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The Denial Of Death

Preface: A Peopled Prologue

Towers fall and the ants still crawl.

Face it, you will die and so will I.

There's nothing neither you nor I can really do to delay or alter our final destination at death's door. This is what mysticism, regligous faith and spiritual reasoning are for. To deny the obvious truth is to act like a fool. Perhaps this is why even empirical based rational science ends up as a religious tool. All you know and one day everyone you love, will be ground to find dust. Even powerful beams of steel will one day be reduced to piles of rust.

Are you the construct of others?

Do you enjoy the Quixotic quest?

Do you enjoy fighting digital age, platonically projected, pseudo scientifically established, shadow milled beasts?

Are you ready to ride your high horse off the edge of an imagined Flat World as you chase after a banana you believe is an apple?

Are you ready for a Biblical Fall?


The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker

The Symbolic Self vs The Natural Phenomena We Call Humanity

The fact that we are conscious of our existential fate would seem to be the source of our need to embrace personal and socially reinforced belief systems over demonstrable reality, more often than not. We tend to identify with our artificial and socially reinforced personal "roles" in our own mentally scripted mythical narratives. Our world view or belief systems are imaginary stages and mind spotlights that illuminate our central and starring roles in our own lives. The power of the rainbow offering of gender and all the rest of the social "classes" we can choose from, are roles that are only "real" in the context of the symbolic or artificial (socially reinforced) self. Most people only live in this MATRIX version of filtered reality. A true awakening would require most people letting go of this seemingly all too natural human instinct. If you self label as a "Flat Earther",  or as "The Great Online Researcher", as a "Globalist Banker" or as a "Lollypop", or as anything but the very real and natural human phenomena you are, you are probably not truly "awake".


Socially reinforced illusions, a very real form of collective insanity, seem to be instinctive to humanity. If this is simply basic human nature as it seems to be, we can see why there is validity to the idea that there will be no great awakening. There might just always be the same basic ratio of shepherd to sheep. The allegorical gift of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of duality includes the knowledge of one's own mortality which seems to lie at the basis of all of culture as we understand it.

The 911 on Terror Management Theory:

The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker source: mr1001nights

The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker

"The basic premise of The Denial of Death is that human civilization is ultimately an elaborate, symbolic defense mechanism against the knowledge of our mortality, which in turn acts as the emotional and intellectual response to our basic survival mechanism. Becker argues that a basic duality in human life exists between the physical world of objects and a symbolic world of human meaning. Thus, since humanity has a dualistic nature consisting of a physical self and a symbolic self, we are able to transcend the dilemma of mortality through heroism, by focusing our attention mainly on our symbolic selves. This symbolic self-focus takes the form of an individual's "immortality project" (or "causa suiproject"), which is essentially a symbolic belief-system that ensures oneself is believed superior to physical reality. By successfully living under the terms of the immortality project, people feel they can become heroic and, henceforth, part of something eternal; something that will never die as compared to their physical body. This, in turn, gives people the feeling that their lives have meaning, a purpose, and are significant in the grand scheme of things.

Becker argues that the arbitrariness of human-invented immortality projects makes them naturally prone to conflict. When one immortality project conflicts with another, it is essentially an accusation of 'wrongness of life', and so sets the context for both aggressive and defensive behavior. Each party will want to prove its belief system is superior, a better way of life. Thus these immortality projects are considered a fundamental driver of human conflict, such as in wars, bigotry, genocide, and racism. 

Another theme running throughout the book is that humanity's traditional "hero-systems", such as religion, are no longer convincing in the age of reason. Science attempts to serve as an immortality project, something that Becker believes it can never do, because it is unable to provide agreeable, absolute meanings to human life.

The book states that we need new convincing "illusions" that enable us to feel heroic in ways that are agreeable. Becker, however, does not provide any definitive answer, mainly because he believes that there is no perfect solution. Instead, he hopes that gradual realization of humanity's innate motivations, namely death, can help to bring about a better world."

The Denial of Death - Wikipedia


Your are not your thoughts, preferences or fashion choices.

You are not the food you choose to eat and you are not what you wear on your feet.

You are not the team you think you are on or the culture to which you think you belong.

I think many of us know what it is like to learn that Superman is not real, and we don't like to tell our children the truth that the Easter Bunny retired a long time ago. We seem to enjoy entertaining ourselves with all sorts of seemingly childish and cartoonish fairytales that we tend to give a lot of power to. These artifacts of culture become icons we use to make ourselves feel good. Grown adults are willing to wait on lines in costumes to see the next Star Wars film. People have seemed to have turned May fourth into a Star Wars holiday. Super hero flicks and national league sports have legions of endless adult bread and circus fans who cannot get enough of the magical eternal fairy festival fun. Don't get me wrong I like cartoon super hero films and a good concert too. My point is human nature is what it is. There will be no great awakening as most of us have no interest in doing so. Human beings seem naturally inclined to submerging our consciousnesses in the unreal over the natural. We embrace mass socially reinforced fantasies of all sorts over the much more mundane realities of our collective mysterious existence. Many of us seem to feel the need to play some kind of social justice crusader, an armchair digital age super hero, live action role player of sorts. We self identify as some kind of heroic figure connected to a greater social order. Superman might not be real, but perhaps "we" can be the next best thing. With a YouTube backed community, "we" can do whatever "we" dream we can. We might be tempted to think we are part of some kind of social movement that will bring down our perceived enemy and save the World! 

Elvis Died For Our Sins: Human Beings Love To Mourn Over Their Fallen Leaders and Idols

People seem to go from one paradigm to another. Too many of us seem to go from believing in the mainstream narratives with 100% faith to then have 100% faith that we now possess the "truth" of all truths. Very few of us seem willing to admit the truth that we really cannot answer many of the obvious metaphysical and existential questions in any meaningful or truly demonstrable kind of way. There is a very real truth to the statement: "Those who do not know, teach." I mean, "Those who know not, know, and those who think they know, know not." Most of us do not seem to be willing to admit "I dont know." to ourselves or to others.

Real People Really Do Mourn When Their Sacred Leading Idols and Social Coca Cola Cult Shepherds Are Reported To Have Died

Real people get as upset as if they have lost their own mother or grandfather. Many of us act like we have lost an old long time best friend or family member when we learn of the death of one of our favorite performers, a politician we might admire, or other kinds of celebrity. 

We cry real tears that many of the apparent so-called "crisis actors" seem unable to muster. Our very real human physiology means we react to convincing media illusions as if we were dealing with real people. We unconsciously and semi consciously form psychological bonds with images that we mistake for actual human beings. Too many of us end up mourning over the death of a perceived celebrity persona, (a symbolic self), than over the real person that media promoted persona represented.  Fans might be able to recite every biographical detail about John Lennon, yet none of them actually knew the real man at all. All these fans could ever know of this man would have been filtered and screened through the multimedia noise machine.

Imagine Shedding Real Tears Over a Fictional Social Hero Who Protested War By Staying in a Hilton Hotel Bed.

John Lennon is dead! - Funeral  source:captaingertrudelps

Modern Pop idols of all kinds are the modern saints and gods of the neo-religion that is Hollywood produced mass culture.

Staggering Displays of Grief

"This aspect of group psychology explains something that otherwise staggers our imagination: have we been astonished by fantastic displays of grief on the part of whole peoples when one of their leaders dies? The uncontrolled emotional outpouring, the dazed masses standing huddled in the city squares sometimes for days on end, grown people groveling hysterically and tearing at themselves, being trampled in the surge toward the coffin or funeral pyre — how to make sense out of such a massive, neurotic "vaudeville of despair"?— In one way only: it shows a profound state of shock at losing one's bulwark against death. The people apprehend, at some dumb level of their personality: "Our locus of power to control life and death can himself 'die; therefore our own immortality is in doubt." All the tears and all the tearing is after all for oneself, not for the passing of a great soul but for one's own imminent passing. Immediately men begin to rename city streets, squares, airports with the name of the dead man: it is as though to declare that he will be immortalized physically in the society, in spite of his own physical death."

from page 149 "The Denial of Death".


An Eternal Oscillating Planet of Apes? Too Many People Do Not Seem To Like To Read

The Adventures of The Sacred & Blessed 100 Monkey See Monkey Do Banana Seeking True Believers

For all we know humanity itself was never created and we simply eternally exist and go from more organized and industrialized forms of groupings to eventually rejecting such civilizations and back again, oscillating back and forth, over and over forever. We can only speculate about such metaphysical ideas. In some contexts, we really can't prove anything other than the fact we are here right now. We do know that humans seems to really enjoy following the social cues from various forms of social leaders and idols they knowingly or even unknowingly emulate.

Human beings love to follow leaders. Human beings love playing Simon Says and love showing off parroted "wisdom".

The modern world many of us take for granted relies on mass industrialization and the cooperation of many groups of people. If we all stopped working together, civilization as we know it stops. Even automated factories need humans to over see the operation. Claims of AI and all the rest of the media promoted propaganda seem to be the stuff of speculative fantasy more than demonstrable technology. The smart house is still a ways off and has been promised for something like at least a century or so. It takes a long time to develop technology and in doing so, people become so specialized that the average technician only knows how to follow the directions to do the job they need to do. Most people have no need to know how everything really works. Industrialization means specialization and fragmentation and this puts civilization in a somewhat more precarious position than most might ever consider. Most people do not seem interested in true self education, preferring to let others do their thinking for them. Most might not admit nor even notice this is the case.

An Aping Allegory Is The True Revelation:

We are the apes. The mass human resource of the world are the allegorical "planet of the apes". We tend to monkey each other's behavior and we tend to filter out any information that does not fit our individual and socially reinforced, world views.

We also only know what we have copied and parroted, on an unintentional and all too human, "need to know", biased, basis.

"In a frame story, a frivolous couple sailing alone in space, Jinn and Phyllis, rescue and translate a manuscript from a floating bottle.[3] The manuscript was written by journalist Ulysse Mérou, who in the year 2500 was invited by wealthy Professor Antelle to accompany him and his disciple, physician Arthur Levain, to Betelgeuse."

"Because they travel close to the speed of light, time dilation causes centuries to pass on Earth during their two years in transit. They reach orbit around a temperate, lushly forested planet which they name Soror (Latin for sister). They launch a shuttle to land on the surface. They can breathe the air, drink the water and eat the fruit. Attracted by a lovely golden naked woman whom they call Nova, they swim below a scenic waterfall. She is frightened by their pet chimpanzee, Hector, and she strangles it. Her tribe, who comport themselves as dumb animals, wreck the newcomers' clothing and shuttle.

Gorillas, fully dressed as hunters, attack the tribe with firearms. Many are killed, including Arthur. Ulysse is captured with the survivors. Ape clothing matches that of modern Earth humans, except that the apes wear gloves instead of shoes on their prehensile feet. The apes smoke tobacco, photograph their hunting trophies, drink through straws, and appear utterly civilized. Their stagnant society is divided into three strata: aggressive gorilla soldiers, pedantic and politically conservative orangutan administrators, and liberal chimpanzee intellectuals. Humans are mindless animals.

In an urban biological research facility, Ulysse recognizes Pavlov's dog conditioning being used on captured humans. He is mated with Nova. Curious chimpanzee researcher Zira takes interest in his geometric drawings and his ability to speak a few simian words. With help from her fiancé, Cornélius, Ulysse makes a speech in front of several thousand apes. He is granted freedom and is given tailored clothing. Antelle reverts to bestiality in the zoo and is moved to the laboratory for safety, where he is mated to a young female.

Cornélius, an archaeologist, excavates an ancient human city.[3] An unconscious human lab subject whose brain has been stimulated by electrodes recites from racial memory the events that led to the fall of human civilization: Humans tamed apes and eventually used them as servants. Things began to change. Apes started looking humans straight in the eye. The first ape, a chimpanzee, talked. As more apes learned to talk, a cerebral laziness took hold of the humans. Apes gradually took over human homes, driving the humans into camps outside of the cities. In the final memory, apes attacked the last human camp, carrying only whips.

Nova bears Ulysse a son, Sirius, who precociously walks and talks at three months. Fearing for their lives, they take the place of the human test subjects in a space flight experiment. Because all humans look alike to apes, they are able to escape without notice, and they rendezvous with the orbiting ship.

Ulysse programs robots to fly the ship back to Earth. As they fly over Paris, Orly Airport and the Eiffel Tower look the same. When they land, however, they are greeted by a field officer in a Jeep who is a gorilla."

"Jinn and Phyllis refuse to believe Ulysse's "impossible" story, being civilized chimpanzees. They discard the manuscript."





Superstitious symbols and iconic idols, commercial, religious typological LOGOS, and charismatic social shepherds of all sorts have seemed to have led humanity on the merry go round wheel ride of eternal industry. Who knows what the future holds? Will it end up looking a lot like the mythical paradisiacal past? LOGOS becomes Washington DC Comics, Coca Cola cargo cult Madison Avenue logos. Typology becomes typography and the human mind is programmed in the same literary way it has been for centuries; but now with industrialized mass produced precision. Guides become Gods and Bibles become Babel. Cartoon comic book Supermen crucified on War Bonded Dollar signs become the modern Jesus Christ Superstar savior for adults waiting on long Comic "Con", one eyed logo lines.

Types Are Personality Molds: Baptize Yourself At the Sacred "Font" & Sort Yourselves Into Religious "Types"

The Bible was the first mass produced social guide. Typography relies on molding letter forms to influence more "modern" minds. Theological Typology relies on mythically molding human minds with tall tales of mythical super heroic characters who are of divine origins or are otherwise granted with divine fortune. Today we call those mythical figures comic book superheroes. People love to argue and debate religious doctrine, comic book super hero powers and which sports team is the best. People enjoy playing all sorts of obvious (artificial) live action role playing games that most do not notice that all of civilization is little more than one big collective, commercially subsidized Passion Play.

PLANET OF THE APES (1968) - Lady Liberty Destroyed source: Fox Home Entertainment AU - Access All Areas


Liberty is Granted By External Authority and is a Sign You Are Not Free. Freedom is.

Good Charlie Heston lived and died. At the feet of buried liberty's statue he once cried.

At his side a speechless hippy chick. She couldn't talk but she sure liked to "argue" with Charlie's ...


Procreation is the answer to the riddle of death.