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Crisis Cars & Circus Clowns

Coincidence Crisis: Synchronized Stupidity

"This is getting out of hand. We need more police and protection. We need to pay for it all. Somebody needs to do something!" any-mouse

"A man without a government is like a fish without a bicycle.” Alvaro Koplovich

Clown Car Terrorism: A Security Clearance Sale

"Award winning role play actors and film makers specially trained in disaster and crisis management."

"Our specialist role play actors – many with security clearance – are trained by behavioural psychologists and rigorously rehearsed in criminal and victim behaviour to help police, the army and the emergency services, hospitals, schools, local authorities, government, private security firms, shopping centres, airports, big business, criminal justice departments, media and the military to simulate incident environments for life saving procedures."

source: http://crisiscast.com

Real people do not act like this.

Or perhaps generations of television conditioning has convinced everyone that such interviews immediately after horrific events actually make sense. Ever notice how nobody every really manages to shed a tear despite all the crying and tissues? I've watched hours of footage from many news stories and the only time the tears were real, was when John Lennon's death was reported. Isn't this woman supposed to be the mother of the alleged commuting terrorist? At least she doesn't appear to be laughing with glee like the Sandyhook victim's families.

COINCIDENCE: Charlottesville Protest License Plates  John le Bon  site link: http://johnlebon.com

Clown Car Terrorism: A Scripted Crisis With Security Clearances

"Our producers work with your trainers to create a 'script' that enables the role play actors to know when to trigger key developments in an evolving crisis management scenario. We brief and rehearse the team - where possible on location - but at least with video surveillance footage."

source: http://crisiscast.com

Cars keep plowing into crowds. Do such things really happen? Is it possible that a live event itself, witnessed by real people, can be faked?

In other words were real people witnessing what seems to be a real event, but was actually just a Hollywood live action stunt?

The damage to the car that gets rear ended in the video from this event looks suspicious to me. The damage looks like it was pre deconstructed. But this is an opinion based on video footage, which means it is not very valuable. Does anybody know anything about the driver of the car that got rear ended by the crazed white supremacist dude? I'm not very interested in examining video clips from every news story. Perhaps I'll do a follow up to this one or not. I think we should focus on local life and worry less about what news media promotes. I think we should mind our own business and the news media encourages a mind everyone else's busy body mentality. But I do recommend that those that are interested watch the video again and take notice of how contrived the crash looks. By the way, it seems reasonable to me to speculate that real people can get caught up in contrived events and can really get hurt or killed. I do not buy into an either or, complete black and white reality. I think there is a spectrum of truth.

I knew someone who claimed they worked with someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew a victim of the Newtown Sandyhook event. I know someone who knows someone who claimed to have lost a loved one on 9/11. I know someone who claims to have witnessed the planes hit the towers on that fine and sunny September day. I wonder how that person could actually witness two dimensional cartoon Adobe After Effects passenger jets, as projected hologram is nothing but science fiction myth. I think my friend only remembers what he saw on TV screen.

People do and can lie. Eye witness accounts from people you might know is not actual reliable evidence and is logically considered to be hearsay. People can and do make mistakes and news and government have motive, means and opportunity to pull off psychological operations. I think this is what our tax money actually funds.

This particular story is one that can actually happen, unlike say catching rocket ride to the Moon or huge steel structures magically being demolished in less than a few hours. Sure it is physically possible to get hit by a car, I know from first hand experience. In any case we also know that there are stunt people who know how to get hit by cars and get up and walk away. Read on and keep an open mind. Not every news story is fake. And people do do stupid things. But this story reads like part of the script. This article is not about trying to show that the event was fake, that's best left up to the individual to decide anyway. This article is about how such an event can be faked.

Here's A Video Clip Of The Event

I have no firm opinion about the validity of this event. What I do think is that this looks like some kind of stunt to me. The media tends to get us to focus on either or choices. We do not have to decide at all. We can choose not to decide. We don't have to have an opinion about the reality of this event. We can simply not care and mind our own business. The news media works to promote the need for more collective and less local government. The government needs us to believe we need it. There has to be existential threat for government to protect us from. The government has means, motive and opportunity to fake news events. The political agenda is clear. The government and news media also have incentive to distort and misreport real events for the same reason. The news media exists to filter reality. 

Charlottesville Car Attack- RAW moment when CAR runs over a crowd  source: Peach

This Looks Like Hollywood Work & Crowd Psych 101

This video clip looks scripted and rehearsed. The protestors with bats show up right on cue. None of the people appear to be hurt despite being hit by what seems to be a speeding car. There is also no traffic behind the car. Lucky that. Why are these two cars here? Weren't the streets shut down to traffic? How many questions can you come up with and will the media ask them? If this is a contrived event like it seems, (it might not be) we foot the bill for this nonsense. It's funny that many online skeptics love to talk about taking down NASA while ignoring the rest of the cancer that is federal, state and county government. How many layers and how much government is enough for you to feel safe? How much of it all do you need to feel secure as part of the greater and legendary "We"? 

Footage like the video above is the real weapon of mass terrorism and the news media are the real terrorists. If such footage is indeed fake, it could also be pre-produced with another live simulation being conducted on the day of the actual protest. Just look to how Hollywood makes films. They use a mixture of many and varied techniques. 

If the footage above is real, the News media is still using this for clear propaganda purpose. This is what terrorism really looks like and it's not the action of the guy behind the wheel; it's the media's role in broadcasting fear pornography that is the true act of terrorism, by definition. The trusted news journalist and governmental bodies are the real enemies of human freedom, not crazed dudes in Dodge Chargers, who if anything are just run of the mill local problems for the local authorities to deal with. The News needs to make this into a national story of global import. In doing so the News media reinforces the "we" of national identity product. This product is crafted so we truly buy into the United States solution to all our media promoted problems. We need to truly have faith that the tax money we throw in allegorical governmental baskets will save us all, one future promised day. The News doesn't want any of us to consider that we do not need all the layers of county, state, federal and even international government that keeps growing like a cancer. These stories feed the fallacious need for more expensive and expansive government. 

The View From The Other Side: The Rally For The Problem Reaction Solution Revolution Crisis!

It is not like this is a physically impossible feat. But to my eye something seems wrong with this scene. Maybe it's me but the bumper damage looks contrived. The damage to the bumper looks very odd to me. Perhaps it was rigged to look this way. It might have been made to break away. Hollywood prop making techniques make such ideas very real possibilities. I wonder why these cars are even here at a protest when it seems quite clear that the roads were closed down. Where was the car in front supposed to be going? Why was that car here and where did the driver think they were going to go? The incident itself seems like it was rehearsed and it looks like an impressive Hollywood style stunt. Of course this is something physically possible and something like this can actually happen and perhaps this video is indeed as real as news media claims. Perhaps too, innocent bystanders get caught up in live action publicity stunts. Real innocent bystanders might get injured or even killed. Yet word of mouth hearsay is no real way to prove such a thing. One really needs to verify these things for themselves. The news media promotes the demonstrably fallacious idea that we should trust word of mouth hearsay as solid foundation to base absolute and irreversible conclusion on. 

Video shows car ramming into protesters in Charlottesville source: Global News

Minivan, White Car With Black Roof, & Neo Nazi Black Dodge Charger

Something about the motion of the crash bothers me. The minivan and white car are moving slow and steady. The black car comes out of nowhere and slams into the white car. There seems to be a lack of physical resistance. The Charger rear ends a car that is right behind a minivan. I would think and expect that the three cars would not slide forward in such synchronized manner that suggests stuntman style rehearsals and radio contact between the three drivers. The minivan and the white car seems to move up at just the right time. The cars do not resist the impact in a manner that would suggest an uncontrived event. The front of the white car does not seem to rear end the back of the minivan as we'd expect. Car pileups happen and it is like a domino effect. It seems odd that these cars manage to slide forward in the way they do. I wasn't there, so I can't say anything for sure and even if I was, the incident could still be the work of publicity stunt people. If it is the work of Hollywood techniques, (and it really could be) it is an impressive stunt worthy of an Oscar.


"Are you looking to create a buzz anywhere in the United States? At Crowds on Demand, we provide our clients with protests, rallies, flash-mobs, paparazzi events and other inventive PR stunts. These services are available across the country in every major U.S city, every major U.S metro area and even most smaller cities as well. We provide everything including the people, the materials and even the ideas. You can come to us with a specific plan of action and we can make it happen. OR, you can approach us with a general  idea and we can help you plan the strategy then execute it.

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Sound interesting?  Reach out to us by filling out the form below with as much detail as possible. From there, we’ll get back to you quickly with some ideas and pricing. Thanks again! We look forward to working with you. "

source: https://crowdsondemand.com

dumb the story of big brother: how to get hit by a car, Jack Ass style

please press play

If you play the stunt in slow motion you can see how it looks like it is a legitimate stunt and not the work of computer composted effect. 

"Lawmakers Demand Donald Trump Fire Top Aides, Saying They Encourage White Supremacists"

"The heads of Congress’ black, Hispanic, Asian and progressive caucuses sent a letter to the White House on Monday demanding the dismissal of top aides Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka, saying their presence in the White House has emboldened white supremacists.

The letter came after a white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned violent, leaving one person dead and others injured when a man drove a car into a crowd of counterprotesters. Trump has faced criticism for his delay in condemning white supremacist groups following the violence, first blaming “many sides” before denouncing the hate groups on Monday.

The letter accuses the three advisers of encouraging white supremacist groups and says they should be removed because “Americans deserve to know that white nationalists, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis are not in a position to influence U.S. policy.” "

source: Lawmakers Ask Trump To Fire Top Aides, Saying They Encourage White Supremacists


A Crisis Cast: No Victim Simulations Necessary

People have been literally lying to each other for centuries. The oldest medium of and for, and by government, is basic word of mouth bull.

That's a September 11th clue to "Never Forget"

"We use state of the art British film industry techniques, props and special effects to help trainers deliver essential, hands-on, high octane crisis response and disaster management training. We also work with trainee doctors, psychologists and care professionals."   Crisis Cast website (see below)

The Fate of Simulated Victims: Witness Protection Ain't Cheap

This system makes for an obvious explanation as to what happens to those who sign on governmental crisis actor, dotted line. Some crisis actors might just be real life role playing actors. Doesn't it make sense to use real people with real histories? Ever hear of a long con? This is speculative, but my research indicates the very strong possibility that young people are recruited into life actor, role playing, CIA assignments when they are at college. They sign away their right to talk about what they know. This would be enforced with National Security Clearance Law. Consider what would happen if one blabbed. Surely this is what all the electronic surveillance would be for. Government has more need to spy and keep tabs on those they employ than they do keeping track of you and me.

"Developed by Justice Department employee Gerald Shur and beginning in 1971, the Federal Witness Protection Program—or Witness Security Program (WITSEC)—has provided safe harbor for over 18,000 federal witnesses and their families in exchange for damning testimony. It was WITSEC and the promise of a government-subsidized hiding place that convinced several “made” men of the mafia to turn their backs on organized crime and help prosecutors convict numerous leaders, from John Gotti to several members of the Lucchese family.

Protecting whistleblowers from the dangerous criminals they implicate doesn’t come cheap. By some estimates, the government spends upwards of $10 million annually [PDF] to keep the WITSEC program going. But witnesses with information so provocative their life is at risk make for strong cases: Trials involving WITSEC have an 89 percent conviction rate."

source: 12 Secrets of the Witness Protection Program | Mental Floss


This is from a website of a company that provides crisis actors for events like political protests:


"Award winning role play actors and film makers specially trained in disaster and crisis management.

We dramatise events for emerging security needs in the UK, Middle East and worldwide. Our specialist role play actors – many with security clearance – are trained by behavioural psychologists and rigorously rehearsed in criminal and victim behaviour to help police, the army and the emergency services, hospitals, schools, local authorities, government, private security firms, shopping centres, airports, big business, criminal justice departments, media and the military to simulate incident environments for life saving procedures.

We use state of the art British film industry techniques, props and special effects to help trainers deliver essential, hands-on, high octane crisis response and disaster management training. We also work with trainee doctors, psychologists and care professionals.

Our role play actors are psychologically trained in criminal and victim behaviour.

Our producers work with your trainers to create a 'script' that enables the role play actors to know when to trigger key developments in an evolving crisis management scenario. We brief and rehearse the team - where possible on location - but at least with video surveillance footage.

Heads of department manage each discipline and report to the lead producer who is your direct contact at all times.

Our crisis management exercises can test monitoring and communications systems, safety plans including lockdown and evacuation procedures, the ability of emergency services to co-operate and respond effectively and - of increasing importance - their joint ability to respond to the press, media and information posted on social platforms and the internet.

All strategy is developed in partnership with our clients.

Nothing works as effectively in dealing with real-world disasters as rehearsal.

We bring all of our experience creating highly credible, dramatic scenarios to bear preparing your people for the worst and equipping them with the psychological and practical tools that will help them save lives and survive disaster.

We regularly execute NDAs that include our role play actors and crew.

Clients & Associates

We act for a wide range of clients, from private individuals to multi-national organisations, and everything in between."

source: http://crisiscast.com

The News Presents A Very Filtered & At Times Even Contrived Form of "Reality" Television Programming

It is wise to regard the News with a huge grain of salt.  Consider it to be as real as the reality programming network television loves to mass produce. So-called reality shows are scripted soap opera plays for overgrown children. A lot of the ,mainstream media News content is not much different and perhaps even more contrived and fictionalized. Do not confuse authoritative trusted News anchor voice over with rationale thinking and logical and demonstrable, reality.

Stunt Series #3 Get hit by a car  source: AbstractiMedia

Clown Car Terrorism: It Must Be Real: I Saw It On A Screen

"A vehicle-ramming attack is a form of attack in which a perpetrator deliberately rams a motor vehicle into a building, crowd of people, or another vehicle. Deliberate vehicle ramming into crowd of people is a tactic used by terrorists, becoming a major terrorist tactic in the 2010s because it requires little skill to perpetrate and has the potential to cause signficant casualties. Deliberate vehicle-ramming has also been carried out in the course of other types of crimes, including road rage incidents."

"The 21st century has seen a rise in vehicle ramming attacks carried out as acts of terrorism by individuals committed to an ideology. In 2014, Canadian columnist Andrew Coyne describes the phenomenon as a form of "micro-terrorism", and argues that Canadians "had better get used to... the baffling phenomenon of the homegrown terrorist ... who for whatever reason takes it into his head to kill any number of his fellow citizens in the service of his cause.""

source: Vehicle-ramming attack - Wikipedia

"Propaganda in the United States is spread by both government and media entities. Propaganda is information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to influence opinions. It's used in advertising, radio, newspaper, posters, books, television, and other media."  -  Propaganda in the United States - Wikipedia

The FBI Wouldn't Lie Would it?

The government needs you to believe you need it.  The reality is that we do not need all the layers of government we foot the bill for.

Tax money goes for funding real terrorism.

"According to the American Federal Bureau of Investigation, the tactic has gained popularity because "Vehicle ramming offers terrorists with limited access to explosives or weapons an opportunity to conduct a homeland attack with minimal prior training or experience." Counterterrorism researcher Daveed Gartenstein-Ross of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies told Slatethat the tactic has been on the rise in Israel because, "the security barrier is fairly effective, which makes it hard to get bombs into the country."  In 2010, Inspire, the online, English-language magazine produced by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula urged jihadis to choose "pedestrian only" locations and make sure to gain speed before ramming their vehicles into the crowd in order to "achieve maximum carnage". 

Vehicle attacks can be carried out by lone-wolf terrorists who are inspired by an ideology, but who are not actually working within a specific political movement or group.  Writing for The Daily Beast, Jacob Siegel suggests that the perpetrator of the 2014 Couture-Rouleau attack may be "the kind of terrorist the West could be seeing a lot more of in the future", a kind that he describes, following Brian Jenkins of the Rand Corporation, as "stray dogs", rather than lone wolves, characterizing them as "misfits" who are "moved from seething anger to spontaneous deadly action" by exposure to Islamist propaganda.  A 2014 propaganda video by ISIL encouraged French sympathizers to use cars to run down civilians

According to Clint Watts, of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, where he is a senior fellow and expert on terrorism, the older model where members of groups like al-Qaeda would "plan and train together before going to carry out an attack, became defunct around 2005", due to increased surveillance by Western security agencies. Watts says that Anwar al-Awlaki, the American born al-Qaeda imam, as a key figure in this shift, addressing English-speakers in their own language and urging them to "Do your own terrorism and stay in place." 

Jamie Bartlett, who heads the Violence and Extremism Program at Demos, a British think tank, explains that "the internet in the last few years has both increased the possibilities and the likelihood of lone-wolf terrorism," supplying isolated individuals with ideological motivation and technique. For authorities in Western countries, the difficulty is that even in a case like that of the perpetrator of the 2014 Couture-Rouleau attack, where Canadian police had identified the attacker, taken away his passport, and were working with his family and community to steer him away from jihad, vehicle attacks can be hard to prevent because, "it's very difficult to know exactly what an individual is planning to do before a crime is committed. We cannot arrest someone for thinking radical thoughts; it's not a crime in Canada." 

According to Stratfor, the American global intelligence firm, "while not thus far as deadly as suicide bombing", this tactic could prove more difficult to prevent. No single group has claimed responsibility for the incidents. Experts see a sort of saving grace in the ignorance and incompetence of most lone wolf terrorists, who often manage to murder very few people."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle-ramming_attack

A List of Vehicle-Ramming Attacks:

Government Intimidation 21st Century Style:

2001 Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly car bombing (building gate ramming + exploding + gunfire) 2002 Lyon car attack, France (building ramming + fire) 2006 UNC SUV attack, University of North Carolina, United States (ramming people) 2007 Glasgow International Airport attack, Scotland (building ramming + detonating gas cylinders) 2008 Jerusalem vehicular attack, Israel (ramming people) 2008 Jerusalem bulldozer attack, Israel (ramming people) 2011 Tel Aviv nightclub attack, Israel (ramming + stabbing) Murder of Lee Rigby, London, England May 2013 (ramming + stabbing) 2013 Tiananmen Square attack, China (ramming people + bursting into flames)

May 2014 Ürümqi attack, China (ramming + throwing bombs off the vehicle) 2014 Jerusalem tractor attack, Israel (ramming people + bus) 2014 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu ramming attack, Canada (ramming) October 2014 Jerusalem vehicular attack, Israel (ramming people November 2014 Jerusalem vehicular attack, Israel (ramming + hitting with a metal crowbar) 2014 Alon Shvut stabbing attack, West Bank (failed ramming + stabbing) 2014 Dijon attack, France (ramming people) 2014 Nantes attack, France (ramming people) 2016 Nice attack, France (ramming people + gunfire) 2016 Ohio State University attack, United States (ramming + stabbing)

2016 Berlin attack, Germany (shooting truck driver + ramming people) 2017 Jerusalem truck attack, Israel (ramming people) 2017 Westminster attack, London, England (ramming + stabbing; some victims were thrown off Westminster Bridge by the ramming) 2017 Stockholm attack, Sweden (ramming people) June 2017 London Bridge attack, England (ramming + stabbing). 2017 Finsbury Park attack, London, England (ramming people) June 2017 Champs-Élysées car ramming attack, Paris, France (ramming a police car) 2017 Levallois-Perret attack, Levallois-Perret, France (ramming soldiers) 2017 Charlottesville attack, during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States (ramming people)

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle-ramming_attack

Rudy Giuliani Says Never Forget:

Terrorism is...

"1795, in specific sense of "government intimidation during the Reign of Terror in France" (March 1793-July 1794), from French terrorisme, from Latin terror (see terror).

If the basis of a popular government in peacetime is virtue, its basis in a time of revolution is virtue and terror -- virtue, without which terror would be barbaric; and terror, without which virtue would be impotent. [Robespierre, speech in French National Convention, 1794]

General sense of "systematic use of terror as a policy" is first recorded in English 1798 (in reference to the Irish Rebellion of that year). At one time, a word for a certain kind of mass-destruction terrorism was dynamitism (1883); and during World War I frightfulness(translating German Schrecklichkeit) was used in Britain for "deliberate policy of terrorizing enemy non-combatants.""

source: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=terrorism

"Road safety charities condemn fake collisions in London, Los Angeles and Berlin aimed at promoting The Grand Tour"

"Road safety charities have condemned mock car crashes staged as a publicity stunt for Jeremy Clarkson’s new motoring show as “crass, insensitive and desperate”.

The fake collisions appeared in London, Berlin and Los Angeles to promote the former Top Gear presenter’s return to TV alongside sidekicks Richard Hammond and James May. The Grand Tour will launch on Amazon Prime Video this week.

In King’s Cross, central London, a white Toyota Prius – a hybrid vehicle frequently mocked by Clarkson – appeared to have been crashed into a postbox, crumpling its bonnet."

"Similarly wrecked cars also appeared in Berlin’s Hackescher Markt and on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where a blue Prius with the number plate CLARK50N had been made to look as if it had fallen from the sky."

source: Car crash stunts for new Jeremy Clarkson show 'crass and insensitive ...

Fake News Flashback: Yellow Journal Heiress Transitions To A New Identity & Back Again

Patty Joined a Problem Reaction Solution Revolution: Somebody call a SWAT Team!

Yellow journalism - Wikipedia

SWAT - Wikipedia

Documentary Movie: Guerrilla The Taking of Patty Hearst (Full HD)  source: Sektum Panca

Twentieth Century Crisis Actors

"Six degrees of Patty Hearst: Ronald Reagan, Jane Pauley, Jim Jones and more"

"Patty Hearst descended from one of the most famous and powerful media families in American history. So it’s not surprising that the true-crime odyssey of her kidnapping and crimes with the radical terrorist gang, the Symbionese Liberation Army, would bring into its orbit an assortment of famous and infamous figures from the 1970s and beyond. The following figures make cameo appearances in Jeffrey Toobin’s new book on the Hearst case: “American Heiress: The Wild Saga of the Kidnapping, Crimes and Trial of Patty Hearst”:

Jane Pauley and Kevin Kline: Future “Today” show co-host Jane Pauley and Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Kline were both graduates of Indiana University where they separately befriended Angela Atwood, a former high school cheerleader and aspiring actress from New Jersey who would later become one of Hearst’s SLA kidnappers. Atwood fixed up Pauley with a date but rescued her when the guy tried to put the moves on her. Meanwhile, Kline was the leader of the school’s avant-garde theater scene in the 1970s, and the increasingly political Atwood became his assistant in running a guerilla theater group at a local coffee house.

Sara Jane Moore: To meet the SLA’s ransom demands, San Francisco Examiner publisher Randolph Hearst had to quickly put together a program to provide millions of dollars in food to thousands of needy Bay Area residents. The People in Need Program set up operations in China Basin where it quickly attracted a “raffish mix of 1970s San Francisco” among its volunteers and political and community groups that wanted in on the action. One volunteer was Sara Jane Moore, a middle-aged Danville mom, who offered to provide bookkeeping skills for the operation. But her eccentric, imperious behavior got her booted. She later turned up at the Hearst’s Hillsborough mansion, demanding a job. Six months later, she was arrested after trying to shoot President Gerald Ford during his visit to San Francisco. She was sentenced to life in prison and moved to the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin in September 1979, the same month Hearst was released from the same facility after her sentence for bank robbery was commuted by President Jimmy Carter. Moore was released on parole in 2007 at age 77 after serving 32 years."

article source: http://www.mercurynews.com/2016/07/29/six-degrees-of-patty-hearst-ronald-reagan-jane-pauley-jim-jones-and-more/

Quite A Cast of Crisis Actors And Live Action Role Players

News So Scripted: The Dumbing Down of America

The news treats adults like children. These narratives come across as obvious scripted cartoonish fiction. Or perhaps we just so happen to live in a world that resembles a live action role playing set. The world is more of a literal and scripted stage than most want to know or accept. Most people would think me insane for daring to question the news.  How dare I question such sanctified and honest authority? I know I used to think that people who questioned the reality of school shootings as being self deluded and unwilling to accept the real world. As it turns out the foe is on the other shoot.

Please notice that this narrative contains pizza-gate like conspiracy fare. The song remains insane as the same script is reimagined endlessly.

"Yusef Bey and Your Black Muslim Bakery: Before the Oakland-based bakery became publicly linked to corruption, physical and sexual abuse, intimidation, welfare fraud and murder, it purported to serve as a model of African-American self-sufficiency. The Nation of Islam, along with Your Black Muslim Bakery founder Yusef Bey, also wanted a piece of the People in Need action. But their participation ended up having disastrous results. On Feb. 22, 1974, people lined up along the sidewalks leading to the bakery. After keeping people waiting for hours, the trucks finally arrived but a riot broke out and more than 21 people were taken to local hospitals. The bakery claimed it had to distribute food from its own inventory to stop more rioting and handed Hearst a bill for $154,000.

Jim Jones: The megalomanical leader of the San Francisco-based People’s Temple tried to intimidate his way into running the People in Need program. Jones and two other men, all wearing dark suits and sunglasses, arrived at PIN’s China Basin headquarters. Jones insisted the program be run by locals, and claimed he could run and manage the program for $2 million. The PIN directors showed Jones the door. More than four years later, Jones and his Temple had relocated to a remote jungle location in Guyana. Allegations surfaced of human rights abuses, prompting a fact-finding mission by U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan and others. Temple members attacked and killed Ryan and four others. The next day Jones and more than 900 temple members died by suicide by ingesting cyanide. 

Ronald Reagan: As governor of California, Reagan, a Republican, enjoyed loyal support from Hearst’s mother, Catherine Hearst, when she was on the UC Board of Regents during the riotous 1960s. He reappointed her to the board in 1974, when her daughter was being held captive by the SLA. He strongly disagreed with Randolph Hearst’s willingness to negotiate with his daughter’s kidnappers and he expressed disdain for the People in Need program, specifically the Bay Area residents who benefitted from it. At a private luncheon with Republican leaders in Washington D.C., the aspiring U.S. president said of the program: “It’s just too bad we can’t have an epidemic of botulism.” Despite his disdain for PIN, Reagan became one of Hearst’s supporters in her bid to seek clemency from Jimmy Carter. 

Joan Baez and Regis Debray: After Hearst announced she was “Tania” and was joining the SLA, her fiance Steven Weed tried to intervene, notably by trying to make connections with the radical exile community. Through singer-songwriter Joan Baez, he made contact with her friend Regis Debray, a famous French Marxist theoretician and advocate of urban guerilla warfare. He asked Debray to write a letter that would debunk the SLA’s incoherent stew of radical ideology and coax Hearst to return home. Weed traveled to Mexico to secure the letter. But the letter, which he presented at a press conference, backfired, prompting a scathing response from Hearst herself, who denied in a recorded message that she had been brainwashed. 

Congressman Leo Ryan: Before he died in the attack by members of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple, the congressman, who represented the Peninsula district that was home to the Hearst family, publicly advocated for President Carter to commute Hearst’s seven-year sentence. The mass suicide of members of the People’s Temple prompted Americans to ponder the kind of mental coercion that somehow led hundreds of people to take their own lives and kill their own children. People supporting Hearst’s clemency drew connections between the Jonestown mass suicide and Hearst’s possible brainwashing at the hands of the SLA. 

John Wayne: The famously right-wing, tough-guy actor also became one of the curiously eclectic group of people who supported Hearst’s clemency. He drew a parallel between her “brainwashing” and the Jonestown suicides: “It seems quite odd to me that the American people have immediately accepted the fact that one man can brainwash 900 human beings into mass suicide but will not accept the fact that a ruthless group, the Symbionese Liberation Army, could brainwash a little girl by torture, degradation and confinement.” 

Daryl Gates: Before he became the legendarily gruff Los Angeles police chief, he was the officer in charge of his department’s famous SWAT operations. That includes on May 17, 1974 when the LAPD engaged in a deadly shootout with the SLA. That shootout ended with a fiery explosion and the death of six SLA members: Nancy Ling Perry, Angela Atwood, Camilla Hall, Willy Wolfe, Donald DeFreeze and Patricia Soltysik. Gates became one of LAPD’s longest running chiefs but stepped down after the Rodney King beating and subsequent riots. 

Lance Ito: As a law student, the future Los Angeles County Superior court judge, who presided over the infamous O.J. Simpson murder trial in 1995, visited the Chabot Gun Club in Oakland in the early 1970s. The gun club is where founding SLA member Joseph Remiro liked to take his comrades to learn to shoot guns. During Ito’s visit, Remiro apparently was there and invited attention from other visitors when he opened fire with an automatic weapon."

article source: http://www.mercurynews.com/2016/07/29/six-degrees-of-patty-hearst-ronald-reagan-jane-pauley-jim-jones-and-more/

Here a Real Clue For You: 'Vic-sims' Are Made From Real People!

Sometimes Even Hoaxes Are Hoaxes

The Myth of the War of the Worlds Panic

"Orson Welles’ infamous 1938 radio program did not touch off nationwide hysteria. Why does the legend persist?"

"There’s only one problem: The supposed panic was so tiny as to be practically immeasurable on the night of the broadcast. Despite repeated assertions to the contrary in the PBS and NPR programs, almost nobody was fooled by Welles’ broadcast.

How did the story of panicked listeners begin? Blame America’s newspapers. Radio had siphoned off advertising revenue from print during the Depression, badly damaging the newspaper industry. So the papers seized the opportunity presented by Welles’ program to discredit radio as a source of news. The newspaper industry sensationalized the panic to prove to advertisers, and regulators, that radio management was irresponsible and not to be trusted. In an editorial titled “Terror by Radio,” the New York Times reproached “radio officials” for approving the interweaving of “blood-curdling fiction” with news flashes “offered in exactly the manner that real news would have been given.” Warned Editor and Publisher, the newspaper industry’s trade journal, “The nation as a whole continues to face the danger of incomplete, misunderstood news over a medium which has yet to prove ... that it is competent to perform the news job.” "

source: Orson Welles' War of the Worlds panic myth: The infamous radio ...

The Myth of the War of the Worlds Broadcast: Newspaper Tried to Kill ...

Traveling Circus Shows Are Nothing New

"I ain't afraid of no ghost!" Balloon animals can't bite.

The Ghost Army English Movie  source: Georgine Jelen

Ahh, that's where the the term "spook" comes from, a government spy is a ghost guy.

World War Two: Brewing A New World Human Slow Cooked Stew

Please ponder the illogic of balloon tanks being used as a decoy. One bullet fired and pop goes the deception.

Please ponder the logic of fooling European non combatant eyes and ears into believing a war is going on. Inflatable dummies can't hurt anybody. This is terrorism.

"The Ghost Army was an Allied Army tactical deception unit during World War II officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops (Operation Quicksilver).[1] The 1,100-man unit was given a unique mission within the Allied Army: to impersonate other Allied Army units to deceive the enemy. From a few weeks after D-Day, when they landed in France, until the end of the war, they put on a "traveling road show" utilizing inflatable tanks, sound trucks, fake radio transmissions, scripts and pretence. They staged more than 20 battlefield deceptions, often operating very close to the front lines. Their story was kept secret for more than 40 years after the war, and elements of it remain classified.[2] The unit was the subject of a PBS documentary The Ghost Army in 2013."

source: Ghost Army - Wikipedia

Government needs you to believe you need it. Got to keep us all toiling away as a taxed wage slaves after all.

Creativity and deception, visual and sonic, are used against you, the enemy of the state. It's your mind itself that really is the true battlefield. The prize is your humanity.

A Proper Gander At Hollywood Bondage

The Proper Gander By Bobby Darin

The Same Old Song & Dance Routine Remains The Same

Mice So Scared But Not Prepared: Welcome To An Age Old Circus Snake Oil Side Show


Voluntary War Bonds Become Mandatory Endless & Eternal Taxes

"There was a white mouse consultation Down at the county fair All the church mice, field mice and not So nice mice Everybody gathered there You see the muckidy muck he was Speakin', tellin' them where it was at He said hear, hear there ain't nothin' to fear Except a three eyed Siamese cat And the crowd was stunned See, no single mouse had ever seen one He said don't be scared We're prepared."

"Then the muckidy muck said line up here Everybody give a buck To fight the three eyed Siamese cat Takes money And a little bit of luck We've got a million of our best young mice To go out and volunteer To give up what they're livin' for To make the cat disappear Let's give 'em a hand Yay We don't want that cat invadin' our land No way We're not scared We're prepared."

"Then a mighty strange thing happened Guess you could call it fate You see, a gust of wind blew the picture Frame down And it landed on the muckidy muck's head And the mice they all went crazy For the first time they saw the lie It was all a hoax on just simple folks And the muckidy muck must die And die he did The members of his staff they just fled They were scared Hah Just not prepared."

Bobby Darin - The Proper Gander Lyrics | MetroLyrics