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Deconstructing "Outer Space" Chapter 2: Faking The International Space Station With CGI

Video Game CGI Technology Has Been Around For a Long Time

Such Tech Makes Doing Old School Photographic Photoshop Darkroom Magic All That Much Easier

YouTube is the new Newsreel theater and it sells the same old scripted fictions as fact. Audiences have long been dazed and dazzled by Hollywood crafted science fantasy sold as visual fact.


Photographing the International Space Station  source:  Andrew Johnson



CGI: In 2017 it's easier to fake it than ever before, but you can be sure NASA has been faking it since the Disney Atomic Age of Television.

Of course we can make believe that NASA does not have what most would consider unlimited resources to create all sorts of magical visuals to enchant the public imagination. We can make believe that the video game industry is not supposed to rival Hollywood films in terms of profit. We aren't supposed to know that the Rand Corporation and the Militaries of the world have long engaged in simulated machinations. Chess is but the earliest example of what would grow into massive multiplayer online reality simulations. Most in the government do not know that they themselves are participating in virtual reality in a Rand Corporation sponsored Military MATRIX. Art has always been commissioned with the purpose of crafting public imagination. Impressive wigs and Royal costuming, beautiful architecture, interior design, operas, oil paintings and all the rest of the artifacts of culture have long existed to define the boundaries of reason for the mass public. This seems to be human nature. The government backed artist is a powerful WMD. Human nature seems to be eternal and most seem to be little more than happy parroting sheep. Technology can advance or recede, and populations can grow or diminish in size, there always seems to historically be the same proportion of free and critical thinker to true believer, with the former being overwhelmed by the far greater number of the latter.

We can make believe that off the shelf computer gaming graphic cards can't work wonders and we can make believe such computer hardware did not exist in the late 1990's and even earlier. We can ignore the history of the state run monopoly known as Bell Labs and how that outfit would essentially craft the world of today. We must also ignore the military industrial financial incentive for all of this. Government has the means, motive and opportunity to carry out such a long term strategy and in fact, that is exactly what government is. Government is the proverbial house of trump cards built on a foundation of inspired lies. Government is a war racketeering snake oil salesman's wildest and most liquid of dreams come true.

Traditional Hollywood Model Work Can Accomplish What Someone With a Computer Can Accomplish Somewhat Easily Today


ISS Flyover. Taken with earth telescope. - CGI  source: TheFakingHoaxer

The False Narrative Of The 21st Century Online Political Divide and Conquer Strategy

See the prior article in this series for more, but it is interesting to note that certain pro and anti NASA online personas with admitted video game and computer backgrounds, claim to have either photographed the space station or that the Earth is magically flat.

The most likely explanation for photos and videos of the space station is obviously Hollywood special effects work. NASA is nothing but a Hollywood special effects studio and the governments of the world do not work for any of us, all of the important institutions work for the system itself. The world is run as one big global enterprise and the people on top are all part of the same club the rest of us are left out of.


NASA is A Hollywood Special Effects Studio: NASA "Hearts" Silicon Valley So Much!



Faking a Martian Landscape with VR for You and Me.

"NASA Ames Hosts Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Foundation Award Ceremony"

"Guests arriving on the red carpet at the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Foundation award ceremony on Dec. 4, 2016. Top left photo is Hanger One lit up especially for the event. Guests to this year’s event included, top right: Astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly."

"Next row, left to right: Sergey Brin, founder of Google and one of the founders of the Breakthrough Prize; Yuri Milner, one of the Breakthrough Prize founders; and actor Jeremy Irons. Next row, Astronaut Mae Jemison and musician Will.i.am. Bottom left to right: Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and actor Vin Diesel. Far bottom right photo is the entrance to the Breakthrough Prize award ceremony.

On Dec. 4, 2016, NASA Ames hosted an event in conjunction with the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Foundation. Ames established a Non-Reimbursable Space Act Agreement with Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences (BPLS), a non-profit corporation to host the awards ceremony at Ames. The BPLS is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to advancing breakthrough research, celebrating distinguished scientists and generating excitement about the pursuit of science as a career. The BPLS award ceremony, for by invitation-only guests, honors achievements in life science, physics and mathematics and is on par with other highly regarded scientific and technical awards such as the Draper and National Academy of Sciences Awards. NASA is a recognized world leader in life science and physics with key contributions being made to the field by our people at NASA Ames. This high-profile event brings well-deserved and needed attention to the importance of STEM education, which is one of the Agency’s primary missions."

"Heading home for the holidays may fill you with joy, as well as a little dread at the thought of the complexities of air travel at one of the busiest times of the year. The good news is that NASA is working on new technologies and concepts in air traffic management that will not only provide some relief from holiday travel headaches, but increase the efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness of air transportation."

"Today, researchers are testing these new tools at FutureFlight Central, a comprehensive, 360-degree simulation of an air traffic control tower at NASA Ames."

“FutureFlight Central is uniquely equipped to recreate the experience of being in any air traffic control tower, at any airport, with any amount of traffic,” said Fay Chinn, FutureFlight’s facility manager.

"Virtually every air traffic control tower in the United States uses some form of NASA-developed technology, and any of them can be recreated here. Inside the simulator, you could believe you were in the control tower of your local airport … until another location appears outside the windows."

"The view is recreated on 12 projection screens from high-resolution aerial photography, elevation data and close-up digital photography. In FutureFlight’s simulated world of aviation, planes taxi along the runway, take off, and land just as they would at a real airport. These simulations are created from a database that includes 3D modeling of more than a hundred aircraft and ground vehicles. For researchers in other fields, FutureFlight can even take them virtually to the surface of Mars."




What is FutureFlight Central? 

"NASA FutureFlight Central is a national Air Traffic Control/Air Traffic Management (ATC/ATM) simulation facility dedicated to solving the present and emerging capacity problems of the nation's airports. The two-story facility offers a 360-degree full-scale, real-time simulation of an airport, where controllers, pilots and airport personnel participate to optimize expansion plans, operating procedures, and evaluate new technologies. The facility has established a precedent for enabling stakeholders to achieve consensus through a common vision of the future."



A Video Compression History Lesson Post Script:

No Computer Video Compression Technology Means No "Satellite" Evolution Revolution

"The analog TV signals you pick up with rabbit ears or analog cable were not compressed, which is why each channel of analog TV broadcast sucked up 6MHz of precious, precious radio spectrum bandwidth. 6MHz corresponds to an uncompressed video bitrate of about 18Mbps. And that's just for anemic standard-resolution NTSC signals, 30 interlaced frames per second of 720x486 visible pixels, FM-quality sound, and some metadata.

Thanks to the miracle of high-quality video compression, the same 6MHz slice of spectrum can also house a full-on 1080p high-definition channel, or up to six compressed lo-fi stations—and they all come with 5.1 digital surround sound.

The ATSC (American Television Systems Committee) digital TV broadcast standard crams either MPEG-2 or high-powered H.264 compressed video and Dolby Digital AC-3 sound into an MPEG-2 media container. A 1080p channel would eat much more bandwidth using older and less efficient compression methods, so compression efficiency was absolutely a catalyst for the digital TV revolution and the explosion of channels that followed.

In 1992, Bruce Springsteen sang that there were 57 channels and nothing on TV. Today, you can get over 30 stations on rabbit ears in large markets like New York or Los Angeles. I have 358 channels available on my FiOS box in tiny Tampa, including over 100 high-definition channels and 16,000 on-demand videos. Bruce might be going through a lot of TV sets these days. And it's all because of video compression."

From Cinepak to H.265: a brief history of video compression | Ars ...

Compression Challenges in the Broadcast ... - Satellite Today

DirecTV - Wikipedia

Aerial Perspective: The Further Away The Object, The Less Detail

Real layers of atmosphere, dust and water vapor act to physically block light waves from reaching the lens of the camera. We would not expect to be able to see a stadium sized space station from 249 miles away through even the thinner atmosphere of the heavens above our heads. Look up during the day and you might note the sky is blue. That same atmosphere is there at night. That same atmosphere act like a very real screen.


Passenger jets reach a height of around 10 miles from the Earth's surface. The space station is thought to be some 249 miles away.