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John le Bon Starts A Chat On Fakeologist: Head On Over For a Listen

AC-John le Bon, Typo

Television Lies , Abrasive Minds, & Beliefs Discussed

Obviously worth listening to, the first half of this chat is John by himself and he has a lot of interesting things to say.

The second part is the official chat. 

link: http://fakeologist.com/blog/2017/05/08/ac-john-le-bon-typo/#comments

I've been enjoying a lot of John's recent work. I appreciate the way he handles himself and his sense of humor. I like the way he thinks and happen to agree with a lot of he has to say. I happen to think he is right about the "truth movement".  I think those of us who realize the possible depths of the historical deceptions are in the eternal minority. I am starting to believe humans naturally are just one winged parrots. I doubt there is any great awakening and I am starting to also consider that perhaps the ratio of those "awake" to those "asleep" might never change, 

There might always the same eternal ratio (perhaps it oscillates a bit) of proverbial sheep to allegorical shepherds. This might become my faith, I only half kid.

The last Dinosaur YouTube preview that John posted was both funny, polite and a really good criticism of the physical form of the dinosaur.