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This website exists to serve as public resource for reverse imagineering world-wide culture, one that takes a critical look at the numerous artifacts and other types of relics that represent our shared collective international heritage. This blog is dedicated to examining social engineering and the use of tax funded governmental propaganda, and the mainstream media, as international human resource management tools.

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Adventures In The Social Media Echo Chamber: JLB1648 | In Defence of Flat Earth Theorists

You Can Learn A Lot Listening To People You Might Not Agree With:

Online 24/7 social media is really quite a fantastic creation. There is a very real global communications grid that many of us interact with on a daily basis. The internet has become a very real, virtual global, public square. The internet brings what might be the greatest library humanity has ever seen to the fingertips of many of us and most use this wonderful educational resource for posting endless steaming streams of selfies. Most seem to use this wonderful communications tool to reduce language down to abbreviated emoticons that people with three second attention spans can understand. Many of us seem to sort ourselves into easily managed, shepherded communities while shunning real people in the real world. We also tend to avoid listening to views we do not agree with and instead we tend to enjoy listening to voices that parrot back our thoughts in one way or another.


JLB1648 | In Defence of Flat Earth Theorists source: John le Bon

Are you just an echo in an echo chamber?

Do you like the sound of your own voice?

Are you part of a parrot choir?

 Modern Society is 100% INSANE: Truth = Hate 🤔🙄 source: Theoria Apophasis

A Thin Internet Skin

It's easy to criticize each other from the anonymity of the screen. Even those of us who go by what would seem to be our real names, might be not who we claim to be. Pen names are nothing new. Ideas matter not the individual personalities; but we are conditioned to self identify ourselves as our professions and ideas. We self identify as our world views and this is a mistake. We self identify as that guy on YouTube with all the followers or that gal with the blog and the blue hair, who likes to only eat bananas cooked in monkey blood. Can we simply share ideas without feeling the need to self identify as those ideas?

Never mind,. Why bother when it's more comforting to listen to the sweet sound of one's own ideas echoed indefinitely online? 

After all people cannot be allowed to change their minds and admit when they perceive they were wrong. We wouldn't want anyone learning anything would we? Never mind the power of learning from one's own mistakes. We are supposed to be afraid of the public shaming that comes from being wrong. And God forbid if you post a YouTube video or comment, that you later consider to be incorrect. May the Lord protect you if you post a blog article or express an idea that you come to later consider to be wrong. Insist you are right instead. It's what everyone else seems to do, so it must be ok. We all know the power of the peer reviewed and peer revered process by which we are supposed submit our own individual thoughts to. After all, you don't really want to do the hard work of truly thinking for yourself, do you? 

Holy Roaming Thought Crimes

I've been critical of various online personas in the past that I now realize I was being unfair to. Perhaps it's just basic human nature or perhaps its the effect of the yellow journal tabloid press, but too many of us seem to take ourselves way too seriously, myself included. None of us are exempt from our all too human nature. It seems that there are many of us online, who self identify as some kind of member of the so-called "Truth Community", who seem to continuously overlook very real and demonstrable, natural human behavior in favor of the legendary myth of a vast magically masonic illuminati conspiracy. There is no conspiracy theory needed to explain human nature and the techniques for the management of civilizations. We need no great conspiracy to explain the history of the Royalty of Europe and how that Royalty still exists to this day. We do not need conspiracy to explain basic and demonstrable history. There's a paper work trail of treaties and constitutions that prove the world does not work as advertised. There's no need to resort to conspiracy theories when the truth is written down in black and white. Legal documents spell-bind the artificial world of humanity's seemingly eternal Holy Roman Commercial Enterprise™.

Nature Talk: Mind Control

Nature Talk: Mind Control  source: Freedom Cooking

"And the little dog laughed to see such a sight."


Never forget 9/11 and the real Holy Symbol that most of us worship:


Elvis died so you could go shopping. Repent by spending.

The very real fact is we all have to eat and keep roofs over our heads. The commercial system is not going anywhere as most of us are so addicted to it, it simply never occurs to most of us that other ways of existence are possible. Most would more than likely refuse to give up the shopping malls and Target stores and all the rest of the modern conveniences of the mass produced industrial age we live in. Most of us need to earn a living and some of us have the audacity to dare to try to earn a living doing something we enjoy doing. I believe in supporting such efforts. Content creators are not the problem, the system is. Most people probably won't want to ever give up the system in the first place. When people complain about online content creators charging for their work, I laugh to myself. Would they complain about having to pay for a cookie someone baked and was selling? Would anyone complain about paying an author for the book the author wrote? Since when do we expect people to work for free? Do you get your internet for free? Do you get your electricity for free? Do you have a job? Do you expect to get paid for your time and effort or do you enjoy working for free? Many online content providers give away a lot of their work for free and the amount they charge for the rest is minimal compared to commercial fare. The online true believer type seems to be some kind of purist who has religious faith in an internet based activism that comes across as nothing more than a quixotic venture.

On Her Majesty's $ecret $ervice: $hilling & $elling Out

The purist online true believer also seems to enjoy policing other people's thoughts. The term "Shill" or even the term "Troll", get used like mantras to shield the faithful mind from having to be exposed to someone else's ideas they might not agree with. Whether someone is or is not some kind of legendary "Trolling Shill" is not relevant to those of us who understand that ideas matter, not individual personas. People are entitled to have their own opinions and beliefs. Some of these ideas might include a certain level of cautious faith in the political process. Some might be more inclined to "anarchy". Some might like to try to find the just right sweet spot in between. Some might have hope that Trump would turn out to be more than the officially contractually obligated multimedia clown he sure seems to pretend to be. I personally know people who voted for Trump and am related to some of them. Just because I think he's a cartoon, thought balloon animal, does not mean everyone else has to see the world like I do. Everyone is obviously entitled and free to see the world as they do. They are also free to express themselves as they like. None of us need anyone else's permission to think or to express, our own thoughts. 

Shilling & Chilling For The Trolling Thrill Of It All

Last time I checked, many online esoterically orientated content providers make a whole lot of their content free. These people do not put guns to anyone's heads and do not run around the world forcing anyone to believe anything at all. The various online researchers and podcast publishers, YouTube channel personas and bloggers, are simply expressing their own individual outlooks and opinions. Pay them for their work if you like what they do. I'd recommend worrying less about who is or isn't a so-called "shill" and more about the content itself. My opinion is based upon personal experience. Your results will vary accordingly. Talented people who spend the time and make the effort to present their work to the public deserve to be compensated for that work. We do not live in some kind of magical utopia. Visit the recommended websites link if you haven't. I pay for this website myself and do not ask for any donations for my effort. That is my personal choice. I link to websites that provide thought provoking material for those who are interested in such "occulted" matters. The recommended websites are all anthropologically based in one way or another and the information and ideas these minds ponder are well worth considering.

Freedom Cooking In Eden's Kitchen

Nature Talk: Order Follower source: Freedom Cooking


If you really want to change the world, start by looking in the mirror.