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"Propaganda in the United States is spread by both government and media entities. Propaganda is information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to influence opinions. It's used in advertising, radio, newspaper, posters, books, television, and other media."  -  Propaganda in the United States - Wikipedia

"A man without a government is like a fish without a bicycle.” Alvaro Koplovich

"The rise of modern print culture The printing press and the relatively wide availability of printed materials further undermine the importance of the 'local community' in ... Feudal societies based on face-to-face loyalties and oral oaths begin to give way to nation-states and to nationalism based on a shared printed language." Marshall McLuhan: Theoretical elaborations

"The printing press gave rise to nationalism and nation states while the Internet is helping to create a world community."  Understanding New Media: Extending Marshall McLuhan

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Of Course The Earth Is Not Flat

The Earth Isn't Flat But NASA Does Lie

Outer and Inner Space are fake. NASA and the other space agencies are Hollywood style effects studios. Atom bombs are fake and history is made or more lies than most realize, but that does not mean the Earth is flat. Consider your size relative to the chart reproduced below and you will see that we are too small to appreciate the Earth is a globe.

Don't Tell This Guy But His Video Basically Proves The Globe Model More Logical Than Flat Earth

There are more problems with the Flat Earth model than with the motionless globe model. The Flat Earth model requires many unverifiable explanations to avoid admitting that the globe model makes more sense. The Flat Earth model might be less complicated than the modern patchwork of contradictory nonsense that most take for modern cosmology, but that doesn't really mean anything.

Looking for the Curve at 17 Miles - Flat Earth  source: ThePottersClay

17 miles is nothing compared to what this chart shows us. By the way this chart is linked in the description from the above video.

1000 miles vs 17 miles

Can you see why Flat Earth is a dishonest canard and nothing more? At 17 miles the world does look flat to us tiny creatures.

It is more logical to simply critique the obvious flaws in mainstream cosmology. Whether the self identified "Flat Earthers" know it or not, they are part of the same kind of cultural manipulation scheme as the transgender crowd is. All of these "movements" end up further dividing all of humanity into more easily managed communities that need not exist. Identity politics can and does take many forms and all of them lead down the road to the proverbial but demonstrable hell.

image source: http://i.imgur.com/ewLBM1u.png

Aerial perspective - Wikipedia


Quote From YouTube link:

"Published on Feb 19, 2017

There are tons of videos just like this being done all over the world that disproves curvature but most people are too indoctrinated to even look. Show these things to people and try to wake them up to the truth that we've all been lied too. It's easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled, but once you wake up to the truth, there is no going back to the lie :)

Here's a Curvature chart in case you want to test the Globe.

Here's a PDF with some great info about our world and the lie to cover it up.

Original video YouTube Channel Odiupicku: