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No Satellites Were Ever Needed

Do Not Fear The World Governments!

Satellites Are As Fake As The Rest of The Cartoon Military Weaponry of The "Super Powers" of The World

The Governments of The World Do Not Possess Super Powers

You are not supposed to figure out that nation-states, states and counties are all fake and unnatural. You are not supposed to know that these constructs exist to keep us all as the vast human resource/workforce we have always been. We exist to serve government, it does not exist to serve any of us. We are tax based wage slaves tied to an inhuman system that seeks to keep us forever turning the wheel of industry by keeping us in a state of perpetual tension by way of a continuous and seemingly endless stream of all sorts of televised wars. The fact that these wars have always been more tall tale than not is lost on most minds.

Government is Religion

The international brain trust that runs the global show from the top down with university trained and fraternity/sorority indoctrinated managers have long been more interested in communications and transportation than actual warfare. The medium is the mass age. The mass public has been so completely indoctrinated by television and other modern media that most really do not see that they are very real victims of an all too real governmental mind control program. Most people simply have very false views of reality. Most suffer from a very real form of socially reinforced collective insanity. These people (most of us, sad to say) fear the cognitive dissonance that develops when one questions their own beliefs. We have all been conditioned to self identify as our beliefs which is a most illogical foundation to build a so-called identity on. 

Wars are more a multimedia production than most people know.

Television: The Medium of and for Government

Television was and is the true weapon of maximum mass destruction. The real terrorists are not the live action cartoons the news sells. The real terrorist is the news journalist. The government uses terrorism to continue to justify its existence. If there were no television there would be no government as we have it today.

Our tax money does not really go to the military weaponry that none of us can verify even exist outside of neo-newsreel fictions. Even "our" elected officials cannot verify the weaponry our hard earned wages fund; only the best of the best are allowed the security clearances to be in the loop with all the top secret military hardware. What most do not realize is that the "top secret" is that war is mostly fake and so are the cartoonish weapons people have simply been religiously indoctrinated to believe in. The governments needed a medium for their military weapons. These weapons only exist on film and in the imaginations of Hollywood production teams. We have feared shadows on a wall and nothing more. 

Our money would seem to fund the endless stream of Research and Development for all the wonderful electronic toys of the ever unfolding "future". Our tax money goes towards making the world safe for passenger and cargo air travel and Coca Cola bottling plants. 

1938- BBC Broadcast Seen In New York source: MrAvgnfan12

television (n.) 

"1907, as a theoretical system to transmit moving images over telegraph or telephone wires; formed in English or borrowed from French télévision, from tele- + vision."

"Television is not impossible in theory. In practice it would be very costly without being capable of serious application. But we do not want that. On that day when it will be possible to accelerate our methods of telephotography by at least ten times, which does not appear to be impossible in the future, we shall arrive at television with a hundred telegraph wires. Then the problem of sight at a distance will without doubt cease to be a chimera. ["Telegraphing Pictures" in "Windsor Magazine," 1907]"

"Other proposals for the name of a then-hypothetical technology for sending pictures over distance were telephote (1880) and televista (1904). The technology was developed in the 1920s and '30s. Nativized in German as Fernsehen. Shortened form TV is from 1948. Meaning "a television set" is from 1941. Meaning "television as a medium" is from 1927.

"Television is the first truly democratic culture -- the first culture available to everyone and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want. [Clive Barnes, "New York Times," Dec. 30, 1969]"

television (n.) - Online Etymology Dictionary

BBC in NYC in 1938

"BBC Television received in New York - November 1938 by Alexandra Palace Television Society "The four-minute compilation from 1938 exists only because of a technological fluke and the enthusiasm of two television buffs, one in Britain and the other in America where, thanks to freak atmospheric conditions, it was picked up and recorded on a cine camera placed in front of a television screen as the images came in. Andrew Emmerson, the British enthusiast, spent five years tracking down the recording and believes it is the only surviving example of pre-war live high-definition British television. The flickering black-and-white footage includes Jasmine Bligh, one of the original BBC announcers, and a brief shot of Elizabeth Cowell, who also shared announcing duties with Jasmine, an excerpt from an unknown period costume drama and the BBC's station identity transmitted at the beginning and end of the day's output. It was made at a time when no technology existed to record live broadcasts directly. Video tape was not perfected until the late 1950s and "telerecording", the quality copying with a cine camera mounted in front of a television screen was not developed until after the Second World War. There are other recordings from the pre-war era, but they are all cine film shot from a camera alongside the television lens, or as in the case of the Demonstration Films, recreated scenes in a shot in a film studio. The American recording was shown on 26 June 1999 at the refurbished National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford. Mr Emmerson, 50, a freelance researcher and writer on the television industry, said: "Rumours of a recording existing in America have circulated for years, but no one had ever got to the bottom of them. It was known that about this time there had been tremendous sun spot activity, which had a dramatic effect on the ionosphere. Broadcasts from the BBC Television Station at Alexandra Palace travelled less than 30 miles, but because of the sun spots they were being bounced off the ionosphere and picked up 3,000 miles away on the East Coast of America." "There were reports that RCA, which was working on its own television system, had conducted an experiment to film the broadcasts. About five years ago I decided to check it out, but with no success. RCA could not trace anything, nor could anyone else. Then last year a friend at the American Vintage Wireless Collectors' Society agreed to mention it in their magazine." One of the respondents was Maurice Schecheter, who worked in a New York television studio. He had a collection of television material and among it was one of the RCA recordings on 16mm film. "He cleaned it up digitally and transferred it to a video cassette for me," Mr Emmerson said. "I was astounded. This was the oldest and probably the only example of live high-definition television from the pre-war period." This film footage is from the Archive Collection held and administered by the Alexandra Palace Television Society. Alexandra Palace Television Society home page ~ APTS ~ Preserving the televisual past for the digital future""

BBC Television received in New York - November 1938 : Alexandra ...