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The Average American Has A Very Low IQ: Space X And The Dumbing Down of The Human Mind

Augmented Reality

There is no arguing with true believers and the faithful.  There's also no trying to explain why something is physically impossible to those who truly believe otherwise. Go and read the comments for this video. People seem to buy into it all without any thought. In fact they scoff at the idea that this could be fake. You can see it with your own eyes! It is on video so it must be real.

Obviously and seemingly physically impossible, literal cartoon physics are taken to be legitimate examples of "science". This is an obvious YouTube propaganda piece and nothing more. Space X and Elon Musk are cartoon creations of the cult of the United States. The average American believes this is real. They believe men walked on the Moon, they believe there are satellites and a space station and they believe "we" are going to go to Mars by around 2030.

People Truly Believe In All Sorts of Lies

Most people are simply  ignorant of the history of international banking and international boundaries in the first place. Most people are ignorant of the history of the military itself and how the military has always worked with the banking industry to engineer civilization. Art has long been commissioned by the self proclaimed royal blue bloods to craft a global European Empire.  The mass human resource of the world has been long managed with imagery of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These artifices are a lot less real than most think. Existential threats are used to keep people believing they need all the protective layers of government in the first place. The rocket is a powerful artifact. The rocket represents both the means by which the world can be destroyed with nuclear flame and the rocket also represents the Star Trek like salvation of humankind.

We will never get to go to outer space, but most of us will pretend "we" will. It's been nearly 50 years since men were supposed to have walked on the Moon and we still can't wait on a line to go through a body scan to take a rocket ride into the sky. We cannot travel to a low earth orbiting Hilton Hotel. We can't even wait on a line for the mythic NASA Vomit Comet Ride; and yet people still believe "We" are going to go to Mars.

SpaceX CRS-11 RTLS Sonic Boom Shakes Camera, 6 Miles from LZ1  source: K Space Academy

Most of Us Are Truly Overgrown Children Who Believe In A Fleet of Pulled Wisdom Teeth Fairies

Most people seem to be more than happy with limited intellectual capacity. There are plenty of people with high I.Q.s who buy into obvious nonsense as actual and demonstrable science. Do you really think a rocket can land like this? This is right out of 1950's science fiction films. 

Do you really think cartoon physics are real? Do you really think this is a real achievable feat? The flame from the rocket does not appear to react to the surrounding atmosphere at all. This looks like just a version of augmented reality. Someone could (basically) create something like this with a smartphone. This is easily created with modern video and animation software on a desktop or even laptop computer. 

One Small Step Over To The Computer Keyboard & One Great Whale Of A Lie

A Leap of Faith For Mindless Flocked Grateful - Shopping Mall Sheep

Magic Leap Virtual Reality - Behold The Future  source:  UPHIGH Productions 

Is it really smart or wise to believe what you see on a screen without any critical thought? Apparently most people think the answer to this question is yes. Are people capable of using the internet to actually self educate? The answer for most appears to be no. The internet might give us all access to a proverbial library of Alexandria and most use it to post selfies of their latest transgendered body "mod".

Augmented reality - Wikipedia

The European Enterprise That Runs The Globe Relies On The Consent & Cooperation Of The Governed Human Populace To Keep The Wheel Of Industry Ever Turning For All Of Time

Wisdom might be more important than intelligence in this context. The artificial world we all know and many take for granted is one that requires the cooperation of humanity to keep it all running. Industrialization and urbanization end up making us all more dependent on the system. Most of us cannot survive without the advantages of modern civilization.

Modern global civilization is one of refined specialization.

The Jack of All Trades is a rare class of character these days. Most people are specialized into micromanaged communities by an educational system that indoctrinates people into thinking this kind of training is wise. People follow the directions they have been taught to read from the official manuals. Each individual worker or technician has their individual role to play and they are not really encouraged to see the bigger picture at all.

Some People Seem To Have Trouble Reading Maps

The aborigine or "primitive" version of humanity can survive in the wild, while most of us have trouble changing a tire or fixing our own toilets. Our modern global society relies on the different parts of the global empire all working in coordination. The ever growing more complex world of dizzying mathematical constructs and digital delivery systems will only result in human minds becoming more dependent on the various layers of external governance and guidance most seem to not even notice.


Some Have Trouble Understanding What They See Through Lenses


Even The Electric Universe Guys Won't Admit How Fake Outer Space Really Is

The Big Bang Theory is not a real theory and is nothing but religious mysticism. There is no real evidence for the Big Bang, there is only ad hoc circular reasoning backed with illogically premised math. Modern cosmology is a patchwork ad hoc house of cards built on one unverifiable assumption after another. The Thunderbolts Project seems like NASA damage control to me. This version of an Electric Universe seems to me contrived to save NASA and other global space agency backsides. This also provides for an alternative cosmology based in demonstrable principle, even if such cosmology is as fantastic as accepted cosmology has always been. While these electric minds accept NASA's space program as valid science and history and not Hollywood fabricated mythology, the Thunderbolt's criticism of mainstream accepted cosmology is usually worth looking into.


A Trump Card "Circular Reasoned Ride" Postscript: Fake News is Real So Says The FBI

Huffington Post: "Here’s All The ‘Fake News’ That James Comey’s Planned Testimony Backs Up.  Awkward. By Hayley Miller"

"In the months leading up to FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate intelligence committee, President Donald Trump and his staff dismissed several New York Times reports about the two men’s interactions as “fake news.”

Trump tweeted last month that unnamed sources cited in the articles likely “don’t exist” and are “made up by fake news writers.”"

"But Comey’s planned testimony, which was made public on Wednesday, appears to confirm the credibility of the Times’ reports. (Just for the record, fabricating sources and quotes is arguably the single biggest sin a journalist can commit, and something only the most foolish reporters try to get away with.)"


Parroting Reporters Are Paid For Their Choral Song And Not For Critical Thought:

The Average Journalist is an unwitting and uneducated, tool. The average journalist rips the story from the AP or Reuters News feed.

The average journalist have their articles edited and massaged and filtered by those above their pay grade. The average reporter need not and must not critically question official narrative too much, if at ll. And the average journalist is more than likely not part of any great conspiracy or anything like that. The average journalist is just like the average person, because that is all they obviously are. The average person wouldn't dream that high level politicians have always been actors and role players of one kind or another, more so than actual true leaders. They are more social shepherds than real political action figures. It's not that the laws they make do not matter, they do; it's that the two party system and the high level politicians themselves all seem to be part of a long historical theatrical show most consider to be factual history rather than contrived mythology. 

Fake News is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. History is more scripted fiction than most know. 

An Actor As President? An Actor as FBI Director?

For most people who read Huffington Post, this will now close the case on "Fake News". They will continue to trust the governmental backed news sources like they have been long conditioned to do. They will magically forget or otherwise ignore all the mainstream news stories where the news media themselves admit to having faked news in one way or another. The liberal leaning readers of Huff Po will magically forget things like the Judith Miller, NY Times fake Iraq news incident from the George W. Bush, Iraq War era. 

 In this context this seems to serve the same purpose as Watergate, which seems to have been to reinforce the belief that government and the news press are independent of each other. The demonstrable, historical truth is that both have always been run as one from the top down. Major news sources have long been controlled by the same international banking interests that control all the important global institutions and always have. Scripted Governmental Watergate style soap opera, spy fiction, reinforce the belief in government we simply do not need.


A Russian Segue To Losing a Thousand Years of History

UnSpun 071 - Jacob Duellman: “'Investigating the British Academy."  source: GnosticMedia