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Golden Jackal Trickster Revealed As A Wolf In Sheep's Garb



Potato or Potato?


Is The "Wisdom Tooth Movement" Real or Not?


Who Really Feels The Need To Win The Relations Race?

Race Wars & Drugs Wars Are Governmental & Media Promoted Divide & Conquer Wares

If one can admit they have no idea how we got here then they should realize that they can come to no solid conclusions about the origins of species altogether. They might choose to avoid confusing some kind of racial based sorting with one's natural inclinations to fall in love and procreate with other human beings. One can define secondary trait differences like skin color, as "race" or "species" or "nothing". Words are symbols and are part of the model and not the reality. Race and species and all the rest of the word menagerie, are social constructs by definition. Anything we do is artificial by definition. Is there one human race or many humanoid species? How do you define such things? Which assumptions should we ignore? Of course race is a social construct as are species. What is the demonstrable phenomena to which these words refer? What natural and real phenomena are we modeling with language and definition? Human beings, for example, can procreate with each other despite any obvious secondary characteristics. This is what we can demonstrate. The rest is what we imagine and model. The rest is opinion, educated or not so wise.

What is the history of the biological distinctions we seem to take for granted?

Who people choose to start families with is their business to attend to. We might also want to avoid confusing pride in our heritage with the achievements of European minds that are not our own. Since most of us invented nothing, we might want to not cast stones at those who live in the land we now call home. Do we have the intelligence to survive outside like an aborigine? Our civilized lives rely on the effort of countless generation of others. Most of us do not know how to change a tire or fix our own toilet and many of us with strong opinions about indigenous people might want to consider that their opinions might be more based on social indoctrination and artifice than the world of Nature.

These are just ideas of course. You are free to define reality as you desire. You might want to consider your own lack of ability to survive without civilization before peering down your nose at the natural human being. You might also want to admit that you use technology, but you did not invent any of it, you exist in a world created by the effort and discovery and art of others, you really are in no position to cast stones at anyone.

When You Assume You Make An Ass Out of You

If you realize humanity is not as smart nor as wise as advertised, you might also want to look in the mirror. You really might want to avoid confusing the monkey see monkey do nature of humanity that we all share, with the work of the few elite minds who really do make the world changing discoveries that everyone else parrots and copies. It seems to me unwise to confuse the snowballing effects of centuries of cooperative and industrialized labor with things like how indigenous people act or score on I.Q. and other standardized tests. The European mind virus that has swept the globe has resulted in the modern human being with a five second attention span who can't survive without a so-called "smart phone", let alone attempting to "have a go of it" out in the wild, where the indigenous human can thrive with a smaller more familial unit. We civilized folk rely on the mass global industrialized machine that has taken some one thousands years to build and grow into the form we all know.

Governments rely on urban life to survive. Western culture is the culture of the collective industrialized working hive-mind.

People living in civilized glass houses built on a foundation of institutionalized slavery of one kind or another, should not cast stones. Penal colony parrots are as much wage slaves as the rest of us. Most of us can't change a bicycle tire let alone survive on our own outside for any length of time.

Of Golden Jackals & God's Laughing Asses

Thank God You Are Stupid  source:  John le Bon

Dog Poop Smells Like Roses: A Canine By Any Other Name Is Still A Canine

Genetic Considerations

"Members of the dog genus Canis: wolves, dogs (both common dogs and dingoes), coyotes, and golden jackals cannot interbreed with members of the wider dog family: the Canidae, such as South American canids, foxes, African wild dogs, bat-eared foxes or raccoon dog; or, if they could, their offspring would be infertile.

Members of the genus Canis species can, however, all interbreed to produce fertile offspring, with two exceptions: the side-striped jackal and black-backed jackal. Although these two theoretically could interbreed with each other to produce fertile offspring, they cannot hybridize successfully with the rest of the genus Canis.

The reason for this lies in their genetics. The wolf, dingo, dog, coyote, and golden jackal diverged relatively recently, around three to four million years ago, and all have 78 chromosomes arranged in 39 pairs. This allows them to hybridize freely (barring size or behavioral constraints) and produce fertile offspring. The side-striped jackal and black-backed jackal both have 74 chromosomes. Other members of the Canidae family, which diverged seven to ten million years ago, are less closely related to and cannot hybridize with the wolf-like canids; the red fox has 38 chromosomes, the raccoon dog has 42 chromosomes, the fennec fox has 64 chromosomes, and the African wild dog has 78 chromosomes."

"The wolf and jackal can interbreed and produce fertile hybrid offspring, which are sometimes known as huskals. Coyote–jackal hybrids have also been bred as pets by wolfdog enthusiasts. Dogs have been crossed with golden jackals. It is also thought that Pharoanic Egyptians crossbred domestic dogs with jackals, producing a jackal-dog that resembled the god Anubis.

The reason golden jackals differ in chromosome number is most likely because golden jackals have two pairs of chromosomes that are twice as long but contain gene content similar to four pairs of dog chromosomes. This might reduce fertility, but it would not likely completely sterilize golden jackal–dog hybrids."

"In The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication Charles Darwin wrote:

Several years ago I saw confined in the Zoological Gardens of London a female hybrid from an English dog and jackal, which even in this the first generation was so sterile that, as I was assured by her keeper, she did not fully exhibit her proper periods; but this case, from numerous instances have occurred of fertile hybrids from these two animals, was certainly exceptional.[6]

Robert Armitage Sterndale mentioned experimental jackal hybrids from British India in his Natural History of Mammals in India and Ceylon, noting that glaring jackal traits could be exhibited in hybrids even after three generations of crossing them with dogs[7]

In Russia, golden jackal/Lapponian herder hybrids were bred as sniffer dogs because jackals have a superior sense of smell and Lapponian herders are good cold climate dogs. Also, fox terrier, Norwegian lundehund, and Spitz blood were combined to create the Sulimov dog. As well as a superior sense of smell, important at low temperatures where substances are less volatile and therefore less pungent, Sulimov dogs are small-sized and can work in confined spaces. When tired, their normally curled tails droop, making it clear to the handler that the dog needs to be rested. The jackal hybrids were bred by Klim Sulimov, senior research assistant at the D.S. Likhachev Scientific Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Environmental Protection in Russia. Male jackal pups had to be fostered on a husky bitch in order to imprint the jackals on dogs. Female jackals accepted male huskies more readily. The half-bred jackal-dogs were difficult to train and were bred back to huskies to produce quarter-bred hybrids (quadroons). These hybrids were small, agile, trainable and had an excellent sense of smell. Twenty-five jackal-dog hybrids are used by Aeroflot at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow for functions including bomb-sniffing. Their breeding program dates back to 1975, but it was not applied to bomb detection until 2002."

Canid Hybrids: Interbreeding between different species of canines


For all we know Evolution is correct. For all we know Adam & Eve are the parents of all humanity.


Maybe there was one set of Adam and Eve canines as well.

For all we know we are principles of nature like positive and negative charges. If you think traits like skin color, hair type, and eye color important, you might be placing too much emphasis on what are clearly secondary traits. In any case with obvious medical procedures like organ transplants and blood transfusions and our ability to procreate with each other, despite complexions, we can clearly see that all of humanity is 100% compatible in terms of biology. 


Humanity represents the highest form of intelligent life on the planet and the fact is, we live in a racially mixed world that is all the more interesting for its diversity. Whatever the deal is or isn't, and whether we like it or not, we live in a global civilization that is mixed and diverse in nature and has been for some one thousand years or so.

Natural selection would seem to be a logical reality as we can demonstrate artificial selection with dog breeding. There's something to Natural selection, but this does not mean Darwin's ideas are correct. It means we are faced with a metaphysical mystery that might forever lack an answer.


For all we know Evolution is correct and there is a real DNA based case to be made for an African "Adam & Eve".

Perhaps this is evidence the Bible is correct and Eden is in Africa, maybe God lives there...

"In human genetics, the Mitochondrial Eve (also mt-Eve, mt-MRCA) is the matrilineal most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of all currently living humans, i.e., the most recent woman from whom all living humans descend in an unbroken line purely through their mothers, and through the mothers of those mothers, back until all lines converge on one woman. Mitochondrial Eve lived later than Homo heidelbergensis and the emergence of Homo neanderthalensis, but earlier than the out of Africa migration,[2] but her age is not known with certainty; a 2009 estimate cites an age between c. 152 and 234 thousand years ago (95% CI);[3] a 2013 study cites a range of 99–148 thousand years ago."

Mitochondrial Eve - Wikipedia


More Questions Than Answers

There seems to be something to natural selection. There also seems to  be a lot of speculative based hypothesis used to glue together modern theory. For all we know there is something to the morphic resonance field. For all we know life is eternal and is always all changing so slow we can never truly measure it, so everything changes and morphs, together, into new forms over the course of countless time. Or perhaps the world is eternally like this. I don't see how anyone could come to any conclusion about any of these kinds of metaphysical questions. 

Maybe the origins of life is more of a metaphysical question than both the religiously and scientifically minded like to admit.


If A Wolf Walks & Talks Like A Sheep But Ducks Under A Hedgerow, It Must Be A...

"... non sequitur (Latin for "it does not follow"), in formal logic, is an invalid argument. In a non sequitur, the conclusion could be either true or false, but the argument nonetheless asserts the conclusion to be true and is thus fallacious. While a logical argument is a non sequitur if, and only if, it is invalid, the word 'non sequitur' is typically used to refer to those types of invalid arguments which do not constitute logical fallacies covered by particular terms (e.g. affirming the consequent). In other words, in practice, 'non sequitur' is used to refer to an unnamed logical fallacy. Often, in fact, 'non sequitur' is used when an irrelevancy is showing up in the conclusion. The term has special applicability in law, having a formal legal definition."

Non sequitur (logic) - Wikipedia

Splitting Dog Hair?

If it barks like a dog and can procreate with other dogs, and looks an awful lot like a dog, what is it, really?

All That Glitters Is Not Always Gold, Except When It Is Just More Gold: Jackals, Wolves & Dogs

"Koepfli and Wayne suspect that zoologists had mistaken African and Eurasian golden jackals for the same species because of a high degree of similarity in their skull and tooth morphology. However, the genetic data support the idea that they are two separate lineages that have been evolving independently for at least a million years."

"In fact, the evidence suggests these two lineages aren’t even closely related. The African species is more closely related to the lineage leading to gray wolves and coyotes than jackals."





A Hot Dog Found Down Under The Equator: The Asian & European Golden Jackal is Capable of Mating With African Wolves

The African Golden Jackal Is Now Thought To Be A Wolf

"You say tomato and I say tomato."

"The golden jackal (Canis aureus) is a canid native to southeastern and central Europe, Asia Minor, the Middle East and South Asia. It is listed as Least Concernon the IUCN Red List, due to its widespread range in areas with optimum food and shelter.[1] It is a social species, the basic social unit of which consists of a breeding pair and any offspring it might have. The golden jackal is very adaptable, being able to exploit many foodstuffs, from fruit and insects to small ungulates. As of 2005, MSW3 recognises 13 subspecies, though genetic studies published in 2015 revealed that six supposed golden jackal subspecies living in Africa were members of a separate species, Canis anthus, reducing the number of actual golden jackal subspecies to seven.

Although similar to a small grey wolf, the golden jackal is distinguished by a more slender build, a narrower, more pointed muzzle, a shorter tail, and a lighter tread. Its winter fur also differs from a wolf's by its more fulvous-reddish colour. Despite its name, the golden jackal is not closely related to black-backed or side-striped jackals, being instead more closely related to grey wolves, coyotes, and Ethiopian wolves.

It is capable of producing fertile hybrids with both grey and African wolves.

Golden jackals feature prominently in Middle-Eastern and Asian folklore and literature, where they are often described as tricksters analogous to the fox and coyote for European and North American tales, respectively. In contrast, in Europe it is largely viewed in a negative light as a filthy scavenger, whose presence is indicative of environmental degradation."


Panning for Gold In Africa

"For 150 years, biologists took it for granted that golden jackals in Africa were, in fact, golden jackals -- closely related to other golden jackals originating from Eurasia.

It made sense. The animals were about the same size and looked a lot alike. But it turns out to have been a case of mistaken identity: A new DNA analysis shows that the African "jackals" are in fact more closely related to a sort of wolf than they are to the Eurasian golden jackals."

DNA proves it: African 'golden jackal' is really a golden wolf - LA Times

DNA vs Breeding

Can African Golden Jackals Breed with Asian and European Golden Jackals?

The answer would seem to be yes as the asian golden jackals can breed with African wolves and even dogs. Perhaps the problem lies in the DNA test. Research that subject, it's not like scientists directly look at DNA. Here the Quantum mechanical idea that the experimenter effects the experiment might be more valid than most might be inclined to assume. The university indoctrinated mind seem obsessed with endless classifications and reclassifications. They have to justify their employment after all.


Who defines what a "hybrid" is?

Perhaps all the wolves and jackals and all the rest are all just dogs. Perhaps they are all of the same eugenic kind of "stock". Perhaps there are no hybrids and these assumptions are the result of a Darwinian house of cards. This seems to make the most sense to me, but hey what do I know?


I really don't know. I simply think we should avoid confusing reality with our model of it.


It Is Unwise To Try To Fool Mother Nature By Confusing The Model With Reality: One Is An Artificial Construct Based On Assumptions


Human beings are one of genetic so-called "species". "Racial" differences amount to the differences we see in dog breeds.

Golden jackals, wolves and dogs are all  canines, genetic classifications aside, Such classifications are part of the model and should not be confused with Natural reality. DNA tests can be described to show whatever the scientists want them to; if the animals can breed and produce offspring that can also procreate, they are compatible and are Naturally or Divinely created to do so. Darwin and all other human explanations aside, the fact is, if it works, that is the way it is.

Wolves, jackals and dogs are words we invented. These classifications are artifices.

It doesn't matter if we all descended from one set of Adam and Eve parents or not. Maybe racial differences are the result of a natural selection process that one family of humanity was exposed to over the course of what we consider to be history (time). Maybe each so-called race was magically dreamt up into existence by the mind of God. In either case, here we all are. Perhaps the morphic field generated us all out of the Aether itself and we are natural principles like lightning strikes.

In fact think of whatever other explanation you want to come up with and here we would still be.


Maybe Evolution is Right & Maybe Not: I Wasn't There, Were You?

Pondering God's Grammar

I think the particular subject of the golden jackal interesting as it is indicative of how we humans address what we consider to be reality. Belief systems seem to matter more to us than logic. I think there are (some) compelling arguments both in favor of and against evolution theory as the mainstream understands it. I also try to consider other ideas. I really do not know how any of this happened or why we are here. I do not know how creation could happen nor understand where it could take place or who could be responsible. I do not even know what creation really is nor when  it began or if it can ever end, or if even beginning and endings really mean anything at all. 

I Really Can't Answer The Existential Questions, Can You?

 All of this is subjective and somewhat metaphysical as we cannot really prove how any of us or any of the world around us, got here, so who really knows? It doesn't really matter. Human beings are clearly different from the rest of the animal kingdom and we are all equally deserving of mutual respect. Animals too deserve respect as does all of Nature. Human beings are as much a part of the natural world as the rest of it all. We are as much a principle of nature as any other phenomena. Of course this does not mean we cannot eat meat or anything like that. Animals eat other animals. It's the way it works. If you want to go vegan, that's your choice. Respect is different that stupidity. Context matters and fellow self conscious beings deserve the appropriate level of respect. Human beings are of one "race".

 We are all part of the same existential framework and all humanity would seem to be an expression of the Earth itself, like all other Natural phenomena. 



Perhaps They Are Just All Different Types Of Dogs After All

"Interspecific hybridization is relatively frequent in nature and numerous cases of hybridization between wild canids and domestic dogs have been recorded. However, hybrids between golden jackals (Canis aureus) and other canids have not been described before. In this study, we combined the use of biparental (15 autosomal microsatellites and three major histocompatibility complex (MHC) loci) and uniparental (mtDNA control region and a Y-linked Zfy intron) genetic markers to assess the admixed origin of three wild-living canids showing anomalous phenotypic traits. Results indicated that these canids were hybrids between golden jackals and domestic dogs. One of them was a backcross to jackal and another one was a backcross to dog, confirming that golden jackal–domestic dog hybrids are fertile. The uniparental markers showed that the direction of hybridization, namely females of the wild species hybridizing with male domestic dogs, was common to most cases of canid hybridization. A melanistic 3bp-deletion at the K locus (β-defensin CDB103 gene), that was absent in reference golden jackal samples, but was found in a backcross to jackal with anomalous black coat, suggested its introgression from dogs via hybridization. Moreover, we demonstrated that MHC sequences, although rarely used as markers of hybridization, can be also suitable for the identification of hybrids, as long as haplotypes are exclusive for the parental species."

First evidence of hybridization between golden jackal (Canis aureus ...


Maybe Life Ain't So "Black & White" Or Maybe It's Just All Dogs

"Interspecific hybridization is relatively frequent in nature, occurring not only in plants but also in animals, where at least 10% of species are involved in admixture and potential introgression [1]. Interspecific hybridization in Canis has been described in a number of studies in North America (e.g. coyote–grey wolf [2]). Moreover, cases of anthropogenic hybridization between wild canids and widespread free-ranging domestic dogs are particularly alarming, because they may threaten the survival of endangered species (e.g. the Ethiopian wolf, Canis simensis [3]), or may deeply change the genetic make-up of wild populations in human-dominated landscapes (e.g. grey wolf [4–6]).

The golden jackal (Canis aureus) is a medium-sized species, currently distributed in northern and northeastern Africa, southeastern Europe and large parts of southern Asia [7]. European golden jackals were first reported in 1491 in the coastal region of southern Dalmatia, where they still occur. After suffering a severe decline in the first half of the twentieth century, the European population has recovered and has been expanding since the early 1980s, especially in the Balkan regions [8].

To our knowledge, there are no published cases of recent hybridization between golden jackals and any other canid species in nature, although genome-wide traces of ancestral admixture with wolves have been recently documented [9], and the assignment of the African Canis aureus lupaster to the wolf clade cannot rule out the hypothesis of ancient hybridization events [10,11]. The only two documented cases of present-day hybrids were questionable, since they were only based on morphological measurements: in Romania a putative jackal–wolf hybrid was shot in 1942; in Hungary, the skull of a suspected jackal–dog was discovered in 1983, but erroneously reported as the first jackal shot in the country after 41 years." 



A Trickster Jackal Shepherd Lost In The Caucasians

"A jackal–dog hybrid is a canid hybrid resulting from a mating between a dog and a golden jackal. Such crossbreeding has occurred numerous times in captivity, and was first confirmed to occasionally happen in the wild in Croatia in 2015. 

Similar matings between golden jackals and grey wolves have never been observed, though evidence of such occurrences was discovered through mtDNA analysis on jackals in Bulgaria. Although there is no genetic evidence of grey wolf-jackal hybridization in the Caucasus Mountains, there have been cases where otherwise genetically pure golden jackals have displayed remarkably grey wolf-like phenotypes, to the point of being mistaken for wolves by trained biologists."

Jackal–dog hybrid - Wikipedia


Breeding Breeds More Breeds That Breed More Breeds That Breed More Breeds That Breed More Breeds...

How do we know how the current state of human coloration and features was achieved? Could it be the result of numerous prior other configurations and generations? How do we know much of anything at all about or so-called origins? How can we really answer such questions?

What would you call a beagle & german shepherd cross?

"Sometimes called the Beagleman, the German Shepherd Beagle mix is a hybrid dog that’s a mix between a purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Beagle. Since the two parent breeds are so different, it’s possible to get dogs that vary greatly in size, appearance, and temperament."

German Shepherd Beagle Mix - The Beagleman - Dog Breed Answers