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The Transmission of Culture: Math, Science & Islam


Visionary Patrons Gather Treasures For The House of Wisdom In Baghdad


Islamic Contributions to Astronomy and Navigation  source: john bowey Transmedia Vision


A Mythical Trans-Missionary Global Mission

Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact theories - Wikipedia


Architectural & Other Artistic Constructs Influence Human Consciousness

When the Moors rule in Europe - History of Islam in Spain. Part 1  source: Adamxxo


Islam in America:

Is It Socially Acceptable To Question Officially Accepted History?

"If one searches the Internet for “Islam in America,” one will quickly encounter material implying — and sometimes stating outright — that Muslims reached, explored, and even settled the New World before Columbus. Although that claim about pre- Columbian Islam may seem startling and new to some, it has actually been debated for about forty years. A search of the literature reveals that it began nearly a century ago (1920) with the publication of Leo Wiener’s book Africa and the Discovery of America.1 As both a philologist and historian, Wiener was impressed by alleged similarities between Native American and West African languages. Wiener believed that one language in particular — Mandinka, which is also commonly known as Mandnke or Mandingo — revealed connections between peoples of the Old World and the New World that pre-dated the voyages of Christopher Columbus. Travelers and ethnographers had long known that the Mandinka people and their language were distributed across a large area of West Africa stretching from the Atlantic coast to the interior of Mali. That part of the world, it should be noted, has long been posited as a “natural” jumping off place for New World exploration. It is, after all, relatively close to points in the New World: only about 1,700 miles separates the west coast of Africa from the northeastern coast of South America. Moreover, the trade winds and ocean currents in this latitude make a journey from Africa to the Americas in the vicinity of the Caribbean seem virtually inevitable for any fairly large sailing vessel that was well-provisioned and could handle rough seas. "

“Far Beyond the Western Sea of the Arabs...”: Reinterpreting Claims ...


Most Scholars Think: "X,Y,F."

What do you think?

"In a 1996 paper, Mroueh referred to the presence of a mosque spotted by Columbus along the Cuban coast. "Columbus admitted in his papers that on Monday, October 21, 1492 CE while his ship was sailing near Gibara on the north-east coast of Cuba, he saw a mosque on top of a beautiful mountain," writes Mroueh."

"Most scholars insist the "mosque" mentioned was a metaphorical allusion to a striking land feature. There have been no archaeological discoveries of Islamic structures pre-dating Columbus's arrival in the New World.




An Allegorical Journey Back In Time

Judaism, Christianity, & Islam, Are These Really A Trinity of European Faiths?

Are these the religions of merchants and bankers? Is international banking the ultimate tool for the Royal control of a single Global Enterprise?


Religion, world trade, international banking and religious divides seem to have a lot in common. Religious pilgrimages are supposed to be the historical impetus for immigration. These enterprises seem to have been essential in creating the world of commercial endeavor of today. 

Islamic Art and Culture in the Renaissance—The True Moor of Venice  source: The Met

What if ancient history is more manufactured myth than not?

What if our true history is a bit more revised and altered than we might be generally inclined to believe? What if things are a lot more contrived than most of us would ever consider?

What seems to be clear is evidence of a some one thousand year old European global commercial enterprise. 


Iconic Christian Martyrs of Yesteryear Become The ISIS Beheaded Television Idol-Victims of Today


Synagogue = Mosque

synagogue (n.) 

"late 12c., "the regular public worship of the Jews," also the building in which this is done, from Old French sinagoge "synagogue, mosque, pagan temple" (11c., Modern French synagogue), from Late Latin synagoga "congregation of Jews," from Greek synagoge "place of assembly, synagogue; meeting, assembly," literally "a bringing together," from synagein "to gather, bring together, assemble," from syn- "together" (see syn-) + agein "put in motion, move," from PIE root *ag- "to drive, draw out or forth, move." 

Used by Greek translators of the Old Testament as a loan-translation of late Hebrew keneseth "assembly" (as in beth keneseth "synagogue," literally "house of assembly;" compare Knesset). Related: Synagogical; synagogal."