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Something to consider.


Some will ask: What about the people on the ground, watching the rocket lift off,  are all those people were just imagining it all?

The only evidence for people witnessing the rocket launches are highly edited video clips. This is evidence of nothing. It is called "b-roll". We have no idea what those people are looking at or when the footage was actually filmed. Highly edited film and video product with authoritative voice over narration is proof of nothing. NASA and the rest of the world's space programs are the result  of Hollywood studio style special effects and nothing more. The world is managed by an elite banking caste and the governments of the world work for them not any of us. Space programs are the relics of the modern religion of governmental science. These artifacts exist to both inspire the imagination with the fantasy of a ride to the promised land of outer space, as well as serving as a reminder that atomic death can rain down from the sky. Such cartoon fictions have long been the tool of the religious institution. The rocket represents the existential religious carrot and stick. The rocket is the promised reward and ultimate symbol of death in one.


The V2 Hoax

Nasa founded on the V2 fraud  source:  NUKE HOAX

A Century of Rocket Development

People are supposed to have been playing around with huge rockets that could carry people into space easily for over fifty years, or so we have been told. Some fifty years after the first airplane flight we could fly to Rome. Some fifty years after the imagined Moon landing, we still can't wait on a line to take a rocket flight into the sky. Outer Space is the promised land we will never see. The Cold War, Duck and Cover Atomic Age Space Race is the Judgment Day that will never come.