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"Propaganda in the United States is spread by both government and media entities. Propaganda is information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to influence opinions. It's used in advertising, radio, newspaper, posters, books, television, and other media."  -  Propaganda in the United States - Wikipedia

"A man without a government is like a fish without a bicycle.” Alvaro Koplovich

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The Corbett Report: The History (And Future) of Social Engineering

The Purpose of Propaganda

The History (And Future) of Social Engineering  source: Corbett Report Extras


"1718, "committee of cardinals in charge of Catholic missionary work," short for Congregatio de Propaganda Fide "congregation for propagating the faith," a committee of cardinals established 1622 by Gregory XV to supervise foreign missions. The word is properly the ablative fem. gerundive of Latin propagare (see propagation). Hence, "any movement to propagate some practice or ideology" (1790). Modern political sense dates from World War I, not originally pejorative. Meaning "material or information propagated to advance a cause, etc." is from 1929."


Darwin's Gradual "Evolution" Or Selection Theory Can Be Applied To The Artifice Known As Culture:

Incremental change can eventually lead to a quite an unnatural world.

Climate Change & Other Concerns Could Eventually Snowball Into Quite A Brave New Mess of Ignorance

Human see and human do. Too many of us are true believers and have faith in the systems we adhere to. Such uncritical thinking can lead humanity down a road that will incrementally generate a society that is driven by even more of an inhuman and unnatural agenda than today. The road to Hell is paved with the best intentions and true believers really do want to save the world. Logan's Run looks and sounds a lot like the future our artificial world seems to be sliding towards.

A Two For One "New Deal"

"A two-child policy is a government-imposed limit of two children allowed per family or the payment of government subsidies only to the first two children. It has previously been used in Vietnam. In British Hong Kong in the 1970s, citizens were also highly encouraged to have two children as a limit (although it was not mandated by law), and it was used as part of the region's family planning strategies. Since 2016, it has been implemented in China."

Two-child policy - Wikipedia


Logan's Run Official Trailer #1 - Michael York Movie (1976) HD

This sounds like an advertisement for a smart phone.