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Flat Earth Video Game Guru Clues: YouTube is The New Tabloid Press

Hey Diddle Diddle, Here's A Clue To Help You With Your Flat Earth Riddle:

Clue # 9 subsection 11: "The Fingers in the Ears Clue"

Stubbornly refuse to accept anything that contradicts your belief system with fantastic ad hoc explanations. This is exactly what peer reviewed, Royal Society, Noble prize rewarded so-called "scientists" have always done. Apologetics is alive and online. Nothing like obvious illogical thinking. Flat Earth seems an awful lot like a very obvious official YouTube, Washington DC - Divide & Conquer style, Community Cult and rainbow spectrum, social/political identity building effort. Social engineering appears to be an ancient art as old or as eternal as humanity.

"The Cow Jumped Over The Moon" As "We" All Got Lost in A Cartoon Thought Balloon

Welcome to the social age of intellectually dishonest, digitally reinforced cattle sorting stupidity. Flat Earthers do not realize that spherical shapes are natural. Apples and oranges are round. Water drops are round. The magnetic field is a toroid shape which is round. Flat Earthers do not understand demonstrable science. Flat Earthed minds cannot distinguish between speculation and fact. Flat Earthers have no demonstrable reason to claim the Earth is flat. It looks kind of flat to them so it must be. Some Flat Earthers just "woke up" and realized the Earth is flat.

The Flat Earth faithful refuse to recognize that we would be too small relative to the curvature of the Earth to easily notice the world is a globe.

People Do Not Read: They Tend To Watch YouTube Content Instead

"To begin with, people are spending less and less time actually reading online. According to data from Chartbeat, more than half of your visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on your site. So if people aren't reading your content and not likely to remember specific details, what's a marketer to do?"

source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/psychology-marketers-revealing-principles-human-behavior#sm.00000vu7v9a24dk6san1rzivnzctm

We can expect no "Great Awakening".

In general people do not seem to want to exert themselves with any real mental effort.

Adult human beings are little more than little cowboys and little cowgirls in need of "Tonto" style mental guidance.

The Evasive Flat Earth Faithful Simply Believe The World Flat Because NASA Lies:

Didn't You Know 2+2=45 and Pi is 4?

Chris Kendall from Hoax Busters Call has been spending some time trying to get a straight answer from a few of the Flat Earth faithful. Flat Earth seems to be little more than a shallow and nonsensical YouTube community building effort. Every time Chris tried to get a logical explanation for what seems to be quite an absurd belief, he ended up being taken on a long dizzying, spinning ride on the officially sanctioned Circular Reasoned Flat Earth Tangent Train™. Many self proclaimed and self labelled Flat Earthers are obviously part of a Flat Earth Choir that really seems to enjoy performing the same circular song and dance, over and over and over again. This article is a lengthy response (or really long comment)  to the call linked below.

Nothing Like Industrialized Mass Produced Minds Programed With Cartoon Thought Balloon Dreams

Take a listenHoax Busters Call 514: The Mystic Chords of Henry Ford

This Is What It Is Like To Deal With The Evasive Flat Earth True Believer:

Applegate — Welcome to the Deli —  source: Applegate - Natural and Organic Meat

Flat Earth Fools Love To Lie & Swing Around And Around On A Magical Jet Stream Merry Go Round Of Obvious Stubborn Nonsense

Can you hear the sound of the little Underdog laughing?

Turn the volume on the radio in your virtual car up a bit if you cannot. Fiddle with the tuning and with a little work perhaps you will learn to listen to such pleasant sounds.

Witting & Unwitting Flat Earth Shills Sell Obvious Intellectual Dishonesty As Reason: Want To Take A Ride On A Merry Go Round of Lies?

The intellectually dishonest dish stole the spoon.

Is it really foolish to attempt to follow the Golden Rule?

"And The Lord Said, sister, remove the beams from your own eyes before trying to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

Can you hear the piper call for a mass produced mobile tune?

Take a listen: Hoax Busters Call 514: The Mystic Chords of Henry Ford

The Flat Earth follower performs the ritual of a mass produced "Car-toon" song


Self proclaimed "Flat Earthers" seem to enjoy moving the goal posts and playing all sorts of deflective mental games to avoid admitting things like the fact that they have no working model or actual map. The Flat Earth follower and YouTube channel subscriber, truly believe the world is Flat because NASA lies. Flat Earth comes across like a religious faith with its adherents appearing to be truly drunk on monkey blood tainted, banana flavored, "cool-aid". The Flat Earther truly believes they are right and will ignore the opinions of anyone who does not agree with their world view. As it turns out, many Flat Earthers believe they will save the world by eventually taking down NASA. These people also tend to be speech and thought police and evade and avoid any real discussion of actual evidence in favor of continuous ad hoc explanations and a seemingly endless ride on the tangent train. These people refuse to admit that the globe is the simpler model with more "explanatory power".  The self proclaimed Flat Earther is a closed minded religious zealot who does not want others to state what they think and why. Some of these self labelled "Flat Earthers" do not want to hear about or consider what others perceive they see with their own eyes if that description of an opinion disagrees with their all important world view that they seek to shove down everyone else's throat.

Flat Earth Monkey See - Flat Earth Monkey Do

The Flat Earth true believer comes across a lot like the semi mythical "paid shill" and seems to seek to consume all the conversational time with more nonsense than reasonable fact. Instead of getting into a focused and logically conducted conversation about a specific topic, we end up on the tangent train to tinsel town, downside up, ride. This seems like a great way to limit discussions and any possible conclusions people might come to by going through the process of thinking and talking to each other, or even listening to such a conversation. We all know how powerful a tool a great conversation can be. Tangential time eating tactics seem like the tool of the legendary shill, whether this is intentional or not, the limiting effect is the same. The conversations cannot proceed to anything even remotely insightful as the Flat Earth merry go round addicted mind will not allow it to.

Flat Earthers Filter Information So They Can Keep Believing An Obvious & Demonstrable Lie

Many of these self appointed mind cops like to police other people's thoughts so much they don't bother to mind their own business and do not notice how obviously intellectually dishonest they sound. Their evasive behavior is equally obvious.

Some of these flat earthed minds seek to drown out other's ideas by using "micro aggressive" behavior and other forms of "internet bullying" style tactics. There's nothing like the use of the word "please" when the thought police show up to ticket your tongue. Don't call the Flat Earth a "pizza pie" and do not refer to it as a "low hanging banana"! The Flat brainwashed mind really seems to believe people are going to take what they have been long conditioned to think is a sign of complete stupidity, seriously. Most people equate the term "Flat Earth" with ignorance and foolish thinking and unreason, but hey be proud and use digital coin to buy a Flat Earth t shirt so you can go out and tell two friends... if people in your real life think you are crazy, no worries, you have a virtual MATRIX style "family" of fellow Flat Earthers online to fall back on. YouTube is your new home!

Never fear, there's always the possibility of lecture tours and conventions to attend every year.

They will claim you can see the world is flat with your own eyes, while ignoring the fact that we are too small relative to the size of the Earth to notice curvature easily. The Flat Earth "Truther" loves to say you can use your own eyes to see the world is flat. If you claim you can use your eyes to conclude the world might be better described as a sphere, the Flat Earther tells you to do more research. When you ask what research you should do, the Flat Earther will point you to a YouTube channel or Flat Earth website. When you check out these so-called "authorities" you will come to find yourself on a merry go round of snake oil salesman nonsense as bad as the stuff NASA sells.

The Flat Earth minded true believer truly believes that there is a great conspiracy needed to explain basic human nature and how civilization is constructed and maintained. The Flat Earth infected mind wittingly or not, will lead you down a merry go round roller coaster MC Escher style staircase that will wrap back around over and over again. These people really seem to believe that the nonsensical catechisms they continuously recite are "proof" of something other than their own lack of insight.

Belief in God & Country Becomes Belief In An Earth So Flat it Is Divinely Fine

The Flat Earth true believer will avoid any evidence that contradicts their world view and seem to also lack real empathy for others. They do not consider how most people perceive the world. These true believers really seem convinced that they can wake everyone up and there will be a great Revelation of Biblical proportion. They just do not accept how small the so-called "truth community" is. They do not consider how much of a limited echo chamber it all is and how the rest of the world's human population completely buy into the myths of modern civilization with little thought. The Flat Earther won't consider the possibility that there is always roughly the same proportion of shepherd to sheep and that perhaps there is a Natural truth to the Divine Right of Kings.

These people seem very close minded as they do not seem willing to consider other ideas or other people's thoughts. You cannot tell these people that you think the Moon looks more like a sphere. They get angry that you have an opinion all your own. They need you to think what they do so they can feel good about themselves and their precious identities.

This is a very intellectually dishonest "movement". Empirical evidence like looking at the Moon through a telescope is ignored. One is not allowed to formulate their own opinions based on observation. One's opinions must conform to the official catechism of community. Only one interpretation of phenomena like the Moon can be entertained. All other possibilities must be ignored with religious fervor. One must not consider any other possibility but the "absolute flat truth". Does this not seem like a religion to you? Nobody might ever be able to prove what the Moon actually is or isn't. It might forever remain a speculative metaphysical question. The flat Earthy zealot might decide to claim that whatever the solution to the question of what the Moon is, the answer cannot include the Moon being or even resembling a sphere.

The Flat Earther seems to think that only they have the correct answers and that they can ignore what others have to communicate. Some of these people act like they simply want only to listen to the sound of their own voices. These people seem to believe in the obviously divisive behavior they engage in. The entire social phenomena is illogically premised and seems to be designed to get people to further self identify as social outsiders in a very unproductive way. In fact Flat Earth seems to be counter productive by design. Ostracizing the rest of humanity and sticking to online community echo chambers is clearly not the means of effecting any sort of real change.

"But, But, But, Flat Earth Makes Me Feel So Good!"

Exploring & Mapping The Online Spellbinding Roleplaying Flat Earth

Mapping—or not-fun things that Dungeons & Dragons players learned ...

These people tend to get angry when one simply points out all the obvious flaws in their reasoning. These people seem unwilling to accept that southern nonstop flights are real and do not require magical jet stream passenger jet rides. These minds, however polite or rude in approach are unwilling to admit the globe model has the better "explanatory power". Words like "straw-man arguments" are recited like holy word catechism meant to drive the undead away. The eternal list of "buts" rears its hydra like heads and an online RPG style magic spell of nonsense wraps the Flat Earth mind in a protective cloak of mythologically reasoned dream imagery. Reason can knock at the proverbial door of this mind all day and night, and still the soul trapped within would lie dormant, asleep forever; a flame that will remain unlit, infected with a mind virus that may never be cured.

This seems to be a lot more about making oneself feel good than getting to any kind of physical or metaphysical truth. Like minded people would naturally seem to sort themselves into more easily managed shepherded groups, no? Do we not all do this? We also all have the same tendency to believe we are our beliefs and thoughts and self identify as all sorts of childish roles that we think we need to play. Some of us try to get past that kind of ego identification and some do not.

Many of us simply self sort into echo chamber based communities. This seems to be a feature of human nature. We seem to love hearing the sounds of our own voices and we also seem to enjoy hearing others proclaim that we are right.

It's a good thing the Flat Earth Faithful™ do not need a map to find Google's YouTube™.

Many of these YouTube subscribers and Flat Earth followers do not think they need to worry about a map or model at all. They have faith in Flat Earth, despite being too small to easily notice the curvature of the Earth's surface, a fact that many of the Flat Earth Flock continue to filter out.


Tell 'Em We Think We're Sick, We Got Lost Out On Route Six-Sixty-Six:

"We" Can't Find Our Way Back Home "We" Got Lost While Trying To Drive A "Car-Tune" To The Moon

C'Mon Now: Let's All Sing The Same Flat Earth Song

Take a listenHoax Busters Call 514: The Mystic Chords of Henry Ford

The Flat Earther does not like to admit that the self proclaimed "community" has no working map or model that does not require ad hoc magic to explain.

A "Waka Waka" Awakening That Will Never Occur

The Flat Earther might even point you to a website that they claim has a working map, which turns out to be a Pac-Man game, with an admission that the UN Flat Earth map is nonsense and the globe model makes more sense.

(Scroll down for the Pac-Man maze or click the link below)


Flat Earth Belief Is Like Getting Lost In A Child's Arcade

"Although commonly thought of as being in line with Utopian ideals, Arcadia differs from that tradition in that it is more often specifically regarded as unattainable."


Dragon Magazine Prom Queens Up On Soap Boxes Dispensing Sage Advice

Some self proclaimed "How Flat is Flat?" Earthers seem more interested in showing off how smart they think they are rather than bouncing metaphysical ideas back and forth; and they also seem to really enjoy standing on a shoddily constructed soap box looking down their nose at the rest of us. This type of person comes across as a former Red White and Blue, Washington Duck and Cover, Space Race, JFK "Ask Not", True "WE THE PEOPLE" Believer. They will tell us what words we may use or not. They will seem to have a pretty decent knowledge of the self proclaimed "Flat Earth Community" and will act like they are one of "them". The use of the traditional "us and them" divisions are obviously part of the apparent social programming, or so it seems. Community building and identity politics are all about divide and conquer. Nothing like getting the cattle to self sort into more easily managed piles of beef ready to become burger.

The Flat Earth is a Modern Digital Age YouTube Cult:

"We" will finally get to change the world "We" have been trying to fix since "We" all got lost on Route 66

The newly minted Flat Earth mind might have been a hippie in former 20th century cold war times. Belief in Neil Armstrong and JFK becomes a post 9/11 malaise and hate for the system. The newly minted flat mind believes in the research "WE" in the "Community" have done and yet this person might have done no research themselves at all. Funny how magical the word "WE" is. This type of person still seems to have faith in government and the power of "We the people". 

Some of these people believe that "WE" will get justice for obvious canards like 9/11. They do not seem interested in admitting that the system is set up to never allow this to happen. They also fail to notice that the 9/11 official story is official scientifically proven and peer approved history and no amount of online YouTube produced video is going to change that.

The "How Flat is Flat" Earther invokes the power of the magical spellbinding word "WE" only when it suits "them". When you try to explain any idea they do not want to hear about, the fingers go in the ears and the Flat Earther might resort to very rude and domineering behavior reminiscent of a childish tantrum of sorts; after all we are not supposed to question authority are we? They will do anything they can to avoid confronting any logical point you might make.

Take a listenHoax Busters Call 514: The Mystic Chords of Henry Ford

How To Start An Online YouTube Cult: Get The Mark To Isolate Themselves From The Real World

Charismatic cult leaders grow YouTube Communities™. "We", "We","We", can join the online community cult! Forget about your friends, forget about your family. Forget about anyone who thinks the official 9/11 story is right. Forget those who think the world a spinning globe and forget about this who think men walked on the Moon. Leave your real life friends and family behind and join the Flat Earth Cult Online!


Follow The Flat Earth Pied Piper Leader Off The Edge of The Social Media World

Flat Earth Monkey See - Flat Earth Monkey Do

Obvious NASA special effects fakery is used as the golden 911 carat banana and drug to lure the future cultist into the community. No real drugs are needed. The natural processes and neurology of the emotionally dependent all too human being are the chemical producing phenomena that responds to various social cues, even online digitally broadcast ones. Charismatic YouTube community leaders with seemingly high head counts act as simple snake oil shepherds. The age old side show sleight of hand salesmanship lies at the basis of all culture. It is now digitally "live".

The World Is One Big Banana Republic: Come Together Fellow Monkeys & Drink The Poisonous Juice of The Low Hanging Banana Tree

Hang yourself with banana skins and get hung up on all sorts of things. Cults are all about "teh" divide and conquer and Flat Earth is no different.

Could you start a cult?  source: Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - HowStuffWorks


"Along with pwn, teh is a standard feature of leetspeak. Originating from the common typo, it has become conventionalized in a variety of contexts. It is often used ironically, and can be used to mock someone's lack of "techie" knowledge or skills, as an insult, or to reinforce a group's elitism; cf. eye dialect."




Flat Earth = Social Contagion: A Monkey Based Social Media Mental "AIDS" Epidemic

"Most marketers are aware of this concept already, but it was too important to leave out from this list. If you're not familiar with it, social proof is the theory that people will adopt the beliefs or actions of a group of people they like or trust. In other words, it’s the “me too” effect. Think of this like an awkward middle school dance -- few people want to be the first one on the dance floor, but once a few people are there, everyone else wants to join in. (Keep in mind, this desire to conform doesn’t go away when you get older and less bashful about your dance moves.)"

"One easy way to make the most of social proof is on your blog. If you're not already, use social sharing and follow buttons that display the number of followers your accounts have or the number of shares a piece of content has. If those numbers are front and center and you already have a few people sharing your post, people who stumble on your post later will be much more likely to share."



Don Quixote is Real and Alive & Online, And At Work In Too Many Adult Minds

1960's Officially Approved Revolutionary Thinking™ is Online In Real Time:

Wave your angry fist in the air, March on Washington DC like a fool with long hair! Wave a flag for those on your side! Come on along for another Grateful Dead Pig Pen Apollo Eleven Pied Piper Ride™.

The Flat Earther is clearly a religious zealot who self identifies with a cosmological model, which is a clear sign of mental instability. Flat Earth is a contradictory YouTube community building effort and seeming psychological operation that looks like it was designed to associate criticism of government with Lunacy. (Pig-Pen-Pun intended - of course.)



source: Jay Dyer

Flat Earth Activists Are Mental Predators

 "I'll Be Flat"


A Chorus Of Fraudulent Ford Showgirl Parrot Voiced Monkeys Sing For Crackers & Low Hanging Jungle Grown Bananas

Take A Proper Gander At A Flat Earth Apologist/Propagandist:

Take a listen: Hoax Busters Call 514: The Mystic Chords of Henry Ford

Some self proclaimed "How Flat is Flat?" Earthers love the subject of astronomy and Flat Earth so much they get bored when someone brings up both what the Moon looks like through a telescope and the origins of the Flat Earth society and how it was a royally funded, noble scheme. The Flat Earth Follower then condescendingly dismisses what other's have to say in favor of further filling the world with more of their own special brand of hot air. This is an obvious example of propaganda, wittingly conveyed or not. Some of these people seem to engage in very rude behavior. They eat up all the time by filling the waves of air with gaseous clouds that get us all nowhere.

Flat Earth Monkeys Get Lost In The "Vanishing Point" Looking For That Elusive Banana

Flat Earth fanatics like to parrot the Flat Earth catechisms their dear Flat Earth leaders have imparted to them from on high. The accepted religious canon is recited back with precise accuracy. What these minds seem to miss is that things like vanishing points are just ideas and no more real than the Tooth Fairy. Vanishing points are a drawing tool. Drawing is a human construct. Drawing is an illusion and so are vanishing points. Perspective drawing requires reducing what we would term a three dimensional space down to two dimensions. Confusing a tool with reality is kind of insane.

There is No Great Awakening, All You can Do Is Keep Waking Yourself Up More and More

Please make no mistake, my thinking keeps changing and I used to think that the internet would bring the greatest library to everyone's fingertips and that this would produce a better world in the process. Now after studying history a bit more, I can't help but see one eternal pattern. Human nature appears to be as fixed as the Fixed Stars. Most of us are simply not truly interested in really understanding how the world works. We do not want to do the very real hard work of learning all the various subjects we need to learn about. It takes a lifetime and most are not interested enough to devote the effort and energy required. Most prefer to let others do their thinking for them, they want the deGrasse Tyson version of the Universal story and not the reality where one is faced with more questions than answers. There's a simple reason why YouTube is filled with all sorts of tabloid style, celebrity worshipping, UFO, Bigfoot content. It "sells". Look at what YouTube videos get the most hits. No great conspiracy needed to explain human nature.

Is This A Discredit By Association Strategy  At Work?

It becomes more difficult to conclude that there aren't obvious intellectually dishonest shills online. Many of these personas do not have blogs or YouTube channels themselves. Many of those online true believing commentators seem to do little more than watch YouTube videos and perhaps comment on them. It would seem that the all the self education these minds require amounts to clicking the thumbs up "like" button on a YouTube video they subscribe to. Too many of these people seem to be part of the internet digital age show; but then again human nature is what it is... One has to wonder. I don't think such a strategy would be needed, but that does not mean all government agencies would agree with me.

Online Military Style Sims

The military loves running simulations and playing online video war games of one type or another. It would not surprise me to find out that the Flat Earth canard was indeed a CIA style Psy Op designed as a layer of the proverbial MATRIX. The online agents might even believe in the need to discredit governmental criticism. The joke would be on them too, as none of this seems to matter as most people at all layers of this vast social pyramid seem to be blissfully unaware of how the world really works and they do not seem very interested in learning how it's all done. Most do not seem to really understand visual allegory and how important it really is to human communication. People do not like to learn how the cultural sausage is made. The meat filling is made of you and me, after all!


"We The People" is an old timey advertising slogan and as meaningless as the word "America".



DARPA can play all the online role playing games it wants, there's little reason to believe that the world is going to be changing anytime soon.



The highly illogically premised modern Flat Earth model confuses high level mathematical based metaphysics with cartoonish super hero style role playing, video game worlds. Consider that a few of the leading Flat Earth opponents and proponents have the same kind of video game background. At the very least we can see how and why the flat earth thinking and criticism is along the same childish lines.

Max Igan & Mark Sargent Are Both Video Game Role Playing Kind of Guys

There's an old PT Barnum, stage magician, snake oil salesman style trick that involves the "plant" or the critic who is really on the same side as the person they seem opposed to. A simple example is high-level governmental politics. We are offered two choices, one the Democratic Party, the other the Republican Party, and yet both work for the same international banking interests more than they work of any of us. Most do not notice as the News is the medium for the governmental noise machine that keeps the public divided and conquered with cartoonish and childish tabloid soap operatic fare. Human beings naturally emulate each other's behavior and we tend to not critically question our own beliefs systems as we are conditioned and encouraged to self identity as our thoughts and belief systems. We like to self sort ourselves like remote controlled sheep into easily shepherded communities and we tend to all too easily look up to various media shepherds as gurus when we should really learn to think for ourselves instead. The problem is or at least seems to be, that most human beings find self education boring and difficult and prefer to cleverly parrot back one kind of catechism or another. People want the "Clift Notes" version of an education that simply provides them with answers they do not truly understand, so they can never see how these ideas might be flawed.

People prefer to be among those who have the same interests and you , "dear reader" and I are no different and are not exempt from this very human trait. Yet there is a difference between those interested in challenging their own belief systems and who are interested in using the internet as the great resource for self education it really is, and those who simply want to know what answer to put into the little box on the proverbial test.


There is No Great Awakening:

The Government is Unlikely To Be Concerned With The Relatively Few of Us Who Are Aware of The Modus Operandi

$$$ False Dichotomies Sell Product: This is about getting paid! $$$

"Fly me to the Moon and let me play among the stars, come to my next lecture in Burbank and we'll discuss Mars, in other words, pay me, in other words, I need to make money..." (Please note: I do not think there is anything wrong with paying artists for their work, even BS artists deserve to get paid if they entertain their audience. I am simply making a point that I think perhaps some of these online personalities might be putting on more of a show than the audience they are appealing to, might know.)

It's All About The Information & Defending The Need For Fake "Nations" For Us To Face

Someone has to defend the religious faith in governmental need and power in the first place.

After all the Middle East is a dangerous place, a lot like outer space and we really do need to keep running the eternal arms race.

Defense Information School - Wikipedia

JLB1629 | Max Igan Proves Flat Earth 'Maps' Correct?  source: John le Bon

Welcome To 21st Century Human Civilization: A Yellow Journal Cartoon MATRIX

A History of Our Collective Tax Dollars At Work On Research & Development For The Modern Medium of Mass Mental Destruction & Reconstruction:

A Digital Age of Endless Social Media Video Games

Can you start to begin to see, how endlessly simulated our reality will continue to be?

Video Games = Silicon Valley = Government Monopoly, Bell Labs = GOOGLE & YouTube

Do you see a pattern? The famous tax backed governmental monopoly and technology pioneer, Bell Labs basically created all the base technology, including UNIX, that would go on to become foundational to the modern multimedia noise machine and governmental propaganda weapon. We call it the Internet.

Computer graphics and computer games are "silly con valley" products.

This screen is the real WMD. This same screen can become a tool for your own mental freedom if you but choose to use it to self educate yourself.


"Why would the military industrial complex invest time and money into video games?"

"In this episode Spiro is joined by Newsbud Writer Erik Moshe and Associate Professor Dr. Nick Robinson of the University of Leeds in the UK to examine the military’s close relationship and influence on the video game industry."

Video Games & The Military Entertainment Complex - Newsbud

Video Games & The Military Entertainment Complex Explained ...


Video Game Clues: The YouTube Choose Your Own Adventure Community Building Role Playing Exercise

Clue # 9 subsection 11: "The Fingers in the Ears Clue"

Stubbornly refuse to accept anything that contradicts your belief system with fantastic ad hoc explanations. This is exactly what peer reviewed, Royal Society, Noble prize rewarded so-called "scientists" have always done. Apologetics is alive and online. Nothing like obvious illogical thinking. Flat Earth seems an awful lot like a very obvious official YouTube Community Cult building effort.

A Professional Video Game Playing "Guru" At Your Service:

By the way the map this video game guy sells has a version of Australia that is stretched out. Someone living in Australia could drive east to west and prove video game guy wrong. This seems to be very obvious logical fallacy. Video game guy admits he believes in the Flat Earth no matter what. That is clearly a belief system and by definition, religious thinking. Human nature is what it is. Most of us love to be dazzled with bright moving pixels on screens. Why not make a professional video game player into a Flat Earth celebrity for the modern tabloid media that is YouTube? This is all basic snake oil sales man, PT Barnum, National Enquirer level, tabloid nonsense.

Professional Video Game Player: The Computer Role Play of A Lifetime

"Mark Sargent and the Strange World Growing up on South Whidbey Island, Washington, Mark K Sargent started his career playing computer games professionally in Boulder Colorado. From there he spent the next 20 years troubleshooting and helping to train people in proprietary software. In 2014, he looked into what is no doubt the most ridiculous conspiracy ever, called "Flat Earth Theory", and through extensive research, discovered that it wasn't so laughable after all." "Early in 2015, he released a series of youtube videos titled "Flat Earth Clues", which delves into the possibility of our human civilization actually being inside a "Truman show" like enclosed system, and how it's been hidden from the public since 1956."

"Mark's hope is that one day the 100th Monkey scenario will occur, the majority of the population will start seeing things with new eyes, and the world will literally change. Send Mark store bought cookies, they make him happy."

http://enclosedworld.com/about.html http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,396895/

"The 100th Darwin Monkey Goes Bananas After Eating of The Low Hanging Fruit In The Garden of God!"

Yellow journal tabloid, banana republic backed, state run multimedia "News" headlines endlessly proclaim.


Video Game "Clan" Community Building: Max belonged to a "Game Clan". From his website:

"I had begun playing the internet game “Enemy Territory” about 5 years ago, mainly as a way of interacting with my son, who lives with his mother. Enemy territory gave us a great way to go do stuff with each other while not actually being together. If you are unfamiliar with it, ET is a free online first person shooter game based in WW2 Europe and far from promoting violence, I find it promotes both teamwork and friendly competition. It was my son who found the AOD “All Generals, All the time” game server and insisted I come and play with him on it. I was not really keen on the server to begin with due its distance from my location. (America) - like, almost exactly on the other side of the world to me, but eventually I complied and I openly admit it was mainly due to the Australian servers we used to play on closing down. For those who know anything about online gaming, when I switched to the All Generals Server, my “ping time” instantly went from 30-80 to 250-300, where it has remained to this day, but it is worth it for the quality of the people." "AOD “All Generals, All the time” game server..." " While playing one day, my son noticed a message on the screen offering the chance of applying to join the clan upon the acquisition of 10,000 experience points on the clan server - he had always wanted to be part of a clan. He worked ferociously for an entire weekend towards that goal while staying at my house and managed to gain about 9,920 Experience points in two days. He applied and was accepted. Knowing the nature of the internet - and as a father of a 12 year old boy - I contacted the head of the clan and informed him that he was dealing with a 12 year old in the case of the new clan applicant and trusted he would act accordingly and responsibly. I received a reply and was offered membership into the clan myself and again, simply for my son, I joined. " "For my own reasons, I have remained a reasonably solitary person for the last 12 years and somehow cannot see that ever changing. In the last 3 years, and strange as it may seem to some, one of my greatest loves has been for the Game clan I belong to, the Alliance of Defiance. I am by no means, a game junky and I don’t love the clan because of the game. The game is fun, but the clan is where the love lies." "The Alliance of Defiance was a strange advent in my life, and is a tale worth mentioning. I am by no means a young man and have been on the net for years but I had never had the desire to belong to any game clan. Then came the AOD."


Don't Forget Mr. West The Podcasting Social Media Debunker Guy: He loves video games too! He used to program them.

"My name is Mick West. I’m a science writer and debunker."


"I used to be a video games programmer."

Mr. Mick West has appeared on Joe Rogan in order to debunk Flat Earth. He also has claimed to have photographed the International Space Station from here on Earth. He has posted his visual evidence online for all to see. Mr. West is presented to us as an external authority we should respect. We are supposed to ignore the fact Joe Rogan is clearly a Hollywood style, empty headed, parroting, propagandist and that photographing such an object from the surface of the Earth would seem to be impossible.

"My name is Mick West. I’m a science writer and debunker. I used to be a video games programmer."

"My sites:

  • Metabunk.org – all about bunk and how to debunk it. A polite forum of and about debunking.
  • ContrailScience.com – About contrails and the “chemtrail” conspiracy theory
  • CowboyProgramming.com,– where I write about games programming, and post some of the experimental code I have written."

"My articles on Gamasutra. These are a mix of Game Developer Articles, and some stuff from Cowboy Programming

My gameography on Mobygames. All the games I worked on. This was mostly programming and design up to Tony Hawk’s Underground. Then consulting on some games. The last programming I did there was the AI for World Series of Poker.

Old Stuff

My old blog. Which I have not updated in years

Flying Lessons Journal – Back in 2004 I took flying lessons, up to long distance solo"

Mick West – Love the little trade which thou hast learned, and be ...


A "Waka Waka" Awakening That Will Never Occur

Video Age Gaming With A Flat Earth Monkey On Your Back

"The Flat Earth Map Reset By Flat Earth Conspiracy | September 3, 2016 By Lori Frary with Lawrence Wright and Ronnie Harris…"


Online Video Game Flat Earth Clan Wars: The Pac Man Model

"it’s either Pac-Man or it’s a globe"

source: The Flat Earth Map Reset By Flat Earth Conspiracy | September 3, 2016 By Lori Frary with Lawrence Wright and Ronnie Harris…

Of course the Sun like all other heavenly bodies, arcs overheard and does not move in a straight line as claimed (see quote below), but logic and demonstrable claims are not the tools of the religious true believer and Flat Earth cultists have to maintain their faith no matter what. Flat Earth is a belief system that confuses cosmological models with identity as this seems to be more about community building than it is about proving the truth or taking down government.

"The Flat Earth Map Reset By Flat Earth Conspiracy | September 3, 2016 By Lori Frary with Lawrence Wright and Ronnie Harris…"

"So we finally come to a crossroads. Either we have to rename what we call ourselves or we have to do a drastic reset. Simply calling yourself a flat earther has now become contentious from within the community. Why do we say that? Because most of the flat earth community has embraced a false map and model based on a circle. The earth is flat, indeed it is flat, but it is not shaped in a circle and the sun and the moon do not go around it overhead in a circle either. How can we say this? Because it’s proven without a doubt that the sun travels in a straight line over the equator twice a year on the equinox. If the sun travels even ONE day in a straight linear path, then the earth cannot be a circle and the sun is not circling overhead. Is one day enough? The answer is absolutely."

"Part of me thinks it would be easier to pick a new name for what we call ourselves in order to separate ourselves from those who continue to promote false dogma. On the other hand, together we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge, information and momentum and simply throwing it all away would be an unnecessary setback. Regardless, fighting our friends and fellow flat earthers from within this contentious circle seems futile and unworthy of the amount of energy it would take to get them to agree to keep up the search for the correct flat Earth map and model. Day by day, week by week, month by month we have slowly attracted bright minds that have remained OPEN in spite of what has been called “the flat Earth map and model” dogma. But sadly, there are still the majority who believe this model to be true enough so that they continue to fight the introduction of any other model especially any model that requires portals, veils or “Pac-Man”. At this point, it is impossible for any reality based map or model to work without Pac-Man. Any flat map that has been found to be correct by using globe data, observations and triangulation of multiple cities and destinations including airports, latitude and longitude and flight times… requires Pac-Man to work. At this point, it’s either Pac-Man or it’s a globe."


"Because it’s proven without a doubt that the sun travels in a straight line over the equator twice a year on the equinox."

When was this proven "without a doubt?"


Video Games = $$$

The video game industry is clearly part of the Hollywood artifact manufacturing machine.

The Business Of Video Games: A Multi Billion Dollar Industry - Forbes

Military Industrial Live Action Role Playing Games Online & Off

"War games are simulations combining game, experiment and performance. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has been the primary proponent of war game design since the 1950s. Yet, commercial game designers produced many of the ideas shaping the design of military simulations, both before and after the advent of computer-based games. By the 1980s, the seeds of a deeper collaboration among military, commercial designers, the entertainment industry, and academic researchers in the development of high-end computer simulations for military training had been planted. "

The Military Entertainment Complex - Stanford University


Clue # 9 subsection 11 catch 22:

The right hand may or may not know what the left will do. Both shill for the same side in order to create more identity social divides.




"The 100th Darwin Monkey Goes Bananas After Eating of The Low Hanging Fruit In The Garden of Eden!"

There is no great awakening. There seems to be an eternal ratio of sheep to shepherd. There seems to be an eternal ratio of those who really want to challenge their own beliefs and those who really are little more than a human resource, turning the eternal industrial wheel, asleep.

A few possible paid shills at the top of a so-called movement allows the rest of the flock to have idols to emulate. Control is from the top down and is more limited than most think. Besides that, the motivation seems to me to be more about financial incentives and creating the new online media personas for Google and YouTube. There will be no great awakening as most just love drinking the Coca Cola Cool Aid, Most people are happy to get together in their own specialized member only social circles with the intent of simply making each other feel good. They should go out and buy Nikon cameras and expensive telescopes and of course show up for the yearly convention.

Buy a T Shirt and Self Identify as a Banana Cream Monkey Meat Pie.

People are also easily managed with simple fear based, paranoia inducing memes; people are easily controlled with simplistic jingoism.

Fearing Fear is Financially Fun & Rewarding For Some

Know Your Mass Media Promoted Memes: Did You Know The World Ended in 2012, errr I mean New Years Eve 2000 AD, or was it 1000 AD?

Beliefs; Millennial fears in the year 1000: apocalypse then, apocalypse ...

Things like Y2K and the 2012 end of the world meme, UFOs, Big Feet and Loch Ness NASA nonsense have long been the tabloid subject of cable TV, with cable channels like the History Channel endlessly spewing forth documentary myths sold as fact to the all to guidable and gullible public. CNN's Larry King and more mainstream News would promote UFO and Bigfoot, and Elvis sightings too. Humans copy each other's behavior. We end up emulating the behavior of the tabloid based news media and we can see this is true by simply looking up all the countless YouTube videos that promote what are obviously soap operatic National Enquirer level tabloid myth as real news. The so-called "Conspiracy" market place is a valuable resource and big publishing and multimedia money maker. People love trading in tall tales of Big Foot grey alien encounters and all sorts of other Elvis based, Kennedy assassination style, "sitings". Many online researchers do little more than parrot obvious tabloid, pulp fiction inspired super spy "spaced out" nonsense.  

"The 2012 Phenomenon were various mythological beliefs surrounding the date December 21st, 2012, which marked the end of a 5,125 year cycle, according to the Mayan Long Count calendar."

"The earliest known mention of December 21st, 2012 has been attributed to author Michael D. Coe who wrote in his 1966 book The Maya:"  "

"Spread In 1975, the ending of the current (13th) b’ak’tun became the subject of speculation by New Age authors, who asserted it would correspond with a global “transformation of consciousness” (see Age of Aquarius, below). In Mexico Mystique: The Coming Sixth Age of Consciousness, Frank Waters tied Coe’s original date of December 24th, 2011 to astrology and the prophecies of the Hopi.

Coe’s interpretation was repeated by other scholars through the early 1990s, including citations in David Carrasco’s 1990 books Lowland Maya Civilization in the Eighth Century A.D and Religions of Mesoamerica: Cosmovision and Ceremonial Centers. In the late ‘90s, other researchers interpreted the end of the 13th b’ak’tun as the beginning of a new astrological Age. Meanwhile, the vast majority of Mayan scholars have openly dismissed the date’s association with apocalypse, including Mark van Stone, who said “the notion of a Great Cycle coming to an end is completely a modern invention.”

Online Presence

"With the advent of video-sharing communities, thousands of videos discussing the 2012 doomsday have emerged online, mostly focusing on the apocalyptic interpretation of the year 2012. There are hundreds of thousands of news blogs and websites dedicated to the topic; “Ask an Astrobiologist,” a NASA public outreach website, has received over 5000 questions from the public on the subject since 2007, with some even asking whether they should kill themselves, their children or their pets"

December 21st, 2012 | Know Your Meme

"2012. The End of the World — Again: Why the Apocalypse Meme Replicates in Media, Science, and Culture"

2012. The End of the World — Again: Why the Apocalypse Meme ...

What Happens Next? Contemporary Urban Legends and Popular Culture

Y2K bug - National Geographic Society





Military simulation - Wikipedia

Is Flat Earth Just A 21st Century Social Media Sim Based Military Training School Style Psy-Op?

Or is it just another tabloid based commercial enterprise, like snake oils sales of old timey times? The National Enquirer and published rags like it have long used sensational fairy tales and photographic darkroom manipulations to sell superstitious legends to an all too guidable and gullible public who seemingly can't get enough of the tabloid yellow fare. Too many online personas, professional podcasters, bloggers and YouTube channels emulate very bad tabloid style behavior that promotes highly sensationalized headlines,  and celebrity gossip style myths over any critical assessment of the underlying assumptions that are thought to support those legends. Some even go so far as to promote obviously racially and prejudicially divisive nonsense as some kind of call for reason. Religions are as fake and as much of a mistake in reason as belief in nation states.

Divide and conquer and all sorts of false identity divides are the "traps" waiting for us online.

When one examines the assumptions too may of us ignore, one sees the house of cards for what it is. It is a shame too many otherwise logical minds seem to avoid using the methods of reason they preach to examine their own seeming and publicly stated beliefs.


We live in a real "banana" republic where most of its citizens are drunk on the deadly juice of the allegorical and cliche low hanging fruit.



Flat Earthism = Religious Doctrine

"-ism: word-forming element making nouns implying a practice, system, doctrine, etc., from French -isme or directly from Latin -isma, -ismus (source also of Italian, Spanish -ismo, Dutch, German -ismus), from Greek -ismos, noun ending signifying the practice or teaching of a thing, from the stem of verbs in -izein, a verb-forming element denoting the doing of the noun or adjective to which it is attached. For distinction of use, see -ity. The related Greek suffix -isma(t)- affects some forms."



The Yellow Journal Tabloid Press is Alive & Well On YouTube and Eternally Online:


"The 100th Darwin Monkey Goes Bananas After Eating of The Low Hanging Fruit In The Garden of Reason!"


Yellow journalism is the blueprint for culture.

Banking backed international tall Naval tales of heroic lives have long led human minds down predetermined commercial sea based admiralty "paths". Yellow Journalism is nothing new. Hearst and Pulitzer did not invent the art of crafting historical myth.

Yellow means fear. Cower and wait for government to come and save your fate.

"Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering or sensationalism. By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion."

"Joseph Campbell describes yellow press newspapers as having daily multi-column front-page headlines covering a variety of topics, such as sports and scandal, using bold layouts (with large illustrations and perhaps color), heavy reliance on unnamed sources, and unabashed self-promotion. The term was extensively used to describe certain major New York City newspapers around 1900 as they battled for circulation.[3]

Frank Luther Mott identifies yellow journalism based on five characteristics: 

  1. scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news
  2. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
  3. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
  4. emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips
  5. dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system."



We Are Too Small Relative To The Size of The Earth To Easily Notice The Earth is A Globe

The Flat Earth cultist will ignore the fact that we are too small relative to the circumference of the Earth to easily notice the curvature. These people also ignore all evidence that supports the globe model. Some would even promote a video game Pac Man style model over the more easily communicated and seemingly obvious globe model. Please note how the Flat Earther tends follow the yellow journal recipe: they act like the sympathetic underdog, as they promote imaginary drawings (maps), use pseudoscience, so-called experts, and of course cartoonish reasoning to support nonsense.

Respone to: "But the earth looks flat!"  source: everWonder - about the world?



Comic Strip Weaponry Keeps The World Safe From Cartoon Threats

The Self Proclaimed, Super-Powered Military Mighty Weapons of The Nation States of The World, Are As Cartoonishly Fake As Superman

Get on your knees and genuflect. Duck and cover and never forget, that government must exist to protect you from endless childish cartoon threat.

"Superman for 9/11 Truth, Justice & The American Way"

A Comic Book Pulpy Press Post Script:

An important and traditional element of the yellow journal press is the use of the cartoon character. This pulp fiction tradition established the archetype of the modern mythological hero for generations to come. Pulp fiction themes like MK Ultra mind controlled slaves and UFO invasions of little alien grays, are as much a part of cartoon childish comic book tradition as the National Enquirer rags that used to be found on the very same newsstands. Today these ideas live on in theatrical photographic illusions that many wait on lines to see, Pulp fiction inspires yellow journal tabloid multimedia products of all kinds, some labelled fact and some labelled fantasy and both usually made of the same kind of mythical fictions.

Meet Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson: Cartoon Comic Book Pioneer And Pulpy War Guy

One of the founders of what would become the subject of many modern film series was a mythical calvary man with some kind of magically inspired blue blood flowing in his veins. Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson is quite a cartoon character himself, or so it seems from reading his wikipedia 'leaked" entry. Here we have the top secret origins of comic book super heroes themselves. This Major's life reads like the embellished tales of printed fictions he would come to publish. This military 'major' would go from mythic military hero to comic book publishing super pioneer.


Washington DC Comics Exposed!

Meet Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson a yellow journal pioneer with a pulp fiction past. Get ready for a major cartoon strip tease.

"Frank Luther Mott identifies yellow journalism based on five characteristics: 

  1. scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news
  2. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
  3. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
  4. emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips
  5. dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system."


A "Major" Find, Revealed!

"Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson (January 4, 1890 or January 7, 1890 – 1965) was an American pulp magazine writer and entrepreneur who pioneered the American comic book, publishing the first such periodical consisting solely of original material rather than reprints of newspaper comic strips. Long after his departure from the comic book company he founded, Wheeler-Nicholson's National Allied Publications would evolve into DC Comics, one of the U.S.'s two largest comic book publishers along with rival Marvel Comics.

He was a 2008 Judges' Choice inductee into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame.

Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson was born in Greeneville,[5] Tennessee.[6] His father, whose surname was Strain, died in 1894, after the birth of his second son,[1] Malcolm's brother Christopher.[6] Another sibling, a sister, died in 1894, when Malcolm was four.[6] Their mother, Antoinette Wheeler, afterward moved to New York City, became a journalist, and later joined a start-up women's magazine[1] in Portland, Oregon.[6] By this time she had changed her last name to "Straham", a variant of "Strain", and upon marrying teacher T. J. B. Nicholson, who would become the boys' stepfather, reverted to her maiden name and appended her new married name.[1] The brothers were raised in "an iconoclastic, intellectual household" where his family entertained such guests as Theodore Roosevelt and Rudyard Kipling.[7]

Wheeler-Nicholson spent his boyhood both in Portland and on a horse ranch in Washington State.[8] Raised riding horses, he went on to attend the military academy The Manlius School in DeWitt, New York, and in 1917 joined the U.S. Cavalry[9] as a second-lieutenant.[10] According to differing sources, he rose to become either "the youngest major in the Army",[7] the youngest in the Cavalry,[11] or one of the youngest in the Cavalry.[9] By his account, he "chased bandits on the Mexican border, fought fevers and played polo in the Philippines, led a battalion of infantry against the Bolsheviki in Siberia, helped straighten out the affairs of the army in France [and] commanded the headquarters cavalry of the American force in the Rhine".[12] His Cavalry unit was among those under John J. Pershing's command that in 1916 hunted the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa.[9] The following year, he served under Pershing fighting the Muslim Moros in the Philippines, and served with a Cossack troop in Siberia.[9] Subsequent outposts included Japan; London, England; and Germany.[13] After World War I, Wheeler-Nicholson was sent to study at Saint-Cyr in Paris, France.[8]

The major's public criticism of Army command in a New York Times open letter to President Warren G. Harding,[8] and his accusations against senior officers, led to countercharges, hearings, and a lawsuit against West Point Superintendent General Fred W. Sladen. As well, a shooting that his family called an Army-sanctioned assassination attempt left Wheeler-Nicholson hospitalized with a bullet wound.[8][14][15] Following this, Wheeler-Nicholson in June 1922 was convicted in a court-martial trial of violating the 96th Article of War in publishing the open letter.[16][17] Although he was not demoted, his career was dead-ended.[18] He resigned his commission in 1923.[16] His $100,000 lawsuit against Sladen was dismissed by the New York State Supreme Court the following year.[19]

Writing career[edit]

Having already written nonfiction about military topics, including the 1922 book The Modern Cavalry,[8] and fiction, including the Western hardcover novel Death at the Corral, also 1922,[8] Wheeler-Nicholson now began writing short stories for the pulps.[7] The major soon became a cover name, penning military and historical adventure fiction for such magazines as Adventure and Argosy.[12] He additionally ghost wrote six adventure novels about air hero Bill Barnes for Street & Smith Publications.[10]

Concurrently, in 1925, he founded Wheeler-Nicholson, Inc.[8][11] to syndicate his work, which included a daily comic-strip adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island, with art by N. Brewster Morse.[20]

In autumn 1934,[21][12] having seen the emergence of Famous Funnies (1933) and other oversize magazines reprinting comic strips, Wheeler-Nicholson formed the comics publishing company National Allied Publications.[7][22] While contemporary comics "consisted ... of reprints of old syndicate material", Wheeler-Nicholson found that the "rights to all the popular strips ... had been sewn up".[7] While some existing publications had included small amounts of original material,[23] generally as filler, and while Dell Publishing had put out a proto-comic book of all original strips, The Funnies, in 1929, Wheeler-Nicholson's premiere comic – New Fun #1 (Feb. 1935) – became the first comic book containing all-original material.[24] As author Nicky Wright wrote,

It was at this point Wheeler-Nicholson made history. He produced a comic appropriately titled New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine, so-called because it was larger than the other comics, measuring 10 by 15 inches. ... Not only was the size different, so were the strips. They were all original, featuring all new characters specially drawn for New Fun ... Besides original strips, New Fun was the first comic to carry advertising.[25]

A tabloid-sized, 10-inch by 15-inch, 36-page magazine with a card-stock, non-glossy cover, New Fun #1 was an anthology of "humor and adventure strips, many of which [Wheeler-Nicholson] wrote himself".[7] The features included the funny animal comic "Pelion and Ossa" and the college-set "Jigger and Ginger", mixed with such dramatic fare as the Western strip "Jack Woods" and the "yellow peril" adventure "Barry O'Neill", featuring a Fu Manchu-styled villain, Fang Gow.[26] While all-original material was a risky venture, the book sold well enough that National Allied Publishing continued to fill books "with new strips every month".[7] Golden Age comics creator Sheldon Mayer quipped years later of Wheeler-Nicholson: "Not only the first man to publish comic books but also the first to stiff an artist for his check".[27]

The first four issues were edited by future Funnies, Inc. founder Lloyd Jacquet, the fifth by Wheeler-Nicholson himself. Issue #6 (Oct. 1935) brought the comic-book debuts of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the future creators of Superman, who began their careers with the musketeer swashbuckler "Henri Duval" (doing the first two installments before turning it over to others) and, under the pseudonyms "Leger and Reuths", the supernatural-crimefighter adventure Doctor Occult. They would remain on the latter title through issue #32 (June 1938), following the magazine's retitling as More Fun (issues #7–8, Jan.-Feb. 1936), and More Fun Comics (#9-on).

Wheeler-Nicholson added a second magazine, New Comics, which premiered with a Dec. 1935 cover date and at close to what would become the standard size of Golden Age comic books, with slightly larger dimensions than today's. The title became New Adventure Comics with issue #12, and finally Adventure Comicswith #32. Continuing for many decades, until issue #503 in 1983, it would become one of the longest-running comic books. In 2009, it was briefly revived with its original numbering, ultimately ending again in 2011 with issue #529, prior to DC Comics' New 52 reboot.[28]

Despite Wheeler-Nicholson's optimism, however, finding a place in the market was difficult. Newsstands were reluctant to stock a magazine of untested new material from an unknown publisher, particularly as other companies' comics titles were perceived as being "successful because they featured characters everyone knew and loved".[7] Returns were high,[29] and cash-flow difficulties made the interval between issues unpredictable. Artist Creig Flessel recalled that at the company's office on Fourth Avenue, "The major flashed in and out of the place, doing battles with the printers, the banks, and other enemies of the struggling comics".[30]

"The third and final title published under his aegis would be Detective Comics, advertised with a cover illustration dated Dec. 1936, but eventually premiering three months late, with a March 1937 cover date."

"Detective Comics would become a sensation with the introduction of Batman in issue #27 (May 1939). By then, however, Wheeler-Nicholson was gone. In 1937, in debt to printing-plant owner and magazine distributor Harry Donenfeld – who was as well a pulp-magazine publisher and a principal in the magazine distributorship Independent News – Wheeler-Nicholson was compelled to take Donenfeld on as a partner in order to publish Detective Comics #1. Detective Comics, Inc. was formed, with Wheeler-Nicholson and Jack S. Liebowitz, Donenfeld's accountant, listed as owners.

The major remained for a year, but cash-flow problems continued. DC's 50th-anniversary publication Fifty Who Made DC Great cites the Great Depression as "forc[ing] Wheeler-Nicholson to sell his publishing business to Harry Donenfeld and Jack Liebowitz in 1937".[7] However, wrote comics historian Gerard Jones:

In early 1938, Harry Donenfeld send him and his wife on a cruise to Cuba to 'work up new ideas'. When they came home, the major found the lock to his office door changed. In his absence, Harry had sued him for nonpayment and pushed Detective Comics, Inc. into bankruptcy court. There a judge named Abe Mennen, one of Harry's old Tammany buddies, had been appointed interim president of the firm and arranged a quick sale of its assets to Independent News. Harry gave the major a percentage of More Fun Comics as a shut-up token and wished him well.[32]

Wheeler-Nicholson "gave up on the world of commerce thereafter and went back to writing war stories and critiques of the American military"[32] in addition to straight "articles on politics and military history"."