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The UFO Psychological Operation

NASA = Hollywood

UFOs are as fake as the rest of the space race. Space aliens are just reimagined demons. The work of poets like Aleister Crowely would become foundational to modern mythology most consider to be history and news. Little grey aliens seem to originate with a drawing by Aleister Crowely. The Atomic Age Space Race is a form of religion. This is why so many science fiction writers just so magically happen to be involved with the space race. It seems obvious that NASA and the rest of the world space programs are nothing but modern religious artifacts. Government is a religion and the fake space race is supposed to represent the ultimate power governments' possess. Jack Parsons is what seems to be an example of a live action cartoon character. If anything he was a film technician and a special effects expert. Parson's work leads to Apollo 11. That should say it all. We are supposed to believe in magical pulp fiction explosions that can destroy the world and send magical rockets into "outer space". NASA is a Hollywood productions studio and outer space is not a real place. We can't wait on a line to go to even a low earth orbit hotel let alone the Moon. Only the elite few get to visit those green screen sets.

Most UFO sightings are hoaxes. The government and its propaganda arms, the news media and Hollywood promote UFO and alien contact nonsense. Mainstream media would seem to be the source of the nonsense. Aliens and ufos are the subjects of countless best selling books, films and other forms of media. People really believe that there is life among the stars despite the fact that we can never actually demonstrate any of it. 

see: Aleister Crowley's Lam & the Little Grey Men

Pulp Science Fiction Fan, Jack Parsons: 20th Century Mythic Hero

Soap operatic saturday morning children's cartoon nonsense is sold as science and most love science so much they never bother actually learning about any of it for real. The same kind of nonsense is also sold as "occult" knowledge of one kind or another. One can get pretty far in this world being a clever parrot. It's easier to read text books or to hang on every world spoken by the scientific guru. It is more difficult to do the hard work of actually going back and reading all the source material for one's self. This is how one really learns how things work. Occulted Satanic nonsense is designed to protect the truth that the governments do not possess the magical weaponry they claim to. In fact, governments are far less powerful and more weak than most think. Parsons occult work would seem to have more to do with cultural manipulation than fantasy magic. Jack Parsons was a science fiction fan like so many of the fathers of modern science seem to be. Why does anyone take any of this cartoon nonsense seriously? Stage magic is real, real magic is not. Jack Parsons and people like him are nothing but science fiction con men. People love getting drunk on sexy snake oil sold by obvious charlatans. Pulp fiction satanism is often sold as fact and news.

Physically Impossible Feats Are Sold As Reality

Jack Parsons Biographical Compilation [Crowley, O.T.O, L. Ron Hubbard]  source: Floating Lodge

NASA's feats are nothing but the work of Hollywood technical know how.

Jack Parsons:

"Born in Los Angeles, California, Parsons was raised by a wealthy family on Orange Grove Avenue in Pasadena. Inspired by science fiction literature, he developed an interest in rocketry in his childhood and in 1928 began amateur rocket experiments with school friend Ed Forman. He was forced to drop out of Pasadena Junior College and Stanford University due to financial difficulties during the Great Depression, but in 1934 he united with Forman and graduate student Frank Malina to form the Caltech-affiliated GALCIT Rocket Research Group, supported by Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory chairman Theodore von Kármán. In 1939 the Group gained funding from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to work on Jet-Assisted Take Off (JATO) for the U.S. military. In 1942 they founded Aerojet to develop and sell their JATO technology in response to American involvement in World War II; the Group became JPL in 1943."


Jack Parsons (rocket engineer) - Wikipedia