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Great Bolts of Zeus: Nikola Tesla's Ventures On Jupiter


Fun With Logos: The CW = 911

An Intentional Design?

If you are from the New York City metropolitan area you would be familiar with channel 9 and channel 11. WOR was 9 and WPIX was 11. Channel 9 was home of the New York Mets baseball team, and reruns of Tom Baker's Doctor Who episodes,. Channel 11 belonged to the Yankees and was home to the original Star Trek reruns. After some corporate mergers UPN and WB joined forces to craft the 'CW', which is currently the televised home of many DC superhero properties like Superman's cousin, Supergirl, occasionally Superman himself, Flash, Green Arrow and more, all heroes of modern pulp printing inspired mythology. I would think this an intentional and conscious logo design choice.

The CW - Wikipedia

Fun with Logos & Negative Space

Some People Say That The Apple Logo When Turned On Its Side Looks Like The Father of Lies

He He He: A 911  Logo Rorschach Test- FYI the Apple logo when turned on its side does not like like a devil to me. It looks like the start or end of an eclipse  It is just a circle white bite taken out of a rainbow apple.

Big Idea

"WPIX-TV presents a PIX11 Digital Documentary: The Big Idea! The Twin Towers, WPIX and the ad campaign that brought them together."

"On the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, PIX11 wanted to remember the Twin Towers in a unique way. We took an in-depth look at the Henry Tillman ad campaign to explore the special place it had in our station's history, as part of the city's identity and in the memories of people from the tri-state area.

PIX11 sat down with some of its key contributors and creative minds to share what it took to make something like Henry Tillman happen, what the Twin Towers meant to them and how they view the campaign 30 years later."

source: The Twin Towers, WPIX and the ad campaign that brought them ...

An Interesting Four Hour Fakeologist Chat:

link: AC0346-John le Bon makes up with Kham

Please support Fakeologist if you dig what they do.

I agree with a lot of what these wonderful minds talk about, a lot but not all. That would be boring.

John le Bon link: http://www.johnlebon.com Support Mr. le Bon's effort if you like what he brings to the allegorical table.

John and the Fakeologist 'crew' are insightful minds with very interesting concepts well worth pondering, whether you agree with every single concept or not. Ab who runs the site provides a place where one can begin to peel back the layers of media lies for oneself. This website is a valuable resource "manned" by minds that are not afraid to consider ideas most might find a bit "out there". It's hypocritical of mainstream media minded zombies to criticize alternative views when they are encouraged to entertain media promoted fantasies like UFOs, multiple universes, black holes, Lunar landings, caveman fallacies, gender reassignment surgeries and Tyrannosaurus chicken dogs. 

Even when I disagree with some of the ideas posted over at Fakeologist, the material tends to be a lot more interesting than the usual mainstream news media noise. Please do not confuse my criticism of some of the concepts like EGI and Flat Earth with criticism of the people who post about these things. I like that Fakeologist provides a platform for other people to consider the subjects they think have merit, even if I do not see any value. My opinion is just that. Each of us is entitled to their own. We really shouldn't get upset over ideas anyway and this is something the news media promotes with all the constant punditry and left and right debate. The news media and univerisry system encourages debate. Debating is a game. Debating is about who can present a better communicated argument and it is not necessarily about communicating the truth. There's a proverb about blind men feeling up an elephant that I think is an apt analogy for what those of us looking into historical media fakery are doing.

Below are some of my comments that were inspired by the Fakeologist chat linked above.

True Lies In Pulp Fiction

Government controlled Bell Labs and DARPA technology is the culmination of centuries of effort of many people. There are no magic elves and dwarfs out there crafting the world of human artifice. Government funds drive technological advance and existential threats are used as impetus for these kinds of schemes. Myths can be lies or half truths or even accurate representations of actual events. What matters is meaning and not throwing babies out with bathwater. For example, gods of the Sun may or may not be of ancient origin; what the symbol refers to is what matters. Learning this allegorical language is important. Or you can ignore it as "crazy" and not allow yourself to be exposed to other possibilities. Anyone who learns some basic university library knowledge can see how the same allegorical symbols have been used for at least the last couple of centuries  over and over by artists employed by governmental patrons to do so. These symbols have acknowledged meaning.

One can either learn what symbols are supposed to mean or not. But ignoring this very real language is like ignoring the meaning of Greco-Latin words that are foundational to our language because one cannot be sure when Latin the language was actually invented. Because one thinks that the Roman Empire of ancient times is as much a myth as stories of King Midas' crimes, it does not then follow that one is wise to ignore the meanings of the myths themselves.

The electrical revolution that would evolve into the electronic one took centuries of industrialized global cooperation to realize. No magic necessary.

Apollo is the allegorical lord of the muses. Apollo the Sun is the God of Music.

Hermes or Mercury, the god with caduceus of medical profession is not the god of medicine but the god of commerce and thieves. The internet puts the University library at your fingertips. Instead of worrying so much about the how old these ideas are, I'd recommend looking up what the symbols are officially supposed to mean. Apollo is an apt name for an artist based fake Moon mission. Apollo's sister is Artemis the Goddess of the Moon. It's just basic Greco Roman Mythology. Comparative mythology is an interesting area of study. Celtic Sun Gods and Greek Sun Gods and Egyptian Sun Gods have a lot in common.

see: Caduceus - Wikipedia


The Masks Of God Vol. 04 Creative Mythology Campbell : Free ...

The Solar Eclipse As Alchemical Marriage

The Two Shall Become One

The Moon and the Sun, Artemis the Lunar Goddess and her brother Apollo the Solar God will be united in vesica piscis form. Did this natural wonder inspire alchemical marriage? Is that some kind of allegory related to the solar eclipse?

The Mythic Power of Public Persona: Political Pied Pipers

"Another instrument of propaganda is the personality. Has the device of the exploited personality been pushed too far? President Coolidge photographed on his vacation in full Indian regalia in company with full-blooded chiefs, was the climax of a greatly over-reported vacation. Obviously a public personality can be made absurd by misuse of the very mechanism which helped create it. Yet the vivid dramatization of personality will always remain one of the functions of the public relations counsel. The public instinctively demands a personality to typify a conspicuous corporation or enterprise."

source: Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928) - History Is A Weapon

Nikola Tesla Myth or Fantasy?

John le Bon seems to think Tesla was not a real dude. He has good reason to consider such ideas. This is not a crazy random notion, but why the all or nothing choice paradigm? Resume padding is nothing new and fronts can sell real ideas to the public. Truth can lie on a spectrum of grey and white lies.

A Lot of Mythic Nikola Tesla's Ideas Matter

Myth May or May Not Mean Lie

Valid ideas can be found anywhere. Tesla's criticism of relativity and atomic energy is a starting point for your own research as is all of the work attributed to this figure. Tesla's lectures, articles and interviews shed insight on how electricity and radio work. What matters to you, ideas or biographies and soap opera narratives? Tesla as mythic and cultural icon, represents, in some ways, the work of many nameless individuals, Truth tends to lie on a spectrum between completely false and completely true. Resume padding and stock jobbing are nothing new. We cannot verify details of Tesla's life. What we can do is look at the numerous patents and articles and lectures to see if there is any gold to pan from proverbial sand. I know that there is but you might think otherwise and you do not need to agree. What you should realize, however, is that there are no magical aliens needed to explain the slow development of industrialized technology. The only "they" behind the scenes are government employed, non disclosure, security clearance agreement contracted, lab coated engineers and technicians.

Charles Proteus Steinmetz - Wikipedia

High Frequency Current Is Not The Same Thing As High Voltage

Stories of Tesla passing high frequency currents through his body do have basis in reality. The lectures where he was reported to have performed such super heroic feats took place during the famous war of currents when Edison coined the term electric chair and was famously supposed to have electrocuted live elephants on film. I've watched the clip and it sure seems like Edison really did electrocute the retired circus animal. In any case these early tales were used to spur public interest in the advances being made much in the same way we hear tall tales of driverless cars and colonies on the surface of Mars. One idea might one day be realizable but the other can simply never be. The truth of our world is that truth gets liberally mixed with heavy helpings of fictional fare.

"Other issues affecting lethality are frequency, which is an issue in causing cardiac arrest or muscular spasms. Very high frequency electric current causes tissue burning, but does not penetrate the body far enough to cause cardiac arrest (see electrosurgery)."

source: Electric shock - Wikipedia

List of Nikola Tesla patents - Wikipedia

High Frequency Currents

"Study into the effects and possible uses of high frequency electrical current is attributed to the renowned 19'th century scientist Nikola Tesla. In fact, low amplitude currents at frequencies of 100,000 - 300,000 Hertz (cycles per second) are commonly referred to as "Tesla high frequency current"."

source: High Frequency Aesthetic Machine | Sharplight

Nikola Tesla's Real 'Claim To Fame' Was The Polyphase Alternating Current Generator

This is how power is generated to this day.

"Adams Power Plant Transformer House in Niagara Falls, New Yorkis a National Historic Landmarked building constructed in 1895. It is the only remaining structure that was part of the historic Edward Dean Adams Power Plant, the first large-scale, alternating current electric generating plant in the world, built in 1895. The building's eponym was Edward Dean Adams, a businessman and entrepreneur in the electrical field."

"In 1892, George Forbes was hired as a technical consultant and in May 1893 he convinced the company to build a hydroelectric system based on polyphase alternating current. Westinghouse Electric was subcontracted to build 5,000 horsepower (3,700 kW) 25 Hz[4] AC generators, based on the work of Nikola Tesla and Benjamin G. Lamme, while the I. P. Morris Company of Philadelphia built the turbines based on the design of the Swiss company Faesch and Piccard."

source: Adams Power Plant Transformer House - Wikipedia

Tesla's contributions to radio have to do with tuning.

The research Nikola Tesla and his team did had to do with getting radio to work in a way that would allow for multiple channels of communication, unlike the simple telegraph like Marconi apparatus. Tesla was more ambitious than Marconi and sought to also project power wirelessly. He intended to use the Earth itself as the medium for "wireless" power and information. One can buy ethernet to electrical adapters that allow one to use their home's electrical wiring as a slower version of ethernet. These ideas are not without merit. The Earth has obvious electrical nature.

image source: This Rare Nikola Tesla Interview Reveals His Extraordinary ...

Once Upon A Time On A Rainy September Day...

"On a rainy September day in 1898 Nikola Tesla presented at Madison Square Garden’s first Electrical Exhibition a new invention that he called a “teleautomaton”.   The invention was the first ever radio controlled device in the form of a miniature boat.  He had two devices one that could be remote controlled above water and another that had a hidden loop antenna and could be controlled under water.  The most significant ideas however were concealed and not even explained in his patent for fear that they would be stolen like so many of his other inventions."

"The hidden technology consisted of a method for encoding and decoding Hertzian waves directly from within the device.  What this required was a system within the device to toggle actions based on different signals….in other words a logic gate.   But as usual his ideas were even bigger….Tesla later wrote this about his invention:

“I treated the whole field broadly, not limiting myself to mechanisms controlled from distance but to machines possessed of their own intelligence.  Since that time I had advanced greatly in the evolution of the invention and think that the time is not distant when I shall show an automaton which, left to itself, will act as though possessed of reason and without any wilful control from the outside.  Whatever be the practical possibilities of such and acheivement, it will mark the beginning of a new epoch in mechanics.” - Nikola Tesla from his 1890s letter to Professsor B. F. Meissner of Purdue University.  Source:  "Tesla Man Out of Time" by Margaret Cheney"

"Fast forward 50+ years to the Nobel Prize winning invention of the transistor responsible for the core technology needed to build the modern computer which now has hundreds of thousands of “AND” and “OR” logic gate operations.  However as is the fate of many of Tesla’s inventions and early concepts he is rarely recognized for his contributions.  That said, there is clear evidence that Tesla’s early inventions laid the foundation for the modern computer..according to Leland Anderson and expert in field of engineering and technical patents:

“I am puzzled by the reluctance of some in the computer technology field to acknowledge Tesla’s priority in this regard in contrast to the adulation given to Messrs, Brattain, Bardeen and Shockley for the invention of the transistor which made electronic computers a practical reality.  Telsa’s patents contain the basic principles of the logical AND circuit element.  The simultaneous occurrence of two or more prescribed signals at the input to device element produced an output form the device element.  Thus the subject early Tesla patents, which were designed to achieve interference protection from outside influences in the command of radio controlled weapons, have proved to be an obstacle for anyone attempting a basic logical AND circuit element patent in this era of modern computer technology”  "

source: How Tesla's 1898 Patent Changed the World » Teleautomaton

Tesla Current

"an alternating electric current having a frequency of 10,000 or more cyclesper second; it produces no muscular contractions and does not affect the sensory nerves. Synonym(s): d'Arsonval current, Tesla current."

source: High-frequency current - Medical Dictionary - The Free Dictionary

Hearsay is Second Hand Knowledge: Not Every Myth is A Lie and Not Every Story is A Myth and Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Guilt by association is a fallacy.

I highly recommend reading the work attributed to Nikola Testa as it provides valuable information that directly relates to the electrically enhanced world of today. I tend to think Tesla a real dude with padded resume. Truth need not be all or nothing. John le Bon is of the opinion that Tesla did not really exist at all. This is understandable but somewhat of a leap of faith in the other direction. I'm not sure Mr. le Bon really intends to throw proverbial baby out with bathwater, but it seems like he is dismissing work that he might be too quick to dismiss. There is a grey spectrum of truth. Whatever the deal is or isn't with people like Steve Jobs and Nikola Tesla and the rest, the reality is that these men were indeed bringing very real ideas about technology to public attention. Steve Jobs, for example, may or may not be as presented by biographical detail and yet the technology he demonstrated was and is quite real, having origins with Xerox and Bell Labs and not magical aliens hiding behind the scenes. There's a history of electricity link below for any who are interested. This video is meant as a starting point for your own research. 

link: The History of Electricity

A lot of ideas that Tesla puts forth are worth considering. In my opinion this work is a great place to start learning about how radio and electrical engineering works. Tesla's patents are very important to the world of computers that many seem to take for granted. There are plenty of articles to go through. For an imagined fake guy he sure did a lot of interviews and articles. If this man was just a front, then those who scripted his speech and who created patents attributed to Tesla knew what they were doing.

Lectures of Nikola Tesla - Open Tesla Research

The inventions : researches and writing of Nikola Tesla, with special ...

Selected Tesla Writings -- Table of Contents

Nikola Tesla's Surprising Connection to Donald Trump and Hillary ...

Trumping Tesla, Radio, Polyphase Currents and X Rays

" In 1943, as the technical aide in Division 14 of the NDRC, Trump reviewed and analyzed the papers of Dr. Nikola Tesla when Dr. Tesla died in a New York City hotel. The research was completed on behalf of he Alien property Custodian office in Washington DC. From February 1944 to the end of the war in Europe, Trump was the Director of the BBRL."

John G. Trump - Wikipedia

Google: Larry Page, Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a hero of Larry Page, founder of Google.

"The year after Tesla died, in 1944, New York Herald Tribune journalist John Joseph O’Neill wrote a biography about the inventor, who had been a friend. “During the last three decades of his life, it is probable that not one out of tens of thousands who saw him knew who he was,” the biography, “Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla,” concludes.

“Even when the newspapers, once a year, would break out in headlines about Tesla and his latest predictions concerning scientific wonders to come, no one associated that name with the excessively tall, very lean man, wearing clothes of a bygone era, who almost daily appeared to feed his feathered friends.”

“He was just one of the strange individuals of whom it takes a great many of varying types to make up a complete population of a great metropolis.”

Forty-one years after those words were published, in 1985, a 12-year-old in Michigan finished reading Tesla's biography and cried. That was Larry Page. The child of a pair of computer science professors at Michigan State University, Larry grew up in a messy house. There were computers, gadgets, and tech magazines everywhere. The atmosphere — and Page’s attentive parents — fostered creativity and invention.

In that moment, Page realized it wasn’t enough to envision an innovative technological future. Big ideas aren’t enough. They need to be commercialized. If Page wanted to be an inventor, he was going to have to start a successful company, too.

Tesla’s story also taught Page to watch out for the Thomas Edisons of the world — people who will use you and place your dreams in the service of their own cynical ends."

"Google incorporated on Sept. 4, 1998 — two years after the idea of ranking Web pages by their inbound links came to Page in a dream. He made himself CEO, and his best friend, Sergey Brin, was named co-founder."

source: Larry Page: The Untold Story - Business Insider

Imagine No Beginning & No Ending: Considering Eternity

The most honest answer sometimes  is "I don't know." This is the answer most people, especially truth seekers, do not want to hear. This is also something governmental and educational authority seem loathe to admit. Beginnings and endings are all we know. Yet the ultimate source of all must be beyond such things. Is it all possible that we too simply are? Can humanity itself have no start and no end? Are we temporary forms that come and go, natural waves of one motionless material, divinely Prime?

Are we made in God's Imagining?

The Symbolism of Death & Resurrection Explained: Follow Your Bliss

Are you a self reliant adult or needy child? You are not going to change the world, despite YouTube promoted, Flat Earth hype. What you can do is learn how to live in it without losing your humanity. Cultural paradigm shifts take generationally appropriate time. Individual change is achievable well within one's own lifetime.

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth — The Hero's Adventure  source: Tahuti

New Atlantis: "This novel may have been Bacon's vision for a Utopian New World in North America."

"New Atlantis is an incomplete utopian novel by Sir Francis Bacon, published in 1627. In this work, Bacon portrayed a vision of the future of human discovery and knowledge, expressing his aspirations and ideals for humankind. The novel depicts the creation of a utopian land where "generosity and enlightenment, dignity and splendour, piety and public spirit" are the commonly held qualities of the inhabitants of the mythical Bensalem. The plan and organisation of his ideal college, Salomon's House (or Solomon's House), envisioned the modern research university in both applied and pure sciences."

"New Atlantis and other writings of Bacon inspired the formation of the Royal Society. Jonathan Swift parodied them both in book III of Gulliver's Travels. In recent years, New Atlantis influenced B.F. Skinner's 1948 Walden Two. 

This novel may have been Bacon's vision for a Utopian New World in North America. In it he depicted a land where there would be freedom of religion – showing a Jew treated fairly and equally in an island of Christians, but it has been debated whether this work had influenced others reforms, such as greater rights for women, the abolition of slavery, elimination of debtors' prisons, separation of church and state, and freedom of political expression, although there is no hint of these reforms in The New Atlantis itself. His propositions of legal reform (which were not established in his lifetime), though, are considered to have been one of the influences behind the Napoleonic Code, and therefore could show some resemblance with or influence in the drafting of other liberal constitutions that came in the centuries after Bacon's lifetime, such as the American Constitution."

source: New Atlantis - Wikipedia

A Frogging Experiment

Frog In A Pot  source: Sergeant Stevie

The Death of The Superman: People Don't Like To Read, But I Do & I Read That One Too!

I read the comic series that inspired the novel and the novel as well. Superman's death and, (spoilers) ...inevitable resurrection are the stuff of modern pulp print based, mythology. A Superman novel that might be of some interest is Miracle Monday. A demon named CW Saturn attempts to corrupt the Man of Steel.

see: Miracle Monday - Wikipedia

"The Gutenberg Parenthesis: Thomas Pettitt on parallels between the pre-print era and our own Internet age."

"Could the most reliable futurist of the digital age be…Johannes Gutenberg? Possibly. Or, definitely, if you subscribe to the theory of the Gutenberg Parenthesis: the idea that the post-Gutenberg era — the period from, roughly, the 15th century to the 20th, an age defined by textuality — was essentially an interruption in the broader arc of human communication. And that we are now, via the discursive architecture of the web, slowly returning to a state in which orality — conversation, gossip, the ephemeral — defines our media culture."

"On hand to discuss the theory further, at an MIT-sponsored colloquium late last week, was Professor Thomas Pettitt of the University of Southern Denmark, who has focused academically on the Gutenberg Parenthesis and its implications. (More on his work, including links to papers he’s presented on the subject, here.)

At the talk, Professor Pettitt discussed, among other things, the implications of the book as an intellectual object — in particular, the idea that truth itself can be contained in text. For the Lab’s purposes, I wanted to hear more about the journalistic implications of that idea — and what it means for our media if we are, indeed, moving into a post-print age."

source: The Gutenberg Parenthesis: Thomas Pettitt on parallels between the ...

Secondary orality - Wikipedia

Back To The Future Promised By Media Past

The Twin Towers were once a symbol of New York City's economic power. Didn't freemasons used to build buildings? Steel replaces stone.

1980: A 33 Year Old Trump Talks Twin Towers, 110 Stories & 11 Million Dollar Trump Tower Floors

Donald Trump 1980 Interview  source: priority .one

"One of the earliest television appearances of Donald Trump. Predates the construction of Trump Tower."

The Mythic Power of Public Persona: Political Pied Pipers

"Another instrument of propaganda is the personality. Has the device of the exploited personality been pushed too far? President Coolidge photographed on his vacation in full Indian regalia in company with full-blooded chiefs, was the climax of a greatly over-reported vacation. Obviously a public personality can be made absurd by misuse of the very mechanism which helped create it. Yet the vivid dramatization of personality will always remain one of the functions of the public relations counsel. The public instinctively demands a personality to typify a conspicuous corporation or enterprise."

source: Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928) - History Is A Weapon