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Edward Snowden bizarre conversation with Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson


Get Your Geek On:

Modern Science Is A Religion That Is Just A Cartoon Day Dreamy Childish Fiction

This is what passes for intellect in today's media saturated world. Cartoon propaganda characters are sold as legit figures to be looked up to. Geek culture is childish cosplay make believe dressed up and sold to the public as 'science'. Geek culture is anything but truly scientific. Geek culture relies on people never really growing up and continuing to have faith that St. Nick is going to show up every December 24th. Hollywood products like the CBS TV show Big Bang Theory are geek 'faves'. Yet Big Bang Theory clearly depicts the adult male scientists as overgrown children more concerned with the next Star Wars film and comic books than real science. Of course the average viewer is not going to notice that the show is actually mocking this manufactured world of comic book culture. 

These minds love science so much that they never really bother reading any of the original material or learning about the history of the subject. Context is ignored in favor of insane specialization. Too many of us really have no idea what we are talking about when we parrot media claims. Pseudoscience is considered real and demonstrable principles are ignored in favor of religious fervor and adherence to peer reviewed mathematical fallacies.

Edward Snowden bizarre conversation with Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson

These guys want you to have faith in governmental power. They need and want you to believe that the Lizard of Oz is real. These two are comic strip, cartoon jokes.

Neil deGrasse's Bizarre Interview Story

Consider the who, what, why where, when and how of this whopper. We are supposed to suspend our disbelief and accept deGrasse's account without considering the logistics of such a feat. Consider how deGrasse claims this interview was conducted. This account comes across like a scripted saturday morning cartoon for children. Fallacious reasoning is the order of the day. Welcome to the digitally enhanced world of Brave New World News Speak.

Down is now up up and up is now down, supported only by peer reviewed decree.

Edward Snowden bizarre conversation with Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson  source: Podcast Affiliates Network

Snowden is an actor on a stage. Tyson is a propagandist who sells pseudoscience to the mass public.

Same old story. Back in the late 1990's newsman John Miller famously found the most wanted man alive. His interview with Bin Laden was an achievement the United States government with all of its nuclear might could not manage. Here we have Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewing the elusive Edward Snowden.

This propaganda has to do with government needing us all to believe in their power to collect information. This propaganda reinforces belief in media promoted, government scripted, soap opera drama most take for reality. This is a great example of yellow journalism. We are supposed to buy into the idea that these men are intellectual authorities we should admire. These two are simply reinforcing the same old scripted song and dance routine of governmental alphabet soup soap operas.

Listen to these two sell fear and paranoia and faith in the need for more government. These two sell the idea that nation states are more than managerial tools. These two are simply selling old bogeyman fear updated for cybernetically enhanced social media times. These two are simply best described as liars. The media was and is a tabloid based propaganda noise machine that filters reality and is not interested in propagating truth.

Edward Snowden is presented as an intellectual. He wears glasses and knows a whole lot of stuff and the media loves him, so it must all be true. It is sad that so many of us lack the important skill of true critical independent thought. Most are happy to hang on every word of media gurus and shepherds instead. Most prefer to have others do their thinking for them. Please notice Snowden's excessive use of the team building word "we". This guy is an obvious shill and so is Tyson.

This is what governmental employed shilling looks like.

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Edward Snowden are both obvious childish mentors for those who truly feel the need to be as stupid as humanly possible.


Propagandists Sell Yellow Journal-Cyber Lies: Pulitzer Prizes Are Awarded For The Best Examples of Yellow Journalism

Compelling personal narratives are more important than facts.

"Joseph Campbell describes yellow press newspapers as having daily multi-column front-page headlines covering a variety of topics, such as sports and scandal, using bold layouts (with large illustrations and perhaps color), heavy reliance on unnamed sources, and unabashed self-promotion. The term was extensively used to describe certain major New York City newspapers around 1900 as they battled for circulation. 

Frank Luther Mott identifies yellow journalism based on five characteristics:

  1. scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news
  2. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
  3. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
  4. emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips
  5. dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_journalism

Snowden an underdog against the system is interviewed by deGrasse Tyson a so-called expert who promotes pseudoscience to the masses.


Human Minds Lost Forever In Relative Time & Outer Space

Geeked out minds do not seem to notice that some half a century after the mythic manly Moon walk, we still can't wait on a line to get x-rayed and body scanned to take a rocket ride into the sky. We can't even wait on a line to ride NASA's vomit comet. Only the special and blessed few get to visit those special effect sets. Of course these people deny the obvious and refuse to accept that Hollywood special effects techniques explain NASA feats in a satisfying logical manner. Instead most embrace contradictory and fallaciously reasoned theories as proven fact, as long as those insane ideas are peer reviewed and mathematically backed. Illogically applied mathematical formula acts as magic spell, binding and blinding human minds to the obvious.

It's funny and revealing that the alt media fakery crowd tends to maintain the same behavior they had engaged in when they were true believers in the messages reported by mainstream media. These minds were conditioned to accept the canard that one can learn from highly edited video and punditry projected on screens without any other critical thought. These 'researches' think speculation is evidence. Too many seem to go from relying on mainstream shepherds to now relying on internet gurus to do their thinking for them in spectacular and speculative fashion. Being stubborn is not a sign of intelligence. These minds do not like hearing the voices of those who do not reinforce their belief systems. These people are not truly interested in education. These people are in it for an identity fix. They are either deluded or part of the show.

Many seem to confuse wordy speculative nonsense as some kind of solid research. Too many get their information from moving pictures and this seems to have had ill effect on their reasoning faculties. We seem to be living at the start of a post literacy period despite easy access to the greatest library in history. Hyperlinked internet text is a real 'game changer'. Today anyone can spend an afternoon doing more research with just a smartphone than one could do with a team of researchers.

The Gutenberg Parenthesis: Thomas Pettitt on parallels between the ...

Secondary orality - Wikipedia


Circular Merry Go Round YouTube & Podcats Chat Shows

Whether by design or not, too many online alt media style offerings come across as little more than circular discussions that never really get anywhere.

Too much time is spent wasted on subjects with little merit while the obvious is ignored and overlooked.

The obvious paperwork trail of treaties and constitutions and laws lead to the conclusion that the royalty still run the show.

These minds do not want to get into the idea that wars and military might are less real than advertised. These inquisitive minds seem satisfied with tabloid fare.


Royalty, international banking interests, imagined magic military might and the art of deceptive crafting of mythic narratives are the recipe ingredients needed for the manufacturing of history.

Governmental backed artists are the real and demonstrable weapons of mass destruction.



The Military Industrial Entertainment Complex is real.

Hollywood is government. At the highest levels the same group of people run the military industrial show. It's a matter of national defense after all. We the working caste wage slaves are the target of the endless stream of high end special effected propaganda. Hollywood was created to make use of moving picture technology to aid in the growing of government. When World War One was just an idea on a round table drawing board, Washington DC was mostly farm like land filled with actual sheep. Today the steel sky scraping never stops and the ever increasing number of steel towers are filled with metaphorical sheep.

Wage slave taxes go towards funding R&D in communications and Hollywood special effects technology. The military has the means, motive and opportunity to turn taxes into on screen illusions of magical military might.

This is about social identity and role models used for official national idolatry.

Media has always been used as the medium for government.

Governmental or royal patronages have always employed artists of all types to construct a very artificial world most take for reality.

"In 1917 and 1918, the United States government issued Liberty Bonds to raise money for its involvement in World War I. An aggressive campaign was created by Secretary of the Treasury William Gibbs McAdoo to popularize the bonds, grounded largely as patriotic appeals. The Treasury Department worked closely with the Committee on Public Information in developing Liberty Bond campaigns. The resulting propaganda messages often borrowed heavily from military colloquial speech. 

The government used famous artists to make posters, and used movie stars to host bond rallies. Al Jolson, Elsie Janis, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin were among the celebrities that made public appearances promoting the patriotic element of purchasing Liberty Bonds.  Chaplin also made a short film, The Bond, at his own expense for the drive. Even the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts sold bonds under the slogan "Every Scout to Save a Soldier". The campaign spurred community efforts across the country to sell the bonds and was a great success resulting in over-subscriptions to the second, third and fourth bond issues. According to the Massachusetts Historical Society, "Because the first World War cost the federal government more than $30 billion (by way of comparison, total federal expenditures in 1913 were only $970 million), these programs became vital as a way to raise funds." 

Through the selling of Liberty Bonds, the government raised $21.5 billion for the war effort. The majority of sales were not to individuals but to banks and financial groups that ignored the patriotic appeal and bought the bonds principally as an investment opportunity.  The bond campaigns themselves proved relatively ineffective at gaining widespread public support. The majority of Americans were simply uncomfortable converting a significant portion of their savings into what was, for them, a new and uncertain form of investment.  The forceful sales atmosphere associated with the Liberty Bond campaigns ultimately produced disappointing sales figures. As such, the bond campaigns are remembered more for their associated level of coercion and bullying than its patriotic and voluntary nature. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr. would face a balancing act between coercion and volunteerism in his bond campaigns during World War II."

"Hollywood was an essential part in creating a positive war mentality where isolationist fears once blocked America from helping Allied Europe. By the end of the thirties, the American movie industry was the fourteenth largest business in the country. Some members of this elite group were the stars of the silver screen. With their talent and fame, they held a lot of influence over the enamored public. Actors and actresses were the ones most responsible for drumming up public acceptance of the war, since they were the most visible members of the film community. The enthusiastic performers legitimized the cause and defined the purpose of the war. They continued to boost home-front morale and increase public support throughout the forties. At the beginning of World War II, many citizens were reluctant to leave their safe and stable lives to join the Armed Forces, but men were soon lined up to volunteer their services to the government. Actors like James Stewart, Clark Gable, and Ronald Reagan set a national example when they enlisted. Jimmy Stewart, who had joined the Army Air Force Corps as a private, eventually advanced to the position of lieutenant colonel. Later, after receiving the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross award for his service in the United States Air Force, Jimmy Stewart became a brigadier general in the Air Force Reserve. Actor Audie L. Murphy also defended his country on the battlefields. Murphy, who was a Staff Sergeant, became the most decorated soldier in the history of World War II. For defeating an entire enemy infantry by himself, Murphy was awarded with the Congressional Medal of Honor as well as every other military honor available. In several cases, Hollywood stars not only joined the army, but succeeded to the point of national recognition. Their enlistments were not merely publicity stunts. According to Otto Friedrich, the author of the book City of Nets, by October of 1942, more than 2,700 members of the Hollywood film industry had joined the Armed Forces (Friedrich, 106) .  At least one-fourth of the male employees at Warner Brothers Studio alone had entered the service (Sperling, 240). With so many role models, America was encouraged to participate in the military aspect of the war."

 President of SAG: The Actor Extraordinaire Reagan & Hollywood War

"After the outbreak of war, Reagan, an officer in the Army Reserve, was ordered to active duty in April 1942. Upon the approval of the Army Air Force (AAF), he was transferred to the AAF and was assigned to the First Motion Picture Unit (officially, the 18th AAF Base Unit) in Culver City, California.  In January 1943, he was sent to the Provisional Task Force Show Unit of This Is The Army at Burbank, California. He returned to the First Motion Picture Unit after completing this duty and was promoted to Captain.  By the end of the war, his units had produced some 400 training films for the AAF including Beyond the Line of Duty, The Rear Gunner, and This is the Army.

Following military service Reagan resumed his film work. In 1947 Reagan was elected to the position of president of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). He was subsequently chosen by the membership to serve seven additional one-year terms, from 1947 to 1952 and in 1959. Reagan led SAG through eventful years that were marked by labor-management disputes, the Taft-Hartley Act, House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) hearings and the Hollywood blacklist era. Reagan continued to become more involved in politics by promoting SAG’s values and being the President of SAG."

sources: http://academic.mu.edu/meissnerd/hollywood.html

War bond - Wikipedia

Liberty bond

United Service Organizations - Wikipedia

Lookout Mountain Air Force Station - Wikipedia

First Motion Picture Unit



The CGI Inversion/Confusion

A note about computer generated reality. Hollywood is the propaganda arm of the U.S. Government. Computer and other special effects technology have always been of great interest to the U.S. military. CGI is a general term parroted by too many mouths. One can easily use the internet to learn the history of special effects and to learn how it all works. Some like to speculate that some news personas are CGI creations. Such an idea might be more believable in a hundred years or so. Today such digital actors would be better suited to be used as virtual stuntmen who are virtually photographed from a distance. Digital stunt doubles have been used since the 1990's. The modern cartoon superhero films owe a lot to the green screen advances of the Star Wars prequels. These are modern day computer aided, live action cartoon composites. An old trick updated for new times. Hollywood is a weapon of the military. This is historically documented fact. Darkroom magic is as old as photography itself. These are facts, not speculation. In fact it is pretty easy to research how it works by simply using a hyper linked, virtually inked, web search most seem to avoid. Hollywood has long loved selling war bonds and war propaganda to the public.

Some 16 years after 9/11 and many who are clued into fakery still do not seem to have learned about how modern special effects work. These people seem to have such solid belief in CGI fakery and yet they cannot explain how it can be done. They do not even know what digital compression artifacts are. That is something easily researched online. What is the excuse for this lack of self education? I wonder if it is purposefully deceptive or if this is just an example of basic human (nature) ignorance?


World War Stars: The Superweapon and the American Imagination

Faking Air Raids And Massive Urban Fire Bombings with Ronny Reagan

"...even top Air Corps generals could not distinguish it from reality."

"Back in Hollywood, First Lieutenant Ronald Reagan was taking part in what he refers to in his autobiography as one of the major "secrets of war, ranking up with the atom bomb project": creating a complete miniature of Tokyo, so authentic in detail that even top Air Corps generals could not distinguish it from reality. Footage of fake bomb runs on the toy city were then used to brief bombing crews, who were taken by Reagnan’s voice over narrative all the way to his dramatic “Bombs away.” As areas of Tokyo were burned out, Reagan tells how the Hollywood team would “burn out” their counterparts in “our target scene,” obliterating along with the city, the boundaries between illusion and reality.”

source: War Stars: The Superweapon and the American Imagination

"One of the war's best-kept secrets was a film called "Target Tokyo," which Reagan narrated. It simulated an actual air raid on Japan. Special-effects men were flown to Washington for briefings on every known landmark--cemeteries, rice paddies, factories, geisha joints."

"The first fire-bomb target simulated was Ota, where Nakajima was mass-producing the deadly new fighter plane, Ki-84. From match sticks, piano wire, plaster and cheesecloth, the FMPU's model makers replicated the entire route to Ota."

"Above the 90-by-90-foot scale model swung a camera crane with a clever synchronous interlock drive designed by Sgt. Don Klopfel.Cotton clouds were added for further realism."

see here for more: Faking World War Two: Ronald Reagan Targets Tokyo — A Proper ...


Post 9/11 Parroted Hacking Is Dumbing Down America & The Rest of The Globe

A New Cultural Cold War is Born

"WE" "WE" "WE".  "WE" Went to the Moon. "WE" is a marketing slogan.

We, used in this context, is the team building word used by the hypnotist and the hypnotized.

We all felt this and we all felt that on the day the music died. Too many of us seem to feel the need to seek a shepherd to have faith in. Self actualization is a lot of work after all. It is easier to play make believe and to live an imagined vicarious life of famous others.

Celebrities are not promoted and do not exist to spread the truth, change the world or stop the horrible crimes they are supposedly going to start speaking out about.

Pop Stars and actos do not run the world.

Celebrities are commercialized idols designed to give the mass public images to emulate.

Celebrities are used to define social roles and identities.

Hollywood stars act as scripted social shepherds and always have.

These people are part of the public relations show.

That's all folks!