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You Will Believe A Man Can Fly: No Fake NASA Vomit Comet Needed!


Outer space is an international con job designed to keep us all internationally paying for military defense and space nonsense we do not need. Outer space is nothing but Hollywood harness work, green screen studio, CGI product. NASA is a governmental film studio. This art is crafted to keep most of humanity believing one huge mythical lie. The lie of the power of government to reach out into the Universe and to destroy the world many times over, relies on the idea that "we" can go into outer space in the first place. We aren't really supposed to know that all of this is fantasy. Human beings are more limited than we have been sold. Don't believe me? Can you even wait on a line to take a "vomit comet" ride, let alone wait on a line for any kind of rocket ship ride into the sky? Only the elite and chosen few will ever go to that magical place people call outer space.

Let's Build A Peer Reviewed Consensus Reality And Make Believe It is Real Because We Say It Is!

Watch A Man Fly Like They Do On The ISS

NASA is just a Stage Magic/Hollywood Special Effects Studio

Special effects film production techniques have existed for a long time. It is easier to fool the eye with edited televised video than it is to do so live on a stage. Hollywood has long used computers to create very real screen magic. Computers have been used since the late 20th century to craft realistic looking illusions, like floating blobs of water. The flips you can watch the ISS astronauts do are easily explained with the harness work of the stage magician and the use of the ubiquitous green screen filming process.

David Copperfield Flying  source: Centy Videos


NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy Doing Back Flips in Space May 3rd 2013  source: samuel ezerzer

Late 20th Century Water CGI Effects

The Abyss & Ghosts ゴースト マイケル・ジャクソン 日本語字幕  source: mandarake

Do you think some 25 years later or so, the CGI water might look more realistic and be able to be rendered in real time?

I'm pretty sure this would be no big deal for a governmental body with the resources of NASA to accomplish for some time now.

Thin strings have bee making people and things float on illusionist stages for decades if not longer.

Wringing out Water on the ISS - for Science!  source: Canadian Space Agency

Military Budgets Fund R&D in Passenger Jets, Coca Cola Bottling Plants and Hollywood Special Effect Technology

17,000 + MPH is Unimaginably Fast!

The ISS is imagined to orbit the Earth once every ninety minutes which means it would be traveling at around 17,000 mph. Yet we see no expected centripetal or centrifugal type effects. We can demonstrate this with a turning car, a mixing bowl in a kitchen and in other ways. Centripetal effect is a real phenomena; yet the ISS can avoid this very real effect. We'd expect to see the bodies in orbit to be pushed toward the outer side of the space station, away from the Earth. 

The orbit is supposed to mimc free fall. Can you explain how an orbit is like falling towards the center of the Earth? Oh yea, "Newton's Laws say so and math, math, math, peer pressured and reviewed math", is the magical slogan that makes all the problems go away. Keep in mind we are told the International Space Station is still subject to some 90% of Earth's gravity. Yet we are seeing what looks to be "Zero Gravity". NASA and university trained apologists hand wave all criticism and logic away with fallacious rhythmic catechism. The problem is we can demonstrate that gravity is an accelerated effect independent of forward motion. Newton's logic is flawed and his orbital equations are invalid. What goes up comes back down and basic demonstrable ballistic physics shows Newton to be wrong. (See article index for more.)

The astronauts are supposed to be in some kind of free fall. Yet as we can see this is impossible. We are supposed to pretend that this circularly reasoned nonsense makes sense. Can anyone do the experiment Newton did? What real experiment in a lab could anyone do to prove Newton's assertion that the Moon was a physical body like an apple? Apples follow the pull of gravity towards the center of the Earth, the Moon rises and sets in the sky like the Sun does. Newton was either insane or blinded by religious belief or a liar. Gravity is not the same thing as an orbit and cannot logically explain the apparent motions of the heavens in any demonstrable way. Newton's ideas are not even theories, they are pure speculation with no basis in physical reality and this  is not science but religion. Newton's so-called theories are nothing but illogically premised metaphysics and foundation for the nonsensical patchwork cosmology of today.

Free fall - Wikipedia

Video Games & NASA Lies

"Nvidia’s PhysX has finally cracked realistic, real-time rendered water"

"Perhaps the closest we’ve come to mind-blowing computer-generated water effects in a consumer product is the water in the Uncharted series. The way the water flows won’t explode any brains, but how it dampens anything it touches, exactly where it touches, is nothing short of mesmerizing. For instance, whatever angle a character enters a body of water, his or her shirt and pants will become damp based on which parts of the clothing actually touched the water. While that realism is impressive, it certainly doesn’t translate to the way the water flows. However, PhysX’s position based fluids research seems to have produced computer-generated water that moves just like the real thing."

Nvidia's PhysX has finally cracked realistic, real-time rendered water ...

This is the publicly available technology.

Is the idea that NASA would have access to this kind of technology much earlier than the public far fetched?