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Living In A World Of Virtual Insanity


Project MK ULTRA: 

Viral, Social Media Marketing Or True Espionage?

What really makes more sense?

"Russian hackers are using Britney Spears’ social media to reveal coded instructions"

"Comments left on Britney Spears’ photos on Instagram and Facebook are secretly announcing the location of command and control servers for Russian hackers when the old servers are shut down."


Britney Spears’s Instagram is secretly being used by Russian hackers  source: Noo News


The word "Hacker" rolls so easily off of every News Media Parrot's News Feed fed tongue.


Where Are Your Hacker Branded Trojans™?

"Turla is a Trojan package that is suspected by security researchers and Western intelligence officers to be the product of a Russian government agency. Turla has been targeting governments and militaries since at least 2008.[1][2][3]

In December 2014 there was evidence of it targeting the Linux operating system.[4]"

Turla (malware) - Wikipedia


Maybe we need more laws and layers of government to protect us from this existential threat... those poor Britney fans...