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The Art of The Visual Con Job: Red Bull YouTube Propaganda


Getting Lost with Wings of Fanciful Flights of Folly

Welcome to the age of social media guru guided flocks of internet subscribing followers. Your thoughts now belong to the collective community.

Like all good sleight of hand style "spooks", YouTube and other sorts of Google-able gurus seek to define where you should look for the so-called "truth".


Do You Believe in (Movie) Magic?

These are still the early days of augmented social media reality.

There are numerous traditional and digital ways to craft believable visual illusions. Word of mouth lies have becomes post modern high resolution digital video flights of folly.

Physically impossible feats fuel too many imaginations, crafting stagnating minds that do not seem interested in asking real questions.


Red Bull's Mind Blowing Side Show:

How can helicopters fly upside down?

Aerobatic helicopter tricks with Chuck Aaron  source: Red Bull 

A Proper Gander In A World of Extremely Productive Propaganda Stunts

Duck & Covering Mythic Mother Goose Marketing

"In a world full of publicity stunts, Red Bull absolutely takes the stunt cake. Red Bull has whole teams of athletes, skydivers, motorcycle riders, and race drivers that execute a seemingly endless array of stunts. They race. They climb. They execute stunts on the ground and in the air. And Red Bull teams with athletes and stunt men to stage some pretty off-the-wall, one-off stunts as well. It sponsors every kind of competition you can think of, from rally driving to mountain bike riding.

And money seems to be no object. When Red Bull staged a stratosphere parachute jump a few years back, the cost was said to run around $50 million. Some even claim that Red Bull’s annual marketing budget is in excess of $1 billion. But, as it sells some 5 billion cans of the drink per year, that $1 billion does not seem excessive."

source: 15 Red Bull Publicity Stunts That Will Blow Your Mind - TheRichest

Red Bull Stratos 'Space Jump' Helped Sell a Lot of Product | Special ...


How many people do you think question these types of cartoonish headlines?

Do grown adults really believe obvious yellow journal headlines?

Superheros are very popular as is cosplay. Apparently playing dress up with make believe technology is a new fad. Of course we are supposed to ignore the more obvious and believable explanation that such feats are just Hollywood style illusion. Instead we are supposed to have faith in the fallacious logic of Hollywood stuntmen and other types of snake oil con artists. This is all a huge pile of steaming 'Red Bull' indeed! Ironman is a cartoon character and the technology that character uses is nothing but fantasy.

"What's it like to fly in a real-life Iron Man suit? According to the inventor of this incredible working prototype, it's "like riding a bicycle in three dimensions"."

"Meet Richard M. Browning, the ex-soldier who's created an amazing working jetpack"

"The man in the suit is Richard M. Browning, an ex-Royal Marine reservist who is, "inspired by doing things that haven't been done". 

Propulsion comes from six miniature jet engines  – similar to those used in jet-powered model aeroplanes – which are mounted on the arms and the lower back. Though the suit is capable of extreme speeds and altitudes, Browning is currently exercising a bit of restraint.

"The suit can fly in most locations," he tells RedBull.com. "Despite being capable of flying at several hundred miles per hour, and at thousands of feet, normal operation sees the wearer flying at no more than a couple of metres."

We guess it's true what they say; with great power comes great responsibility. (Even if that is from Spider-Man, not Iron Man.)

Training to fly the suit is really tough Flying like Tony Stark is not as simple as just strapping yourself in and jetting off. The suit requires an enormous amount of physical effort to control."

source: https://www.redbull.com/ie-en/real-life-iron-man-suit

Flying Wingsuits Are Fake Too.

source: Wingsuit Flying - Red Bull


Red Bologna Gives You Wings:
Publicity Stunt or Scientific Style Feat?

Methinks high altitude Red Bull sky dives are more than likely fake too.


The Great Michael Jackson, David Copperfield Jet Pack Hoax

"A Michael Jackson concert has about as much spontaneity as a space shuttle launch, and probably costs just as much. Saturday's concert from Bucharest, Romania, was a spectacle of epic proportions, utilizing a mammoth stage, precision lighting and illusions worthy of a David Copperfield special."

"Just when you thought Jackson was getting serious, out rolls a jet-pack which is strapped to someone dressed like Jackson. (The artist subtly switches places with the stunt-person prior to blast-off.) The astronaut is launched above the heads of the audience and out of sight. And like at concerts of that other King, we hear the announcer inform that “Michael Jackson has left the stadium.” Hype and largess included, somewhere Col. Parker must be smiling."

"Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Tour in 1992 was jam packed with magic tricks and illusions. Apparently, illusionist David Copperfield, helped put together some of the stage illusions. Yesterday we had a look at the History Tour “Torture chamber” illusion between “Thriller” and “Beat it” and today we are going to look at the amazing trick which gave Michael an explosive surprise entrance to “Beat it”. This particular illusion was performed by the King of Pop 20 years ago now, so I feel that enough time has passed to give it Historical reference and good reason to take a closer look at this amazing illusion – Probably Michael’s best stage illusion he ever performed."

sources: Michael Jackson in Concert in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour | Variety

Michael Jackson: Rewind: The Life and Legacy of Pop Music's King

David Copperfield's flying illusion - Wikipedia


Use YouTube To Help You Begin To Learn How Things Work

Learn about how things work for yourself. The internet blows away the legendary library of Alexandria. YouTube videos are a good starting point for self education.

Questioning Red Bull Claims:

There does not seem to be any way anyone could use the helicopter controls to achieve the Red Bull feat.

What do you think?

How does a Helicopter fly ?  source: Learn Engineering 


Post Modern Jetsons For The YouTube Generation

Live action cartoon characters unite!

Amazing Video: 'Jet Man' stunts alongside fighter jets over Alps  source: RT 


Saturday Morning Cartoon Physics Sold As Mainstream Science & Technology

Do not tell the Wright Brothers that flight is so amazingly easy.

Who needs wide wing spans anyway? Ironman and Superman do not.

Most seem to truly feel that if Hollywood screens show superhuman flight, such things must be real.


When will we be able to all have chance to wait on a line for an upside down helicopter or a jet pack ride?

Can't just anyone hitch a ride on an upside down Blue Angel-type of flight?

Those of us without such magical security clearance might want to begin to try to really figure out how to unite.


Film fakery isn't new.


How Hollywood Special Effects Crafting Works:

Want to learn how theaters of war are crafted?

Secret World War Weaponry Revealed: The First Motion Picture Unit

Hollywood loves to go to war.

First Motion Picture Unit: Army Air Forces  source: US National Archives 


Want to learn how real human flight works?

How do Airplanes fly ?  source: Learn Engineering 


A Questioning Post Script:

Do You Think Social Media Makes Most Stupid or Smart?

"Social Media Is Making You Stupid'

"Social media, we all know, can make you unproductive. If you're indiscreet or offensive, it can complicate your relationships. But can it also make you downright dumb?

That’s what a new study published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interfacesuggests. How can spending more time on Facebook or Twitter end up making us stupider?

It’s not just that all those hours clicking crops in Farmville and the like simply represnts time that could be spent, say, reading a book and actually learning something. The greater problem seems to be the human tendency to copy others.

Can You Copycat Your Way to Intelligence?

To come to this conclusion, the scientists created five artificial social networks made up of volunteers. Some connected their members in a tight net, where everyone was in contact with everyone else. Others kept the participants more separate. They then tasked the participants with answering a tricky set of brainteasers. Were those who were more socially connected more or less likely to figure out the right answers?

In the short term, more connections yielded more right answers, but not because members were learning. Nope, they were just stealing.

"The researchers found that in well connected networks volunteers...got better at giving the right answer the more times they were asked and the more opportunities they had to steal their neighbours' answers," Phys.org reports. "This result showed that when the students had lots of connections to peers they could recognise where they had given a wrong answer and swap it for the right one."

But did copying smarter social connections improve participants' ability to figure out the answers independently? In short, no. Given a fresh question, the copycats performed no better than when they first joined the social network.

The Good News--and the Bad

The results offer encouragement for both fans and critics of social networks. If you look at things on the group level, there is reason for cheer. "Being able to copy from other people in vast networks means analytical responses rapidly spread, fulfilling their promise of improved decision-making for well-connected people," says Phys.org.

But for individuals, the implications are less positive. Social networking probably isn’t making you smarter. In fact, it could be making you dumber by supplying answers and insights without requiring any actual thinking, so that your analytic powers begin to waste away like an unused muscle.

Or as the research team puts it: "On the other hand, the bias may very well decrease the frequency of analytical reasoning by making it easy and commonplace for people to reach analytical response without engaging analytical processing." In the long-term, they warn, "increased connectivity may eventually make us stupid by making us smarter first." "



How accurate do you think this article is?

Does this not seem to be describing the behavior of too many of us?

Doesn't the mainstream News media and the mainstream university system promote the exact same, unthinking, behavior, (in general)?

Does this not describe basic human nature, even the behavior of the so-called and self proclaimed "truther movements", 9/11 justice seekers  and YouTube shepherded and mainstream media hyped and promoted, "coming soon to a convention hall near you", Flat Earth follower - follies?

One can use the internet for social role playing and one can use the internet to self educate. The two are not mutually exclusive, yet many seem to prefer the former and ignore the latter, embracing forms of cosplay over true self actualization. Most prefer to let community promoted external authority do their thinking for them. Most prefer to let some type of guru program their minds rather than undertaking the arduous and trial and error prone task of self programing. Most prefer to parrot catechisms of all kinds in an unadulterated zombie like, faith-based fashion. Belief systems and identities seem to be of greater important the any real quest for any semblance of reality or truth.


Too many of us seem to rely on amateur YouTube videos and podcasts as some kind of substitute for actual self education and real critical thought.

This is exactly how most consume the mainstream News and related media and why that media makes for a powerful tool of government.


Mentally Hanged With Every Word

Too many of us seem too worried about what various online personas think and say.

Too many seem to have certainty about subjects that they have not bothered to study for themselves.

 Too many seem satisfied talking in merry go round pizza pie like circles.

Not too many seem to really know how to think for themselves.


What do you think and why do you think it?


Most Humans Seem Forever Neurologically Hypnotized & Obsessed With All Sorts of Self Identifying Types of Guises

Mirror neuron - Wikipedia

Mirror Neurons + Dopamine, The One Two Punch! - Cultures of ...

Dopamine - Wikipedia


Media Manipulative Simon Says Style Scapegoating Attempts To Discredit Valid Governmental Criticism With Official Hollywood Promoted Washington Divide & Conquer Anti-Semitic Propaganda

Media manipulation - Wikipedia

Do Jews Control the Media? | HuffPost

The Alt-Right Reopens Questions of Jewish Whiteness - The Atlantic


Discredit By Association: The Mainstream Meme

"BIGFOOT. LIZARD PEOPLE. Paul is dead, and Elvis isn't. Aliens. It's the stuff conspiracy theories traffic in, and it's mostly harmless."

"The outbreak of Jewish cemetery vandalism and more than 100 bomb threats made against Jewish community centers? Anything but."

"Spend enough time lurking around the conspiracy community's tangled webs of red string, the lines lead back to a single "culprit:" a Jewish shadow government bent on world domination. This anti-Semitic fear-mongering held sway a thousand years ago, when Christians portrayed Jews as baby-eating well-poisoners spreading the Black Plague. Since then, the story hasn't changed. But every time an innovative communication technology emerges, anti-Semitism has surged to fill these new channels with hate.

Today, certain dark corners of the internet obsess over the falsehood that liberal Jewish billionaire investor George Soros is the puppeteer behind everything from the International Women's Day strike to Black Lives Matter to Trump protesters to the European refugee crisis to the debunked DC-pizzeria-based child sex ring scandal known as "Pizza Gate."

None of these claims have any truth. But whenever paranoid populists get ahold of new media tech, the Jewish puppet master conspiracy theory reappears with an updated figurehead. The internet just provides the newest bullhorn for a millennia-old smear campaign."

source: The Internet Protocols of the Elders of Zion | WIRED