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True Believers, Soap Operas & Online Paranoia!

Where in the world is Brian Mullen?

By the way, while I did not agree with Mr. Mullen's Flat Earthy assessments, I did enjoy watching some of his videos. He seems like a nice dude.

image source: Flat Earth vs NASA - Force the Line - by Brian Mullin - YouTube

Did he just go and fall off the edge of the "Flat Earth"? Did he go off to explore the Great Ice Barrier that rings the mythic Flat Earth?

Methinks he might just be hiding on the other side of the model, of the model globe, he has modeled an image of himself  hiding behind.


For your consideration, fellow "Balltards":

The X-Files is real. The "Truth Is Out There". Maybe this and maybe that. The tabloid yellow journal world is alive and online and in the imaginations of too many minds. "They" are out to get you and want to stop the Flat Earth exposure of NASA's lies. Brian Mullen is the first to fall. Be scared and afraid of it all. YouTube seems to bring out some really imaginative ideas that sound a lot like old television show and pulp media scripts.


Brian Mullin? source: Rogue Liberator

Playing A YouTube Victim Card?

YouTube Flat Earth evangelists are not likely to change the world anytime soon. They might end up at a convention coming to a town near you, if they can get a working map to follow. Once they get a working model, NASA better watch out!