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The World


Welcome to "Century 21"

The World XXI: The 21st Apocalyptic Trumpeting Tarot Card

"The World (XXI) is a trump or Major Arcana card in the tarot deck. It is usually the final card of the Major Arcana or tarot trump sequence. In the tarot family of card games, this card is usually worth five points."

"The World represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool. The figure is at once male and female, above and below, suspended between the heavens and the earth. It is completeness. It is also said to represent cosmic consciousness; the potential of perfect union with the One Power of the universe. It tells us full happiness is also to give back to the world, sharing what we have learned or gained.

According to Robert M. Place in his book The Tarot, the four beasts on the World card represent the fourfold structure of the physical world, which frames the sacred center of the world, a place where the divine can manifest. Sophia, meaning Prudence or Wisdom (the dancing woman in the center), is spirit or the sacred center, the fifth element. It is the fourth of the Cardinal virtues in the Tarot. The lady in the center is thus a symbol of the goal of mystical seekers. In some older decks, this central figure is Christ, in others it is Hermes. Whenever it comes up, this card represents what is truly desired."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World_(Tarot_card)

Links: Century 21 Exposition

Century 21 (real estate)

Wandering Through The  World O' Wonder

The World As Universe

"A naked woman hovers or dances above the Earth holding a staff in each hand, surrounded by a green wreath, being watched by various creatures. In older decks, these are usually a tetramorph, a human face or head, a lion, an ox, and an eagle, the symbols of the four Evangelists. The four figures in the corners of the card are also referenced in the Book of Revelation, 4:7, where the throne of God is described: "And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle."

Later decks avoid such overt Christian symbolism, or ignore it altogether, choosing to explain these observers as representatives of the natural world, or the kingdom of beasts. According to astrological tradition, the Lion is Leo, a fire sign; the Bull or calf is Taurus, an earth sign; the Man is Aquarius, an air sign; and the Eagle is Scorpio, a water sign. These signs also represent the classical four elements."

"In some decks the wreath is an ouroborous biting its own tail. In the Thoth Tarot designed by Aleister Crowley, this card is called "The Universe." "

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World_(Tarot_card)


YouTube Videos Giving You The Blues In The Key of Flattened C?

Learning To See Past Social Media Mirages

Is it the real world you seek or do you desire to play a walk on role in the world of augmented fantasy instead?


Atmospheric Refraction On The Globe Shaped Earth

"This should not be confused with a mirage since there’s no image inversion."

(photo link below)

"The photo above showing a gorgeous magenta sunset, the city of Marseille, France (foreground), the Gulf of Lion (mid-ground) and the Pyrenees Mountains (background) was captured about 40 minutes after sunset on January 22, 2012. The Pic du Canigou is the portion of the Pyrenees visible on the distant horizon -- some 165 mi (265 km) from Marseille. On a planet without an atmosphere, the Pic du Canigou, with peaks reaching around 9,130 ft (2,785 m), couldn’t be seen from Marseille. On Earth, however, the natural gradient of air pressure and density decreases from sea level to the top of the atmosphere. This causes far-away objects such as the mountain peaks seen here to appear as if lifted above the horizon. This phenomenon of atmospheric refraction makes extraterrestrial objects such as the Sun and Moon appear above the horizon for a few minutes after they've set and is well-known to astronomers as astronomical refraction. What’s being observed is looming -- an exaggeration of normal refraction, produced by a steeper than usual decrease in density with height. This should not be confused with a mirage since there’s no image inversion. Note that the elevated position of the photographer plays a greater role in seeing the distant mountains than does atmospheric refraction.

Still, it's rare to see this distant range because of the lack of contrast between the mountains and the background sky. Mid-level clouds and pollution usually blocks the view. Fortunately, fair weather prevailed over France at the time the picture was taken, and the anticyclonic conditions resulted in an extraordinary clear sky over the Gulf of Lion. Such conditions are likely responsible for the unusually large refraction as well as the unusually good visibility. The low relative humidity of the clear air helped to shrink hygroscopicaerosols, thus improving visibility."

photo and source article link: http://epod.usra.edu/blog/2012/03/seeing-over-the-horizon.html

Refraction - Wikipedia



Take a gander at the real world.

Baraka - 1992 [ Documentary ]  source: Janath Priyantha

Baraka (film) - Wikipedia

"Baraka or Barakah may refer to: Berakhah or Baraka, in Judaism, a blessing usually recited during a ceremony. Barakah or Baraka, in Islam, the beneficent force from God that flows through the physical and spiritual spheres."

source: Baraka - Wikipedia



"Chronos is 42 minutes long and has no actors or dialogue. The soundtrack consists of a single continuous piece by composer Michael Stearns. Filmed in dozens of locations on five continents, the film relates to the concept of time passing on different scales—the bulk of the film covers the history of civilization, from pre-history to Egypt to Rome to Late Antiquity to the rise of Western Europe in the Middle Ages to the Renaissance to the modern era. It centers on European themes but not exclusively. Other time scales include the passing of seasons, and the passing of night and day, and the passing shadows of the sun in an afternoon to the passing of people on the street. These themes are intermingled with symbolic meaning."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronos_(film)

Chronos  source: Iván Martín



Ready For A Mental Commute?

What architectural secrets lie in plain sight?

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The Beehive As Masonic Allegory

"The Beehive is the perfect emblem, or typical instance of the power of industry, because what no one bee or succession of separate bees could accomplish is easy where hundreds of them work together at one task at one time."

source: Masonic Dictionary | BEEHIVE, THE | www.masonicdictionary.com


"It is not an easy task to unite the efforts of the human race toward the accomplishment of any common good."

Manly P. Hall

source: The Secret Destiny Of America (1944, by Manly P. Hall) : Free ...


"The bee was among the Egyptians the symbol of an obedient people, because, says Horapollo, "of all insects, the bee alone had a king."

"In our Twentieth Century America, the word "industry" denotes manufacturing and factories classified as heavy industry and light industry; and connote machines and factory workers. When the Beehive is said to be an emblem of industry the word is not used in that sense, indeed, is used with an almost opposite meaning-for it is used in the sense of centuries ago, which was the true sense.

Industry was the employment of a very large number of men, tens of thousands in many instances, on one undertaking at one place and at the same time, and they might or might not use machinery. It was the method by which in the ages before heavy machinery vast building enterprises were accomplished, some of which have so long mystified modern men, the building of the pyramids, of the ancient Egyptian canals, of the hanging gardens of Babylon, of the Ziggurats, of vast Hindu temples, of the Chinese Great Wall and Grand canal of the Mayas' City of Chichen-Itza, etc. the same method by which in World War II the Burma and Ledo roads were constructed as well as great airfields in the remote hills of China; and the method by which from Caesar's time until modern times the Dutch have built their hundreds of miles of dykes. The Beehive is the perfect emblem, or typical instance of the power of industry, because what no one bee'or succession of separate bees could accomplish is easy where hundreds of them work together at one task at one time."

"The bee was among the Egyptians the symbol of an obedient people, because, says Horapollo, "of all insects, the bee alone had a king." Hence looking at the regulated labor of these insects when congregated in their hive, it is not surprising that a beehive should have been deemed an appropriate emblem of systematized industry. Freemasonry has therefore adopted the beehive as a symbol of industry, a virtue taught in the instructions, which says that a Master Mason "works that he may receive wages, the better to support himself and family, and contribute to the relief of a worthy, distressed brother, his widow and orphans" ; and in the Old Charges, which tell us that "all Masons shall work honestly on working days, that they may live creditably on holidays."

There seems, however, to be a more recondite meaning connected with this symbol. The ark has already been shown to have been an emblem common to Freemasonry and the Ancient Mysteries, as a symbol of regeneration--of the second birth from death to life. Now, in the Mysteries, a hive was the type of the ark. "Hence," says Faber (Origin of Pagan Idolatry, volume ii, page 133), "both the diluvian priestesses and the regenerated souls were called bees; hence, bees were feigned to be produced from the carcass of a cow, which also symbolized the ark; and hence, as the great father was esteemed an infernal god, honey was much used both in funeral rites and in the Mysteries." This extract is from the article on the bee in Evans' Animal Symbolism in Ecclesiastical Architecture. - Source: Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry"

source: http://www.masonicdictionary.com/beehive.html


A Terrifying Technocratic Tesla Vision of The Future:

We Shall Be As Bees!

Humanity shall be further made to serve the system.

(I don't know why we have to be like bees when a woman is boss, but Tesla thought it a good idea. I think this idea insane and this potential future an inhuman and unnatural one. I prefer being human and would not want to join the hive mind as a genderless working class drone.)



"An interview with Nikola Tesla by John B.  Kennedy"

Colliers, January 30, 1926

"The life of the bee will be the life of our race, says Nikola Tesla, world-famed scientist."

"A NEW sex order is coming--with the female as superior.  You will communicate instantly by simple vest-pocket equipment.  Aircraft will travel the skies, unmanned, driven and guided by radio.  Enormous power will be transmitted great distances without wires.  Earthquakes will become more and more frequent.  Temperate zones will turn frigid or torrid.  And some of these awe-inspiring developments, says Tesla, are not so very far off."

"BUT the female mind has demonstrated a capacity for all the mental acquirements and achievements of men, and as generations ensue that capacity will be expanded; the average woman will be as well educated as the average man, and then better educated, for the dormant faculties of her brain will be stimulated to an activity that will be all the more intense and powerful because of centuries of repose.  Woman will ignore precedent and startle civilization with their progress.

"The acquisition of new fields of endeavor by women, their gradual usurpation of leadership, will dull and finally dissipate feminine sensibilities, will choke the maternal instinct, so that marriage and motherhood may become abhorrent and human civilization draw closer and closer to the perfect civilization of the bee."

The significance of this lies in the principle dominating the economy of the bee--the most highly organized and intelligently coordinated system of any form of nonrational animal life--the all-governing supremacy of the instinct for immortality which makes divinity out of motherhood.

The center of all bee life is the queen.  She dominates the hive, not through hereditary right, for any egg may be hatched into a reigning queen, but because she is the womb of this insect race.

"It is clear to any trained observer," he says, "and even to the sociologically untrained, that a new attitude toward sex discrimination has come over the world through the centuries, receiving an abrupt stimulus just before and after the World War.

"This struggle of the human female toward sex equality will end in a new sex order, with the female as superior.  The modern woman, who anticipates in merely superficial phenomena the advancement of her sex, is but a surface symptom of something deeper and more potent fermenting in the bosom of the race. 

"It is not in the shallow physical imitation of men that women will assert first their equality and later their superiority, but in the awakening of the intellect of women.

"Through countless generations, from the very beginning, the social subservience of women resulted naturally in the partial atrophy or at least the hereditary suspension of mental qualities which we now know the female sex to be endowed with no less than men."

"THERE are the vast, desexualized armies of workers whose sole aim and happiness in life is hard work.  It is the perfection of communism, of socialized, cooperative life wherein all things, including the young, are the property and concern of all.

Then there are the virgin bees, the princess bees, the females which are selected from the eggs of the queen when they are hatched and preserved in case an unfruitful queen should bring disappointment to the hive.  And there are the male bees, few in number, unclean of habit, tolerated only because they are necessary to mate with the queen.

When the time is ripe for the queen to take her nuptial flight the male bees are drilled and regimented.  The queen passes the drones which guard the gate of the hive, and the male bees follow her in rustling array.  Strongest of all the inhabitants of the hive, more powerful than any of her subjects, the queen launches into the air, spiraling upward and upward, the male bees following.  Some of the pursuers weaken and fail, drop out of the nuptial chase, but the queen wings higher and higher until a point is reached in the far ether where but one of the male bees remains.  By the inflexible law of natural selection he is the strongest, and he mates with the queen.  At the moment of marriage his body splits asunder and he perishes.

The queen returns to the hive, impregnated, carrying with her tens of thousands of eggs--a future city of bees, and then begins the cycle of reproduction, the concentration of the teeming life of the hive in unceasing work for the birth of a new generation. 

Imagination falters at the prospect of human analogy to this mysterious and superbly dedicated civilization of the bee; but when we consider how the human instinct for race perpetuation dominates life in its normal and exaggerated and perverse manifestations, there is ironic justice in the possibility that this instinct, with the continuing intellectual advance of women, may be finally expressed after the manner of the bee, though it will take centuries to break down the habits and customs of peoples that bar the way to such a simiply and scientifically ordered civilization.

We have seen a beginning of this in the United States.  In Wisconsin the sterilization of confirmed criminals and pre-marriage examination of males is required by law, while the doctrine of eugenics is now boldly preached where a few decades ago its advocacy was a statutory offense.

Old men have dreamed dreams and young men have seen visions from the beginning of time.  We of today can only sit and wonder when a scientist has his say.

source: http://www.tfcbooks.com/tesla/1926-01-30.htm


George Lucas: THX 1138

"THX 1138 is an American social science fiction film set in a dystopian future in which the populace is controlled through android police officers and mandatory use of drugs that suppress emotion, including outlawed sexual desire. It was directed by George Lucas in his feature film directorial debut in 1971. Produced by Francis Ford Coppola and written by Lucas and Walter Murch, it stars Donald Pleasence and Robert Duvall.

THX 1138 was developed from Lucas's student film Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB, which he made in 1967 while attending the University of Southern California's film school. The feature film was produced in a joint venture between Warner Bros. and Francis Ford Coppola's production company, American Zoetrope. A novelization by Ben Bova was published in 1971. The film received mixed reviews from critics and failed to find box office success on initial release; however, the film has subsequently received critical acclaim and gained a cult following, particularly in the aftermath of Lucas's success with Star Wars in 1977."

source: THX 1138 - Wikipedia


Building Frivolous Follies: Origins of The Coca-Cola Connected Wonderful World of Disneyland Global Travel

"In architecture, a folly is a building constructed primarily for decoration, but suggesting through its appearance some other purpose, or of such extravagant appearance that it transcends the range of garden ornaments usually associated with the class of buildings to which it belongs.

18th century English gardens and French landscape gardening often featured mock Roman temples, symbolising classical virtues. Other 18th century garden follies represented Chinese temples, Egyptian pyramids, ruined abbeys, or Tatar tents, to represent different continents or historical eras. Sometimes they represented rustic villages, mills, and cottages to symbolise rural virtues. Many follies, particularly during times of famine, such as the Irish potato famine, were built as a form of poor relief, to provide employment for peasants and unemployed artisans."

Folly - Wikipedia



A Map Projection Is Not The Same As The Real Thing

Maps and Models Are Not Reality: These Tools Are Used To Represent It


Mapping An Ice Skating, Ring Around The Merry Go Round Rosy, UN Logo, Pizza Pie Shaped, Projections Distorted Reality

Projecting A Three Dimensional World Into A Two Dimensional Drawing

"The azimuthal equidistant projection is an azimuthal map projection. It has the useful properties that all points on the map are at proportionately correct distances from the center point, and that all points on the map are at the correct azimuth (direction) from the center point. A useful application for this type of projection is a polar projection which shows all meridians (lines of longitude) as straight, with distances from the pole represented correctly. The flag of the United Nations contains an example of a polar azimuthal equidistant projection."

"While it may have been used by ancient Egyptians for star maps in some holy books, the earliest text describing the azimuthal equidistant projection is an 11th-century work by al-Biruni. 

The projection appears in many Renaissance maps, and Gerardus Mercator used it for an inset of the north polar regions in sheet 13 and legend 6 of his well-known 1569 map. In France and Russia this projection is named "Postel projection" after Guillaume Postel, who used it for a map in 1581. Many modern star chart planispheres use the polar azimuthal equidistant projection."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azimuthal_equidistant_projection

source: Map projection - Wikipedia


"Flattening the Earth"

"It’s impossible to flatten the Earth without distorting it in some fashion. Consider an orange peel: if you want to try and lay it flat, you have to stretch it, squash it, and tear it. Likewise with the Earth—if we want to make a map, we need to distort the Earth’s surface to flatten it. The good news is that map projections allow us to distort systematically; we know exactly how things are being stretched or squashed at any given point. We have many different map projections because each has different patterns of distortion—there is more than one way to flatten an orange peel. Some projections can even preserve certain features of the Earth without distorting them, though they can’t preserve everything."

source: http://axismaps.github.io/thematic-cartography/articles/projections.html

Maps Prove The Flat Earth Deception, Equidistant Map, Azimuthal Map


Flat Earth = Freemason Promoted Myth

Washington Irving Was A Freemason

"William Irving (15 August 1766 – 9 November 1821), Fur Trader and U.S. Representative from New York. Brother of Washington Irving. Member of Holland Lodge No. 8, New York City, and served it as Master from 1899–1900."

"In 1828, Washington Irving's highly romanticised biography, A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus, was published and mistaken by many for a scholarly work. In Book II, Chapter IV of this biography, Irving gave a largely fictional account of the meetings of a commission established by the Spanish sovereigns to examine Columbus's proposals. One of his more fanciful embellishments was a highly unlikely tale that the more ignorant and bigoted members on the commission had raised scriptural objections to Columbus's assertions that the Earth was spherical. 

The issue in the 1490s was not the shape of the Earth, but its size, and the position of the east coast of Asia, as Irving in fact points out. Historical estimates from Ptolemy onwards placed the coast of Asia about 180° east of the Canary Islands. Columbus adopted an earlier (and rejected) distance of 225°, added 28° (based on Marco Polo's travels), and then placed Japan another 30° further east. Starting from Cape St. Vincent in Portugal, Columbus made Eurasia stretch 283° to the east, leaving the Atlantic as only 77° wide. Since he planned to leave from the Canaries (9° further west), his trip to Japan would only have to cover 68° of longitude."

sources: Myth of the flat Earth - Wikipedia

List of Freemasons (E–Z) - Wikipedia



The History of Masonic Lodges & The Origins of Global Travel

"The habit of freemasons to travel and to visit other lodges, or even affiliate with them, is one of the oldest and most widely practiced customs of the Craft. In operative times, well before the emergence of the Speculative Craft as we now know it, masons were itinerant workers who were forced to travel to renew their employment as each building project was completed. This fluid nature of the Operative Craft led to the formation of trade societies, known as lodges, to protect the professional integrity of their occupation, and to enhance the moral and social practices of their members. It is surmised, not without some evidence, that the modes of recognition were originated in the operative period as a means of identifying the genuinely skilled mason who came to visit a lodge in search of work.

It is therefore reasonable to deduce that the tendency of masons to visit other lodges is very old custom indeed. Many of the oldest extant masonic manuscripts contain charges associated with visiting, and the reception of visitors.

Visiting as a Right

As has just been outlined, the right to visit and sit in every regular lodge is one of the oldest masonic customs. This custom hinged on the theory that all lodges are only divisions of the 'Universal Brotherhood'. Indeed, in some areas of old, visitors could even vote at lodge meetings.

However, the growth and spread of the Craft saw many variations in forms and procedures develop, and the evolution of the Grand Lodge system as we know it today. In turn, this necessitated that the concept of visiting as a right undergo changes. The movement towards qualification of the right to visit appears to have begun in the early eighteenth century. There are records of lodges in this period setting out limitations to visiting, in terms of the number of visits a non-member mason could make to a lodge in a twelve month period; and limiting the types of meeting a visitor could attend. Certainly, by the end of the eighteenth century, visiting had ceased to be a right, but rather a privilege.

Visiting as a Privilege

The situation today is that visiting is a privilege-indeed, it is one of the greatest privileges of masonic membership. It must be immediately stated that a mason has no absolute, prescriptive right to visit a lodge wherein he is not a member. However, with that fact clearly stated, it must be observed that visiting as a privilege is most definitely encouraged and welcomed in every regular jurisdiction. A regular freemason in good standing will always encounter masonic hospitality and brotherhood in his travels."




Migrant Master Masons Craft The Global Travel Industry With Grand Visions of Theatrical Hotel Lodges

"The Grand Lodge is a hotel and theatre in Forest Grove, Oregon, owned by McMenamins Pubs & Breweries. McMenamins became the custodian of the property in 1999."

"In 1917, plans were developed for the Masonic and Eastern Star Home for the State of Oregon, and construction began in 1920 It was established as a home for elderly and infirm Masons, and began operations in 1922. A smaller building, called the Children’s Cottage, was built in 1926 to house orphans, but the orphanage closed in 1928 after conflict between the children and the elders. 

Throughout the 1930s, the home struggled financially. The building suffered roof damage in 1962 after the Columbus Day Storm. In 1999 the Masons began building new facilities with the intention of moving out of the original Masonic Home and Children's Cottage. McMenamins began renovations fall 1999, and reopened the building as McMenamins Grand Lodge in March 2000.  The building now contains hotel rooms, meeting spaces, and a movie theatre."

source: The Grand Lodge Hotel - Wikipedia


The American Colonies: Home of The Free Mason Founders

"No one knows with certainty how or when the Masonic Fraternity was formed. A widely accepted theory among Masonic scholars is that it arose from the stonemasons' guilds during the Middle Ages. The language and symbols used in the fraternity's rituals come from this era. The oldest document that makes reference to Masons is the Regius Poem, printed about 1390, which was a copy of an earlier work. In 1717, four lodges in London formed the first Grand Lodge of England, and records from that point on are more complete.

Within thirty years, the fraternity had spread throughout Europe and the American Colonies. Freemasonry became very popular in colonial America. George Washington was a Mason, Benjamin Franklin served as the head of the fraternity in Pennsylvania, as did Paul Revere and Joseph Warren in Massachusetts. Other well-known Masons involved with the founding of America included John Hancock, John Sullivan, Lafayette, Baron Fredrick von Stuben, Nathanael Greene, and John Paul Jones. Another Mason, Chief Justice John Marshall, shaped the Supreme Court into its present form.

Over the centuries, Freemasonry has developed into a worldwide fraternity emphasizing personal study, self-improvement, and social betterment via individual involvement and philanthropy. During the late 1700s it was one of the organizations most responsible for spreading the ideals of the Enlightenment: the dignity of man and the liberty of the individual, the right of all persons to worship as they choose, the formation of democratic governments, and the importance of public education. Masons supported the first public schools in both Europe and America.

During the 1800s and early 1900s, Freemasonry grew dramatically. At that time, the government had provided no social "safety net". The Masonic tradition of founding orphanages, homes for widows, and homes for the aged provided the only security many people knew."

source: History of Freemasonry - Masonic Service Association

The Secret Founding of America: The Real Story of Freemasons, ...


"Conspiracy theories abound about the Freemasons."

"But Scotland’s true Masonic history, while forgotten by many for centuries, remains hidden in plain sight."

"That might come as a surprise to some people. Ask most enthusiasts when modern Freemasonry began, and they’d point to a much later date: 1717, the year of the foundation of what would become known as the Grand Lodge of England. But in many ways, Freemasonry as we know it today is as Scottish as haggis or Harris tweed.

From the Middle Ages, associations of stonemasons existed in both England and Scotland. It was in Scotland, though, that the first evidence appears of associations – or lodges – being regularly used. By the late 1500s, there were at least 13 established lodges across Scotland, from Edinburgh to Perth. But it wasn’t until the turn of the 16th Century that those medieval guilds gained an institutional structure – the point which many consider to be the birth of modern Freemasonry.

Take, for example, the earliest meeting records, usually considered to be the best evidence of a lodge having any real organisation. The oldest minutes in the world, which date to January 1599, is from Lodge Aitchison’s Haven in East Lothian, Scotland, which closed in 1852. Just six months later, in July 1599, the lodge of Mary’s Chapel in Edinburgh started to keep minutes, too. As far as we can tell, there are no administrative records from England dating from this time."

source: http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20161209-secret-history-of-the-freemasons-in-scotland


King James The Freemason King

Linking Christ To The Pharaohs: The Divine Right of Kings

"The history of King James' role in the formation of Freemasonry is mandatory reading in the Hiram Key book of Masonic scrolls attempting to link Christ with the Pharaohs.

Freemasonry, in its present form, came into being through the Lodge system, established under the auspices of King James VI of Scotland, (later King James I of England), the only son of Roman Catholic Mary Queen of Scots. At the age of 37, two years after becoming a Mason, James became the first Stuart king of England and immediately began to persecute the Puritans, rejecting their petition to reform the Church of England along biblical lines.

James was initiated into Freemasonry, into the Lodge of Scoon and Perth in 1601, at the age of 35. Fifteen years after taking active control of Scotland and five years before becoming English monarch, he ordered that the Masonic structure be given leadership and organisation. He made a senior Mason, named William Schaw, his General Warden of the Craft, and instructed Schaw to revamp the entire structure of Freemasonry into what it became today. Schaw commenced this project on 28th December 1598, on the orders of James."

"To this day, the 1611 edition of the King James Bible remains the Freemason Bible and is the edition conventionally used in secret Masonic temple rituals."

"Moriel does not, however believe that the Masonic association with the KJV or the Freemasonry of King James, founder of the Masonic Lodge system, detracts from the validity of this outdated but valid translation of the Bible. Nonetheless, it is the Freemason Bible and has been from its inception, commissioned and authorised by the same Freemason King who commissioned and authorised the Masonic Lodge structure. We can only speculate how many members of the KJV Only cult are in fact Freemasons."

source: King James - The Founder of Freemason Lodges - Moriel Ministries


Convergence: Crafting Heaven On Earth: Thou Shalt Pay Your Rent For Your Lot of Cement

Jesus recommends paying rent to your landlord. Render unto Caesar's that which is his.

Kings and mythical pharaohs are the same thing. Both play dress up and make believe that they are the Sun.

The monarch is supposed to be the divine representative of God's power and rule, here on Earth. Laws made by monarchs are like laws made by God.

Render - Online Etymology Dictionary


The Apocalypse of The Medieval Hive Mind: Want To Join The Bee Choir?

Church Choral Song in C Flat

History of Gothic Cathedral (full documentary) - DOCS CHANNEL  source: Docs Channel


Christianity: The Faith of The Obedient Wage Slave

The Christian religion with its appeal to the King of Kings and the Divine order of things reinforces feudalistic and monarchial obedience to systems of governance.

Protestant work ethic - Wikipedia

The Catholic work ethic - Legatus


"It is not an easy task to unite the efforts of the human race toward the accomplishment of any common good."

Manly P. Hall

source: The Secret Destiny Of America (1944, by Manly P. Hall) : Free ...


Francis Bacon & The Masonic Bible of Kings

"The first edition of the King James Bible, which was edited by Francis Bacon and prepared under Masonic supervision, bears more Mason's marks than the Cathedral of Strasburg.-Manly P. Hall, from a lecture Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins 1929

Bacon edited the Authorised Version of the Bible printed in 1611. Dr. Lancelot Andrewes, Bishop of Winchester, one of the chief translators, was Bacon's close friend. The MSS are missing. That Bacon revised the manuscripts before publication is certain. Neither Bilston nor Miles, to whom the MSS were entrusted for final revision, could have given the world such a literary masterpiece. We have their writings. They are mediocre, barren of style, lacking the creative touch.- Alfred Dodd, Francis Bacon's Life-Story 1986"

source: Francis Bacon and the James 1st Bible


The New World = Atlantis

Sir Bacon's Utopian Novel "Atlantis"

"Lord Bacon – the guiding spirit in colonization scheme"

"This novel may have been Bacon's vision for a Utopian New World in North America. In it he depicted a land where there would be freedom of religion – showing a Jew treated fairly and equally in an island of Christians, but it has been debated whether this work had influenced others reforms, such as greater rights for women, the abolition of slavery, elimination of debtors' prisons, separation of church and state, and freedom of political expression, although there is no hint of these reforms in The New Atlantis itself. His propositions of legal reform (which were not established in his lifetime), though, are considered to have been one of the influences behind the Napoleonic Code,  and therefore could show some resemblance with or influence in the drafting of other liberal constitutions that came in the centuries after Bacon's lifetime, such as the American Constitution.

Francis Bacon played a leading role in creating the English colonies, especially in Virginia, the Carolinas, and Newfoundland in northeastern Canada. His government report on "The Virginia Colony" was submitted in 1609. In 1610 Bacon and his associates received a charter from the king to form the Tresurer and the Companye of Adventurers and planter of the Cittye of London and Bristoll for the Collonye or plantacon in Newfoundland and sent John Guy to found a colony there. In 1910 Newfoundland issued a postage stamp to commemorate Bacon's role in establishing the province. The stamp describes Bacon as "the guiding spirit in colonization scheme" of 1610. Moreover, some scholars believe he was largely responsible for the drafting, in 1609 and 1612, of two charters of government for the Virginia Colony. Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence, wrote: "Bacon, Locke and Newton. I consider them as the three greatest men that have ever lived, without any exception, and as having laid the foundation of those superstructures which have been raised in the Physical and Moral sciences". Historian and biographer William Hepworth Dixon considered that Bacon's name could be included in the list of Founders of the United States of America.

It is also believed by the Rosicrucian organisation AMORC that Bacon would have influenced a settlement of mystics in North America, stating that The New Atlantis inspired a colony of Rosicrucians led by Johannes Kelpiusto journey across the Atlantic Ocean in a chartered vessel called Sarah Mariah, and move on to Pennsylvania in the late 17th century. According to their claims, these Rosicrucian communities "made valuable contributions to the newly emerging American culture in the fields of printing, philosophy, the sciences and arts"."

source: New Atlantis - Wikipedia

Sir Francis Bacon


Master Masons Craft Cruciforming Consciousness

"Gothic art evolved out of Romanesque art and lasted from the mid-12th century up to the late 16th century in some areas of Germany. Architecture was the main art form of the Gothic, and the main structural characteristics of Gothic architectural design stemmed from the efforts of medieval masons to solve the problems associated with supporting heavy masonry ceiling vaults (arched roofs) over wide spans. The problem arose because the stonework of the traditional arched roof exerted a tremendous downward and outward pressure against the walls upon which it rested, which often caused a collapse. Up to and including the preceding period of Romanesque architecture (c.800-1150), building designers believed that vertical supporting walls had to be made extremely thick and heavy in order to counteract and absorb the vault's downward and outward pressure. But Gothic designers solved this problem around 1120 with several brilliant innovations."

source: Gothic Architecture: Characteristics, History - Visual Arts Encyclopedia


The Lord of Banking Rings & Other Things:

Reaching For The Sky With Two Towers

The largest and most important architectural structures of the past were the churches. Art has always been commissioned with the purpose of defining the bounds of human imagination for the public mass mind. Wage slaves need soothing belief systems after all. Consider how many hands were needed to build such feats of stone masonic prowess. Building cathedrals, like steel building construction of today, puts people to work, and in doing so the wheels of industry are kept turning.

Once constructed such feats of architecture also serve to create all sorts of professions designed to serve the system.

Religion is used to organize labor. Religious institution is an early form of corporate human resource management.

During an age that lacked mass produced media, the place to go for a theatrical type of show was the cathedral.

Cathedral building 'evolves' into the Commercial world of modern shopping malls.


Medieval World Trade Centers Revealed

English Architecture: Reaching for Heaven, 1130-1300 - Simon Thurley  source: GreshamCollege


Religious Pilgrimages As Means of Implementing Immigration Policy

Pilgrimages also lead to the world of global air travel and hotel stays of today that most seem to take for granted.

see also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_pilgrimage



Twin Towering Cathedral Pylons: Gateways To Heaven

"Pylon is the Greek term (Greek: πυλών) for a monumental gateway of an Egyptian temple (Egyptian: bxn.t in the Manuel de Codagetransliteration[1]). It consists of two tapering towers, each surmounted by a cornice, joined by a less elevated section which enclosed the entrance between them."

"Both Classical Revival and Egyptian Revival architecture employ the pylon form, with Boodle's gentleman's club in London being an example of the Classical style. The 19th and 20th centuries saw pylon architecture employed for bridge building with the Sydney Harbour Bridge being one of the largest examples.

In 1928 a Pylon was erected by public subscription to commemorate the extension of the County Borough of Brighton on 1 April of that same year. The two stone towers known locally as "the Pylons" (sic) still stand and are clearly visible to travellers on either carriageway of the A23. The Patcham Pylon towers flank the southbound carriageway of the A23 just outside the CIty of Brighton and Hove and are listed Grade II: of special interest warranting every effort to preserve them. Many cathedrals have a similar western end, such as Elgin Cathedral."

"In ancient Egyptian theology, the pylon mirrored the hieroglyph for 'horizon' or akhet, which was a depiction of two hills "between which the sun rose and set." Consequently, it played a critical role in the symbolic architecture of a cult building which was associated with the place of recreation and rebirth. Pylons were often decorated with scenes emphasizing a king's authority since it was the public face of a cult building. On the first pylon of the temple of Isis at Philae, the pharaoh is shown slaying his enemies while Isis, Horus and Hathor look on. Other examples of pylons can be seen in Luxor and Edfu.

Rituals to the god Amun who became identified with the sun god Ra were often carried out on the top of temple pylons. In addition to standard vertical grooves on the exterior face of a pylon wall which was designed to hold flag poles, some pylons also contained internal stairways and rooms. The oldest intact pylons belong to mortuary temples from the 13th and 12th century BCE Ramessside period. A pair of obelisks usually stood in front of a pylon."

source: Pylon (architecture) - Wikipedia


The Divine Right of The Davidic Line

"The divine right of kings, divine right, or God's mandate is a political and religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from the will of God. The king is thus not subject to the will of his people, the aristocracy, or any other estate of the realm. It implies that only God can judge an unjust king and that any attempt to depose, dethrone or restrict his powers runs contrary to the will of God and may constitute a sacrilegious act. It is often expressed in the phrase "by the Grace of God", attached to the titles of a reigning monarch."source: 

source: Divine right of kings - Wikipedia

Davidic line - Wikipedia


Jacob's Scottish Stoned Dream Of Heaven Reveals Royal Mythical Heritage

"From this royal princess, we obtain, then, a direct and unbroken line of ancestry to King Fergus, who went from Ireland to reign as king of Scotland; and from King Fergus I. Of Scotland we get the same unbroken line to the time of King James of Scotland, who himself became king of England; and from King James we get the same unbroken line to our beloved Queen, she being, then, the seed royal to King David’s house, and therefore the royal seed of King David; she is, and must be, the ruling monarch over the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

The Rev. Joseph Wild, D.D., says the old Irish histories say when Jeremiah landed in Ireland with Princess Tea Tephi, he took with him a stone which stone was known to have been in the temple at Jerusalem. On this very stone all the monarchs in Ireland were crowned, until Fergus I., king of Scotland, who caused the same stone to be taken from Ireland to Scotland, and so were all the monarchs in Scotland crowned upon it, from Fergus to King James, after which it was brought to England; and so all the monarchs in England, from King James to our beloved Queen, have been crowned upon it, she being the last crowned upon this wonderful stone: so that for 2,450 years monarchs have been crowned upon this wonderful stone, which stone may be seen this very day under the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey, London. It received the names, Wonderful, the Precious Stone, Jacob’s Stone and is now called Jacob’s Stone. The Lord said Jacob’s stone should be a pillar of witness that He would fulfill His promises to Israel. The stone was kept in the temple at Jerusalem as a witness, and from there was removed to Ireland, and then to Scotland, and now we have it as a witness in England. ‘Joshua (xxiv, 27) said unto all the people, behold, ‘this stone’ shall be a witness unto us, for it hath heard all the words of the Lord, which he spake unto us; it shall be, therefore a witness unto you, lest ye deny your God.’ I ask, why does this enlightened nation keep such a stone so many generations if there is no meaning in it? Why, because it must continue with the royal seed to be a witness that our Queen is the seed royal to King David’s house, and her subjects are the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel."

source: Queen Victoria Heir to King David's Royal Throne - Truth in History


George Washington's Masonic King James Bible: 

King James if Scotland was a Freemason too!

King James - The Founder of Freemason Lodges - Moriel Ministries

"As one of the oldest Lodges in the United States of America, it is only fitting that our Altar Bible is an irreplaceable part of the fabric of American history.

On March 8th 1770, St. John's Lodge suffered a catastrophic fire at its old Lodge room at Scotch Street. In addition to losing its earliest records and Lodge furnishings, the original Lodge Bible was destroyed in the conflagration.

On November 28th, 1770, the Master of the St. John's, W:. Jonathan Hampton, presented a replacement Bible to the Lodge. At the time, printed Bibles were an expensive rarity and the Lodge was fortunate indeed to benefit from W:. Hampton's generosity. Scarcely could the Brethren of the time have predicted that within a few short years the Colonies were to sever their ties with their mother country and the Bible was to become the very cornerstone of a new nation founded upon the Masonic principles of liberty and equality.

The Bible was printed by Mark Baskett, printer ny Royal Appointment to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, London 1767. The deep gold lettering, distinctly clear on both covers, displays this inscription:

"God shall establish; St. John's Lodge constituted 5757; Burnt down 8th March, 5770; Rebuilt and opened November 28th, 5770. Officers then presiding: Jonathan Hampton, Master: William Butler, Senior Warden: Isaac Heron, Junior Warden."

The Bible is the King James Version, complete with the Apocrypha and elaborately supplemented with the historical, astronomical and legal data of that period. It contains numerous artistic steel engravings portraying Biblical narratives from designs and paintings by old masters and engraved by the celebrated English artist, John Stuart.

After the conclusion of the War of Independence, New York City became the first Constitutional capital of the United States, and it was there on April 30th, 1789 that Brother George Washington was to be sworn in as the first President of the United States.

On a platform erected for the purpose, in front of the then City Hall, were gathered the Congress of the United States, with George Wash­ington and Chancellor Livingston, Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York. In front of them was an immense concourse of citizens. It was indeed a great holiday occasion; the Revolutionary War was over and peace reigned throughout the country.

Everything was ready for the administration of the oath of office to the President of the new government, when it was discovered that a Holy Bible had not been provided on which the President-Elect could swear allegiance to the Constitution. Jacob Morton, who was Marshal of the parade, and at that time Master of St. John's Lodge, was standing close by. Seeing the dilemma they were in, he remarked that he could get the altar Bible of St. John's Lodge, which met at the Old Coffee House on the corner of Water and Wall Streets. Chancellor Livingston begged him to do so. The Bible was brought, and the ceremony proceeded. The stately Washington took his oath with his right hand resting on the Bible which had been opened to Genesis XLIX and L. His head bowed in a reverential manner, he added in a clear and distinct voice, "I swear, so help me God!" then bowing over this magnificent Bible, he reverently kissed it, whereupon Chancellor Livingston exclaimed in a ringing voice, "Long live George Wash­ington, President of the United States!""

George Washington Inaugural Bible | St. John's Lodge No. 1 A.Y.M.


A Divine & Conquering Revelation of Prejudicial Associations

Old canards never die, they continue to lie.

Media Manipulative Simon Says Style Scapegoating Attempts To Discredit Valid Governmental Criticism With Official Hollywood Promoted Washington Divide & Conquer Anti-Semitic Propaganda

Media manipulation - Wikipedia

Do Jews Control the Media? | HuffPost

The Alt-Right Reopens Questions of Jewish Whiteness - The Atlantic


Discredit By Association: The Mainstream Meme

"BIGFOOT. LIZARD PEOPLE. Paul is dead, and Elvis isn't. Aliens. It's the stuff conspiracy theories traffic in, and it's mostly harmless."

"The outbreak of Jewish cemetery vandalism and more than 100 bomb threats made against Jewish community centers? Anything but."

"Spend enough time lurking around the conspiracy community's tangled webs of red string, the lines lead back to a single "culprit:" a Jewish shadow government bent on world domination. This anti-Semitic fear-mongering held sway a thousand years ago, when Christians portrayed Jews as baby-eating well-poisoners spreading the Black Plague. Since then, the story hasn't changed. But every time an innovative communication technology emerges, anti-Semitism has surged to fill these new channels with hate.

Today, certain dark corners of the internet obsess over the falsehood that liberal Jewish billionaire investor George Soros is the puppeteer behind everything from the International Women's Day strike to Black Lives Matter to Trump protesters to the European refugee crisis to the debunked DC-pizzeria-based child sex ring scandal known as "Pizza Gate."

None of these claims have any truth. But whenever paranoid populists get ahold of new media tech, the Jewish puppet master conspiracy theory reappears with an updated figurehead. The internet just provides the newest bullhorn for a millennia-old smear campaign."

source: The Internet Protocols of the Elders of Zion | WIRED