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A Sunday Morning Sermon: Doctor Who As Accurate Allegory


"From the Houses of The Holy..."


Art in the Digital Echo Chamber Age

The Capitalized Stated Truth Reveals The Mummified One Eye Pyramid Guy's Historical Lies


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Many of us seem to miss the allegorical meaning of all the art and architecture we are surrounded with. Many of us seem uninterested in learning about this visual language. I am of the opinion that human beings are naturally inclined to a non-verbal form of visual communication that culture as we understand it, (somewhat) publicly denies. I think we end up picking up on these visual and behavioral cues unconsciously more often than not.

The real electromagnetic mind control weaponry are not science fiction style magical ESP like devices. There's no need to resort to magical mind controlling radio signals when the theatrical arts have long proven to be more than capable to deal with the task at hand. The real weaponry is the electronic medium and the governmental backed and financed artist. Technology and decades long conditioning makes the growing multimedia echo chamber a powerful mind control device in and of itself. Not everyone is in on some great vast conspiracy. Belief systems seem to be more important to most of us that any real search for truth, despite what we may tell ourselves and others. Our all important opinions about our own so-called identities seem to be more important than all else. Human beings not only seem to enjoy following one kind of cult of persona idol or another, we seem to seek to worship ourselves by way of building and maintaining one kind of ego identity or another. The global culture most of us share promotes a narrow and shallow and commercial based view of the self that is at odds with nature. There is the world of social constructions and there is the natural world and most of us unknowingly live in both. One is mental (or virtual) and the other real.

BBC Commissioned Art Reveals An Allegorical Truth Most Might Miss

One work influences another in a centuries long chain of art and mythology.

The Pyramid At The End Of The World - Next Time Trailer - Doctor Who: Series 10 - BBC  source: Doctor Who 


An Apocalypse of  The Fictionalized  Mind MATRIX of Typological Lies:

The Tale of Moses & The Apocalypse from the Bible, George Orwell's 1984, The film V For Vendetta & So Many Other Works Reveal That These Same Ideas Echo "Forever"

Not everyone need be "in on it". We copy each other. We all do it consciously or not. It is basic human nature.

It seems to me the problem might be that the public is so used to these themes they take them for granted as fiction.

People seem to think time and space travel more real than what they take to be a dystopian fairy tale allegory of a world yet to be.

Most of us seem to think these works of a fiction a warning of things to come,

when in fact they are descriptions of the way the world has long been run.


The Doctor Confronts The Monks - The Pyramid At The End Of The World Preview - Doctor Who: Series 10  source: Doctor Who 


The Lie Of The Land - Next Time Trailer - Doctor Who: Series 10 - BBC source: Doctor Who 


Fiction Writers Seem To Simply Do The Same Research We Do

No spoilers here, I'd also suggest either watching or reading the synopsis for the prior few episodes as well. The one about "Smart Suits" is another great allegorical episode. I don't think this kind of obvious allegory is predictive programing, this kind of allegory is at least as old as the Bible.

I'd suggest trying to find a good summary of these last few episodes,

Doctor Who might have been commissioned as Cold War Era propaganda, during the mid 20th century, but the authors and artists who have worked on the show have always used it as a platform to explore some very real social and historical issues in the context of a children's science fiction program. Overtly this show reinforces mainstream media science mythology and cosmology; allegorically this show is more of a revelation than most "fans" might even realize.


Tales of Doctors & Masters:

ignite your own cognition

Such "revealtions" are nothing new. Artists have long snuck messaging past the censor, consciously intending to or not. Most people do not look at the visual clues that surround us. Most do not seem to have a developed a conscious visual "I.Q.". People are conditioned to accept third and fourth hand accounts of history and science and seem to not to have any real interest in actually exercising their God given noggins.

Doctor Who Saves The World From Bill Nye: Documenting The Doctoring Doctrines

The one eye pyramid is on the back of the U.S. dollar bill. People see it all the time. It is taken for granted.

I think that the professional writers spend a lot of time in libraries or using the internet as the literary resource it  is. I think this explains a lot of the symbols we see in pop art. I don't think everyone needs to be involved in some kind of magical masonic conspiracy. Some might just be using the symbol and archetypes of culture that we all take for granted in a more unconscious manner. Some writers and artists might have simply done the exact research many of us have done. Not everything needs to be explained as some kind of massive conspiracy. The world has long been run as one big global business enterprise and the paper trail of constitutions, treaties and contracts easily demonstrates this very real historical fact. Most people are uninterested in following this paper trail themselves. It is easier now with the internet and someone can use the same tool that keeps them believing in the need for governmental aid and protection to free their minds from the retrofitted history and very real brain washing known as modern (global) culture.


Word of Mouth, Visual Art & Architecture, Rituals & Rites of Passage, Mass Produced Printed Images and Words, Telegraph, Film, Radio & Television, all are the medium of, for and by government. Art has always been commissioned by those in power to be used as the real weapon of mass mental destruction and distraction.

The immediacy of the social media driven internet age means the holy theaters of Hollywood are now tied to everyone's hand.


Want to Time Travel? Click Play.

The history of the medium for selling officially sanctioned "current events".

Westinghouse (Full Feature Documentary)  source: Janson Media

The AC/DC Ecumenical Wars: How To Build Modern Nation States & Global Communication Grids 101

Edison's DC current technology meant that power stations were local. Westinghouse/Tesla polyphase A/C meant that the power station could become "National" in character. In many ways electricity itself becomes the medium for government of the 21st century, and the seemingly eternal future.

The international banking interests and royal blue bloods who believe they alone should reap the benefit of what they deem to be their long standing commercial enterprise, have always controlled energy, travel and communications technology. This was true in the age of wooden ships and is just as true today.

Whatever one thinks of Nikola Tesla, Edison and the rest, this one truth should become apparent: The House Always Wins.

Real inventors, or newsreel style public persona shepherding fiction, or snake oil showmen somewhere between, the morale of all the stories, myth or actual event based, is obvious. The international financiers can use the levers of governmental and commercial international power to control all major technology. These elite powers that be control all the major means of mass production and industrialization.




A tour of the Parkes radio telescope (1990)  source: CSIRO


Natural Occurring Atmospheric Radio Noise Gets Filtered Through Mathemagical Model & Becomes The Universe of "Outer Space"