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The Flat Earth Religion

Selling The Flat Earth Product™

Isn't it past time to get in line? Don't you want to save the World?

A Pied Piper's March Off The Edge of The World: There is No Great Awakening

All you can do is keep learning to think for yourself. The more you do the more everyone else will think you are crazy.

Following Shepherds Can Only Lead You Around in Circles

Flat Earth believers claim that we cannot take a telescope and view the curvature of the Earth. When someone posts a video of the view of a city that shows the curvature of the Earth, the self proclaimed Flat Earther tells us that what we are seeing is some kind of atmospheric lensing. Is this a NASA operation and a new faith?  Some of it seems like a NLP routine. Flat Earth comes across a lot like identity politics to me; a YouTube community building, divide and conquer strategy designed to add noise and confusion to screen the obvious NASA canards, and who knows what else. Maybe one day having such an opinion will mean you can get a free weekend at the mental institution, fingers crossed! (Give it a hundred years. By the way I don't agree with this idea. If you want to believe the Earth flat or you want to believe in Superman, that's your business, not mine. The patterns of history seem clear and social change is done somewhat incrementally, so I do think it wise to consider the social ramifications to these modern community building efforts. The truth is too that if you believe something that others do not, and it makes you feel good and you harm no other, then you are not doing anything wrong; but it seems like many of us in this great big world, do not agree with me about this.) 

Some self-proclaimed "Flat Earthers" seem to think that somehow they are going to magically "take down" NASA.

NASA isn't going anywhere but possibly back to the Moon and then on to Mars. People really do love the "outer space" they will never get to visit. The don't mind being taxed for generation after diminishing generation until there's no one left to complain that it's been three hundred years and still most people haven't gone to the promised land of outer space. Nobody really seems to notice or care that the Apollo 11 Lunar landing was nearly fifty years ago and the public still can't wait on a Homeland Security line in bare feet, to take a rocket ride into the sky. All we got in 2001 was trauma based propaganda, what happened to the promise of the orbital Hilton Hotel?

Flat Earth is an old "Noble Lie"

Religions are designed from the top down.


An Eternal Condensing Expansion

In & Out: Away From & Towards Center

Flat Earth also requires we forget the scale of the globe model and how microscopic in size we are in comparison. The globe model is simply a logically more consistent model. We can then define up and down in terms of away from and towards center. In a Flat Earth model up and down seems like some kind of fundamental physical law. The globe model is simply more logically consistent and easier to understand than what is really required to get a Flat Earth model to work. A real Flat Earth model has to be like a two dimensional Asteroids video game. You go off one side and pop up on the opposite side. What evidence would anyone have for applying that metaphysical concept to the Earth itself? This would not be demonstrable physics or course; this would need to be logically explained metaphysics.

NASA Lies So The Earth is a Two Dimensional Cartoon

The Flat Earth exercise seems to be designed to associate demonstrable skepticism of governmental entities with a topic most think insane and backwards. Flat Earth requires belief like a cult. They don't have a working map do they? The map they use acts like a holy symbol and is in fact the logo of the United Nations, is it not? This seems like a military entertainment propaganda complex insider joke, as this is (essentially) the logo for the New World Order. Of course I think the NWO is just the Old World Order, but I digress.

It seems like the Flat Earth community is diverse. The rainbow offering of logically fallacious maps look like an incomplete set of Tarot cards.

No offense to anyone entertaining alternate ideas intended, but the fact is there is a lot of empty parroting being done by too many self proclaimed "Flat Earthers" that indicates this a very managed and contrived community of people looking for some kind of religious truth rather than seeking to learn to critically think for themselves. Why bother after all, when parroting mantras and sacred catechisms with conviction feels so good and is so much fun. Perhaps too this is why they tend to look at what should be a discussion of ideas as some kind of game and gotcha style political debate. We need not all agree about everything and probably never will, so what? It does not matter. I think the truth has to do with basic human nature and I think most of us would rather feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves in a social sense, like a "movement" or religion, and that we have all the answers rather than admitting "I don't know". I think people might be frightened of that statement of fact. No true authority really likes to admit "I do not know the answer to your question." do they? External authorities also won't easily admit to being far less powerful than they claim. The wise shepherd relies on the illusions of omniscience and omnipotence to maintain social order among the flock. I think there is mounting evidence to support the claim that most human beings are really little more than parroting sheep. No offense meant to our kind. I think there might be an eternal balance of shepherd to flock and that is just the way it is. Perhaps it is impossible to logically reason with most human beings. 

for more about the history of Flat earth: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s103/sh/ffd6535b-1c3f-4a89-8fc4-f761361db1a3/7a901a812df138f7

A Flat Earth Map Post Script:

Regarding the Flat Earth map. The Flat Earth proponents focus on air travel. Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't the Flat Earth map mean that a continent like Australia would also be stretched out in similar fashion? In other words, they have focused stage magician style on one mode of transport. What about by land? Where is the Flat Earth map with cities and highways? Can't an Australian simply test the theory with a car? What am I missing here?



Iceskating The Flat Earth A Contrail Comment:


Some Flat Earth Maps Have A Ring of Ice That Circles The Flat World

Flat Earth seems to be designed to be the easy target and low hanging banana for wanna be monkeys like Lawrence Krauss. The globe is an indoctrinated idea and one that makes a lot more sense, whether true or not, It's simply the easier one to demonstrate compared to the more complex Flat Earth. These might just be metaphysical and not scientific ideas anyway.

I watch high flying passenger jets pass over head all the time, they look like NASA rockets when they emerge from the eastern horizon, they leave a contrail path that arcs rainbow like through the sky. As the jet disappears over the western horizon, its perspective changes accordingly.

Seems to me the simpler explanation is the world is a globe. The celestial bodies just so happen to do the exact same thing. And it seems to be the ships disappearing at sea thing is on more solid ground than most Flat Earthers are willing to admit.

The fact their map is more a holy symbol than demonstrable model is telling. It is also the UN logo or a symbol of the NWO. Funny that.

They do not have a working map and they believe the Earth Flat, Does that really make sense?

An ice ring around the rosy, just makes things even more complicated and leaves room for a religious "mystery" and room for aliens and all sorts of lands of the lost to explore. Instead of a race to space we can watch a race to the ice wall place, none of us will ever get to visit.

A YouTube Religion & Discrediting Psychological Operation?

Trannies in Space? Jon Humanity and Infinite Plane Society, Flat Earth etc  source: Infinite Plane Society

Seems like there might be a pattern here.

YouTube is a propaganda operation. We know communication media is the "massage" or mass weapon of mind destruction and we know humanity itself is the target. Do I really have to point out how absurd and illogically premised the "EGI" investigation is? It requires a very immature and uneducated mind to believe such obviously fallacious nonsense. Let me get this straight. Some person posts a slew of videos with photos and videos of celebrities, claims they are really members of the opposite gender based upon shallow visual impressions and we're not supposed to notice that this is a form of shallow prejudice? Wouldn't this be like pointing at photos of celebrities and then claiming they were secretly "Jewish" as if being jewish was a bad thing.  This seems like an obvious con job to me. This seems to be a hoax. Jon Humanity himself might be a she for all we know. This is absurd and I think intended to cause some real laws or at least to associate nonsense and prejudice and maybe even internet bullying with real criticism of government. 

It seems that YouTube propagandists are hard at work at what clearly seems to be an obvious con job that might lead down the road to internet censorship at some point. Government is all about social engineering and so is the Military. History shows us that. And the thing is once the ball gets rolling people run with it. This is how and why religions start.

A current favorite internet low hanging NASA banana song seems to be Flat Earth, EGI nonsense and a whole bunch of cartoonish card game "Illuminati" noise. In other words the current propaganda campaign seems to be inspired by an old role playing card game.

Illuminating recent history: Late 20th Century Fake News & Role Playing Games

Cultural Manipulation 102

"Steve Jackson Games (SJGames) is a game company, founded in 1980 by Steve Jackson, that creates and publishes role-playing, board, and card games, and the gaming magazine Pyramid."

"Today SJGames publishes games of numerous varieties (card games, board games, strategy games) and genres (fantasy, sci-fi, gothic horror); they also publish the book Principia Discordia, the sacred text of the Discordian religion."

Games published:

"Illuminati, a game of competing conspiracies, based largely on the Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson. Originally published in microgame format followed by three numbered expansions. Later published in a full-sized box with expansions 1 and 2 as Deluxe Illuminati. Expansion 3 would later be reprinted as Illuminati: Brainwash.

Illuminati: Y2K - all-card expansion for Deluxe Illuminati

Illuminati: Bavarian Fire Drill - all-card expansion for Deluxe Illuminati

Illuminati: New World Order (INWO), the collectible card game based on concepts in Illuminati.

INWO Subgenius - expansion based on Church of the Subgenius concepts which can also be played stand-alone.

Illuminati Crime Lords, a mafia-based variation on Illuminati which combines gameplay elements of the original Illuminati and INWO."


Illuminat = University Level Yellow Journal Cartoon Joke

Steve Jackson Games: Just Part of The Scripted Show Folks:

Planting The Seeds of Cyber Security & So Much More

"Steve Jackson Games, Inc. v. United States Secret Service, 816 F.Supp. 432 (W.D.Tex., 1993), is a legal case that resulted from a raid by the United States Secret Service on the Austin headquarters of Steve Jackson Games in 1990. Along with Operation Sundevil, the Steve Jackson Raid was one of a series of independent[1] law-enforcement operations that were influential in the foundation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


"The manuscript of a cyberpunk role-playing sourcebook called GURPS Cyberpunk was seized in a 1990 raid of Steve Jackson Games headquarters by the U.S. Secret Service.[2][3] The raid resulted in the subsequent legal case Steve Jackson Games vs. The Secret Service.

The case came to trial in 1993. Steve Jackson Games (SJGames) was represented by the Austin firm of George, Donaldson & Ford. The lead counsel was Pete Kennedy. SJGames won two out of the three counts and was awarded $50,000 in damages and $250,000 in attorney's fees. The third count dealing with interception of e-mail was overturned in October 1994 by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The judge also reprimanded the Secret Service, calling their warrant preparation "sloppy", suggesting that they needed "better education" regarding relevant statutes, and finding that they had no basis to suspect SJGames of any wrongdoing.

Although the raid was not a part of Operation Sundevil, this law enforcement effort, which spanned two years, has a tarnished image owing to a lack of successful prosecutions and questionable procedures."

"To this day, the GURPS Cyberpunk book lists "Unsolicited Comments: The United States Secret Service" on its credits page."

"Steve Jackson is a 1974 graduate of Rice University, where he was a resident of Baker College before moving to Sid Richardson College when it opened in 1971. Jackson briefly attended the UT Law School, but left to pursue a career in game design."


Steve Jackson Arrested! No not that Steve the other one...and no he wasn't arrested...

"On March 1, 1990, the United States Secret Service raided the offices of Steve Jackson Games based on suspicion of illegal hacker activity by game designer Loyd Blankenship, and seized (among other materials and media) his manuscript for GURPS Cyberpunk; when Jackson went to Secret Service headquarters the next day to retrieve his book drafts, he was told that GURPS Cyberpunk was a "handbook for computer crime", despite his protestations that it was just a game. SJG filed a successful lawsuit against the government, which went to trial in 1993 as Steve Jackson Games, Inc. v. United States Secret Service, which was made possible through the newly created civil-rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation.[2]:108–109"

Steve Jackson

Two Steve Jacksons Who Just So Happened To Work On The Same Book Series: What Are The Odds?

Should we ignore the publishing industry's long use of the pen name? Should we really check our brains at the door and not consider the possibility that this story is not exactly all it seems to be? Which behavior is insane? Coincidence does occur and I am not claiming anything but the fact that I consider the story of the U.S. Secret Service raiding a children's game publisher to be most likely a hoax. 

"Jackson is often mistaken for Steve Jackson, a British gamebook and video game writer who co-founded Games Workshop. The confusion is exacerbated by the fact that while the UK Jackson was co-creator of the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series, the US Jackson also wrote three books in this series (Scorpion SwampDemons of the Deep, and Robot Commando), and the books did not acknowledge that this was a different 'Steve Jackson'."

"Jackson is an avid collector of pirate-themed Lego sets. He has written a miniatures game that uses Pirate sets, Evil Stevie's Pirate Game, and has run it at several conventions.

Jackson has exhibited his elaborate Chaos Machine at several science fiction or wargaming conventions, including the 2006 Worldcon.[5]

On May 11, 2012, Steve Jackson's Kickstarter funding project for the 6th Edition of his Ogre game became the highest grossing boardgame project at Kickstarter, with 5,512 backers pledging a total of $923,680. The success of the Ogre Designer's Edition project has prompted a new project (date of start/finish unknown at this time) to help re-launch the popular Car Wars franchise as well. The use of Kickstarter as a combination of market research tool and funding program for development is a first in the gaming industry."

Steve Jackson