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The Delusional Flat Earth Community | Afterthoughts on Jeranism debate about the flat earth psyop

Flat Earthers Prove The Earth is a Sphere

The Flat Earther tells you the Earth is flat and that you can do your own research to prove it. When you come back after doing such research and you disagree with the Flat Earth true believer's apparent uneducated opinion; the Flat Earth shepherd will then tell you that you have not done enough research. The Flat Earth die hard true believer does not let demonstrable reality get in the way of their belief system. Not at all. They will start off by claiming that their belief is scientifically based but when pressed for some three to four hours, they might finally admit that they have no working model or map, and that their whole belief system is based upon no real empirical evidence whatsoever other than the fact that the Earth looks flat to their tiny little eyes and small minds. The Flat Earth faithful YouTube subscribing follower will not admit the folly of their belief system. The Flat Earth entrained mind will never admit that we are too small relative to the size of the Earth's curvature to easily notice the Earth is curved.

When confronted for making fallacious statements, the Flat Earth minded will engage in all sorts of intellectually dishonest behavior like irrelevant name calling. This Flat Earth infected mind will seem incapable of engaging in any kind of honest conversation.

The Flat Earth YouTube shepherd/content provider comes across as some kind of practiced proselytizing online used car sales-man. 

Flat Earth minded folk love to take long looney tunes inspired cartoon like mental merry go round rides. They love repeating illogical statements like religious mantras and they seem to believe they can change the world and magically bring down NASA by making endless streams of the same YouTube video over and over again.

There is no real logical reason to keep insisting the Earth is flat, but most people do not seem to care about reality when they can listen to the sound of their own voices. Flat Earthers love their round Pizza Pie Flat Earth merry go round ride of logical fallacy and Flat Earth fantasy.

The Delusional Flat Earth Community | Afterthoughts on Jeranism debate about the flat earth psyop  source: Zachary K Hubbard

Mature Language Content Warning

"Don't trust me", claims the Flat Earth shepherd. When you tell the shepherd you don't agree with their biased opinions that have no basis in reality, they get angry and tell you that you have not done enough "research". I guess the self proclaimed "Flat Earthers" have different definitions for the terms "research" and "scientific". The Flat Earth mind seems to love confusing one idea with another. NASA lies so the Earth is Flat. The Flat Earth guru is a nice guy, so the Earth is flat. The Heliocentric model is flawed, so the Earth is flat. Evolution and the Big Bang are just theories so the Earth must be flat! We can't prove the world orbits the Sun so the Earth must be flat.

Flat Earth comes across like some kind of online divide and conquer strategy. Nothing like getting people to join an online cult.

Lying for the Flat Earth:Jeranism  source: Rhetoric&Discourse

Fingers in Flat Earth Indoctrinated Ears! I don't want to hear about anything that disagrees with my world view.

The Flat Earth shepherd loves to invoke atmospheric lensing when it suits them and they ignore it when it supports the globe model.

The Flat Earther presents a true low hanging fruit for propagandists like Neil deGrasse Tyson to easily swat aside.

Most people equate the term "Flat Earth" with ignorance. Nothing like associating criticism of government with something most people think is nonsense. The Flat Earth "movement' is an intellectually dishonest exercise that requires one ignores demonstrable reality like the fact that all the stars and other heavenly bodies rise in the east and set in the west no matter if we are in the northern or southern hemispheres. The stars and other celestial bodies will always rise in the east and set in the west. Using terms like left hand or right hand or counterclockwise or clockwise is incorrect. The precise and correct terns are east and west.


The Flat Earth Canard: An Illogical Model and No Real Working Map

Old timey snake oils salesmanship is alive and well online. Nothing ever changes. On an imagined Flat World, the Sun moves in a big merry go round circle and we would expect there to never be Sun down. We'd think we'd also be able to notice that the Sun went in a merry go round circle above our heads which it does not do. The Flat Earth faithful follower seems to really believe that the Sun can travel in a straight line and in a circular merry go round path at the same time.

Flat Earthers love to make empty appeals and spread rumors they know they should not. They use repetitive methods to reinforce their agenda. Demonstrable facts are ignored in favor of parroting propaganda jingoism. Flat Earthers promote paranoid agendas. Flat Earth thinkers seem to believe that they can prove their ideas correct by echoing and repeating Flat Earth "Truther" Group Speak.


The Flat Earth YouTube true subscriber wants people to come out and look into the various Flat Earth claims and when we do and when we disagree the Flat Earth shepherds get angry and tell us we are stupid or accuse us of being shills. 

You Have Been Doxed!

Playing With Flat Earth Vicsim Cards?

Flat Earthers make appeals to all sorts of logical fallacies and make liberal use of all sorts of yellow journal tabloid tactics. The Flat Earth shepherd loves to play the victim card. The Flat Earth shepherd acts just like an old timey snake oil salesman con. The Flat Earth truther will invent and promote Doxing YouTube martyrs as idols for their "convention" cause. The use of fear based tactics is another old time yellow journal tabloid "trick". 

The Flat Earth YouTube shepherd loves to play the victim card. Pass the hat around and fund their endeavors. They need your help and they are the system's victims. They don't care about making money, but it's awfully funny how some of the Flat Earth shepherds seem to still need the funding.

Discredit by Association: The Art of The Flat Earth Con


This is an intellectually dishonest self proclaimed seemingly YouTube backed "social movement". These people recognize that they sound insane to most people and still insist on focusing on getting the world to see that the Earth is flat.

Wouldn't it make more sense to focus on less polarizing and more easily demonstrable ideas?

The Flat Earther refuses to let the cosmological Flat Earth model go. They know most people think they are crazy. They know how they sound. They claim to be part of some kind of "truther" movement.  The Flat Earther reinforces low hanging media memes. They refuse to focus on obvious NASA lies. They refuse to do anything that would actually change anything for real and instead they purposefully stay focused on the Flat Earth. They seem to insist that they must prove the Earth flat before they can go out and do anything else. These Globe Busting minds seem to enjoy spending all their time making endless echo chamber Youtube videos. They seem to enjoy complaining about how they need money or how they got screwed by the "man". They love to wave their fists in the air and dream of taking down NASA while doing everything in their power to knowingly associate governmental criticism with what they know most people think is an ignorant pile of lies. The self proclaimed Flat Earth true believer insists on making sure everyone knows that NASA lies and that the Earth is really flat. They really do want the world to know that they think the world is flat and that NASA lies and that on 9/11 nobody died. They want to associate government criticism with Flat Earth.

These people obviously want the public at large to associate governmental criticism with Flat Earth, they come out and say it.

Flat Earth truthers promoted the lofty quixotic idea of saving the world from the top down. The reality of world saving is this: you start by looking in the mirror and taking small steps. You start with you and your family and your local community and work out from there. The truth is you can change the world, but only in tiny minor and more local ways, more often than not.

The Flat Earth Map is Curved: It Is A Circle!

The Flat Earth followers also do not seem to notice that there pizza map UN logo model map is a circle. There is curvature on their own UN logo map/religoos symbol that they themselves ignore. They move curvature from a three dimensional sphere to a two dimensional circle.

Wouldn't curvature on the imagined Flat Earth still have to be accounted for? The map is one big circle. This circle seems to be ignored.

Besides the fact that southern contents like Australia are illogically stretched out and one could disprove the UN Flat Logo Map by taking a car ride, the Flat Earth influenced mind must ignore the fact that passenger jets and other forms of transport would have to be traveling in a circular shaped path. If one flew from Australia to Africa, one would be traveling along a merry go round path. Do the Flat Earth shepherds ever mention this?

Funny how we can be too small to notice curvature when it supports the Flat Earth idea. When the same concept is used to support the Globe model, the Flat Earth true believer denies such reasoning. The Flat Earth religious YouTube subscriber must illogically cherry pick ideas in order to maintain a nonsensical house of cards built on a pile of uneducated lies. The Flat Earth follower does not seem to enjoy reading or doing an real self educating. This type of person seems to truly believe they can learn the secrets of reality from a YouTube video alone. They also seem to love self identifying as their ideas, belief systems and YouTube subscriptions lists. If you are reading this and these words on a screen offend you, perhaps that is a good thing. Perhaps you might want to consider stopping the very bad and all too human habit of self identifying as your ideas, likes and dislikes and just be.

The Flat Earth Model is A Literal Circle of Silliness Sold As Some Kind of Scriptural Insight

Planes, trains, automobiles and all living creatures move in circular paths east to west and west to east on the Flat world. Anyone who travels east to west or vice versa will actuality be traveling along a circular path on the imagined Flat Earth.

A Circularly Reasoned Flat Pizza Pie World

Here comes the Sun - Flat Earth Sun explained  source:  Al Theeathoone

There Are No Straight Answers On A Flat Earth, Or Straight Lines For That Matter: The Flat Earth Map Is Curved!

A Big Circular Merry Go Round Map For A Side Show Carnival Circus of Circularly Reasoned Lies

There is not one set of real empirical facts that one can use to demonstrate the Earth is flat. There is an endless list of speculative nonsense sold as some kind of mystical revelation or something. Flat Earth followers are the faithful flock of a very real online YouTube community cult/marketing endeavor. So called "chemtrails" or water vapor contrails arc over our heads and reveal the curvature of the Earth but the Flat Earther ignores this obvious visual evidence in favor of ad hoc atmospheric lensing "dome of the sky" nonsense. The Flat Earther might believe the Sun travels in some kind of magical straight line towards the "vanishing point" and at the same time the Sun moves in a merry go round circle above our heads. Flat Earthers do not like straight answers. The UN Flat Earth logo map would mean that the east to west motion of the Sun would describe a circular path over our heads, the Moon would do the same. Do we observe this at all? Do we not see the Sun arc overhead or do we see the Sun travel in what would look like a straight line but would really be a huge curve? When it suits them our small size relative to the Earth's curvature is a useful idea. When it contradicts them, the Flat Earther ignores the same exact logic. The Flat Earther might tell you to go outside and use your eyes. When I do that I see the sun rise and arc over my head. At sunset I see it arc back down. The motions of all celestial bodies tell me the Earth is better described as a globe. When I look into the claims of the Flat Earth faithful, all I see is logical fallacy. You are free to believe whatever you want, I for one would prefer to try to base my beliefs on things that make sense to me. If Flat Earth makes sense to you, more power to you.

But The Sun Vanishes Into The Magical Vanishing Point!

The Flat Earther does not seem to realize that the mythical "vanishing point" is nothing but an idea. The trained artist will use the vanishing point to create the illusion of what we term three dimensional space with a two dimensional drawing. One is the reality and one represents the recreation of that reality as a two dimensional drawing. Vanishing points are not real things, but some of the Flat Earth faithful seem to think it is.

Watch a high flying passenger jet fly from one side of the sky to the other and you should notice that the perspective of the jet will change as it arcs over head. The Sun, the Moon and the rest of the celestial phenomena of the heavens also happen to arc over head revealing the Earth to be best described as globe shaped or spherical.