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Adam and Eve vs. Evolution

Adam and Eve vs. Evolution

Adam and Eve vs. Evolution  source: Joseph Campbell - Topic

The Goddess As Symbol of The Source of All

What is the image of God? Image or imagination? Does God have an image "He" can see? Is it proper to refer to God as a he or a she?

God is transcendent and the source of gender. The generative source of gender cannot logically have a gender, just like the Set of All Sets cannot contain itself. The Set of all sets or the concept of the Universe is an idea. The Universe represents all that is. The word itself does not physically exist and we can't point to the Universe on a map as we cannot get outside of it. Inside and outside do not apply to the transcendent source of all.

This is why I think the Trivium is the wrong tool to use for every job at hand, as it can only address what can be known by the senses., a point I believe Jay Dyer was making some years back. I think there's something to the idea that properly communicated and logically premised mathematical equation, as represented by computer programs we can all examine, can demonstrate some metaphysical concepts that are really hard to explain. What I am getting at has to do with how our senses work and the electrochemical nature of our consciousness and physiology. Our senses filter reality. What we experience in terms of our senses is a physiological recreation of the world around us, but it is not it. This "virtual" like reality exists nowhere in our heads. Our brains contain no physical homunculus theater. In the same manner a computer program can contain a self contained but boundless three dimensional Pac Man like Universe that we can visualize with light on screens, but that needs no such visualization to exist. I recommend the work of Walter Russell for the use of the sphere and cube as the model of the Universe. The Earth would be the condensed sphere at the center of the three dimensional Pac Man video game, expanded self contained cubic Universe. Another way to put it might be that the Universe is all inside with no outside. Whatever one's conception of the Universe, a geocentric or heliocentric or even a Big Bang Multiverse model, they all have to exist within the confines of some kind of self contained and boundless Meta Universal Context. 

The Universe Must Be Eternal and Boundless - But Cannot Logically Be Infinite In Terms of Space

Of course, you may see things differently.

Continuous Creation: The God and Goddess in Embrace  source: Joseph Campbell - Topic