for that subject. In other words I think the motivation is simply monetary more than anything else. I don't think Rogan gets some kind of topic secret news feed that lists all the historical hoaxes and for all I know maybe he really believes the hypocrisy he sells; the point is he is wrong. He might be a nice person in real life. I might like him very much if I knew him. None of that is the point, I have nothing against the person; but whether he knows it or not, he is just full of shit and he seems to be clearly promoting a Flat Earth media agenda of some kind. In fact this guy is involved with a lot of these memes, isn't he? Maybe he is more of a knowing propagandist than not. That's for you to decide if you care.

We do not know what Joe Rogan really thinks.

We only know what he has allowed us to see on a screen. We do not know what he really believes. If you watch this entire clip (below), you might notice how Mr. Rogan describes an experience he had while on mushrooms when he appreciated how the world was round. How does that jibe with his comment about young "confused" stoners and NASA from the more recent podcast? Magical mushrooms make Rogan a physicist but young teenagers must be stoned if they notice NASA is nothing but Hollywood cartoon Tom Foolery. La La Land reasoning is poison. Do you think he notices the logical inconsistency with his reasoning? Does he know he is full of shit? We lie to ourselves and we lie to each other. It is human nature, the question is, do we really care about the truth, or do we like to make each other and ourselves feel good?

Since World War One, Hollywood Propagandists Have Worked For Government Selling War Bondage Lies

Modern Platonic Cave Shadow Plays Are Light Projected Military Industrial Fantasies of One Kind or Another, Designed to Tickle & Trick Your Consciousness Into Accepting Nonsense As Reason and Hollywood Crafted Religious Artifact as Evidence for The Power of "Science"

Joe Rogan & Dan Bilzerian on DMT, Psychedelics, Mushrooms, Acid and Perspective in Life  source: King Joe Rogan - Fan Page

Joe Rogan Works For Pharaoh Corrupting The Youth

Bruce Springsteen - O Mary Don't You Weep  source: BruceSpringsteenVEVO