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Welcome To The Land of The Absurd: The Mandela Effect Lie

"The Smartest Kid on Earth Explains the Mandela Effect, Blames CERN"

source: Before It's News

Modern Mythology Is Very Cartoonish & Childish

Adults are encouraged to stay in a very immature mental state that makes for a more mentally docile and more easily controlled global human resource. The Mandela Effect is a great example of how the social media is the medium for what is clearly insane, and nonsensical, mythological nonsense with absolutely no foundation in reality whatsoever. The more obvious explanation has to do with the faulty nature of human memory amplified by the power of modern media.

What Passes For Genius Is Nothing More Than The Ability To Parrot Back Comic-Book Inspired Nonsense

 Metaphysics is not the same subject as physics or mathematics, and this fact is lost on most. Most so-called "geniuses" do not know how to critically think at all. Paradoxes that clearly demonstrate logical fallacy are put forth as great philosophical insights. Logic has long been turned on its head. The religiously minded have faith in all unquestioned foundational assumption. They believe baseless "theories" like Black Holes, Big Bangs and illogical quantum nonsense to be "settled, peer reviewed science".

This is what passes for genius: "God is everything because E = MC Squared."

Illogically applied mathematical reasoning is no substitute for common sense. I can't help but think this kind of very unnatural and illogical magical reasoning and belief in "Science" as God, leads to the transgender agenda that is so obviously divorced from reality. The more obvious explanation has to do with the faulty nature of human memory amplified by the power of modern media.

Magically reasoned "Science" is the supposed to be the modern Savior of all humanity.

Ours is a insane culture that is only growing more out of touch with reality as technology advances; it would seem we are seeing an inverse relationships at work, as the more technology advances, the more willing we seem to collectively be to believe the most insane things. This little genius has "scientific" notes that prove his "absolute" certainty that we are now in an alternate Universe. The Mandela effect is an obvious internet YouTube promoted lie. It's an illogical joke and really anyone who believes in it has a very tenuous grasp on reality. Human memory is imperfect and the modern multimedia machine acts like the telephone game and amplifies any mistakes we might make. Someone incorrectly quotes and old film on a TV special or major newscast and everyone who watches that TV program recalls this secondary quote and not the original. That is the rationale explanation for the Mandela Effect, that does not require belief in insane ideas. That should be the scientific explanation as well, but it seems internet promoted geniuses know otherwise.

"The Mandela Effect refers to a phenomenon in which a large number of people share false memories of past events, referred to as confabulation[13] in psychiatry. Some have speculated that the memories are caused by parallel universes spilling into our own, while others explain the phenomenon as a failure of collective memory."

"Origin – In 2010, blogger Fiona Broome coined the term “Mandela Effect” to describe a collective false memory she discovered at the Dragon Con convention, where many others believed that former South African President Nelson Mandela died during his imprisonment in the 1980s. That year, Broome launched the site MandelaEffect.com[1] to document various examples of the phenomenon. See, I thought Nelson Mandela died in prison. I thought I remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow. Then, I found out he was still alive. Additionally, Broome described other widely held false memories, including various nonexistent  Star Trek episodes and the death of the Reverend Billy Graham."

"Spread – On August 23rd, 2012, a post titled “Berenstein Bears: We Are Living in Our Own Parallel Universe” was published on the blog The Wood Between Worlds,[2] which described a widespread memory of the children’s book series Berenstein Bears as “Berenstain,” explaining the false memory as the result of an alternate reality spilling over into our own. In December 2013, the /r/mandelaeffect[3] subreddit was launched for discussions about the phenomenon. On November 29th, 2014, the YouTube channel ShineTheLight73 uploaded a video titled “The Mandela Effect Exploded After The 2014-2015 Biblical Blood Moon Tetrad,” which garnered upwards of 900,000 views and 2,200 comments over the next three years (shown below)."

source: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/the-mandela-effect





"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."

Nikola Tesla

Wandering Off The Deep End & Into The Well of Insanity

The modern scientifically indoctrinated mind does not understand that infinity is an idea and that points are not real objects.

An infinite amount of imagined fractions is just that: a fantasy with no basis in reality.  Mainstream science uses the concept of infinity in the most logically fallacious manner. The mainstream scientific mind is a very intellectually dishonest one. They are conditioned to be.


The Mythology Of Free Energy And Magical Tesla Technology is The Stuff of Modern Internet Based Pulp Fiction Nonsense

These people throw around Nikola Tesla's name and "Free Energy" like a religious mantra meant to ward off demons.  There is no proof for any of the claims made for free energy and the rest of what clearly reads as news stand pulp fantasy. Context matters and the "Free Energy" of the internet is little more than a tall tale. The multimedia noise machine makes sure to drown out any truth to the claim.

The Multiverse Explained

The Mandela effect is obviously based on art meant for children. I enjoy cartoons as much as the next person, but I know they are just cartoons. I enjoy the modern mythology of comic book art as much as the most die hard true believer but I recognize the medium for what it is. Cartoon super heroes are pleasant allegorical diversions and not much more.

The DC Comic Multiverse has been destroyed and recreated into Universe and then back to Multiverse form more than once. It's an old rusty comic book "staple". And it seems like the Mandela Effect is simply derived from this magazine stand fantasy.