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How Dumb Are You?




Is YouTube The New Cultural Manipulation "Boob Tube"?

What motivates the modern YouTube content provider? YouTube is the new pulp media. Once mass produced print was the "hip" and socially relevant medium for youth culture, now digital social media would seem to be the beast of choice for the mass influencing of the imaginations of countless young minds who will grow in a world of trangenderational identity choices and a seemingly need to "Let it al hang out and show it all off." The social media age programmed persona appears to be headed for an eventual life of see through clothing, body "mods" and an endless stream of a rainbow offering of commercially promoted identity guises.

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Are You A Jack Assed Stuntman?

Live action stuntmen show how easy it is to get hit by a car and get back up and walk away.

dumb: the story of big brother magazine Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Documentary  source: Hulu 

Nothing Like Crass Cultural Creation Aimed At Male Adolescent Minds

Pulp inspired pornography seems as old as culture itself. We are supposed to be fruitful and multiply, we can demonstrate that. That basic fact of human nature has been long used as a lure and advertising gimmick. A skateboarding magazine could never just only be about the act and art of skateboarding; it had to include broader and more crassly marketable themes as well. No great conspiracy needed to explain basal and basic human nature. Nothing like marketing product to adolescently minded males.

Human beings sees cheesecake marketing, human being recreates the same style snake oil showmanship. Profit and other basal desires make the commercial world spin itself silly, going round and round and round...

Hey Big Babel Brah!

"Big Brother was a skateboarding magazine founded by Steve Rocco in 1992,[1][2] which was notable for ushering in street skating and the sub-culture of skateboarding. Big Brother ceased publication in 2004.[2]

No subject was taboo. Early articles featured step by step ways to commit suicide and rip-off schemes such as how to make a fake ID. They would often use odd gimmicks like printing the magazine in different sizes, packaging it in a cereal box, and throwing in items like trading cards and a cassette tape. Early writers were Sean Cliver, Earl Parker (Thomas Schmidt) Jeff Tremaine, Marc McKee, Mike Ballard, Pat Canale, and others.[3]

They also released a few videos, including "Shit", then "Number 2", with a few stunts and pranks, but the videos were mostly skateboarding-oriented."

"The magazine contained mostly articles about skateboarding,[1] as well as some nudity, stunts, pranks, and random ramblings from its staff. Its later days were characterized by the clever wordplay of editors Dave Carnie and Chris Nieratko.[4] The magazine was purchased by Larry Flyntin 1997. After Flynt began publishing the magazine, the nudity was toned down or scrapped altogether, though the vulgarity remained.

In 1998, Laura Schlessinger was in Beach Access, a Costa Mesa surf shop, with her son when she began perusing Big Brother. Schlessinger deemed the magazine to be "stealth pornography" and said so on her radio show. When Tom Moore, the owner of Beach Access, publicly denied that she found pornography in his store, Schlessinger sued Moore for lying and claimed that his denial had hurt her reputation.[5] When Schlessinger's case went to court, the judge said it was a frivolous lawsuit and dismissed it. Moore's $4M countersuit[6] against Schlessinger, lodged for hurting the reputation of his store (defamation) was allowed to stand.[7] The suit has since been settled, but terms of the settlement have not been revealed.[8] Behind the scenes and off the record, Moore's lawyers and friends claimed victory, indicating the settlement was "about the amount of a moderately priced Orange County home" (at the time, $650,000 to $2 million).[citation needed]

In one of the most bizarre episodes of the magazine's history, the subscriber list for Big Brother got mixed up with Taboo, one of Larry Flynt's hardcore magazines: Big Brother subscribers were sent pornography, and those who subscribed to Taboo got a skate magazine."

"This incident was parodied on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in which one of the band members was delivered an issue of Big Brother live on stage, suggesting that he subscribed to Taboo and received it in error."

"The magazine was unexpectedly dropped by Larry Flynt publications in February 2004.[10] In early 2008, it was announced on Jackassworld.com that Big Brother would be returning in a digital format.[11] Also noted on Jackassworld.com, a Big Brother documentary is being planned.[citation needed]

Volume 1 No. 1 of KingShit Magazine, based in Toronto, Ontario was released May, 2009. Dave Carnie is the editor-at-large and Chris Nieratko is a contributing editor.

Big Brother was also credited for the development of the television series Jackass, as Jeff Tremaine recalled in the Jackass episode "Where Are They Now?". "

Big Brother (magazine) - Wikipedia




An Ivy League National Lampooning Pulp Fiction, News Stand Blueprint

An eternal world of adolescent male pulp fantasy at your disposal.

Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant, Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon  source: YouTube Movies


Harvard Trained Fraternal Indoctrinated Minds Shape Mass Culture With Crass Humor

Nothing sells like S-E-X.

This might be another reason why the media is so fascinated with the gender "issue" the media itself seems to have created.

National Lampoon (magazine) - Wikipedia