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The British Monarchy Runs The Global Theatre


The Virginia Company  source: Cornell X


The Queen of England Rules The Holy Roman Enterprise™

"I, [name], do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God."

Virginia Company - Wikipedia

London Company - Wikipedia

Oh Canada

"The Canadian Oath of Allegiance is a promise or declaration of fealty to the Canadian monarch, taken, along with other specific oaths of office, by new occupants of various federal and provincial government offices, members of federal, provincial, and municipal police forces, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, and, in some provinces, all lawyers upon admission to the bar. The Oath of Allegiance also makes up the first portion of the Oath of Citizenship, the taking of which is a requirement of obtaining Canadian nationality.

The vow's roots lie in the oath taken in the United Kingdom, the modern form of which was implemented in 1689 by King William II and III and Queen Mary II[1] and was used in Canada prior to Confederation. The Canadian oath was established at that time in the British North America Act, 1867 (now Constitution Act, 1867), meaning that alteration or elimination of the oath for parliamentarians requires a constitutional amendment. The Oath of Allegiance has also been slightly altered and made or removed as a requirement for admission to other offices or positions through Act of Parliament or letters patent, to which proposals have been put forward for further abolishment or modification."

Oath of Allegiance (Canada) - Wikipedia

Oh Australia

"In Australia, an Oath of Allegiance or an Affirmation of Allegiance are oaths of allegiance required to be made to the monarch of Australia in some situations. Oaths of Allegiance are usually made on a Bible, or some other book holy to the person, such as a Koran; but the person may opt to make an affirmation in lieu of an oath."

"All members of the Australian Parliament are required to make, before taking their seat in Parliament, an oath or affirmation of allegiance before the Governor-General of Australia. The requirement to take the oath is set out in section 42 of the Australian Constitution[1] and the wording of the oath and affirmation are set out in a schedule to the constitution.[1] The oath is:

I, A.B., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors according to law. So help me God!"

Oath of Allegiance (Australia) - Wikipedia


Oath of Allegiance (United Kingdom)

Malcolm Turnbull sworn in as Australia's 29th Prime Minister  source: Prey Sne

"In the Name of the most Holy & undivided Trinity."

"It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the Hearts of the most Serene and most Potent Prince George the Third, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, Arch- Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc.. and of the United States of America, to forget all past Misunderstandings and Differences that have unhappily interrupted the good Correspondence and Friendship which they mutually wish to restore; and to establish such a beneficial and satisfactory Intercourse between the two countries upon the ground of reciprocal Advantages and mutual Convenience as may promote and secure to both perpetual Peace and Harmony;"

Article 4th:
"It is agreed that Creditors on either Side shall meet with no lawful Impediment to the Recovery of the full Value in Sterling Money of all bona fide Debts heretofore contracted."

Article 5th:
"It is agreed that Congress shall earnestly recommend it to the Legislatures of the respective States to provide for the Restitution of all Estates, Rights, and Properties, which have been confiscated belonging to real British Subjects; and also of the Estates, Rights, and Properties of Persons resident in Districts...."

Article 8th:
"The Navigation of the river Mississippi, from its source to the Ocean, shall forever remain free and open to the Subjects of Great Britain and the Citizens of the United States."

Our Documents - Treaty of Paris (1783)

America Is Still A British Colony

The New History Of America - (Part 1of6) - The Informer source: wind0wninja


A Holy Roaming International Banking Enterprise Revealed:

"The history of banking refers to the development of banks and banking throughout history, with banking defined by contemporary sources as an organization which provides facilities for acceptance of deposits and provision of loans.[1]

The history begins with the first prototype banks of merchants of the ancient world, which made grain loans to farmers and traders who carried goods between cities. This began around 2000 BC in Assyria and Babylonia. Later, in ancient Greece and during the Roman Empire, lenders based in temples made loans and added two important innovations: they accepted deposits and changed money. Archaeology from this period in ancient China and India also shows evidence of money lending activity."

"Many histories position the crucial historical development of a banking system to medieval and Renaissance Italy and particularly the affluent cities of Florence, Venice and Genoa. The Bardi and Peruzzi families dominated banking in 14th century Florence, establishing branches in many other parts of Europe.[2] The most famous Italian bank was the Medici bank, established by Giovanni Medici in 1397."

"The oldest bank still in existence is Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, headquartered in Siena, Italy, which has been operating continuously since 1472." 

"The development of banking spread from northern Italy throughout the Holy Roman Empire, and in the 15th and 16th century to northern Europe. This was followed by a number of important innovations that took place in Amsterdam during the Dutch Republic in the 17th century, and in London in the 18th century. During the 20th century, developments in telecommunications and computing caused major changes to banks' operations and let banks dramatically increase in size and geographic spread. The financial crisis of 2007–2008 caused many bank failures, including some of the world's largest banks, and provoked much debate about bank regulation."



The Royal History of International Banking & Mythical Military Iconic Backed Enterprise:

Banks & Navies Share The Same Manipulated & Contrived History

The existential threat of the four mythic horsemen of the Apocalypse has been long used to keep the working class toiling and laboring away, forever tied to turning the wheel of industry for seemingly all time. Such terror used to be conveyed by simple word of mouth. Today that kind of deception is alive and well and thriving in all its audio and visual, digital glory online and in hands and back pockets "everywhere". Nothing has changed as the mainstream news media is filled with noisy tabloid terror inducing headlines designed to keep as many of us believing in the need for all the layers of growing governmental "protection" we do not actually need. Platonic shadow cave Shakespeare like geopolitical plays are more illusion and scripted smoke and mirror than most of us might ever even dream of considering. Tales of wars have long been used to justify all sorts of international banking backed pilgrimages and industrial engineered projects. International bankers and their royal masters have long loved playing the immigration game and moving all sorts of resources around the globe. Humanity is just another resource to be exploited by Holy Roaming Corporate Indoctrinated Minds™.

Wars act as covers for all sorts of social and industrial engineering projects. Wars cover for things like building Coca Cola bottling plants in North Africa, making the world safe for corporate air travel and hotel chains and Disney Worlds to get lost in; things like that. Wars also always have been traditionally used to get a bunch of young men to run off and live together without the companionship of the fairer sex for extended periods of time. Wars bring about great culture changes as the post World War Two world clearly demonstrates.

History of the Royal Navy - The King's Ships (1500-1599)  source: Ryan Doyle


War: What Is It Good For?

Building civilization.

Wars serve as impetus for focusing a group of humanity's efforts in one direction. War and the terror used to sell it. motivate the public into new forms of behavior that tend to serve the commercial and industrial aims of those at the top of the all too real feudal pyramid. International Banking allies on both sides of supposed conflicts, need not even engage in any real combat as most people accept the appeal to authority as proof that a tale is true instead of being "tall". Tales of battles at sea are not easily verifiable and the public has to trust those in power and those that control the means of communication to relay accurate information to them. There is obvious motive to manipulate this process.

New technology and the continuous crafting of the "brave new world" is a result of the combined efforts of many individuals. Ships built for war becomes commercial cargo containers for a growing global enterprise that would continue to expand a global trade based system of international banking backed commerce. All the resources of the world would be exploited for this great enterprise, especially the all important wage enslaved human resource. The technology used to craft warships would be used to build shipping containers designed to ship humanity, willingly or not, around the globe in service of building a seemingly eternal empire of human commerce.

History of the Royal Navy - Wikipedia

A Fascist Bundle of Working Class Labor: Fasces or Feces?

"1921, from Italian partito nazionale fascista, the anti-communist political movement organized 1919 under Benito Mussolini (1883-1945); from Italian fascio "group, association," literally "bundle" (see fasces). Fasci "groups of men organized for political purposes" had been a feature of Sicily since c. 1895, and the 20c. totalitarian sense probably came directly from this but was influenced by the historical Roman fasces, which became the party symbol. As a noun from 1922 in English, earlier in Italian plural fascisti (1921), and until 1923 in English it often appeared in its Italian form, as an Italian word. 

[Fowler: "Whether this full anglicization of the words is worth while cannot be decided till we know whether the things are to be temporary or permanent in England" -- probably an addition to the 1930 reprint, retained in 1944 U.S. edition.] Related: Fascistic."

Fascist - Online Etymology Dictionary

fasces (n.) 

"1590s, from Latin fasces "bundle of rods containing an axe with the blade projecting" (plural of fascis "bundle" of wood, etc.), from Proto-Italic *faski- "bundle," perhaps from PIE *bhasko- "band, bundle" (source also of Middle Irish basc "neckband," Welsh baich"load, burden," perhaps also Old English bæst "inner bark of the linden tree"). Carried before a lictor, a superior Roman magistrate, as a symbol of power over life and limb: the sticks symbolized punishment by whipping, the axe-head execution by beheading. Hence in Latin it also meant, figuratively, "high office, supreme power."



The high level and elite university system of the world is designed to train and indoctrinate human minds into an elite global managerial caste who serve in the highest offices of all the important world-wide institutions.


European Royalty & Layers of International Banker Banked Governmental Authority Are The Real Mafia


A Pirate's Life:

Skulls And Bonesmen/SS Officers work for the British Monarchy.

Royal Navy Submarine Service - Wikipedia

Use of the Jolly Roger by submarines - Wikipedia

It's A Golden Kind of "Fleecing"