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NASA Faking Space Does Not Mean The Earth Is Flat


Fake Space Does Not Make The World Flat

An interesting find.

Apparently outer space is full of NASA employed giants.

NASA 1983 ISS Satellite Launch & Giant Men in Space  source: aplanetruth.info


The Cold War In Space Must Not Be Allowed To End: Send In The Flat Earth Noise Machine!

The mainstream media's fascination with the "truther community" explained as a somewhat lame damage control operation that will probably work.

Flat Earth = Discredit By Association: Witting Or Not

NASA's fakery is pretty obvious now that we all have potential access to the internet and can go through and look at the older footage that was sold to the public as real, but is obviously not. Hollywood special effects magic has been the true top secret technology used to project the minds of the mass public into "outer space".

There are numerous examples of obvious Hollywood style special effects work sold as actual engineered reality. YouTube is home to a whole bunch of cartoonish banana republic propaganda.

 The GOOGLE & YouTube promoted Flat Earth search result nonsense would seem to be a logical response to the obvious and self evident propaganda the world public has been exposed to for a very long time, NASA space fakery is but the tip of the proverbial titanic iceberg. History is more myth and fiction than most realize.

The self proclaimed Super Powers of the world are more cartoon fiction than the governments of the world need or want any of us to figure out. Art has alway been the true weapon of mass delusion, producing what we know of as civilization.

Society itself is a mutually accepted, somewhat insane, live action role playing game that requires we consent to abiding by a byzantine set of ever changing rules; this does not mean the world is flat, the world is demonstrably best described and modeled as a globe. The Flat Earth follower is either some kind of phony or as deluded as those who believe Elon Musk will one day send people to Mars in a reusable 1950's style, Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon era rocket-ship.

The only way anyone goes to Mars is by way of some kind of mass produced, schizophrenic, electronically enhanced, augmented reality acid trip. Perhaps one day all human brains will born with chips implanted that will allow the nervous system to be overridden with governmental based reality. No need for GOOGLE Glass™ when one's own brain is already chipped with Wi-Fi!

Google Glass - YouTube


One Day Virtual Reality Might Go "Live"


Elon Musk launches Neuralink, a venture to merge the human brain ...

GOOGLE Glass™ is Today, GOOGLE Brain™ Is The Future: A Virtual Role Playing World For All

"Google is launching an augmented reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game on its Android operating system. The game is called Ingress, which is a word that essentially mean “an entrance,” and looks to be played by using a phone to interact with the game and the real world around the player at the same time. It gets even weirder, though.

Players will choose between two sides, the Resistance or the Enlightened. The Ingress page in the Google Play store says the game is based around a “mysterious energy” which has been uncovered in Europe, and the two sides are fighting over what to do with it. The Resistance, as the name suggests, are against using the energy, but the Enlightened are totally psyched about it. Which side you choose comes down to how willing you are to embrace weird new forces in your life. If you read this site, we’re guessing you’d side with the weird new energy."

Google Takes Over the World With Augmented Reality MMORPG | The ...


iMAGINE THIS IS IN YOUR MIND'S EYE: Your Brain Chipped & Wi Fi Connected To The Cloud

Dispersion Augmented Reality RPG  source: Bernardus Muller


The Military Is Altering the Limits of Human Performance

"Imagine a group of volunteers, their chests rigged with biophysical sensors, preparing for a mission in a military office building outfitted with cameras and microphones to capture everything they do. “We want to set up a living laboratory where we can actually pervasively sense people, continuously, for a long period of time. The goal is to do our best to quantify the person, the environment, and how the person is behaving in the environment,” Justin Brooks, a scientist at the Army Research Laboratory, or ARL, told me last year.

ARL was launching the Human Variability Project, essentially a military version of the reality-TV show Big Brother without the drama. The Project seeks to turn a wide variety of human biophysical signals into machine-readable data by outfitting humans and their environment with interactive sensors.

The Army is not alone. The Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and their special operations forces are also funding research to collect biophysical data from soldiers, sailors, Marines, and pilots. The goal is to improve troops’ performance by understanding what’s happening inside their bodies, down to how their experiences affect them on a genetic level. It’s not exactly genetically engineering soldiers into superhero Captain Americas; the U.S. military insists they have no intention of using biometric data science for anything like the genetic engineering of superior traits. But it’s close. The military is after the next best thing."



What changes are truly in store for our descendants?

Welcome To The 'Post Modern' World of Planned Obsolescence




Viren Swami, a professor of social psychology at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK, said that while the common perception of conspiracy theorists is that they must have some kind of mental disorder, research shows that half of all Americans believe in at least one conspiracy theory. 

“Given the number of people who believe in conspiracy theories it's probably unlikely that all of them are suffering from some kind of psychopathology,” he said.

He said the biggest predictor that someone will believe in a conspiracy is their belief in other conspiracies.

“Someone who already believes, for example, in the 9/11 conspiracy theory is much more likely to accept the Flat Earth conspiracy theory, because it fits into their world view that there are people who are manipulating and doing bad things,” said Swami.

And the most plausible reason people believe in conspiracy theories, said Swami, has to do with stress and empowerment. When some kind of stressful event happens such as a terrorist attack, or even when someone feels helpless in their life situation, they have a need to make sense of why these things are happening.

“People who lack agency or lack power in some way are much more likely to accept a conspiracy theory because it gives them a sense of agency,” said Swami. “If for example you can personify the threat, now you can challenge them, now you can go on twitter and have a rant about it.” 

A popular rapper named B.o.B went on a rant about his Flat Earther beliefs on Twitter in the beginning of 2016. His views reached so many people that celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson felt the need to shut him down, not only on Twitter, but on television as well. 

“Issac Newton said if I have seen farther than others it’s by standing on the shoulders of giants…so that’s right B.o.B, when you stand on the shoulders who came before, you might just see far enough to realize the earth isn’t fucking flat — and by the way, this is called gravity,” said Tyson as he dropped the mic on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central.

Swami said he hopes that the more we talk about conspiracy theories and point out why they are scientifically implausible, the more people will stop believing them."

Flat Earthers Around The World: The Psychology Behind Their Rise ...