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Who Are You Going To Call? Hoax Busters Call.

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Learn to think for yourself. Expose yourself to other ideas and do not be afraid to question your own underlying assumptions. Chris Kendall and company usually engage in some very thought provoking conversations. Chris also posts some interesting (and at times very funny) items over on his blog. I recommend this website for those who think for themselves and for those who want their beliefs challenged. 

This is what modern (and real) public broadcasting looks like. Support it if you want to.

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High Level Politics Is Just Social Shepherding Theater

Layers and layers of governmental theatrical lies: Netflix™ is the modern RKO theater chain. This is the modern Newsreel.

Roger Stone: Washington D.C. Life Actor, Media Propagandist and Apparently a Live Action Digital Age, Hollywood Scripted, Cartoon Character

Please Allow Me To Introduce a Truly "Dank" Meme: A Stoned "Jolly" Netflix Roger

Get Me Roger Stone | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix  source: Netflix

Can you see the social agenda at "play"? Shakespeare would be proud. What a Royal Con Job.

The Mythical Political Guru: "Documentary" = Scripted Theatrical Propaganda

Political theater is about social shepherding. Presidents are just super celebrity products. Roger Stone himself appears to be as much a cartoon character as Trump, yet I think he lets slip some truth in this modern Washington Docudrama Cartoon. Documentaries have long been more fictionalized than most think, but most do not like using the internet to actually learn anything for themselves. I could have said the same thing about the public's use of the public library system, a hundred years ago. The mythical historical character Plato claimed the same lack of real curiosity with allegorical shadows and cave. The system has little to fear, human nature seems to be eternal, most seem content to let others define the boundaries of their imaginations and reason, for them. Trying to fight against that might be like trying to fight against any other Natural principle.

Roger Stone appears to be another Howard Hughes like, life actor, news reel fiction, kind of guy. A virtual representation of all that superficially appears to be everything that is wrong with politics. Of course, the problems with the political process truly derive from the incorrect belief that all that government is needed in the first place. All of this theater is designed to reinforce the belief in government. This is modern religious, mythic ritual.

Trump Adviser Roger Stone to Get Netflix Documentary - IMDb

Get Me Roger Stone (2017) - IMDb

Netflix™ is the modern RKO theater chain.

Netflix produced the documentary. Netflix was founded by a rich connected dude.

Reed Hastings was one of the founders and his great grand dad Alfred Lee Loomis worked on World War Two era radar and the Atom Bomb, among other things. Trump himself has a similar news "real" fiction seeming background.

Scripted social shepherding roles appear to run in families.

"Roger Jason Stone Jr. (born August 27, 1952) is an American political consultant,[2] lobbyist, and strategist, noted for his use of opposition research, usually for candidates of the Republican Party.[3] He was a principal with the lobbying firm Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly.

The New York Times has described Stone as a "renowned infighter"[4] and a "seasoned practitioner of hard-edged politics."[5] During the 2004 presidential campaign, CBS News described Stone as a "veteran Republican strategist."[6]

Over the course of his political career, Stone has promoted a number of falsehoods and conspiracy theories.[14]

Stone is the subject of a Netflix documentary film, entitled Get Me Roger Stone."

Roger Stone - Wikipedia


Alfred Lee Loomis

Designed To Drive Democrats Nuts While Making The Alt Right Seem Crazy?

Nixon and Trump, tapes and impeachment. Seems scripted to drive self identified liberals insane. Imagine headlines of Trump getting away with what would seem to be obvious treachery for eight "long" years! Image too Alex Jones further unwinding himself into more of a discrediting cartoon. Anyone who questions mainstream governmental wisdom will be considered by most to be a looney tune.

By the way I think that they probably do really count the votes. I think there is more than likely local voter fraud; but since both parties are obviously controlled, and since society seems more petri dish style social experiment than not, I have a feeling most of the authorities really believe in the process and count the votes. I think there are a lot of true believers at all levels of the system. I think belief in the system is the motive for local voter fraud in the first place. These people really believe it matters.

Not everyone knows its as theatrical and scripted as it is. It's more important to learn to effectively lobby government to get what you want than it is to worry about who is in office; but most people don't seem to care about that, do they?

Most People Believe In the Fourth of July & That Washington is on Their "Side"

Government might be as natural as mom's apple pie. Most people might really always believe they need it.