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Richard Grove of Tragedy & Hope: Jay Dyer on The Deep End-Esoteric Hollywood (Half)

I lIke A Lot of Jay Dyer's Work

I agree with some of Jay's conclusions and disagree with others. That's the way it's supposed to be folks. It's ok to disagree. Do not self identify with your ideas. Some of Jay's more esoteric and metaphysical work might be over some people's heads. For example, one needs to understand what Set Theory is to understand certain metaphysical ideas Jay discusses from time to time. Here he is promoting his new book about Hollywood which is a subject most might find interesting. This free two hour first half of the interview he did with Richard Grove is great and well worth watching.  For someone who charges for the cookies he bakes, he sure gives many cookies away for free. Jay gives out so many samples, one can get full and not need to buy a thing. I like Jay's Analysis.

Richard Grove of Tragedy & Hope: Jay Dyer on The Deep End-Esoteric Hollywood (Half)  source: Jay Dyer

New Media For a Small Audience Interested in Social Engineering

This us what the new media seems to be shaping up to look like. Don't worry the world isn't go to change because some of us have more interesting content to watch online. Hollywood is a powerful governmental weapon. Hollywood has been selling war and political division since World War One. Hollywood loves war as much or more than the government as Hollywood keeps producing films with 9/11 imagery, World War Two stories and the rest. Hollywood is government at the highest levels. The governmental backed Hollywood artist is a powerful weapon of mass cultural creation and manipulation.

War is more scripted theater than most think and history is made of more scripted "spy" lies than most realize.

Images and stories of patriotic wars keep humanity turning the wheel of industry for all time. We have to really believe we need governmental protection. We are not supposed to notice that we are wage slaves tied to an inhuman wheel of time and history. Hollywood film effects and editing techniques would become governmental top secret military technology. Celebrities are not real spies, they are social shepherds and guides for human behavior. Human beings seem to be naturally inclined to follow such shepherding. Human beings might be naturally inclined to herd mentality and there might always be the same ratio of sheep to shepherd no matter the population growth or technological advance. Cartoon Hollywood heroes are sold as idols to emulate. Hollywood has always been the propaganda arm of the government selling war and false poetical and political divides. Nation States are fake, convention fictions that exist to keep the global human resource divided and conquered into more easily managed groupings. Nation States get further subdivided and the rainbow choices of gender identity are the latest product offered as cultural fad. Hollywood is obsessed with sequels and "franchises" after all.


Coca Cola bottling plants were built in North Africa. USO Tours would grow into Grateful Dead concerts. World War Two made the world safe for passenger jet air travel, global hotel chains, the atomic age of television propaganda fun and even the tax payer funded Bell Labs concocted world of the internet. It's about communications and propaganda folks! It's about crafting "Brave New Worlds" and wars act to otherwise alter social roles and to create new identities to self identify with. World War Two was a scripted sequel to World War One. We should expect a third part to this series rather than an alien invasion from Mars.


The FBI used Hollywood and Newsreel crafted images of "the mafia" to seed the belief in the need for the FBI in the first place.

See how the circular scam works?

We don't need to pay all the taxes we do. But most do not seem to want to consider that.

Israel is just a fake nation state and creation of the British Empire. The truth is that America is still a British Colony in many demonstrable ways. The Holy Roman Empire never fell. It simply rebranded itself and moved on. The Holy Roman Emperor was one of the earliest proponents of the use of large scale mass produced art to craft the boundaries of human nature.


Military News Crews craft fake news. Some Hollywood film productions might be more than they seem.

Government is a religion with a list of sins punishable with armed law enforcement. Religion is a form of mind control that has a list of sins but lacks the means to punish in "this world". Both restrict human imagination and most people seem to be fine with this. I don't think there will ever be a great awakening. Each individual must wake themselves up. That is the "revelation", so to speak. Technology is a doubled edged sword. One edge allows for more easily hypnotizing the human mind and the other edge allows a human being to free themselves from that hypnotic grip. The computer screen is just the current version of the Platonic Cave Wall. Religions are designed to screen reality and any real experience of God or nature from you. The guru intermediary is a huge shepherding clue.

"Legendary Directors Record Fake Combat Footage During Second World War"

Legendary Directors Record Fake Combat Footage During Second ...