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This website exists to serve as public resource for reverse imagineering world-wide culture, one that takes a critical look at the numerous artifacts and other types of relics that represent our shared collective international heritage. This blog is dedicated to examining social engineering and the use of tax funded governmental propaganda, and the mainstream media, as international human resource management tools.

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The Brave New World The 1958 Interview With Aldous Huxley: Enemies of Freedom

This is a great example of propaganda. Government itself means we are not free. Granted governmental liberty is a clear sign of slavery.

Aldous Huxley interview-1958 (FULL)  source: TruthTube1111

The Overpopulation Lie

False dichotomies and false choices are what we are offered. These are the tools of government. These two men are propagandists who were misleading those who were watching this program. Television is and always was the medium of government. Government always controlled the communications medium and mass transportation. Government itself is a religion we would be better off without.

The Television is the medium for governmental mind control and the cultural entertainment products are designed to mesmerize and indoctrinate the human mind. The medium of television has long been used consciously and unconsciously to program the bounds of human imagination for us.