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War What Is It Good For? James Perloff on the Myths of the "Good War"



War is the primary tool used to justify government existence. Wars keep us all bonded as wage slaves to an inhuman system of commerce.

Word of mouth tales of war kept medieval minds thinking they needed the protection of the high castle walls and the people in fancy royal robes.

History is more religious mythology than you might think. We've been living in a virtual MATRIX world for centuries and did not notice.

Hollywood acts like a factory that produces moving picture based mythology designed to reinforce the belief in the need for governmental authority. Hollywood product reinforces the idea that government is needed by all people around the world. Hollywood does not just work for the United States, it also works for all governments around the globe as Hollywood product ends up reinforcing the idea that the world is a dangerous place that needs governmental management to "save". We have to really think that we are running out of room and that humanity is close to using up all the resources of this vast world. We are supposed to believe the vast world is a lot smaller than it is. We are also supposed to believe that "we" can lay waste to the world many times over. What if I told you this was all lies and that "we' can't destroy the world and that there is more than enough room for all of us on this vast globe? What if I told you that governments lie to us so they can continue to exist? 

Do you think governments serve you or do you serve government?

Wars work to get us to believe we not only need government and we need to pay our taxes for it all, we also have to truly believe that government serves us. Do you believe government serves us or do we serve it?

Hollywood Loves War!

The world always seems to be on the brink of ending. The News is filled with endless streams of terror. It seems that no matter how much we pay in taxes and how much we industrialize the world, we can never know peace. No matter how many wars "we" have, "we" still have a world with a ticking Doomsday Clock. We have United Nations and all sorts of Councils on Foreign Relations and still, "Gosh Darn it", they can't figure out this world peace thing. We have to keep footing the bill for it all, after all. We will also soon need to pay an extra bit of carbon tax to just breathe. The Four fabulous Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been long employed to keep us, the vast human resource believing we need the vast layers of protections of government we do not need. We have to believe we need to be protected from all sorts of existential threats. The truth seems to be the world is a lot safer than governments and the military industry need us to know.

Hollywood Has Been Selling War Since World War One

Hollywood cranks out a stream of war films to this day. Actors, theater and politics are as one. All the world is one big Royal Global Theatre Stage.

Hollywood Hearts Hitler and World War Two and Holocaust Horror Flicks

So many Hollywood idols and social shepherds seem to love war.

"Clark Gable enlisted at age 43 after losing wife Carole Lombard to the war effort, but some stars, including Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Stewart, were already in the service when the U.S. entered World War II. Others, like Gene Hackman and Harvey Keitel, did their service before becoming famous. (And both left home early to join up.)"

Actors Who Served: Hollywood Stars Who Are Military Veterans ...


James Bond was really a war bonds salesman. Secret agents seem more like talent agents for Hollywood celebrities. The military is more interested in producing quality propaganda product than fighting real wars. Wars and the subsequent history sold as fact is more the result of military simulation than any kind of example of reality. History is made of more lies than we are taught in school. History is more myth than fact.

Hollywood stars sell war bonds (1942) source: djoi0901

War bond - Wikipedia

Bob Hope Loves The War Time Road Show

Don't forget Bob Hope and the endless needless and illogical USO Tours that would grow into  the pop concert world of today.

United Service Organizations - Wikipedia

Atom Bombs Were Crafted In Hollywood Film Studios

The facts seem to be that the governments of the world are not as powerful as they claim to be and the world is a lot safer than governments need or want us to know. The Wizard of Oz is not real and nether is the magical power of government. Governments rely on our consent to continue to exist.

Lookout Mountain Air Force Station - Wikipedia

False Flag Warning: Hollywood Talent Created Fake War Footage

Documentaries were never as real as advertised. Want to bet these headlines are the tip of the proverbial iceberg? War is more of a scripted Hollywood effort than most think. Wargaming and simulation is an old art. See article index for more.

Legendary Directors Record Fake Combat Footage During Second ...

How Oscar-winning directors faked WWII combat footage | New York ...

John Huston's Fake Documentaries Of World War II - KnowledgeNuts

Military simulation - Wikipedia


War: Scripted Fiction & Little Else?

International banking managers have long used tales of war to fund all sorts of global enterprises and expansions. Wars get us the vast human resource of the world to keep turning the wheel of industry for all time. Modern mainstream News with an endless stream of tabloid noise and nearly daily terror attacks of one kind or another, continues the long tradition of the yellow journalistic support for government. We have to really believe we need to continue to pay for all the layers of government we do not need. "Climate Change" is another existential threat we will end up footing the bill for, whether we are directly taxed or not.

Wars Are More Contrived And Fake Than Most Know

Hollywood has long been war bonded to government. At the highest levels Hollywood and The United States Federal Government are one. Wars are more scripted theater and more simulation, news reel based fictions than most want to seem to realize. This does not mean real people do not get killed. It only means that we can't trust the highly edited images of war and combat that we have been sold are real. We can't trust all the propaganda based narratives sold as history. We can't trust the scale of it all. Governmental claims of super powered weapons and the ability to level cities seems to be the stuff of newsreel fantasy and not much more. Demolitions would seem to be more controlled affairs than we've been long sold.

Nation States Are Franchises and Wars Are More About Changes In Colonial Management Than We Might Be Inclined To Believe

Layers of lies and deception protect the truth that wars are more controlled and scripted simulations than actual real examples of mass conducted violence. Wars are more about pictures and stories of war than the real thing.

"We the People" is a Marketing Slogan. The Military Might of Governments Is More Simulation Than Reality.

On paper governments are powerful, on screens governments have magical powers that scare children. In reality government is a lot weaker than they want any of us to realize. The Wizard of Oz defense relies on layers and layers of scary lies. It is unlikely that Governments have all the magical fleets of weaponry they claim. They have model ships and model airplanes in Hollywood backlot bathtub studios. 

James Perloff on the Myths of the "Good War"

Wars cover for social engineering projects. Wars serve to fund real physical engineering projects.

Wars are scripted and controlled productions. Wars are the tools for industrialization and civilization.

World leaders and other high level officials are more like life actors than real managers of society. These figures act as social shepherds.

James Perloff on the Myths of the "Good War"  source: thkelly67

War Documentation Can Be Part of The Military Simulation

Historians love to quote all sorts of official documentation that seems to show that the wars were real. It never seems to occur to these minds to question underlying assumptions and they do not seem to consider the possibility that the documents are just layers of more lies.

Don't believe the war stories. Question assumptions.

Tall tales have long been told reinforce faith in government. Word of mouth was the original medium for thought control. Today we are accustomed to a full on multimedia presentation.

Numerous authors of fiction seen to have gotten their starts in war. Someone has to script the stuff sold as fact by the news.

Atom Bombs And Mass City Devastating Fire Bombings Are The Stuff Of Hollywood Myth & Legend

Always question all underlying assumptions. We have long been conditioned to accept highly edited newsreel footage as reality.

Governments make liberal use of terrifying imagery in order to keep us the world human resource in our places turning the wheel of industry for all time. High level military figures and politicians are little more than bad actors, reading from shoddily produced scripts on a very real world theatrical stage. Special effects and darkroom photo manipulation are as old as photography itself and computers were never needed to convincingly craft believable images that could fool the eye. Highly edited footage with authoritative voice over narration is evidence of nothing but a propaganda campaign.

Nation States Are Fake: The World Is Really Run As One Big Holy Roaming Global Enterprise

America is still more of a British colony than most think. The international banking industry is an old institution that has long served the thousand year old (or so) Holy Roman Empire, which never really fell, but instead rebranded and reimagined itself into the British Empire which has reimagined itself into the modern world of United Nations. The Royal families of the world still exist and are all supposed to be related. Even Presidents and Prime Ministers are claimed to be related to the European Blue Blood ruling class.

There is no real reason for wars as the world is a huge vast resource, Those of us who live in highly populated regions have a false impression. The media and government promotes the idea that we can destroy the world and that we are running out of resources. The truth is there is more than enough for all of us. Pay attention next time you fly or drive between cities and highly concentrated urban and suburban areas. There is plenty of fertile land out there. In many ways, government relies on urban life for its existence. Urban life requires a dependance that country living traditionally does not. Governments take advantage of this. 

High level University and fraternity indoctrinated minds manage the Empire for the old Blue Blood Royal interests who still retain their claims to their ancient business endeavor we call global history and civilization.

Wars are covers for creating vast social and cultural change. Wars cover for engineering projects like building Coca Cola bottling plants in North Africa and the like. Wars cover for making the world safe for passenger jet air travel and global hotel chain franchises and eventually the electronically socially media connected world of today.

General Eisenhower and Coca-Cola plants: The Coca-Cola Company

Outdoor Theaters of War: Boo! Artists Craft Make Believe War

Ghost Army - Wikipedia

Outdoor Fakery

The military is more deceptive than most might be inclined to realize. Military theaters and world actors are more literally apt descriptions than most people understand. Was Operation Gladio an updated version of the Ghost Army?

Operation Gladio - Wikipedia


"Can 'fake' documentaries still tell the truth?"

"It's simply that the further back in film history one goes, the more limiting – if not outright redundant – the dictionary definition turns out to be. The pioneering early documentaries of John Grierson were heavily and openly scripted. Robert Flaherty's 1922 classic Nanook of the North, while embraced as an authentic window on the Inuit lifestyle, was actually staged for the cameras. In fact, it was only with the arrival of cinema vérité in the 1960s that the documentary and the dictionary begins to dovetail. Our concept of the genre as representing a pure and overriding truth is drawn straight from the films of Fred Wiseman, Barbara Kopple and the Maysles brothers, with their handheld cameras, mobile mics and freewheeling sense of life on the run."

Can 'fake' documentaries still tell the truth? | Film | The Guardian



World War Two era journalists become the modern digital priests, rabbis and gurus of today. People believe what they see on screens, despite any obvious continuity errors, because the News claims it is real. After all, the journalists didn't investigate and do not investigate any problems with the official governmental stories. Since the journalists don't investigate "conspiracy claims", most assume there is nothing to investigate.

Legendary news stories like "Watergate" reinforce the idea that the press is independent of government.

High level journalists like Edward R. Murrow are propagandists and nothing more. These people are employed to promote all sorts of scripts that may or may not be contradictory in nature. We are so conditioned to this style of "News" that most do not realize it for the highly edited product it really is.

Edward R. Murrow - Wikipedia


What Are The Odds?

"Suspect Identified In London Terror Attack Featured In A Documentary About Jihadis"

"Suspect Identified In London Terror Attack Featured In A Documentary About Jihadis Khuram Shazad Butt and a second identified suspect, Rachid Redouane, both hailed from East London." "Khuram Shazad Butt was part of the 2016 documentary “The Jihadis Next Door.” "

"Butt had also gained public attention. He was featured in “The Jihadis Next Door,” a Channel 4 documentary that aired in January 2016. The film, made over the course of two years, shows him praying with a group in front of an Islamic State flag in London’s Regent’s Park. Butt appears in the film alongside Mohammed Shamsuddin, the ringleader of an Islamist group called al-Muhajiroun. Shamsuddin proudly proclaimed in the film that the jihadi flag may one day fly over 10 Downing Street, the British prime minister’s residence. "

"Saturday’s incidents marked the third terror incident in just three months in the U.K. In March, Khalid Masood plowed a rented car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before fatally stabbing a police officer. Six people, including Masood, died in that attack. Last month, a suicide bomber killed nearly two dozen people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. "



The Jihadis Next Door | Tuesday, 9pm | Channel 4

The Jihadis Next Door | Tuesday, 9pm | Channel 4  source: Channel 4