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Sir Isaac Newton The Last Imaginative Magician


Modern Cosmology is Mythology; It Is Not True Science


Sir Isaac Newton & Company Were Alchemically Minded Mystics Who Backed Up Their Ideas With Illogically Premised Mathematics

Newton and friends were not true scientists. These men used some demonstrable principle and mathematics to describe a world that cannot be truly shown to exist, despite centuries of religious propaganda hype to the contrary. Newton's ideas about gravity are very wrong and flawed. Newton's work is not based on empirical demonstration but on illogically premised mathematical equation that ignores demonstrable ballistic physics. Natural and demonstrable principles get replaced with so-called scientific "laws" that are used to reinforce the social order.


Imaginative musings are the beginning of experimentation not the end.


Mysticism and Science-Newton  source: alchemistra


"Enlightened" Minds Define The Bounds of The Social Order With Cosmological "Insight" & Peer Reviewed "Proofs"


Welcome To The New Age of Consensus Generated Reality

"Enlightenment philosophers chose a short history of scientific predecessors – Galileo, Boyle, and Newton principally – as the guides and guarantors of their applications of the singular concept of nature and natural law to every physical and social field of the day. In this respect, the lessons of history and the social structures built upon it could be discarded."

"It was Newton's conception of the universe based upon natural and rationally understandable laws that became one of the seeds for Enlightenment ideology." 

"Locke and Voltaireapplied concepts of natural law to political systems advocating intrinsic rights; the physiocrats and Adam Smith applied natural conceptions of psychology and self-interest to economic systems; and sociologists criticised the current social order for trying to fit history into natural models of progress. Monboddo and Samuel Clarke resisted elements of Newton's work, but eventually rationalised it to conform with their strong religious views of nature."



Sir Isaac Newton thought Ancient Greek myth was actual history.

Does this seem like the musings of a rationale mind to you?


Sir Isaac Newton was Knighted for Servicing Sailors


"How Newton Dated the Argonauts"


"Visitors to Westminster Abbey who pause in front of the tomb of Sir Isaac Newton may find parts of its iconography hard to decipher. Their predecessors were similarly puzzled. The Gentleman’s Magazine on April 22, 1731, sought to inform its readers about what they might expect to see. It described the relief on the sarcophagus which shows putti engaged in experiments with a prism, a reflecting telescope, a balance and a furnace. These activities call to mind Newton’s work on the theory of light and colours, the invention that first brought him to the attention of the Royal Society, the gravitational theory of the Principia (published by that Society in 1687), and the public service which Newton performed as Warden and later Master of the Mint from 1696. The figure of Newton himself is recumbent on top of the sarcophagus, resting its right arm on four books. Two of these, the Principia and the Opticks (1704), came out in several editions during their author’s lifetime. Another, The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended, published posthumously in 1728, blew up a storm of criticism on both sides of the Channel when it circulated in abbreviated form shortly before his death. Facing Newton come two winged cherubs, holding a scroll, which carries a depiction of the solar system and the terms of a converging series (Newton’s method for calculating the roots of functions). Rising behind Newton is a pyramid, at the top of which rests the weeping figure of Urania, muse of astronomy. Beneath her is a celestial globe, “on which”, as the Magazine explains, “several of the Constellations are drawn, in order to shew the path of the Comet in 1681, whose period he has with the greatest sagacity determin’d: And also the Position of the solstitial Colure mention’d by Hipparchus by which (in his Chronology) he has fixed the time of the Argonautic expedition”. "

"The calculation of colures was the method that Newton used to present one of the most astonishing claims of his Chronology, which was to date the expedition of the Argonauts to 937 BC and to conclude that this was just before the birth of Priam, future king of Troy. Newton’s need for precision about the location of particular stars in order to determine colures was one cause of his harrying the Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed, for the completion of his celestial atlas. Newton’s preliminary findings intrigued Caroline, Princess of Wales, and interested numerous visitors to London in the decade or so before he died."

"The reader is drawn in by Feingold’s accounts of the history of chronology and the growth of Newton’s original interest in mythology and the ancient past. Key features of that development are nevertheless obscured. The most important of these is the extent to which, before 1700, Newton’s earliest pursuit of the history of civilization went hand in hand with an argument about the history of cosmology that was intended to support the methodological choices that he had made in writing the Principia."


Precession of the Equinoxes and the Golden Fleece | Atlantis Rising ...

Isaac Newton's occult studies - Wikipedia

Religious views of Isaac Newton - Wikipedia


Einstein, the Plagiarist would not be considered to be the so-called "genius" he is, were it not for the mistakes of Newton and company.

Relativity is the result of patching the patchwork that is modern cosmology. Heliocentric theory is far more compacted than the geocentric theory of  Ptolemy. Thought experiments are not real experiments and the truth is that Newton did no experiment to prove his insane ides about orbits and neither did Einstein. These men imagined their experiments and in doing so were able to transcend the bounds of reality. And despite all historical propaganda hype to the contrary, Einstein's work is nothing but religious propaganda and is not real demonstrable science at all. Apologists ignore the fact that quantum theory and other multiverse like musings are further patches to the mystical quilt most think of as real science. Einstein's mystical and cosmological musings, like those of Newton, were never actually proven and never can be. These men are indeed mystics and current, modern, religious propaganda idols more than they were true scientists who actually achieved results that could be engineered and demonstrated in the real world. These men are examples of virtual scientists for a virtual and augmented reality world. Most conveniently ignore the fact that the modern Big Bang cosmology is a far cry from the heliocentric Universe of Fixed Stars that Newton and Einstein believed in.

Mysticism and Science-Einstein  source: alchemistra

Man and His Gods - Homer W. Smith - Google Books


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