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The way Quackademic Mythematicians make their deceptive math work

Some speculative food for thought for a geocentric electric universe theory.

I don't know if the Earth is hollow, but i do think it is hallow. And I do think there's something to the idea of the center of the Earth being the source of the Earth's magnetic field and even all astronomical phenomena, There is no reason to believe that celestial phenomena represents physical bodies like spherical shaped rocks. The geocentric model is the natural and physically demonstrable one. I think gravity is a type of unidirectional environmental (Aether) wave that basically "pushes" what we consider to be condensed matter towards the center of the globe shaped Earth or rather, the center of the Universe. All condensed matter pulsates with this "radio wave" and this is why gravity can't be shielded. Solid matter might seem independent of the environment but perhaps it is not. Gravity can be thought of as the Universal heart beat of Mother Nature if one wishes to be allegorical, For all we know we live on a thin meniscus crust and the Earth's interior is actually filled with ionized gases like the electrically active upper atmosphere is.

By the way magnetic fields would seem to be toroidal in shape and motion. Perhaps the Earth is a divine Holy Homer Simpson Garden of Eden and is shaped like a doughnut. One never knows...

Getting Metaphysical: There is No Matter But The Prime Material of The Aether

In other words what I am proposing is the not so original idea that all physical bodies and all imagined atoms of gases are just various kinds of Aether waves. We are waves in a medium but of a different nature than say a radio wave. We are all, as it were, thoughts in the mind of God, who is boundless and is the "Set of all sets"; the ultimate source of all existence that is transcendent of all thought and completely beyond human conception to truly understand. Existence itself cannot exist anywhere; the concept of "location" does not logically apply in this context, just as "time" and "space" cannot be applied to the source of all of what we might be tempted to term "time and space". And neither can beginning and endings be applied to the source of all existence or the ultimate meaning of the word "Universe".

 I think the Aether medium integral to existence as Nature abhors a vacuum. I think it is logically sound to acknowledge the need for an ultimate Metaphysical medium.