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The Big Bang Proven Wrong by Halton Arp on the Intrinsic Red Shift

The Big Bang is A Creation Myth: Modern Cosmology is a Religion

Underlying assumptions must not be questioned and all other ideas are rejected. Does that really sound like science? The truth is nobody can really explain the phenomena of the heavens in any satisfying way. We can see how the electric universe model comes closest to explaining both the radio waves and X-rays and the lights we see in the sky. The electrical universe theory is still too dependent on obvious NASA nonsense to be truly useful, but it does begin to describe a more realistic model of the Universe. In my opinion the current version of the electric universe "theory" still needs a lot of work. It does not really take observable phenomena into account as it still relies on the mainstream concept of "outer space".

I think all that any of these astronomers can ever discus is essentially an effect of ionized gas in the Earth's upper (electrified) atmosphere.

An Eternal Universe Revealed

The Big Bang Proven Wrong by Halton Arp on the Intrinsic Red Shift source: TheTruthAlwaysAddsUp

"Halton Arp's observations of local galaxy's ejections of high red shifted quasars that are being ejected from the magnetic poles of their respective galaxy. These quasars lose their red shift and gain mass and luminosity is proportional to their distance from the parent galaxy."
"To sum it all up, we are watching matter being created and we live in a universe that is suspended indefinitely in an endless universe. This fact disproves the Big Bang Gravitational model and proves that the universe is eternal with creation happening as we watch."

The Big Bang Proven Wrong by Halton Arp on the Intrinsic Red Shift source: TheTruthAlwaysAddsUp