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Over Half A Century Later & Still No Public Rocket Rides: Exposing NASA's Cartoon Lies

Why Would Anyone In Their Right Mind Believe Any of This?

Only a child would buy into the obvious intellectual lies sold by these professional and award winning, Hollywood cartoonists. Of course we now know that Disney was part of the programming media noise machine and always was. Programming young minds is an old religious trick, and twentieth century technologies would create the real weapon of mass destruction of the "future", the ubiquitous electronic communication medium.

Culturally reinforced insanity is still insanity, despite all the wonderful displays of literal flights of nonsensical fantasy.

Fantasyland Presents: Outer Space

The show open says it all, but since most are asleep, they simply overlook the obvious.

Disneyland - Man in Space (1955)  source: Lukas Dziatkowski

Ward Kimball: Award Winning Talent

"Ward Walrath Kimball (March 4, 1914 – July 8, 2002), born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was an animator for the Walt Disney Studios. He was one of Walt Disney's team of animators, known as Disney's Nine Old Men."

"Kimball served as host of the "Man in Space" and "Man and the Moon" episodes of Disneyland in 1955 and 1956 respectively. He appeared as himself in an episode of the popular TV show You Bet Your Life hosted by Groucho Marx on March 18, 1954, which has been released on DVD."

Ward Kimball - Wikipedia

Ward Kimball - IMDb

Newtonian Orbital Mechanics Are Cartoonish Fantasy

The apple is not the Moon and the animation at around 16:45 (in the above video) should actually look like a golden ratio spiral. 

Gravity is demonstrably an accelerated phenomena and the imagined and quite fantastic orbital speeds are fixed. An accelerated velocity can never be balanced with a fixed one. The equal sign is not a magical holy, wish fulfilling symbol. If we have the number 16,000 on one side of the equation and a mathematical expression that represents and ever increasing value, on the other side, would we really expect them to be equivalent? What goes up would spiral back down again, no matter how magically fast its imagined velocity. Artificial orbits are impossible. We have to also realize that we have to trust NASA and other fake space agencies at their word that they can even come close to achieving the incredibly fantastic and quite unrealistic "faster than a speeding bullet" velocities needed to achieve their fevered dreams. Demonstrable ballistic physics prove Newton's cannonball fantasy wrong.

Demonstrable Ballistic Physics Prove Newton & Disney Wrong:

"Let's return to our thought experiment from earlier in this lesson. Consider a cannonball projected horizontally by a cannon from the top of a very high cliff. In the absence of gravity, the cannonball would continue its horizontal motion at a constant velocity. This is consistent with the law of inertia. And furthermore, if merely dropped from rest in the presence of gravity, the cannonball would accelerate downward, gaining speed at a rate of 9.8 m/s every second. This is consistent with our conception of free-falling objects accelerating at a rate known as the acceleration of gravity.

If our thought experiment continues and we project the cannonball horizontally in the presence of gravity, then the cannonball would maintain the same horizontal motion as before - a constant horizontal velocity. Furthermore, the force of gravity will act upon the cannonball to cause the same vertical motion as before - a downward acceleration. The cannonball falls the same amount of distance as it did when it was merely dropped from rest (refer to diagram below). However, the presence of gravity does not affect the horizontal motion of the projectile. The force of gravity acts downward and is unable to alter the horizontal motion. There must be a horizontal force to cause a horizontal acceleration. (And we know that there is only a vertical force acting upon projectiles.) The vertical force acts perpendicular to the horizontal motion and will not affect it since perpendicular components of motion are independent of each other. Thus, the projectile travels with a constant horizontal velocity and a downward vertical acceleration."

source: http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/vectors/Lesson-2/Characteristics-of-a-Projectile-s-Trajectory

One Winged Parrots Can't Fly But They Sure Can Sing

Parrots overlook the obvious and embrace the fallacy of the top secret lie. Somehow these fevered minds can only buy top secret clearances when it suits them. They can't imagine how anyone can keep secrets for so long and yet accept the concept of compartmentalized need to know basis - security clearance governmental authoritative say so. Too many of us are so insane as to believe the government can cover up contact with alien life, UFO technology and a myriad of other sci-fi staples and yet scoff at the "conspiracy minded idiots". These unconscious religious zealots hurl unnecessary insult as a way to avoid cognitive dissonance and feeling uneasy over their "identities" being questioned. The modern scientifically religious minded person self identifies as "smart" when they parrot back science fiction catechism as conditioned to. They get quite upset when they begin to realize they do not understand real science at all, so they close down and go back to sleep after hurling insult designed to make them feel good about themselves.

Reading the comment section for a science video or article, can be quite a depressing experience as there usually is no sign of intelligent life to be found. What one can find is a whole bunch of empty minds having a good time making each other and themselves feel good by echoing false paradigms.

Disney Sells A Duck & Cover Atomic Age Space Religion To The Mass

One aspect of the space race is to sell the hope of future travel to the stars. This is a promised land that we will never see. The other aspect of this propaganda campaign is to sell fear as these same rockets were the means by which the world could be destroyed. Of course all of it is nothing but modern fairytale and the artifact of the modern religion of government, but most have drunk so deep of the cultural cool-aid, they fell into its well and are so lost in the dark, they do not see what should be painfully evident.

Getting Dizzy with Disney: A Multiverse of Tall Tales

Do you really believe humanity always dreamt of flying into the sky to visit other worlds? I no longer do. These were the insane dreams of the religiously and mystically minded few who concocted alchemical, mathemagical formula to justify nonsensical lies. Copernicus, Kepler, Newton and company were deeply religious men with very flawed ideas. The false joke of the science vs religion "debate" is that both are religions. One makes the use of math as language to lie and the other makes use of the old fashioned verbal manipulation. Both rely on deceptive sleight of hand, bait and switch style reasoning to sell nonsense as science. Both make liberal use of art and technology to put on quite a show. Modern science reinforces the cultish belief in the all important religion of government that needlessly dominates all of our lives.

Rockets Will Not Work In A Vacuum Despite The Hype

Vacuum means vacuum, "imagine" that! Consider the imagined solar distances and relative proportion of the sub atomic particle sized rocketry compared to the vast and "infinite" reaches of "outer space". The entire model is obviously flawed and absurd.

Parroting one of Newton's so-called "Laws" is not demonstrable science. It is religious catechism.

Rockets not working in vacuum does not mean the world is flat.