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Einstein's Relativity is WRONG Part 0

In order to really understand a subject you have to go back and read as much as you can about the original work and the context for that work, otherwise you will end up with a very distorted view of reality.


The motion of the Earth cannot be detected by any optical experiment, though the Earth is revolving around the Sun

"While I was thinking of this problem in my student years, I came to know the strange result of Michelson's experiment. Soon I came to the conclusion that our idea about the motion of the earth with respect to the ether is incorrect, if we admit Michelson's null result as a fact. This was the first path which led me to the special theory of relativity. Since then I have come to believe that the motion of the Earth cannot be detected by any optical experiment, though the Earth is revolving around the Sun."

Albert Einstein in his own words.

source: How I Created the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein

Einstein: Mythical & Magical Trickster


Truth Hertz: Albert Einstein the fraud, plagiarist and genius-wannabe (1/31/2010)  source: Truth Hertz

Einstein's Relativity is Wrong

The Art of Religious Apologetic is Alive & Well: Late 19th Century Propaganda Explored

Run Ze Cao does a fine job (see his video below), but I disagree with his assertion that Lorentz was attempting to protect Aether theory. Basic electromagnetic experiments are the evidence for the various aether theories. The Michelson Morley experiment was not designed to determine the existence of the aether (ether). It was designed to attempt to optically detect Earth's imagined orbit around the Sun, something it famously could not do. Too many of us are enamored with the idea that the Earth is one of an infinite number of such worlds, all orbiting in magical harmony around an infinite number of Suns, in some kind of magically infinite space, that somehow had a beginning that involved a crass play on words. The modern cosmological view that most take as Gospel today, is nothing but an obvious contradictory house of cards built on a pile of religious dogma. Modern cosmology is an illogically premised religious faith.

This Misconception Leads To Many Absurd Theories and To The Contradictory Quantum Nonsense of Today

The men who endorsed Einstein's work were doing so for reasons that have nothing at all to do with demonstrable principle and everything to do with their own prejudicial beliefs and social politics. "Royal Societies" and similar institutions exist to control the flow of information about discoveries more so than they exist to reveal the secrets of the Natural World to the public. These men would also seem to have their own prejudices and faith based belief systems in all sorts of mystical concepts. These men would seem to have been obsessed with the Newtonian based Heliocentric model to the point of insanity.

"This begs the question: What is science? According to Sakharov, “We regard as ‘scientific’ a method based on deep analysis of facts, theories and views, presupposing unprejudiced, unfearing open discussion and conclusions.” How does this have any relevance to the Eclipse? Was there any adherence to any of these principles? Einstein completely waffled as far as how he came up with the values he obtained for the purported values of the deflection of light, Eddington promptly cooked the data, and the supporters of Einstein have attempted to portray dissenters to any of Einstein’s theories as crackpots.

The number of “reputable” scientists who have bought into this whole farce looks like a Who’s Who of prominent scientists. For example, Eddington completely bamboozled the Royal Society and the Royal Astronomical Society at his triumphant talk he gave to them. “Sir Joseph Thomson, President of the Royal Society and Chair of the meeting, strongly endorsed the results.”

"It does not appear that any scientists present actually looked at the photographic plates (the whole affair was more like a coronation rather than a scientific presentation e.g. Pais stated, “...the day on which Einstein was canonized.” "


The Origins of Bent Reasoning: The Amazing Space Time/Time Space Backwards Race To The Past Future Begins

Bending time, space and reason itself, Einstein's work really does blow the mind away into little pieces that fall to the floor and get swept away. Nobel rewarded unreason is no substitute for solid, consistent and actual reproducible experiment. Despite all the hype, Einstein's deeply flawed work has never really been proven. It is assumed correct and all data is massaged to fit the model. This is what 20th century time and space bending, circular fallacies looks like.

Einstein's Relativity is WRONG Part 0   source: Run Ze Cao

The Magical Time Twisting "Twin Paradox" Contradicts Special Relativity

How to make something that you can't prove is moving mathematically seem like it could be moving.

The Problem is the insistence on sticking to the Heliocentric model. This is the more illogical and complex model when compared to the simpler Earth centered model of Ptolemy. This model is the basis for the projectors used in modern planetariums to this day. The indoctrinated parrots all sing and insist otherwise, despite the fact that the obvious patchwork of contradictory nonsense that is modern cosmology clearly demonstrates how wrong their parrot song actually is. Einstein and the other Relativist's work was designed to further patch an already absurd set of ideas with no real basis in reality, that had been labeled as "scientific theory", by elite and prejudiced minds. Heliocentric theory is just another version of the mythical ancient Egyptian/Greco/Roman Sun Cult. An illogical metaphysical choice trumps reason and real demonstrable science and has so for centuries.

Newton and company's work was flawed and the work of people like Einstein was meant to patch it all up.

Einstein's work is riddled with many errors. The so-called "Twin Paradox" itself contradicts the concept of the Lorentz Transformation and time dilation. Special Relativity's reliance on both a fixed velocity for the propagation of a light wave and the blind acceptance of the ad hoc explanation that is the Lorentz Transformation would logically mean that no experiment could detect any orbital motion as the Earth moved around the Sun. This means there can be no mechanism to logically allow for the Twin Paradox, if we assume all the fantastic underlying assumptions correct, which we should not do.

As Einstein himself put it: "Since then I have come to believe that the motion of the Earth cannot be detected by any optical experiment, though the Earth is revolving around the Sun." The real problem is this assumption. They just magically knew the Earth revolved around the Sun. This is what religious based reasoning looks like.

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No Experiment Can Show That The Earth Orbits The Sun

The Michelson Morley experiment could not show any evidence for the mythical motion of the Earth around the Sun. This was a huge problem for the Sun cult astronomers. These mystically minded men insisted the Earth must orbit according to Newtonian "Law". Powdered wigs and magical reasoning seem to go hand in hand. We have been told that this famous failed experiment showed that the ether could not exist. This is not the case and never was. All this experiment was designed to determine was whether or not the Earth's orbit could be measured optically. The result was considered to be null, So instead of reaching the logical conclusion, scientists have continued the long and seeming endless quest for the ad hoc explanation to fill in the intellectual voids and to avoid stating the obvious.

The Aether is a useful model that would seem to better explain how things like radio waves and other electromagnetic phenomena work than the modern patchwork of quantum entangled assumption does.

The Lorentz Transformation, one of the most famous of ad hoc explanations, relies on the ether to exist. Without the ether there would be no imagined transformation. The Earth had to be orbiting the Sun after all. The logical conclusion of a geocentric model is ignored in favor of the most fantastic and unscientific explanations. This has led to the multiverse of black hole reasoned nonsense sold as science, that is in reality a very real religion and not much more. Modern metaphysics backed with illogically premised math is the peer pressure and peer review conditioned catechism of the religion of "Science" or "Scientism".

"Science" itself is a holy word and God; a mantra to ward of the critical question.

"If someone wants to believe in leprechauns, they can avoid ever being proven wrong by using ad hoc hypotheses (e.g., by adding "they are invisible", then "their motives are complex", and so on)."

Ad hoc hypothesis - Wikipedia

Ad hoc explanations are what modern science is made of. Einstein's work is very wrong and flawed. He also does deserve the title of plagiarist. Parrots love pretending they are scientifically smart by claiming that Einstein has been proven time and time again. Peer review is a whole lot like peer pressure and neither are replacements for demonstrable experiment. And no, despite over a century of hype, Einstein's ideas are no more real than Peter Pan. When you actually look into the details of the experiments put forth to support the work of Einstein, and when you actually read the original work for yourself, you can see what the problems are and why there is no reason to take Einstein's work as anything but clever brainteasing fun.

Feedback Looped Hero Worship: Iconic Idols

"(Eddington wanted to be known as the man who discovered Einstein), Eddington engaged in corruption and derogation of the scientific data, the scientific method, and much of the scientific community. To this day, this completely manufactured data set is quoted by prominent scientists and the organs of publication. It surpasses the Piltdown Fraud as the greatest hoax of 20th and 21st Century science. "

"Hero worship may seem harmless to some; in the case of Einstein, it has had disastrous consequences for the scientific community. Let us start with perhaps the worst cover up and brewing scandal, science has seen in the 20th and 21st Century. I am referring to the Hoax of 1919, otherwise known as the eclipse data from 1919, hereinafter called the “Eclipse”. Einstein’s dubious science led other scientists to disgrace themselves for the express purpose of proving Einstein right about general relativity."

"According to Graf, strong models are like crude filters, readily admitting data consistent with the theory and systematically rejecting data inconsistent with the theory. This results in a feedback loop between the corrupted and derogated data to the strong model. They reinforce each other."

"The resulting deification of Einstein has had some unfortunate effects: critics of his theory are often dismissed as cranks, and the search for better theories has been inhibited. It is suggested that the announcement of the eclipse observations in 1919 was not a triumph of science as it is often portrayed, but rather an obstacle to objective consideration of alternatives.”

“Einstein’s enormous and enduring fame resulted directly from the announcement of the eclipse results, although the results were not particularly accurate” This final sentiment is shared by Sir John Maddox Editor Emeritus of Nature Magazine. 

“Because of the euphoric veneration of Einstein and relativity in November 1919, the objectivity with which science is supposed to act has been inhibited. Canonization, deification, and claims of personal communications from Nature, should have no place in science. If the findings of the eclipse expeditions had been announced as being inconclusive instead of decisive in 1919, general relativity would have had to compete with other possible theories...” 

“It is also reasonable to ask whether the rapid and strong entrenchment of the general theory that occurred as a result of the eclipse announcement may have led experimenters to obtain the ‘right’ answers from their observations, as suggested in the above quotation from Sciama.” Strong models corrupt the data. "

"So Eddington set out to Principe in Africa in 1919, with the express purpose of proving Einstein right. No supporters of Einstein appear to be fazed by the fact that Eddington was an advocate for Einstein, not some objective scientist. Eddington took his role as the great peacemaker and kingmaker very seriously. He attempted to calm the antipathy British and German scientists shared (“It was not without international significance, for it opportunely put an end to wild talk of boycotting German science.”  "

"Later Eddington said, “By standing foremost in testing, and ultimately verifying the ‘enemy’ theory, our national observatory kept alive the finest traditions of science; and the lesson is perhaps still needed today”.

"Also in the Marmet article: “Eddington was deferred with the express stipulation that if the war should end by May 1919, then Eddington should undertake to lead an expedition for the purpose of verifying Einstein’s predictions!” You will note that he said, “verifying”, not testing. "

"Pathological Science"

"These Eclipse photographic plates were supposed to show that starlight was bent by the sun as the light passed by it during a total solar eclipse. The predicted Newton Deflection was supposed to be .87 arc seconds and the Einstein deflection, a totally ad hoc amount, was supposed to be 1.73 arc seconds. Unfortunately, the effect was so small it is impossible to detect accurately even with the strongest modern telescopes under ideal conditions. This is the true meaning of “pathological science” as defined by Langmuir. Unlike cold fusion which has been demonstrated to produce heat, reliably, in a short period of time and high energy particles11, the same cannot be said of the Eclipse data."

"Cromer said it best with regard to pathological science, “Real discoveries of phenomenon contrary to all previous scientific existence are very rare, while fraud, fakery, foolishness, and error resulting from overenthusiasm and delusion are all too common.”  Isn’t this a great description of the Eclipse data! Physicists have branded cold fusion as pathological science. Let’s see how they like having the Eclipse data defined as pathological science! What do eclipse researchers do? In a vain attempt to prove that Einstein was right, they “measure” minute changes beyond the capabilities of their equipment, the physical conditions that they encounter or their recording device, the photographic plates. This is truly the type example of pathological science. “This is not a problem, as we will show that the deflection is certainly not measurable.”

What is clearly evident is that the expedition to Principe in Africa was doomed to failure before Eddington set foot there, because neither the equipment nor the conditions permitted precisions necessary to distinguish between the Newtonian Deflection and the Einstein Deflection. “The error caused by the atmospheric turbulence is large enough to refute any measurement of the so-called Einstein effect.”  "

source: The Eclipse Data From 1919: The Greatest Hoax in 20th Century ...


A compass proves Einstein's General Relativity theory wrong. Einstein never did experiments. He did thought experiments. Most of us a call that fantasy.


Illogically premised thought experiments are not evidence of anything.

There Was Never Any Evidence For Heliocentric Theory:

 It's all ad hoc explanation offered as scientific fact. This is a religion.

"If someone wants to believe in leprechauns, they can avoid ever being proven wrong by using ad hoc hypotheses (e.g., by adding "they are invisible", then "their motives are complex", and so on)."

Ad hoc hypothesis - Wikipedia


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