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Sir Isaac Newton Was Wacked

Sir Isaac Newton was supposed to be a religious and deeply superstitious man.

The Unchanging Universe Theory: Technology May Change But People Remain The Same

Human beings might be eternal Universal constants and there might always be the same ratio of shepherd to flock. What came first the chicken or the egg? Why did the chicken cross the proverbial road? What if the real answer is the same for both questions? Perhaps some metaphysical concepts cannot be put into human language at all. Perhaps there are limits to human consciousness and this too is an eternal and unchanging truth. What if the Big Bang and creations myths of all kinds are just very wrong? Aren't other ideas worth considering?

What if we were never created?

The Wacky Ways of The Knighted Brain

In my opinion the British crafted the nation of Israel out of the aether and out of pure imagination. Sir Isaac Newton's work is more flawed and strange than most know and even those who research this subject do not seem to consider how odd and unreal this man's ideas actually are. The Temple of Solomon and all the rest of the Biblical locations are the stuff of fantasy not history. Seems to me Newton was masterfully crafting the constructs of mythology to be sold to the public as fact. Magical minded masons have always designed religions to trap the human mind. Artists shape human imaginations and Sir Isaac Newton was a bull snot artist.

Sir Isaac Newton Crafting Fake News

Most of us human beings seem to enjoy the good narrative and the colorful characters that populate historical myth more than we like to critically analyze those myths. Well crafted soap operatic drama with charismatic persona seem to work to distract most from questioning underlying assumptions, which these true believers have faith in. This is true for all forms of religion, including faith in government.

Most do not want to know that Santa Claus retired a long time ago. Most of Newton's work dealt with so-called "prophecy". Consider this in the age of manufactured fake news. In my opinion nothing ever really changes. Technologies may come and go, mass human behavior seems to remain the same, like a true cosmological constant. The modern news journalist is the new priest but most do not see this. Television is Church.

Most human beings seem to really need the social shepherd gurus they think they must desperately seek.

Religion are fake, but most do not want to hear that. Religion is a man made construct. Modern cosmology is more logically flawed than high level Christian metaphysics, but most ignore that too. Government, cosmology, institutionalized religion, Hollywood idolatry, sports team fandom and all the rest are all forms of religion, Religions are a collection of myths and rituals. Rituals are simply theatrical reenactment of the myths. The pledge of allegiance is an example of a ritual. Religions make use of artifacts and idols. The flag of the United States is a corporate logo and so is Christ on the Cross but most might be insulted to consider that fact. The dollar sign is a holy symbol. The empty parroting of modern cosmological catechism goes unnoticed as such ideas are considered proven fact and the funny thing is nothing could be further from the truth.

True Human Nature Revealed: Human Beings Love To Repeat Highly Imaginative Stories To Each Other Without Critical Thought

Hollywood relies on this fact today and for many, whether they know it or not, Hollywood is their official government promoted religious faith. Hollywood creates the art that allows for the all too ubiquitous theatrical ritual that now fits in the palm of one's hand. Consider the power of the tall tale and how this is foundational to all human institutions throughout all time.

History is more fake than most think. The Bible is an earlier version of manufactured history.

The royal aristocracy has long moved us the vast human resource around the globe like game pieces on a vast chess board. Religions provide for a great way to not only keep us divided from our fellow human beings, but to give us impetus for feeling the need to travel on pilgrimages to magical Holy Walt Disney Lands. Maybe two thousands years from now people will travel to Hollywood to kneel before a statue of Donald Duck. Europeans are of basically all of one Holy Roman culture, but don't tell them that. Most of the Jewish people in Israel look as European as the rest of us Europeans, but let's pretend otherwise. We can ignore the fact that Israel is just another European colony.

There is one race, the human one and we are all part of this family. There is nothing else to it.

Sir Isaac Newton Himself is Canonized Scientism Saint

Sir Isaac Newton used some demonstrable physical principle and mixed in a whole lot of mythology backed with illogically premised mathematical equation. Newton seems to have established the insane belief that Nature uses math to work miracles. What Newton proved was that math is language and a product of human creation. Newton shows us that math can be Babel too. Sir Isaac Newton was a fantasy writer kind of guy, an early CS Lewis or JRR Tolkien.

Sir Isaac Newton, Solomon's Temple & Ark of the Covenant - David Flynn  source: Abrahamic Faith

The Art of Apologetics is Alive and Well and Online

People love taking everything so literally that they do not see obvious allegory.

Israel = Camelot

The world has long been run as one united business empire and still is to this day. Religions are useful divide and conquer tools of tyranny. Religion is not the same as spiritualism. Please keep in mind if your religion works for you, than keep at it. For all the media talk of God being dead, there seems to be more religious folk today than ever before. There seems to be more churches and temples today than at any point in history.

The Anti-Christ is Allegory For External Authority

The anti-christ or false messiah is the social shepherd. It can be the Pope or rabbi, President or YouTube video guy. The anti-christ is allegory for following external authority instead of taking the proverbial high road of self education. This is the more difficult path as it leads to one becoming their own authority. In order to do that, one needs to do the work for oneself, nobody else can do it for you, but most want the "secret" and shortcut, so they seek for external guidance from all sorts of gurus.

The Second Coming Of Christ is Allegory For The Mind That Has Woken Up

Gestalt consciousness/figure ground shifts and cognitive dissonance are experiences most might never have, such experiences don't always work out so well and are often misunderstood. People sometimes think they literally are Jesus Christ, for example.

The work of Alan Watts (not Alan Watt) covers this subject matter.