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Lawrence Krauss Contradicts Himself by Denying Logic (2+2=5?)

The audio is terrible, I suggest lowering the volume before playing the clip below.

Lawrence Krauss Contradicts HImself by Denying Logic (2+2=5?)

Modern University trained minds can make it very far without seemingly having a clue as to what logic is or how to apply it. I bet this guy loves Mr. Spock and Star Trek so much he never bothered learning about logic.

Science (fiction) is a Religion

There is no logical reason to take Mr. Krauss seriously. There seems to be something wrong with how Krauss stubbornly refuses to accept basic demonstrable reality in favor of what is obvious nonsense.

I can't believe I have to type "2 + 2 is not 5." This is but one example of Krauss' apparent insanity.

Physicist Lawrence Krauss Believes in Star Trek, Not God | WIRED

The Physics of Star Trek (9780465002047): Lawrence M. Krauss

Lawrence Krauss Contradicts HImself by Denying Logic (2+2=5?) source: drcraigvideos