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The War Illusionist Jasper Maskelyne

The War Illusionist Jasper Maskelyne

War is more scripted and fake than most think. History Channel talking heads get paid to parrot patriot propaganda that is sold as "history". It is more magical mythology than fact, but so many of us love tall tales of nonsensical battles and cartoonish villainy, we just can't help believing it all.

Jasper Maskelyne

"Jasper Maskelyne (1902–1973) was a British stage magician in the 1930s and 1940s. He was one of an established family of stage magicians, the son of Nevil Maskelyne and a grandson of John Nevil Maskelyne. He is most remembered, however, for his entertaining accounts of his work for British military intelligence during the Second World War, in which he claims that he created large-scale ruses, deception, and camouflage."


The Stage Magician vs The Nazi Desert Fox Guy: Cartoon Warriors Fight!

This story is absurd. Why would anyone believe this childish, saturday morning cartoon, nonsense? It seems so ridiculous. The military are supposed to be the experts in war and camouflage, why would they need a stage magician's aid? Does this story really make sense? 

The War Illusionist Jasper Maskelyne Part 1.wmv  source: Yolanda Peraza

Maskelyne's Story is in Doubt: Just a "Hoax On Simple Folks"

"A study by Richard Stokes argues that much of the story concerning the involvement of Maskelyne in counterintelligence operations as described in the book Magic: Top Secret was pure invention and that no unit called the "Magic Gang" ever existed. Maskelyne's role in the deception war was marginal." 

"Christian House, reviewing Rick Stroud's book The Phantom Army of Alamein in The Independent, describes Maskelyne as "one of the more grandiose members" of the Second World War desert camouflage unit and "a chancer tasked with experimental developments, who fogged his own reputation as much as any desert convoy". 

David Hambling, writing on Wired, critiques David Fisher's uncritical acceptance of Maskelyne's stories: "A very colorful account of Maskelyne's role is given in the book The War Magician—reading it you might think he won the war single-handed". Hambling denies Maskelyne's supposed concealment of the Suez Canal: "In spite of the book's claims, the dazzle lights were never actually built (although a prototype was once tested)". 

"In 2002 The Guardian wrote: "Maskelyne received no official recognition. For a vain man this was intolerable and he died an embittered drunk. It gives his story a poignancy without which it would be mere chest-beating"


illusionist (n.) 

"conjurer, magic act performer," 1840, from illusion + -ist. Earlier "one suffering from illusions" (1812). Middle English had illusor"deceiver, deluder."

illusionist (n.) - Online Etymology Dictionary

Fox News in The Desert

NAZI "Erwin Rommel (15 November 1891 – 14 October 1944), popularly known as the Desert Fox, was a field marshal (senior military commander) in the Wehrmacht ..."

Erwin Rommel - Wikipedia

The Horseman of War is Armed With A Camera Crafting Fiction To Believe In While On The Bob Hope USO Golf Tour

Of course most people would think me insane to question the validity of the historical narratives we have been indoctrinated into believing are real events. All of the (now years) of research I have done shows a clear historical pattern of deception on the part of the British based international banking industry, the Royal Families of Europe, the British Military power, (specifically, British Naval force), and role playing life actor political leaders. Theaters of war are aptly named, as are the secret  "agents", and world "actors", and so on.

False Flag events lead to fake wars that are little more than war drills that the young get run through and conditioned by, as well as acting as cover for engineering projects designed to truly change the world. I'm not claiming real deaths do not happen at all. Any real combat is on a much smaller and more locale scale than we have been shown. There's also friendly fire incidents and the like. The locale villagers or farmers might not want a Coca Cola bottling plant on their land, so they might need some Military style "convincing".

This pattern obviously continues to this day. The American government is just a shadow puppet for the same international banking interests that manage the world for the Royalty who possess a lot more actual power over the governments of the world, (at least on paper) than most probably know.

There Will Always Be "Wars": History Shows Us This Is True

The commercial system that binds the world and has so for centuries. relies on tales of war. This is how civilization is created and maintained and grown. "We" will never achieve "World Peace", because it does not serve the interests of any of the Nation State governments of the world. It is not part of the international banking, Royal Mafia con job, agenda.

Wars are crafted and scripted to keep us all believing we need all the needless layers of government that we must believe we need to keep paying taxes for. We must remain patriotic wage slaves forever turning the wheel of industry for all time. Nation-States are fake. Governments do not possess the super power might they claim. Governments are corporate entities that serve international banking interests and not any of us. We are wage slaves tied to a very real inhuman system.

United Service Organizations - Wikipedia

War: What Is It Good For? Passenger Jet Air Travel. Coco Cola Bottling Plants. Pop Concert Tours and so Much More!

Tall tales of legendary sea battles and all sorts of myths have long been used to get the public to support all sorts of banking schemes. In this manner the world as we know it was created and crafted. War gets us to keep the wheel of historical time turning.

Jasper Maskelyne: MI 9 "Agent"

"Maskelyne was a successful stage magician. His 1936 Book of Magic describes a range of stage tricks, including sleight of hand, card and rope tricks, and illusions of "mind-reading". 

A 1937 Pathé film, The Famous Illusionist, was made of Maskelyne, looking dapper and apparently eating a boxful of razor blades, one at a time"

"Maskelyne joined the Royal Engineers when the Second World War broke out, thinking that his skills could be used in camouflage. A story runs that he convinced sceptical officers by creating the illusion of a German warship on the Thames using mirrors and a model.[4]

Maskelyne was trained at the Camouflage Development and Training Centre at Farnham Castle in 1940. He found the training boring, asserting in his book that "a lifetime of hiding things on the stage" had taught him more about camouflage "than rabbits and tigers will ever know".[5] The camoufleur Julian Trevelyan commented that he "entertained us with his tricks in the evenings" at Farnham, but that Maskelyne was "rather unsuccessful" at actually camouflaging "concrete pill-boxes".[6]

Brigadier Dudley Clarke, the head of the 'A' Force deception department, recruited Maskelyne to work for MI9 in Cairo. He created small devices intended to assist soldiers to escape if captured and lectured on escape techniques. These included tools hidden in cricket bats, saw blades inside combs, and small maps on objects such as playing cards."

Jasper Maskelyne - Wikipedia