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AT&T & 33 Thomas Street, Tom Hank's Tweet & You

Yellow Internet Tabloid Press Proclaims:

"A Photo That Tom Hanks Posted To Twitter Is Freaking Everyone Out"

"Tom Hanks is used to perplexing his fans on Twitter.

The Hollywood star regularly posts photographs of random lost gloves and other items of clothing that he spots discarded on the street.

On Friday, however, he freaked out many of his 13 million followers with this snap of a building in New York City:

“This is the scariest building I’ve ever seen,” wrote Hanks of the windowless edifice. “WTF goes on inside??” "

A Photo That Tom Hanks Posted To Twitter Is ... - Huffington Post

Telephone Switching and the Early Bell Laboratories Computers ...


33 Thomas Street

Modern communications relies on sophisticated computer based electronic switches. The more robust the internet becomes, the more complicated the system grows. The 33 Thomas Street building is the subject of online yellow journalism speculation. Nothing like the tabloid press. 

"The former AT&T Long Lines Building at 33 Thomas Street is a 550-foot (167.5 meter) tall skyscraper in the Borough of Manhattan, New York, United States. It stands on the east side of Church Street, between Thomas and Worth Streets, in the Civic Center neighborhood of New York City. The building is an example of the Brutalist architectural style with its flat concrete slab facade.

The building is a telephone exchange or wire center building which contained three major 4ESS switches[1] used for interexchange (long distance) telephony, two owned by AT&T and one formerly owned by Verizon (decommissioned in 2009).  It also contains a number of other switches used for competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) services,[5] but is not used for Incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) services, and is not a central office. The CLLI codefor this facility is NYCMNYBW.[6] The building is reportedly home to a National Security Agency surveillance facility named TITANPOINTE."

"The location was previously the site of cast-iron buildings, typical of the area, the facades of which were preserved prior to demolition.[12] The building was a core part of the AT&T Long Lines Department, housing solid-state switching equipment which required a high level of security and space. The Long Lines Department became AT&T Communications in 1984, after the Bell System divestiture. The AT&T Long Lines Building is now commonly known by its street address, 33 Thomas St., like many major New York City commercial buildings.[14]

AT&T gradually transitioned switches and other facilities from their former AT&T Long Lines headquarters building at 32 Avenue of the Americas, just a few blocks away, completing the move by 1999.[15] 33 Thomas is still used for telephone switching, but some of the space is also used as highly secure datacenter space."

"On September 17, 1991, management failure, power equipment failure, and human error combined to completely disable AT&T's central office switch at 33 Thomas. As a result, over 5 million calls were blocked, and Federal Aviation Administration private lines were also interrupted, disrupting air traffic control to 398 airports serving most of the northeastern United States. Because the building was designed to be self-sufficient, AT&T had a load sheddingagreement with the electric utility, Consolidated Edison, where they would voluntarily switch from utility power to on-site generators on request. This was a routine procedure that had been performed successfully in the past, but on this occasion, it went wrong. After switching power sources, standard procedure was to check all the equipment power supplies, known as DC plants, for problems. But due to scheduled training, the check was not performed, and one plant went on battery backup. The alarms were not detected until it was too late to maintain uninterrupted power.[16]

After the destruction of the World Trade Center in the September 11, 2001 attacks, AT&T Local Services restored lost facilities they acquired from the former Teleport Communications Group based there, to 33 Thomas and 811 10th Avenue.[17]

33 Thomas was described as the likely location of an NSA mass surveillance hub codenamed TITANPOINTE in an investigation by The Intercept, and in a documentary short film by Henrik Moltke and Laura Poitras titled Project X, both drawing on the surveillance disclosures of Edward Snowden. The investigation ties the facility to a nearby FBI building, and its rooftop equipment to NSA's "SKIDROWE" satellite intelligence system."


Bell Labs Film on Shaping the Computer Age from 1984 - AT&T Archives  source: AT&T Tech Channel


The Tabloid Press is Alive & Well & Thriving Online: Yellow Journalism Is The Blueprint For Culture

As long as there has been electronic and electric based communication, "they" could spy on you. Such spying is built into the system. It is how it works. Today's technology is just an updated version of a can on a string and the old telegraph technology. Telephonic operator based switching gets computerized and that leads to the modern age of the social media pushing, personal computer in the palm of one's hand.

Mysterious NYC Skyscraper

Mysterious NYC skyscraper owned by AT&T nerve center of NSA mass surveillance programs  source: RT America