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This website exists to serve as public resource for reverse imagineering world-wide culture, one that takes a critical look at the numerous artifacts and other types of relics that represent our shared collective international heritage. This blog is dedicated to examining social engineering and the use of tax funded governmental propaganda, and the mainstream media, as international human resource management tools.

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Turning History Into A Fable


El Cid: The Arab Mercenary


Crafting Nation States & Social Identity Products Seems To Be A Human Instinct

The more industrialized the society becomes, the more distinctive identity products are generated. Industry and civilization means specialization. 

A Growing Co-Dependent Global Culture: Turning All The "Primitives" Into "Brave New World Sorted & Ordered Citizens".

Industry and civilization means the individual depends on the system more than the more natural or aboriginal human does. The city mouse is more reliant on government than the country mouse. Human consciousness is filtered through the culture the human being is raised in. Culture tends to define the bounds of reason and the imagination for us. Our natural childish innocence and curiosity seem to get put aside in favor of a repetition of scholastically officially approved "facts". We are not truly encouraged to question authority as much as we tend to be rewarded for clever parroting of accepted "common sense wizdom". Generational Governmental growth is supposed to be ignored. We are not supposed to consider the relevancy of the analogy of the frog in the water brought to a slow boil. Individual family histories are not as encouraged as nationalistic, religious or even racial pride.

We are not supposed to notice that the working middle class can't seem to afford the same level of lifestyle as they could back in the 1950's. We are supposed to pretend that feminism wasn't also used to get both parents to get used to working longer and longer hours for less and less in return. We are supposed to pretend that the Drug War isn't a race bating governmental scam, where one hand promotes drug use among the young while the other hand pushes many into an inhuman system of profit based, criminal "justice".

We are supposed to ignore the fact that the News media loves to promote both terrorism and racial division.

The mainstream News seems to truly enjoy promoting all sorts of racial war like social divides.

We are supposed to ignore the obvious tax based incentive that all the Drug War parties involved have to keep the game going. We are supposed to blindly keep funding a for profit prison based scam that jails human beings over victimless crimes. What adults do with their own bodies and with fellow consenting adults is what Natural freedom looks like. Do we or do we not believe in the importance of the concept we term "free will"? Liberties are granted forms of mental slavery, freedom just is and cannot be granted by human decree.

Urbanization and suburban social engineering of the mid 20th century laid the groundwork for the connected and interdependent global Euro-centric economy of today.

What does seem to be clear is that European University influenced and indoctrinated minds, of all types of humankind, seem to enjoy expanding global commercial enterprise.

When the Moors rule in Europe - History of Islam in Spain. Part 2 source: Adamxxo


Engineering Societies & Historical Governmental Scams: Feudalism is a Pyramid Scheme, Protection Racket

Royal Blue Blood Nobility Are Allegorical Blood Sucking Mafia Vampires

Peasants pay feudal lords for the privilege of a life of slavery & imprisonment behind cattle walls.

Crowd psychology - Wikipedia

Today layers of governmental bureaucracy and endlessly generated laws with carrot and sticked fees, soul saving tithes, fines and jail time, separate most of us from those whose blue blood was instrumental in founding global commercial/mafia enterprise. Nation states are as real as commercial franchises like Mc Donald's and Wendy's. Flags are nothing but corporate logos and the world has long been run as one big commercial enterprise of sea based trade, from the top down. International banking interests have long used the Four Horsemen of Apocalyptic vision to fund global expansion by means of military conducted venture. The existential threats that are used as impetus for mass human behavior need not be as real as advertised.

Religious and racial divides have long been leveraged to keep the mass public divided into more easily managed communities of like minded, self identifying "individuals". The fact seems to be that we are not quite as actually and demonstrably "individual" as we might like to think we are. 

Religious pilgrimages and sacrificial shepherds have been long used as the tools of social engineers. Such pied piper pilgrimages have long been used to cause vast migrations of the all important global human resource. The wheel of industry must be kept turning for all "time", after all.

Religious martyred shepherd pilgrimage inducing, pied piper icons, were the original beheaded journalist idols of today's ISIS fame.

El Cid - Wikipedia