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Identifying False Profits & Heresies

Some food for thought. I am obviously not a religious type of person but I do think there is merit to some of the ideas found in religion despite my personal critical views about the institution itself. I think the Bible contains some excellent allegory. I don't take any of this literally and of course I question the official historical record and narrative.  In my view the Bible is an artifact of culture and tool of civilization and while it may contain some really fine mythical metaphor, it is by design a book that reflects a religion created for feudal wage slaves who must be guilted into paying church tithes. Render unto Caesar's that which is Caesar's is Jesus telling the flock to pay their rent to the true owner of all the land, the royal landlord. This landlord might be Pope or British King; both represent the antichrist archetype. The Devil tempts Christ with three temptations one of which is to rule all the Kingdoms of the Earth which Jesus rejects. And yet Popes and Kings and international banking rings and age of enlightenment so-called democratic rule by upper class managerial mob, have long pretended otherwise. Here's a real revelation, the so-called great age of political revolutions during the age of reason, were about management team changes. 'Freedom' was won for the managerial caste and not everyone. Religion has been used by everyone from fabled Emperors to snake oil con men to make a whole lot of loaves of proverbial bread while reeling in the $uckers. Apostles of all types, are true fishermen; and are equipped with hooks, lines and fancy idolatrous sinkers for faithful folly seekers to swallow without thinking. Religion obviously relies on you letting other people do your thinking for you. The metaphor of shepherd and flock is apt.

Mr. Jay Dyer is both insightful and very funny and his work is well worth checking out.

IDENTIFYING CULTS & FALSE TEACHERS (Judges 17-18) - Jay Dyer   source: Jay Dyer

"Published on Aug 1, 2017

American Churchianity is a giant atheism factory. This is a preview clip of a full talk based on instructive wisdom from the Book of Judges we see perennial marks of a false church. In contrast, we will discuss the true Church and its marks and how I wound up where I did after 20 years of searching and research. For the full talk see JaysAnalysis.com"

source link: https://jaysanalysis.com